Agate Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Agate is essentially a quartz mineral and contains all its characteristics of it. This stone has colors that band across all the colors in the rainbow and each of these chalcedonies brings about a unique potential and power. There is a diverse spectrum of color and power that these stones carry with them and are exceedingly attractive in doing so. Agate has a soft hum and a low vibration that makes them an amazing and powerful stone to keep you grounded.  

To know more about this mesmerizing stone, keep reading below. 

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What is Agate? 

What is Agate

The Agate gemstones come from the rock formation class of chalcedony and also quartz. They come in various colors and styles with varying patterns on the stone’s surface, each of which carries a different meaning. Basically, agate means healing and grounding but it is also a stone that balances, soothes, cleanses, and supports spiritual growth.  

This gemstone has a calming, grounding effect on its owner and is often used for balancing the yin and yang energies. Agate is also used to cleanse the aura and remove negative energies around you. It can bring out natural skills and talents that have been lying dormant inside of you and encourage you to speak your true feelings and claim the truth from within. This gemstone also promotes self-acceptance, soothes anger, encourages spiritual growth, and soothes bitterness and anger.  

Types of Agate 

Types of Agate

There are different types of Agate, ranging from soft, nature-splashed ones to energetic fiery ones that strengthen your chi and act as a source of fire. Here is a list of them. 

Blue Lace Agate

Quite a hard stone on the Mohs scale and extremely durable, this Agate stone is light blue in color. It is instantly soothing due to its pale color schemes and the cloudy feeling attached to it. This stone gives a lovely, soft, and soothing experience to its user, just like the perfectly still sky-blue waters. Blue lace agates are very healing in nature and they have been used to promote positivity for hundreds of years. 

Moss Agate 

A truly unique gemstone, Moss agate is a beautiful marble green stone. The most attractive feature of this stone is that no one Moss agate looks like another. The green soothing color of the stone acts as a reminder to us to be one with nature and to feel the earth within ourselves. This stone is known to be helpful in many physical ailments and has wonderful psychological benefits attached to it. Moss agate is a stone of growers and gardeners and acts as a glorious amulet to those in need of repairing their heart chakra.  

Dendritic Agate 

Also known as the Tree Agate, Dendritic agate is not strictly banded and does not essentially fall in the scientific terms of being in the Agate family but is still considered within the Agate family. This agate gets its name from a Greek word that means tree-like. Dendritic agate is a white, gray, and colorless stone that has fern-like inclusions of manganese or iron which looks like dendrites. The ones that are rarer in nature are green Tree Agates that have white dendrites. Dendritic Agate is also known as the Stone of Plentitude and brings about abundance and welcomes the wonders of changes and chances in your life.  

Fire Agate 

A name that signifies the nature of the stone itself, Fire Agate is a flickering flame of light. It acts as a re-ignition of the heart with more heat and opens the heart to embrace the warmness of passion and ambition. Fire agate also rekindles your dormant dreams and reminds you of them.  Fire agate is brightly colored and first came to be in the tertiary period. From being used in jewelry to healing, this stone finds use in many different fields. It is also used as a protection against negative energies around you. Fire agate provides for a more fulfilled life.  

Botswana Agate 

The Botswana agate is known for its rich, earthly, and gloriously grounding qualities. It keeps you standing firm and strong on your feet. This stone brings pure comfort to the bearer and is known to be cooling for the mind. Botswana keeps your approach to problems crystal clear and subsequently helps you solve problems better. It is also known as “The Stone of Change” and is the most royal stone of the agate family with distinctive white bands and earthy shades.  

Black Agate 

This stone is soulful, smoky, and harbors endless protective qualities and is also associated with grounding effects owing to its black stone quality. Black agate is greatly known for its ability to keep away stormy energies and replace a berserk mind with stillness, calmness, and peace like the night. Thus, this stone is greatly helpful when you are in turmoil and going through a hard period in your life. Black agate has a distinguishable bonding pattern and layers that is the charismatic point of all agate gemstones.

