All about Bloodstone that you should know

There are several interesting facts regarding bloodstones. Bloodstone is an excellent crystal to use in divination, magic, manifestation meditation, and psychic abilities such as tarot card readings for persons who practice new age spirituality.

Apart from the fact that it is a mineral, most of us are unaware of the interesting facts regarding Bloodstones.  But to know about its properties in detail, its uses, and how to charge and cleanse it, let us look at the top 10 facts about bloodstones that you should know, in this article.

What is a Bloodstone?

There can be several facts about bloodstones, but you need to know what is a bloodstone first. The first thing to be aware of out of the top 10 facts about bloodstones that you should know is what is a Bloodstone. Bloodstone is a dark and light emerald gemstone with little reddish and brownish spots scattered throughout the crystal.

The concealed iron impurities inside the crystal generate these reddish and brownish spots on the crystal surface. Another very interesting fact about Bloodstone is that Bloodstone gets its name from the red streaks on the stone that resemble bloodstains.

One interesting fact before we delve more into the top 10 facts about bloodstones that you should know is that Heliotrope is another name for bloodstone. This is because the stone’s hue is comparable to that of heliotrope plants. These are the crops that, throughout the day, face the light to perform photosynthesis.

What is the History of Bloodstone?

The second fact out of the top 10 facts about Bloodstone that you should know is its history.  Out of all the facts about Bloodstone, what makes it unique is its association with Christ. The Bloodstone has a long and illustrious history. It is regarded as the most beautiful jasper of all time.

The fascinating thing about it is that it isn’t officially a jasper. The stone has been termed the sunstone and the stone of Christ since early Christianity. Bloodstone is thought to represent Christ’s life and death, as well as the purity of blood.

One fact about Bloodstone that you should know is that the Bloodstone was also said to have formed beneath Christ’s feet during his sacred sacrifice upon the Cross, according to Christians. As a result, it’s often referred to as the “Martyr’s Stone.”

There are several legends about the stone’s creation. According to one legend, the stone was produced when Jesus Christ’s blood crystallized during his crucifixion. Another legend supports the hypothesis of the jasper stone.

How to Charge Bloodstone?

It’s just as crucial to charge your bloodstone as it is to cleanse it. While purifying your crystal removes negative energy, charging it gives it depth, meaning, and intention.

The third fact out of the top 10 facts about Bloodstone that you should know is knowing how to charge bloodstones. Bloodstone is a stone associated with bravery, healing, and magic. It’s often linked to Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic and healing. Isis’ capacity to protect vulnerable humans like women and kids, as well as her power to heal the ill, made her a sought-after goddess of magic and healing.

The potent energy of bloodstones can be utilized to treat physical ailments and alleviate despair brought on by severe trauma. In this article, the fact that we will emphasize largely upon out of the top 10 facts about bloodstones that you should know is how to charge them. 

The steps to charge your bloodstone are

The crucial fact out of all the facts about bloodstones is that you must charge it and charge it correctly.

Holding it in the Hand properly

To charge your bloodstone crystal, start by holding it in one hand and covering it with the other, leaving a small gap for the energy of your purpose to circulate.

Get into the correct frame of mind

Make sure you’re in the appropriate frame of mind and have no concerns regarding its effectiveness.

 Enjoy the Effect

Visualize the crystal absorbing dazzling white or golden light and capture your goal after that.

What are the properties of Bloodstone?

The various properties of Bloodstone form the pillar of the top 10 facts about bloodstone that you should know. Pisces, Libra, and Aries have Bloodstone as their birthstone. The properties of this stone can be further categorized into three types as given below. 

Celestial Properties of Bloodstone

The crystal’s capacity to remind you of your strength is reflected in Libra and Aries, while Pisces reflects its propensity to inspire you with compassion and empathy is mirrored in Pisces.

Bloodstone is a powerful stone that may help you gain self-assurance, courage, and strength. It can also be used for divination and meditation with the inner goddess. apart from all the facts about Bloodstone, knowing their power is also important.

