Anorthite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Anorthite?

What is Anorthite

Despite being a common mineral that forms rocks, anorthite is an uncommon and unnoticed gem. It often has a granular texture like moon rock and appears in shades of grayish-white with touches of crimson or light orange. 

Anorthite is found in mafic igneous rocks. On the moon, the mineral is common, whereas it is rare on Earth. It’s been discovered in meteorites as well. Anorthite is plagioclase as well. 

Anorthite plagioclase may be the rarest member of the plagioclase feldspar family. This collection of feldspar minerals, often known as the anorthite and albite system, has similar formulae but differs in sodium and calcium concentration. Anorthite is the series’ calcium-rich terminal member.

How to identify an Anorthite?

Despite the material’s abundance, pure anorthite is highly rare and difficult to find. This is due to how readily it weathers. Gems are often graded according to the industry-standard criteria of color, cut, clarity, and weight if you do manage to get your hands on them. 

Due to iron impurities, anorthite is often sold uncut and has dusty black, white, and occasionally reddish colors. It might seem milky white, yellow, red, pink, or colorless when cut into a gem. Almost infrequently are they transparent? The rarity of the diamond makes hue seem to not affect pricing.

Anorthite Cuts and Shapes

Typically offered in raw form, pure anorthite is primarily a collector’s crystal. Its texture is hard, gritty, and occasionally bubbly. Anorthite is seldom cut en cabochon when used as a gem. Anorthite is more frequently faceted, although due to its rarity, gems are usually relatively tiny. It is advised to use protective settings in jewelry since this stone is semi-fragile.

Where is Anorthite Found?

Anorthite can be found in a lot of places. A few notable sources include the US, Pala, CA, Finland, Greenland, India, Italy, Japan, Sicily, Sweden, and the UK.

Anorthite Stone Meaning

Anorthite Stone Meaning

Anorthite is a stone of creativity that helps us find and build fresh, perceptive strategies for manifesting riches and achieving our objectives via original thought and awareness.

Anorthite Crystal Properties

Anorthite is a silicate of calcium and aluminum. It could include contaminants like iron, strontium, barium, titanium, and potassium. Typically, the hue of anorthite ranges from white to gray with a stripe of either white or colorless.

Anorthite is often colorless and seems to be covered in plagioclase feldspar grains that resemble confetti in thin sections. Anorthite is a mineral with a sheen similar to the frosted glass that rates between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale

It has an irregular shell-like fracture that ranges in transparency from transparent to opaque and seems nearly murky.

Anorthite Healing Properties

Anorthite is a potent healing stone because, like other crystals, it utilizes its energy and vibrations to assist your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

Most people concur that anorthite is a stone that restores the mind, body, and soul. Its connections to the moon are also linked to goddess energy and the divine feminine.

Physical Healing Properties of Anorthite

The healing properties of anorthite may assist with physical ailments including pain relief, lowering blood pressure, and relaxation. Additionally, it can aid in improving reasoning and mental clarity. 

Anorthite may be very empowering for females. Its feminine energy is said to calm the flow of blood and ease menstruation discomforts including cramps and body aches.

Emotional Healing Properties of Anorthite

Anorthite is said to increase your emotional self-worth, resolve, and confidence. It helps you restore your energy from the surface all the way down to your subconscious, which aids in the rehabilitation of people who have experienced emotional trauma.

The goddess energy of anorthite encourages women to accept their femininity and capacity for life-creation. Anorthite transmits its feminine vibrations, giving the wearer a goddess-like, heavenly feeling.

Anorthite Metaphysical Properties

Adherents of metaphysics consider anorthite to be a gemstone of creativity. Anorthite encourages creative thinking, which aids in coming up with novel and interesting approaches to accomplish objectives. 

Your self-respect, self-esteem, and self-awareness all rise as a result of anorthite. Anorthite is useful for astral travel and is said to harmonize our chakras, subtle bodies, and meridians.

Anorthite Benefits

Anorthite Benefits

There are quite a few benefits of Anorthite. Some are as follows:

  • Your luck might flow more freely if you wear anorthite. This gemstone has the power to transform bad luck into joy. You may overcome obstacles and find satisfaction by using it when you need to start over or redo something.
  • Your mood might be brightened with anorthite. It is a helpful healing gemstone that gently dispels bad energy. Your heart will continue to mend until you regain your former brilliance. This gemstone can aid in your recovery from exhaustion and is a comforting charm.
  • Your heart’s desire can come true with the help of anorthite. You’ll have energy and an opportunity to realize your ambition thanks to this gemstone. It would allow you to succeed by giving you both capability and good fortune. You will draw more power from this amulet the more committed you are to your dream.
  • Anorthite makes its possessor more attractive. You could be able to meet the right person for you thanks to this gemstone. You would be able to naturally draw a partner, a lover, close friends, people you can do business with, or people who will support you. A healthy relationship may be the most effective way for you to achieve your greatest happiness.
  • Anorthite understands what is right and wrong. This gemstone will assist you in making wise selections. It would enable you to discover the real solution without being swayed by a minor aspect. It is a talisman for enduring good fortune and prosperity.

Anorthite Benefits Spirituality

Anorthite is excellent for ceremonial work and provides astral travelers with psychic protection. You gain spiritual strength and self-assurance from Anorthite, enabling you to develop your spiritual skills even more.

