How Do I Activate Kiwi Jasper?

If you are wondering how to activate Kiwi Jasper, then this article has got you covered with all the necessary information. Kiwi Jasper is a healing stone that is known for being an excellent crystal that has a slow-moving and gentle influence. It imbibes tranquillity and calm in the user. To activate a kiwi jasper, you must first know its uses and benefits. 

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How do I activate Kiwi Jasper, and why?

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How to Activate Kiwi Jasper – Benefits and Reasons

Healing stones have a beneficial quality in them – they help a person heal mentally and emotionally, which will eventually affect their physical health as well. They are commonly called healing stones or crystals; each has its qualities. Some can help heal depression, anxiety or addiction. Others calm one’s minds to help them meditate or ground themselves.

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How to Activate Kiwi Jasper – Purpose 

A simple way to answer this question is by looking at the benefits and uses of the kiwi jasper crystal.

Kiwi Jasper is known to be a nurturing and also nourishing healing stone. It nurtures our hearts in times when we feel stressed. It attunes the body to Earth’s vibrations, bringing a sense of balance to a person. It works with the heart chakra. It aligns the heart chakra with the Earth and its natural pulse, which helps in keeping the energy flowing through the heart. It also forms a positive shield around a person, which effectively absorbs the negativity from the user, and revitalises their positive energy and emotions.

Therefore, the Kiwi Jasper is most beneficial for those who have to keep their hearts open and their energies positive for those they work with. These will include healers, therapists and counsellors. These people will always have to keep their hearts open to make people feel loved. This also means that the crystal needs to be cleansed and recharged often.

By activating the Kiwi Jasper crystal, we attain a sense of harmony, emotional strength and balance. This can also help people overcome addictions or compulsions. The emotional strength the crystal can give a person helps them face reality as it is without faltering in their decision to change for the better. 

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How to activate Kiwi Jasper – Process

activate Kiwi Jasper process

Crystals are often already ‘activated’ unless your intentions are for them not to be ‘activated’. However, you can activate your crystals even after your intentions were for them to be ‘activated’ or not. When activating a crystal, it is better to have specific intentions of how you would like them to work. There are many methods for you to activate your Kiwi Jasper crystal. 

  1. Affirmations – Some affirmations you can use to activate Kiwi Jasper are: “I release all that no longer serves me. I allow the love of mother Gaia to flow through me. I am prepared for all that is to come.”
  2. Intentions/Reiki – Every crystal will have different uses and energies. To use your intentions, you will have to speak to your crystals and infuse them with the feeling of how you want them to help you. This way, you get acquainted with your crystal even as you activate it. 
  3. Sound – Crystals enjoy sound and music as much as humans do. Using a tuning fork, you can place it on the crystal as it is vibrating. The vibrations will then move through the crystal, changing its energy and activating it.
  4. Meditation – While meditating, you will have to keep your heart open. By doing this, you will activate the crystal and allow it to cleanse your aura. This will give you a sense of balance and peace. 

After you have activated your crystal and started its work to help you, do not forget to thank it for the work it has done or will do. This will help you develop a connection with the Kiwi Jasper crystal. But a question sometimes asked is: can I activate the kiwi jasper using sunlight? For crystals, natural light can be used for charging. However, contact and connection with the user are needed to activate the Kiwi Jasper crystal. To activate a crystal, we need to connect with it; in this manner, the crystals come to learn your energy levels and aura.

Cleansing and Charging Kiwi Jasper

Cleaning and Charging Kiwi Jasper

After you have activated your Kiwi Jasper crystal, you need to learn to cleanse and recharge it. The Kiwi Jasper is a powerful crystal that can absorb energy, so it needs to be cleaned often. If you do not keep a lookout for your Kiwi Jasper crystal, it will lose its effectiveness. Some methods of cleansing and recharging include:

  • Water – You can cleanse your Kiwi Jasper by bathing it in lukewarm water. Since the crystal connects to the Earth, you can bury it in damp soil. This will cleanse it as well as recharge the crystal.
  • Moonlight – A full moon is the simplest and most effective cleansing and recharging of your Kiwi Jasper crystal. Please give it a lukewarm bath and dry it before placing it in the natural light of a full moon. This will help it absorb the natural light and energy of the full moon.
  • Smudge – This method includes your intentions. Once you have lighted your sage bundle, move it around the crystal or place it in one position and pass the Kiwi Jasper crystal through the smoke. As you do so, picture the negativity leaving your crystal and positivity taking its place. You must do so while your Kiwi Jasper stone is immersed in the smoke in both cases.

 The Kiwi Jasper crystal has proven effective for people who need to reset their lives or wish to rid themselves of old addictions. Activating your crystal is one part of having it with you. The essential part of ensuring the Kiwi Jasper crystal does not lose its effectiveness is constant and regular cleansing and charging. This will ensure that it does not fade quickly, but rather, it will remain robust, and its effectiveness will not fade quickly after every cleansing.

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Working with a Crystal Grid

 A crystal grid is simply an arrangement of strong, energetically aligned crystals — such as — used to encircle another stone. The stone in the centre, surrounded by the energy of the other crystals, will absorb the frequencies of the different rocks and be fed, or activated, with whatever specific intention you designed the geometric grid to have, so choose crystals with properties that correspond to your choice, such as malachite for self-love or kyanite for communication. A crystal grid feeds the centre stone by combining the energies of the surrounding crystals synergistically. 

  • Meditation or Prayer

Activate Kiwi Jasper for Meditation and Prayer

Prayer and meditation, which go hand in hand with setting intentions with your crystals, will help to give your crystals some energy through deliberate engagement. “You can make it as complex or as basic as possible,” Young explains. “As distinctive as a thumbprint, setting your intention and connecting with your crystal.”

There is no one-size-fits-all method for feeding a crystal with prayer. Some people meditate with a crystal held at their third eye or heart centre or write down their intentions on paper. What counts is that you concentrate on filling it with pure energy from within.

There are various methods to activate your crystals with natural energy and set your goals, and there is no one way that is right or bad. You do what feels suitable for you and your crystals’ symbiotic relationship and respect the healing process and journey.

  • Chargeability from the Earth

To charge your crystals, draw the energy of the earth and soil back to them. This natural charging method restores your crystals’ connection to the earth, allowing them to absorb vital healing energies. It is simple to implement as long as you have access to a piece of natural earth.

Earth-like soils will work, as burying your crystal in the dirt is recommended for a great cleansing and energy reset effect. Gardens are beneficial, yet they are not required. A plant with soil that you already have at home will work


Crystals must be cleaned regularly or as needed for their own and our health. Finding your best way may take some trial and error, but cleaning crystals improves our attention in everyday life and helps us achieve inner harmony.