Mars, the planet that represents willpower, tenacity, and courage, is the ruler of the crystal. its celestial properties also form a part of the facts about Bloodstone because of its uniqueness. 

Physical Properties of Bloodstone

Bloodstone is seen to be protective not because it acts as a barrier, but because it gives you the courage to stand up for what you believe is right and just.

Bloodstone is a good gemstone to use for divination since it offers you trust in what you’re doing and removes any doubts that aren’t helpful. It works best when combined with Amethyst, a stone associated with the head chakra, which gives the user insight and knowledge.

It’s also a good crystal to have on hand while competing or participating in events that need both mental and physical power.

Metaphysical Properties of Bloodstone

The stone has some well-known metaphysical properties. The therapeutic and metaphysical qualities of the bloodstone crystal are well-known. Many people believe that the stone shields you from harmful energy and helps you have a positive outlook in life. The stone may also assist you in gaining a great deal of material prosperity.

Positive things in life, like excellent health, love, long-lasting relationships, and other connections who may be attracted to you. The properties are as important as the facts about bloodstone and one cannot miss out on any. 

Isis is a formidable goddess who guards the throne with her life. Her unmistakable firmness and strength, along with her purpose to protect the defenseless, says it all. 

Many people believe the stone has spiritual characteristics that might help individuals strengthen their immune systems and live disease-free lives. Bloodstone crystals are supposed to treat the accumulation of dead tissue and the growth of malignancies in the body.

What are the benefits of Bloodstone?

The top 10 facts about bloodstones that you should know will be incomplete without knowing its several advantages. The bloodstone crystal has several well-known advantages. It’s utilized to create unique and appealing jewelry items. The stone is said to have many medicinal characteristics that might benefit your health.

It’s a crystal that connects the root and heart chakras, allowing you to be more attentive and at the same time nourishing and mending your mental and physical traumas with love, beauty, and tranquility. Because of its tremendous energy, bloodstone is considered adaptable and may be utilized in rituals to realign and clean the chakras of any potential obstructions.

Bloodstone provides you with the solace you need as a civil servant, counselor, or healthcare provider, especially when you are supposed to keep your emotions and susceptibility to a situation hidden. This also helps you gain a clear understanding and viewpoint that does not distort reality.

People who work in jobs that require a lot of emotional and physical strain might benefit from bloodstone. Doctors, nurses, public officers, and religious/spiritual practitioners are all examples of such professions that can benefit from bloodstones and should know more about the top 10 facts about bloodstones that you should know stated in this article further.

What are the types of bloodstones?

Raw Bloodstone

The purest type of bloodstone is raw bloodstone. Raw bloodstone is the material resulting from the ore of bloodstone. The gemstone is not processed in any way.

A variety of different minerals may be discovered in raw bloodstone ore. Raw bloodstone is industrially processed into jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and enticing items that are used to decorate various objects.

Tumbled Bloodstone

Bloodstones come in a wide range of forms and sizes. Bloodstone that has been tumbled is a rough type of stone. It has an unusual physical appearance. The stone is used to manufacture little chunks of bloodstone crystal and has blunt edges and non-symmetrical designs.

Bloodstone is sometimes used to produce miniature jewelry. Because of its uneven form and asymmetrical patterns, tumbled bloodstone crystal is generally less expensive than other types of bloodstone crystal.

Polished Bloodstone

The refined form of bloodstone was created as a result of the industrial use of crystals. It is produced after the stone has been processed to give it an exquisite and refined appearance. To make the stones more appealing, they are sometimes dyed with different colors.

Polished bloodstone is used to create beautiful jewelry and jewelry parts. These highly polished bloodstone chunks are extremely expensive and can be combined to embellish temples and other historical locations.

Natural Bloodstone

A natural bloodstone crystal is the purest type of bloodstone. Bloodstone that has been separated from the parent ore and is devoid of other common ore minerals are known as raw bloodstone. It is ready for usage in the industry and may be utilized as a starting point for further processing.