The layers of color inside the stone are mostly a combination of black and gray or dark brown and black. The black agates which come in white layers are called “Black Onyx” while the stones with no layers at all are called “Black Chalcedony”.  

White Agate 

Coming in milky white color and patterns or in bands, White Agate is a very interesting stone that is good for making almost all types of jewelry. It is mostly found in the form of tumbled stones, rings, bracelets, and brooches. White Agate is a stone of pure healing and instant access to higher realms. It can tap into your crown chakra anytime and help you turn everyday challenges easier. 

The white color of the White Agate is associated with calmness, peace, protection, and purity. The White agate brings you good fortune, guides you towards positive sources, and energizes you in hard situations. It also helps you to avoid negative situations in your life that might otherwise ruin your spirit and turn impossible tasks into possible ones. It also attracts positive people into your life and opens new doors of opportunities. Widely considered as a grounding stone, White Agate is a stone that brings spirituality into your life and improves all mental functioning. It helps you think clearly in diplomatic and problematic situations. 

Bulls Eye Agate 

Bulls Eye Agate is also known as Orbicular Agate and is believed to be a warden guarding against evil curses or evil eyes. This agate switches on the survival instinct within the bearer and eliminates any kind of fear, thus helping in improving survival chances when in very dangerous situations. Bulls Eye Agate stimulates one’s state of grace in actions and physical movements. It balances all the chakras so that you can cut through your fears like a knife and gives you effortless instinct and quick thinking.

Bulls Eye also stimulates awareness of well-being, removes muddles thoughts, and guides you towards a path of clarity. Thus, it is also known as the Survival Stone. This stone is also useful in treating disorders related to the reproductive system and aids in treating growth. It also stimulates various regenerative properties.  

Crazy Lace Agate 

Commonly referred to as the “happy lace” or the “laughter stone”, Crazy Lace Agate is a great healing stone. This stone balances and protects you and is used for warding off evil spirits and energies. It also brings joy and absorbs your emotional pain. This agate helps you increase your energy and also encourages concentration so that you can stay focused and reach your goals much more easily. Crazy Lace is a great stone for those who are suffering from ADHD. This stone has great potential for helping you build your inner stability, maturity, and composure. The warm protective properties associated with this stone encourage self-confidence and security.  

There is wild and unbridled energy linked to the Crazy Lace Agate which is a glorious choice for those who are in need of spiritual upliftment. This stone taps into childlike innocence and wonder and helps you stay in good mood. 

Brown Agate 

Brown Agate is a stone associated with protection and comfort. It brings soothing energy to you and helps in countering grief, and loneliness due to any loss. It is a stone that helps you through your difficult times when you are hurt and need support. There is gentle energy associated with this stone that is great for meditation. Brown Agate has lower frequency vibrancy than most gemstones but its energy has great stabilizing and strengthening properties. It is considered to be one of the greatest gemstones for balancing emotions, boosting intellect, and harmonizing your physical and spiritual energy. 

Brown agate is full of earthly energy and has a very gentle nature. This stone acts as an anchor for the heart and soul and brings comfort and weight wherever you need it. Thus, Brown Agate ensures your feelings of safety and stability no matter how strong the emotional turmoil might be. 

Indian Agate 

Indian Agate is a stone that is beloved by sages, as it is used to forge pathways to higher consciousness. This stone has mixed colors but the most dominant color is green. Green is a color of harmony and neutral effects and it increases enthusiasm and interest. It also brings about initiative actions and strengthens the will of living. Indian agate strengthens the sense and ability of perception, it draws your attention to the material world and eventually brings abundance and success into your life. This stone becomes a representative of hope. 

Indian agate has great grounding properties and is all about healing the sacral chakras and healing your heart. For people who are short-tempered and have anger issues, this stone will guide you toward a mindful place and take you away from the edge of the cliff. In many cultures, this gemstone is known as the “Stone of Eternity” because it is said to reduce your fear of aging. The energy associated with this stone vibrates and transmits serenity and patience. It also decreases stress because of its ability to induce peace and tranquility. 

