7 Best Crystals for Headaches

Headaches can range in severity from niggling pains behind the eyes to crippling migraines that keep you confined to dimly lit spaces. When it comes to a pounding head, some people are more prone than others, and it can make life miserable. Since headaches are a frequent complaint, we often try to ignore them, get on with our days, or suffer in quiet.

However, migraines and headaches may be your body’s way of informing you that something has to change or isn’t right. There are numerous causes of headaches, including strain and stress, blocked chakras, dehydration, and negative vibrations. For individuals who choose not to use over-the-counter or prescription painkillers, crystals for headaches and migraines work best.

Crystals for Headaches

Crystals are renowned for their ability to shift negative energy, clear chakras, cleanse auras, and aid in the healing of the body because of their scintillating high frequencies. In order to manage your stress and energy and make sure you receive enough sleep, they can also work with your mental health. Let’s take a deep dive and learn about the greatest crystals for tension headaches that can relieve your pain and get you back on your feet.

  • Amber for curing headaches, toothaches, and sinus pain
  • Hematite for a centuries-old headache cure
  • Aventurine for reducing inflammation and healing cluster headaches
  • Agate for tension headaches and easing EMF symptoms
  • Citrine for lifting low-mood headaches
  • Moonstone for soothing PMS and hormonal headaches
  • Selenite for washing away fatigue

The Best Crystals For Headaches

1. Amber

Appearance: Gold, gooey, and honey in color.

Amber Crystals for Headaches

Although officially a resin rather than a crystal, amber is loaded with amazing healing qualities and works well as a natural pain reliever. It works well as a crystal for headaches and sinuses. This beautiful tiny fossil overflows with therapeutic natural oils. Because it works so well, we even allow infants to wear amber to prevent teething pain. Due to its therapeutic properties and capacity to reduce tension, amber is a wonderful remedy for headaches.

Put on some amber jewelry and allow the gem to come into close touch with your skin if you have a headache, toothache, or sinus pain so that the oils can permeate and assist in your recovery.

2. Hematite

Appearance: Hematite is a stone of extraordinary power and spiritual happiness, being as silvery and heavy as a bullet.

Hematite crystals for headaches

Hematite has a long history of treating headaches and has long been used as a natural pain reliever. This stone’s anchoring force is well-known, but it also promotes healthy blood flow, tissue hydration, and circulation throughout the body. As a result, it can help to naturally calm the head and lessen the symptoms of pain and inflammation.

Hematite can be a fantastic stone to keep your body robust if you suffer from headaches caused by anemia.

3. Aventurine

Appearance: Cool and green, like a shady area on a hot summer day.

Aventurine to soothe headaches

On a hot day, green aventurine can be just as calming and cooling as a cold wet cloth. This jewel of stability knows how to make you less stressed and get you back on the right path (in a good way). It excels at removing mental obstacles, and it is thought to possess anti-inflammatory characteristics that can lessen pain and inflammation around the eyes. 

Cluster headache sufferers may find immediate relief from their symptoms when Green Aventurine is gently and coolly touched. It works wonders as a crystal for headaches and nausea.

4. Agate

Appearance: Blue Lace Agate is smooth and gentle like a feather.

Agate Crystals for headache

Blue Lace Agate is cool, tranquil, and excellent in relieving tight tension headaches because it is pale and blue (exactly like its name implies). This chalcedony stone is the epitome of tranquility since it dispels bad energy and can lessen the impact of EMFs. 

Blue Lace Agate can rescue a tired mind, tired eyes, and a tension headache after you’ve been staring at a screen for too long. It can bring you back to the height of health.

5. Citrine

Appearance: Citrine is a stone that is as sunny-yellow and radiant as a sunbeam and is pure positive energy in every manner.

Citrine to soothe headaches

Citrine is here to offer your energy levels a pleasant boost because it is a stone that is only good. Sometimes we can get listless, depressed, or exhausted, which drains our vitality and causes dull headaches. Citrine, which is a crystal form of vitamin D, can promote tissue regeneration, which can relieve stress and have you feeling like you’re walking in the sunshine in no time.

When you see the clouds gathering, wear Citrine or keep a stone nearby. Placing Citrine on your head can change a foggy mind and help you feel better if you can’t get yourself out of a bad mood.

6. Moonstone 

Appearance: As spherical, soft, and starkly white as the mother moon.

Moonstone for Headaches

The Moonstone, another stone with strong feminine energy vibrations, is fantastic for treating migraines and cognitive fog related to your monthly cycle. It is a crystal for headaches during menstruation. Beyond the effects of the tide, moonstone can aid in the recovery of headaches brought on by hormonal imbalances and fatigue. 

When you feel a headache coming on around your period, turn to moonstone for support. When you are anxious about a change, a moonstone can help you relax since it will urge you to flow with the change rather than resisting it and creating obstacles.

7. Selenite

Appearance: The color of fresh snow, soft and gorgeous.

Selenite Crystals for headache

Selenite, which resembles an angel, is another excellent calming stone. This stone is known for promoting peace, serenity, and positive flow in addition to being immediately relaxing. With its ability to release blocked, sluggish energy and wash away any exhaustion, selenite may raise your spirit and your energy levels. 

Selenite is a crystal for headaches and dizziness. It can clear those lower chakras and transfer energy to make you feel as fresh as a daisy again on those days when you feel exhausted, rundown, and as like your head is full of fog.

How to use these healing crystals for headaches? 

Knowing exactly how to invoke that power is helpful now that you are aware of which stones can lend a healing hand and cooling touch to a heavy head. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started on relieving your headache. There are some incredible ways that crystals can link with your energy.

  • Lay on your back with the crystal on your forehead as you imagine the agony dissipating and being replaced by a bright, clear light.
  • If suitable, put your crystal in a glass of water and drink some of it. It’s also referred to as a crystal elixir.
  • Wear crystal jewelry close to your skin to allow the healing vibrations to flow into your body and move any blocked energy.
  • Put a crystal beneath your pillow to promote sound sleep so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated.
  • Create a crystal grid to complete your body’s healing process.

Important Points To Remember

  • Charging Your Crystals

Your crystals grow blocked when they take in negative energy to purge your pain. The crystal’s ability to vibrate is lessened as a result. Your crystals will quickly charge by being held under warm running water for about a minute or by placing them in the sun for a short period of time. But every few days, they need to be carefully cleansed and charged.

  • Placing Your Crystals

Crystals can be placed on your desk, headboard, or any other area where you spend a lot of time.

You can also store them in a tiny bag that you can take out of your pocket or purse with ease. You only need to grab this pouch and hold the crystals in your hands whenever a headache starts to arise.

  • Meditating With Your Crystal

Create an intention bubble. Place your crystals on your solar plexus after spending a minute in meditation with them. Imagine a little, clockwise-spinning white or golden spherical that begins to grow.

The bubble of safety expands with each breath you take until it completely envelops you. The size of it will increase until a foot above your head. After that, you can choose how to seal your bubble. You can declare it to be your bubble of protection against anything wishing to harm you as you seal it with a silver ribbon and repeat the mantra. Placing your stones on your temples while you already have a headache will help to absorb and contain it.


The next time you start to have a headache and want to put the medications away, grab some crystal healing first. You can discover that experiencing spiritual comfort can swiftly bring about bodily bliss as well by easing stress, lowering tension, and boosting the power of positivity. So they are prepared to be your rescue solution the next time your head begins to ache, be sure to keep your potent crystals charged and purified.