It is extracted from raw bloodstones at some companies. It is unpolished and has not been subjected to any industrial preparation.

Now you also have knowledge about the types of bloodstones along with learning the top 10 facts about Bloodstone that you should know

How To Cleanse Bloodstone?

Along with charging, cleansing the bloodstone is also crucial. The seventh point in the top 10 facts about bloodstones that you should know is how you can charge your bloodstone.

It’s crucial to cleanse your bloodstone after each use because it can absorb negative energies. You have a few cleaning alternatives to select from, and any of them will work just as well.

Place your bloodstone crystals under flowing tap water for about 30 to 60 seconds to cleanse them with tap water.

Place your crystal in a dish of saltwater and soak it for 24 hours to wash it with saltwater. Another alternative is to place or bury your crystal for 24 hours beneath the soil of a growing plant. This permits the crystal to revitalize itself by absorbing the earth’s healing and purifying energy.

How To Use Bloodstone?

So we have already reached the eighth point in the top 10 facts about bloodstones that you should know. Let us now look at the uses of bloodstones. 

Aside from providing the user with power, self-confidence, and fortitude, bloodstone may also be used for divination, magic, and spells, which is why it is often associated with Isis, the goddess of magic and healing.

Bloodstone is said to be beneficial in meditations aimed at manifesting desires and helps you to stay calm and focused.

Where do you put bloodstones?

Apart from charging and cleansing, the Bloodstone should also be placed correctly. Bloodstone draws wealth, therefore placing one in the till or cash machine will bring in extra money, or keeping one in your pocket while doing business can help the deal go your way.

Farmers used to take bloodstones when planting crops to boost production, and we may utilize this figuratively in business meetings or investment purchases. Or, if you have a farm or a veggie plot to have a good night’s sleep, a bloodstone can be immersed in water in the bedroom. This is one of the most interesting facts about bloodstones.

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The last fact in the top 10 facts about Bloodstone that you should know, will clear all your doubts as it answers the frequently asked questions about bloodstones.

Does Bloodstone need to be charged?

All gemstones will benefit from being cleansed and energized so that they may radiate their full potential. Because it is a very protective stone, the Bloodstone is adept at absorbing negative energy and poisonous vibrations.

Are Carnelian and Bloodstone the same? 

keeping aside all the facts about Bloodstone, you must also know that it is not the same as Carnelian. People often confuse the properties of Carnelian with the facts about Bloodstone. Carnelian looks a lot like bloodstone and is frequently mistaken for it. It’s known as the carnelian bloodstone by many people all over the world. Carnelian, like bloodstone, contains a high amount of iron.

Carnelian stone has multiple streaks of crimson hue and is redder than bloodstone. In the spiritual realm, the carnelian stone is renowned for its purported healing and psychic qualities.

Are Bloodstone and Opal the same? 

While learning about the facts about bloodstone, people often ask if it is the same as Opal. Bloodstone mimics opal crystal in appearance. The opal crystal differs from bloodstone in that it contains red and blue streaks on its surface. The deposition of different oxides in the crystal causes these spots.

While inquiring about the facts about Bloodstone, people often confuse it with Opal. But, Opal is also said to have many physical and spiritual benefits that can assist you in living a healthier and more fulfilling life.


Aren’t all these facts about Bloodstone amazing? This article has given you more or less all facts about bloodstones that can probably come to your mind. Bloodstone is a grounding, soothing stone that can be useful in stressful situations. It promotes presence as well as perseverance in pursuing a goal even when the journey gets difficult. Bloodstone is frequently used to boost courage, motivation, and creative zeal.

It also helps with physical endurance and strength. Furthermore, bloodstone can help to eliminate obstacles that keep us trapped, allowing us to re-energize our energies and establish a clear way forward.

So now that you have learned the top 10 facts about bloodstones, hope you can try getting one for your well-being.