Tree Agate 

There is an incredibly soothing vibe associated with the Tree Agate, as it accumulates calming forest energy, natural bliss, and all the silence of standing still. Tree Agate is a stone of green hope just like the ones after a harsh winter, a breath of fresh air that reminds us of the necessity of patience and composure in life. Like the calmness that comes from a dappled forest, this gemstone brings you a sense of peace and inner tranquility. Tree agate helps you look inside yourself and bring out a calm demeanor. This gemstone can also boost your immunity system and balance the water inside your body.  

Due to the quiet and calm energy associated with this stone, Tree Agate is believed to be associated with the heart chakra. It strengthens your relationships, offers warmth and protection to you, and helps you maintain a tranquil composure.   

Dragon Vein Agate 

Mysterious, magical, and mythical as the name suggests, Dragon Vein Agate is a stone standing to stroke the creative fire inside you. It pushes you to step into your heroic form and undertake those journeys you were afraid of taking, thus moving from a state of slumber and entering your world of fabulous and fierce dreams. This agate symbolizes the power of dragons, known for bringing the energy of the mountains down to the plains. Dragon Stone is, thus, a potent stone for luck and a dependable source to rely on for getting out of one’s stagnant period in life.  

Dragon Vein Agate is laced with dragon-like scales and is constituted with many bright colors like green. Orange, gray, and yellow. It is surrounded by tons of legends and folklore. This stone is known to possess powers that can bring out a person’s hidden talents and natural gifts. It is also said that Dragon Vein can provide the self-confidence that is needed to manifest the hidden talents and gifts in a person.  

In terms of emotional aid, this agate brings out repressed emotions from its owner and urges them to not hold back and express their true emotions and wishes freely. This makes the stone demandable for dreamers. Dragon Vein is a stone that supports you through your dreams and helps you get hold of what you truly wish for your life and even find your soulmate.  

Yellow Agate 

Yellow agate is a healing stone that is highly beneficial to the Solar Plexus. With vibrant yellow color, it has a sunny and stable personality that is always ready to lend you a hand during your shifting of perspectives. It also helps you to think in a logical way, thus giving you a sense of bliss. Yellow Agate can be translucent as well as banded and is waxy in appearance. 

Embodying all the properties of an Agate, Yellow Agate has the additional properties of the color yellow. This includes increased willpower, concentration, logic, and memory. When you use this gemstone on the Solar Plexus, you will definitely gain more self-confidence and also have enhanced perceptions of learning from your past mistakes. On the physical front, Yellow Agate can help in digestion which includes even food allergies and slow metabolism. This stone can also be used in aiding skin problems like eczema. 

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How to Identify an Agate? 

Types of Agate

Agate is a variety of chalcedony that is very popular among both professional and amateur gem collectors. Its characteristic bands make it distinctive from others and it comes in various colors like soft pink, deep red, and deep blues. Here is how you can identify the stone and tally whether it is real or fake: 

  1. Agate is comparatively a denser stone and therefore appears to weigh less than its actual weight. If you hold the stone in one hand and then hold a similar-sized stone in the other, and the agate weighs heavier, then it is the real agate.  
  2. If you run your hands along the insides of the stone, you will be able to feel the waxy texture of the stone or even the glass-like texture.  
  3. A defining feature of agate is its translucent quality. To determine and confirm its diaphaneity, position your stone in between the light source and your eye.  
  4. Agate is a translucent stone, light passes through it. When you hold up the stone to the light source, the colors of the agate stone will shine a bit and become clearer.   

Where is Agate Found? 

Agate is generally found throughout the world – in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Morocco, India, and the USA.  In the United States, it is mined in several western states like Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Most of them occur in cavities in ancient lavas or eruptive rocks.  

Agate Meaning in Ancient Lore and History 

Agate Meanings in Ancient Lore and History.

The Agate family consists of some of the most beautiful healing crystals, ranging from blue lace brown to that of earthly Botswana Agate. The Agates are a part of the quartz family and they belong to various types of chalcedony stones. They have charming and attractive banding and are available in diverse colors; these stones were first discovered in Sicily’s Achate River. Famous for its sapphire-blue hues, along with the mystical riches found hidden in its riverbed, Achate river had been the home to its mesmerizing crystal too.

