9 Best Crystals For Emotional Healing

Emotions sometimes are too much to handle. It might be challenging at times to balance out all of our “feels,” whether we are dealing with wounds or amazement, severe despair or brave joy, pleasure or suffering. It can be challenging to make the best decisions for ourselves, manage our stress levels, and concentrate on our goals in life when our emotions are out of control. Additionally, it may affect how we interact with those around us.

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We can find balance and harmony by using crystals for emotional healing. They can instruct us in riding the emotional wave and letting it pass rather than becoming stuck.

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Crystals For Emotional Healing

Crystals for emotional healing and protection are a fantastic complementing technique to assist take you away from the edge of overload since they balance your chakras, cleanse your aura, and have the unique ability to raise your vibration to their therapeutic level. 

These crystals for healing emotional trauma have been chosen for their skillful stress reduction, their capacity to heighten intuition, and their benign energy, which bestows courage, fortitude, and inner strength onto individuals who put their faith in holistic treatment. 

Using the 9 best crystals for emotional healing as mentioned, are the most effective crystals for wound healing and emotional trauma and regaining a gentle sense of self.

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The 9 Best Crystals For Emotional Healing: 

1. Amethyst for Serenity and overcoming Sadness

Using Amethyst Crystals for emotional healing

One of the most tranquil stones you can discover is amethyst. You can find your wisdom, trust your third eye, and learn to let go of bad emotions that can weigh us down with the support of soft violet colors and strong crown chakra energy.

This is a priceless gem that will aid in your recovery from sadness or loss. It promotes sleep, relieves stress, and has a relaxing effect.

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2. Rose Quartz crystals for Heart Healing

Using Rose Quartz crystals for emotional healing

Rose Quartz, which is brimming with unending love, is an expert at packing up strong negative energy and substituting it with the strength of love, trust, and various shades of self-care.

For individuals seeking to restore their heart chakra, rose quartz is a necessity. These healing crystals for emotional health and strength serve as a reminder that self-love triumphs over everything, regardless of whether you battle with past stories of abandonment, trust, or loneliness.

3. Moonstone for Balancing the Hormonal Energies

Moonstone crystals for emotional healing

This stone serves as a reminder that everything changes and passes, much like the moon that ripens every month, and that we should only follow our instincts. It aids in our quest for harmony, acceptance, and comfort.

In times of flux, moonstone is fantastic. It is also a terrific stone for people who are struggling with strong hormonal energy because it balances hormones.

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4. Citrine for more Pleasure and Play

Using Citrine crystals for emotional healing

Citrine is like the sun on a grey day. Our hands become open and prepared to accept wealth, happiness, and positivity by letting go of our concerns and anxiety.

Citrine will shake out any bad energy you have a tendency to be drawn to and introduce positive energy into your life. It improves creativity, focus, and lucidity and is ideal for people who don’t want to feel constrained.

5. Amazonite for replacing Confusion with Clarity

Amazonite crystals for emotional healing

Amazonite is here to guide you out of stress and towards peaceful acceptance since peace comes with numerous benefits. It also aids in bringing order out of disarray in nervous, jumbled thinking.

Turn to Amazonite and let it gently speak to your inner knowledge if changes are taking place that are making you anxious. You’ll be able to see things more clearly and accept the things you cannot change as a result.

6. Carnelian for reclaiming your Power

Carnelian crystals for emotional helaing

Carnelian is all about awakening your chi and is full of life-affirming energy. These crystals for healing emotional pain are fantastic for survivors who want to regain their strength and repair old wounds.

Keep Carnelian nearby and allow it to shake away anger and replace it with a dose of acceptance, self-assurance, and the hope of warmer days if you feel as though you have lost your sense of agency in this world.

7. Rhodochrosite for finding Beauty during troubled times

Rhodochrosite for finding beauty during troubled times

Rhodochrosite, which derives its name from the rose, serves as a reminder that lovely things can emerge from thorny situations. These crystals for emotional healing after death challenges us to accept themes of truth and to find beauty even while suffering.

When you feel like life is waving its stinging tail at you, unconditional love, understanding, and soft energy are available to help you find balance. Keep these crystals for deep emotional healing close to you and feel the love it contains.

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8. Labradorite for filling your Energetic cup right up

Labradorite crystals for emotional healing

A mystical stone infused with healing energy, labradorite is all about removing clutter, reducing emotional burdens, and assisting you in moving through the world feeling weightless and full of artistic wonder. One of the best jewels for immediately filling up your empty energetic cup is labradorite.

9. Obsidian for staying Grounded and Tethered

Obsidian Stone and emotional healing

Like all grounding stones, Obsidian keeps you tethered when your emotions threaten to sweep you away. Staying grounded, knowing you are protected by this potent gem, and helping to clear out those emotional blockages makes Obsidian a must.  It is an excellent stone for helping ease overwhelming feelings of sadness and grief. Also hugely supportive of those battling addiction.

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How To Use Crystals For Emotional Healing?

Rarely does emotional recovery come with direct instructions on how to do it, as the process is hardly easy. An emotional therapy plan, which could also include professional, medical care, might benefit greatly from the incorporation of many healing modalities.


Meditation can feel torturous when you’re experiencing emotional distress since your thoughts will keep returning to whatever triggered the anguish. However, meditation is a wonderful tool that can assist you in processing your emotions and quietly reflecting on your suffering.

You can channel frequencies that draw in good energy when you meditate with crystals for emotional healing.

Imagine the vibrations of the crystals resonating between your heart and mind and accepting your emotional suffering as you meditate. Then allow the vibrations to cure you by removing the pain from your body.

Keep Them With You

Keep the crystals for emotional healing with you

Tumbled stones can also be worn as jewelry or kept with you at all times in your pocket. In this way, crystals can influence your emotions without your active participation, but for maximum impact, you should put some effort into comprehending and interacting with your crystals.

Knowing your stones will give you the power to direct your emotional healing. Because you are expending energy to take care of both yourself and your crystals together, it will also imbue your crystals with healing intentions.

Crystal Grids

Crystals with emotional programming have a great deal of power. The healing energy in and around your aura is amplified by a crystal grid that is in sync with ancient geometric patterns.

You can construct a crystal grid as a kind of altar and leave it in place while your intention is being worked on until you sense and understand your emotional recovery.

You can spend some time sitting in the atmosphere of an energized crystal grid and doing some meditation. After then, as you go about your daily activities, let the crystals cooperate to fulfill your purpose.

Crystal Elixir

Taking a crystal elixir and allowing the crystal essence to permeate your body system is another fantastic method to experience the healing power of crystals. Similar to healing teas, crystal elixirs are created by fusing crystal energy with water.

You can sip this potion while allowing the minerals and vibrations to nourish you by steeping crystals in water. Imagine the elixir traveling to your heart and soul and offering you peace and forgiveness as it is digested and absorbed into your bloodstream.

This serves as an excellent reminder to get to know your crystals and how to keep them safe because not all crystals can come in contact with water.


Journaling with the crystals for emotional healing

Maintaining negative feelings can lead to bodily discomfort and suffering that can make everything worse. Pour your feelings and thoughts onto a journal page to let it all out.

Hold onto healing stones whenever you write about your feelings in a notebook to prevent the pain and negativity you express from reentering your inner world.


We can’t always control when strong emotions may surface. Life has many turns, and part of the trip is going through the highs and lows. But mental well-being must cling to the notion that these emotions change, fade, and also operate on a whole spectrum. You can find exactly that with the aid of these healing crystals for emotional health and strength.