5 Incredible Benefits of Obsidian Crystal

Obsidian is thought of as a crystal with powerful metaphysical properties to help shield you in opposition to negativity. It functions as an Effective Protector. In this article, we will explore the Incredible Benefits of Obsidian.

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What is Obsidian


Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. It comes from the speedy cooling of felsic lava. Obsidian is naturally black in the shade and has a glassy texture and a vitreous luster. The varieties of Obsidian include rainbow, snowflake, gold, and mahogany. Obsidian is rigid and brittle and has become commonly used for tools; the means of Obsidian are safety and grounding.

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Incredible Benefits of Obsidian


Benefits of Obsidian as a Stone of Protection

Rich in recovery properties, there’s a cause that Obsidian turned into considered to be so much greater value than gold. This stone is all approximately stimulating increase, retaining you covered, and connecting with that root chakra –the very essence of ways we experience security. Obsidian works to keep both your physical and spiritual bodies perfectly aligned, not just your mind.

Benefits of Obsidian For Physical Healing 

Obsidian is ever prepared to maintain your entire body equipped for motion as an incredibly shielding stone, which indicates helping every inch live detoxed. Obsidian is exceptional in keeping your circulation in full and healthy flow. Obsidian can also be highly beneficial to folks who suffer from digestive issues and is remarkable for those with gall bladder problems. The Obsidian Stone desires you to thrive to your fullest health. This is a crystal that keeps the heart beating full and loud, and that keeps the body healthy, and a crystal that calls into being deep tissue recuperation so your body can rejuvenate and be sparkling, and youthful.

Benefits of Obsidian For Emotional Healing 

Protective and perfectly poised that will help you heal deeply, the Obsidian Stone is first-class and recognized for keeping you in the clear when it comes to poor feelings and terrible energy. No matter if there is any negative energy from external forces, Obsidian will work to ensure protection over you, ensuring that irrespective of what – you aren’t dragged down right into a pit of despair. It is a companion stone that helps you to feel secure.

Benefits of Obsidian For Spiritual Benefits 

The dark colors of the Obsidian Stone bring brighter colors to life; it’s essential to consider life is all about balance. Without the night, there may be no day; there may be no light without the darkness. This is where Obsidian can help. It is a reality-seeker stone, and rather than inspire you to stroll in falsehood, it’s about finding approaches to face as much as all the distinct angles of yourself so that you are full and equipped and invulnerable while it is subsequently time to step into that light.

In short, Obsidian offers you all the courage you want to explore the unknown, embody who you, without a doubt, are, dissolve old traumas, and stop keeping onto all that that’s not serving you. When you let go and deal with your deeper self, you have a lot of room to grow.

Benefits of Obsidian For Astrological Relevance

Obsidian is an awesome amulet for Scorpios. Scorpios tend to be fiery, passionate, and extreme. They are a sign dominated by way of Pluto and Mars. While the intense energy of the Scorpio may be high quality, it’s also vital to stay protected when burning up with all this emotion. Here Obsidian sweeps in to keep the day. Obsidian is also a stone that uses its mirror-like characteristics to help you see deeper. It helps you live grounded.


Sagittarians are another signal that healthy the Obsidian Stone. Obsidian and the regularly adventurous and honest Sagittarian are a match made in heaven as a birthstone. They complement every other superbly in their powers. Black Obsidian serves as the protector, critical for a wearer who doesn’t continually look earlier than they jump and who can regularly be determined to speed out on their next remarkable journey. 

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Metaphysical Properties of Obsidian


One of the most potent connections you may count on out of your Obsidian Stone is its capability to strengthen your root chakra. This is one of the maximum essential chakras we have as it is acknowledged for retaining us grounded irrespective of what goes on in the world around us. Whenever the root chakra is blocked, we feel insecure and suddenly unstable, as though there is a threat or negativity. Obsidian can keep you safe and secure and prevent psychic attacks from occurring by directing its healing energy straight to where it is needed.

For centuries sages and healers also grew to become the strength of Obsidian to assist faucet into the third eye chakra. They believed the replicate-like qualities of Obsidian should offer a glimpse into any other realm and guide the manner in the direction of better understanding and cosmic consciousness. Using the Obsidian as a mirror, you may look within and dispose of the blockage that keeps you from living your excellent lifestyle without the confinements of worry. 

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Types of Obsidian Crystal

It is a mineraloid made from natural glass. Here are a few kinds of it you would possibly stumble upon:

Black, Silver, and Gold Obsidian

In most crystal stores, you may find black Obsidian, a rich, opaque black color. But there’s also silver sheen and gold sheen obsidian, that have a silver or gold tint, respectively.

These varieties commonly come from nations in Central America, like Mexico or Guatemala, with numerous volcanic activities.

Rainbow Sheen Obsidian

There’s also rainbow sheen Obsidian that you frequently see reduce into virtually fantastic shapes to offer wonderful bands and layers of color. You can see any color in the color spectrum, with blue rare and green and purple being more common.

Rainbow or peacock obsidian has a modern history associated with dreamwork, lucid dreaming, and astral travel.

Peacock, Snowflake, and Mahogany Obsidian

Peacock obsidian, additionally called velvet obsidian, has flecks of coloration swirled collectively instead of awesome bands or earrings. And snowflake obsidian has white snowflake minerals that grow on the Obsidian itself, creating a unique black-and-white pattern. 

Mahogany obsidian looks as if marbled black with pink or brown. Like many black, brown, and crimson stones, Obsidian (especially mahogany obsidian) is often used for grounding; It can assist with getting centered, feeling present, clearing energy, and connecting to the earth and our bodies.

Snowflake obsidian, with its aggregate of black and white, is so precise for reminding us to be in balance, whether it’s a work-lifestyles balance or balancing your responsibilities together with your desires.

How to use Obsidian?


Uses of Obsidian To Eliminate unwanted Energy

Obsidian is incredible for clearing unwanted energy to your aura or maybe your own home. One manner you may effortlessly do that is through really sweeping it over your body, passing a bit of Obsidian over a selected chakra or your whole frame, to assist clear your area.

Uses of Obsidian To aid with Dreamwork and Astral travel

If you’re interested in exploring the astral realm, you may want rainbow or peacock Obsidian for your aspect. Just put your Obsidian underneath your pillow or on your nightstand, and of direction, pair for you to have meaningful goals or similarly your astral travel.

Uses of Obsidian In Feng Shui

One of the maximum honest methods to include any crystal or stone into feng shui is to find the stone’s corresponding color, It has the ability to preserve us grounded and centered on the physical realm.

Uses of Obsidian For Grounding

Being this type of correct stone for grounding and centering, you can upload Obsidian to any of your favored grounding practices, whether or not it is meditating with Obsidian in your hand, maintaining it in your bag while you go out anywhere, or placing it close to your root chakra, that’s associated with grounding and security.

Uses of Obsidian For Divination

Obsidian is often shaped into a sphere and used for divination, and crystal gazing. A splendid crystal to use with any dreamwork you’re working towards if you’re into that.

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Final Thoughts 

Obsidian has been used throughout records to make weapons, implements, gear, embellishes, and mirrors. Because of its conchoidal fracture (clean curved surfaces and sharp edges), the sharpest stone artifacts had been original from Obsidian.

Obsidian draws out intellectual stress and anxiety. It stimulates boom on all stages, urging exploration of the unknown and beginning new horizons. It clarifies the thoughts and clears confusion. It helps you to know who you are. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas. It promotes qualities of compassion and power.

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