Agate was founded by the Greek philosopher, Theophrastus. During ancient Greece, these stones were considered priceless and their discovery was a source of wonder. Agate was known to be a stone of wonder, that warded off evil spirits, healed scorpion stings and snakebites, brought victory during wars, and even calmed the raging storms that came in the way of civilization.   

From ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians to the Islams, the world has always been fascinated by the powers of this stone. Time and again, this stone has been used for healing and protection and has been trusted for generations. Persian magicians used Agate to control thunder and lightning that posed danger. In the Chinese medicinal world, Agate was used to stirring up one’s own chi. In today’s world, Agate is used to help with anxiety problems and helping us in balancing our emotions in a way that we can flourish and succeed in our life. 

Agate Crystal Healing Properties 

Healing Properties Agate

The varied range of agate stones gives endless scopes for healing across the spiritual, emotional, and physical. All Agates have a common trait that constitutes stabilizing and grounding effects. This stone is ever ready to make your heart open and willing for the abundance that the universe might be sending your way.  

Agate Physical Healing Properties 

Agate is a stone that brings a rush of physical energy to you and is perfect for pulling you out of your slump phase. It has amazing strengthening capabilities that boost your metabolism and ensures that all parts of your body are active and energized. People who suffer from stomach and digestion issues can opt for agate, as this stone can act as a healing medicine to heal your system. Agate also strengthens your blood vessels and helps with sleeping problems. This keeps you rested and in high spirits.

Agate Emotional Healing Properties 

Agate will be a glorious gift for self-confidence. People who struggle with decision-making and tend to sit on the fence very often. Agate will stand as an embodiment of courage and help you tap into your own intuitive abilities. This stone helps you to connect with your sense of knowledge and looks for unsolved answers inside of you rather than outside. As a crystal of strength and knowledge, Agate enhances your mental functions and helps you keep a sharp mind and clear heart. It keeps you footed on reality and ensures you stay balanced in your thinking. Agate is a great stone to help you get out of your trauma and embrace the truth.  

Agate Metaphysical Properties 

Agate Metaphysical Properties

All agate gemstones have wonderful balancing capabilities for the body, mind, and spirit. It also aids you in slowing yourself down and centering your energy. Agate transforms all the negative energies in your body into positive ones. It enhances your mental function by improving concentration and elevating perception. This stone also assists you in your analytical abilities. Agate is a soothing and calming gemstone that acts like a healer for your anxiety, and inner anger and also helps in strengthening your relationships. This stone is also known to be an inducer of safety and security. Agate is the stone you should look for when you want stability in your life while juggling many different things and feeling drained out. 

Agate gemstone has a huge influence on all your chakras as it cleans them. The chakra affected is dependent upon the variety of agate that you choose. The Blue Lace Agate is an amazing healer of the throat chakra while the Moss Agate does wonders when it comes to the heart chakra.   The Yellow Agate is a stone that is known for sorting the sacral chakra out. Thus, all the agates work hard at clearing the human body of negative and toxic energy while keeping you filled with positive and beautiful energy.  

Agate Benefits and Uses  

Benefits and Uses of Agate

Agate is an excellent stone that harmonizes and balances your mind, body, and soul. Here are some of the other uses associated with this stone: 

  • This stone cleanses and stabilizes your aura, at the same time eliminating and transforming negativity around you. 
  • It enhances your mental functioning and improves concentration. Your perception and analytical abilities are also improved. 
  • Agate soothes and calms any inner tension, anger, and resentment and establishes a sense of courage and security.  
  • Physically, this stone heals your stomach, uterus, and eyes. It also cleanses the lymphatic system and pancreas. 
  • Agate strengthens your blood vessels and heals any kind of skin disorders. 