Keep in mind that when holding this stone in your palm, you have a direct line to the Divine. This stone serves as a reminder that developing one’s sense of self-worth is crucial for both enhancing one’s own life and acting as a conduit for love and peace for the benefit of all people. The part of you that recalls your spiritual magnificence is brought to life by this stone.

Anorthite Birthstone

Although anorthite is not a recognized stone of the zodiac, many healers thought it was appropriate for the astrological signs of Leo and Scorpio.

Anorthite Chakras

A few stones are specifically tuned to one of your body’s seven chakras. These chakra stones support your chakral body’s activation or balancing, keeping you in a continual state of flow.

Your third eye chakra is thought to resonate with anorthite because of its links with healing and awakened freedom. Anorthite can open your third eye during meditation, promoting truth, adaptability, clarity, and deeper consciousness.

Additionally, the solar plexus and heart chakras respond to this frequency. It makes heart-centered awareness easier. It enables you to have a “higher” knowledge of others and the events in your life based on loving attention, which makes it possible for you to be more tolerant.

Anorthite encourages self-knowledge and self-love. It enhances your psychic abilities, as well as your capacity for visualization and inner truth perception.

What are the Uses of Anorthite?

What are the Uses of Anorthite

Anorthite has mostly been used in the jewelry sector. Amazing pendants, beads, and cufflinks are crafted from stone kinds with an optical impact that has undergone cabochon treatment. 

Rarely occurring transparent crystals are treated along their dazzling edges and displayed in collections. Anorthite is used to make inlays and crafts with zonal iridescence in silver-blue colors. Anorthite is a component of the concentrate used to make pottery, much like other plagioclases.

Caring for Anorthite

Giving your anorthite proper care will guarantee that it lasts as long as possible. Warm water should be used to wash your anorthite. To remove dirt, use a soft brush together with a little soap or detergent. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners, abrasive cleansers, harder minerals, high-temperature fluctuations, and other cleaning methods on your anorthite to extend its life.

Remove any anorthite jewelry you may be wearing before engaging in any impact-provoking activities such as exercise, gardening, cleaning, etc. To be extra secure, keep your stones separate from other gems in a box or soft pouch lined with cloth.

When to Cleanse Anorthite?

Anorthite has to be cleaned frequently to keep working and provide advantages. Setting up cleanings is the best approach to deciding when to clean this crystal. Depending on how frequently you use it, you could want to clean it regularly or twice a month.

How much is Anorthite worth?

Due to anorthite’s exceptional rarity, other feldspars are more likely to be found when it occurs. The cost of rough anorthite, which is mostly aesthetic, might vary.

Larger crystals often command greater prices. Similar to wine, anorthite likewise appears to command greater pricing as it ages. For instance, the price per gram of certain raw anorthite might range from $3.05 to $15.

However, the price per gram for certain specimens might reach $70. Anorthite jewelry is typically affordable despite its rarity. The price of cabochons starts at about $0.30 per carat. The more uncommon faceted cuts cost between $42.72 and $62.20 per carat.

What determines Anorthite’s price and value?

Anorthite is mostly used in jewelry, and the price depends on the crystal’s size and age. The crystal is not only inexpensive but also not very easy to come by. Some crystals, particularly those with facets, might, nevertheless, command greater prices.

Does Anorthite make a good jewelry stone?

Labradorite, one of the plagioclases, is used to manufacture common gemstones. Anorthites are nonetheless vulnerable to damage from scratches and blow against hard surfaces despite having a hardness of 6 to 6.5 and having perfect cleavage in two directions and imperfect cleavage in another.

Anorthites would require protective settings if used as ring stones. It would be wiser to use them as brooches, pendants, and earrings. Of course, a mineral collection is more likely to contain anorthites than a jewelry collection.

Anorthite Real vs Fake

Anorthite Real vs Fake

On the Mohs scale, anorthite has a hardness of 6, making it a tough crystal. Although glass may also be used to create an approximation of this crystal, it often has a glassy shine. The counterfeit materials tend to be tougher and denser and only single-refract.


Increase your psychic awareness and intuition with the use of anorthite. If you have psychic ability, you may be able to open yourself to outside advice from higher entities. 

It enhances these exchanges and enables you to put them into action at the appropriate moment. It can help you become more conscious of your guides and follow their guidance to act appropriately.


What is Anorthite used for?

Jewelry is the most popular application for anorthite. The crystal is faceted into a variety of forms to serve as many different jewelry shapes.

Where is Anorthite found?

A rare feldspar called anorthite is found in igneous rocks and contact with metamorphic limestone; prominent locations where it may be found include Lake County, California, Franklin, New Jersey, Italy, and the earth’s moon.

How is Anorthite formed?

In mafic igneous rocks, anorthite can be found. Additionally, it may be found in metamorphosed carbonate rocks, granulite facies metamorphic rocks, and corundum deposits.

Does Anorthite have cleavage?

Yes, Anorthites do have cleavage, which is why mechanical cleaning methods like steam and ultrasound should be avoided. 

What’s the hardness of anorthite?

Anorthite has a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale.

What type of rock is anorthite?

Anorthite is a type of feldspar.

Is anorthite a plagioclase?

The calcium-containing feldspar mineral anorthite is the series’ end member.