 Agate & Feng Shui 

Agate and Feng Shui

Agate’s balancing abilities are a great addition to the Health area of your home. The Health area is situated at the center of the feng shui Bagua, which can be found by locating the center of your bedroom or home in general. Placing your Agate stone in the Health area of your home will activate it and invite grounding energy and balance in your life.  

Agate can help balance your yin and yang energy. To help do this, you can place the crystal on your hand while meditating or place it in your bedroom. 

Agate Birthstone

Agate Birthstones

The healing and harmonious qualities of Agate make it connect to those who are born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Geminis are upbeat, positive, and social creatures but they can also be very indecisive and impulsive on the other side. Agates can help this sign to induce balance in their nature and serve up the confidence level to make their own choices in life. 

Another sign at the same par as Gemini is the Virgos. Virgos are equally kind but impatient souls, they can be very critical about themselves and overthink. The Agate gemstone will swoop in to rescue them from their existential predicament and help them balance out their emotions, bringing harmony. 

Caring for Agate 

Caring for Agate

Keeping your crystal cleansed and charged will always lead to better results and energy games. Agate can be cleaned very gently using warm soapy water and a soft cloth. It should be kept in mind that they need ample time to soak and dry. You can also try polishing your Agate with sandpaper in order to restore the sparkling sheen on the surface. But this method should be practiced very carefully and only when working with stones like geodes or ones with rougher textures.  

For charging your Agate, you can place them in a spot where both the moonlight and sunlight can reach. This will charge the stone and re-instill its purifying vibes.   

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How much is Agate worth? 

In general, Agates do not cost much. Their prices are mainly dependent upon the artistry and labor involved in crafting the gemstone than the material. Large-size Agates or ones with particularly distinctive bands or color patterns cost higher. If the stone is cut custom, then the price would be higher too.  

Agates cost between $1 and $10. There are some varieties of Agate that are very expensive and may cost as far as $100 and $3000. This value is generally dependent on the color, type, and location. 

Does Agate make a good Jewelry stone? 

Does Agate make a good jewelry stone

In modern-day, Agate is a very versatile and popular stone. It is widely used in jewelry-making because of its toughness and resistance to chemicals. 

Summary of Agate Crystal

Name of Crystal Agate
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Chalcedony, Carnelian, Marcasite, Aventurine, Labradorite, and Rock-Crystal
Origin(s) Sicily, Italy
Color(s) Brown, White, Red, Gray, Pink, Black, Yellow
Formation Accumulation of silica-rich groundwater in rock voids, over thousands of years
Majorly Found at Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana
Zodiac Suited for Gemini
Chakra Throat Chakra
Heart Chakra
Crown Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crystal Meaning Known as the “stone of fortune,” it brings abundance and prosperity
Types of Crystal Lace Agate, Turritella, Carnelian Agate, Coldwater, Greek Achate, Fire Agate, Brazilian, Polyhedroid
Healing Properties Soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension, creates a sense of security and safety
Health Benefits Cleanses and stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity
Uses Used in enhancing mental function, improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 6-1
Real Translucent, light can pass through the stone, with no mineral impurities
Fake Opaque, the presence of round bubbles is a sign of fake Agate, made of plastic


What is Agate stone good for? 

Agate is a calming and soothing stone. It gets rid of any negative energy around you and also increases your self-confidence. It is also a great balancing stone and keeps your yin and yang energy balanced.  

 What’s the spiritual meaning of Agate? 

Agate gemstone is filled with bright and positive energy. It symbolizes rebalances and harmony. This gemstone makes you feel empowered and increases your analytical abilities. It also has a soothing and calming power that makes you feel safe. 

 Is Agate a healing stone? 

Yes, Agate is a healing stone. It acts like medicine that gets your system getting to work at its best. It works great with digestive and stomach issues and also keeps your mind at ease.  

Where should Agate be placed in a home? 

You can place your Agate at the center of your bedroom or the house in general. This will activate the Health area and keep you balanced. It will also soothe your being and help you think better.  

Is Agate a lucky stone? 

Yes, Agate is one of the luckiest stones out there. Due to the presence of multiple quartz minerals in this stone, its power of fulfill wishes is more.