11 Best Crystals for Heart Chakra and How to Use Them

Gemstones and crystals are some of the best ways to attain healing and health at a slow but steady pace. Not only for healing but mostly every gemstone is used for balancing the various chakras in the human body. Speaking of chakras, one of the most vital chakras in the body is the heart chakra. Placed in between the shoulder blades in the body, this chakra is widely used for enhancing one’s relationships and levels of companionship. For activating this chakra, the various best crystals for heart chakra are as follows! 

What is Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is responsible for balancing and enhancing every relationship and love interest one has. It holds the centre or the prime spots in the process of energy flow in the body. The heart chakra is the fourth chakra in the body. In the Sanskrit language, it is referred to as Anahata. The heart chakra often acts as a bridge for connecting the lower chakras and the higher chakras. 

When the lower and higher chakras meet each other, the wearer is able to increase their feelings of love, compassion, empathy and trust for their loved ones and also for the people who coexist with them. 

The wearer is also able to create better connections as they move forward in their life. Along with being able to love others, the wearer will be able to practice self-love too. When one’s self-love is enhanced, they are able to love every aspect of themselves and accept themselves for who one truly is! This is the beauty of the heart chakra. 

What Are The Best Crystals For Heart Chakra? 

The crystals and gemstones that are considered the best for the heart chakra are as follows:-

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz. 

One of the best crystals, for enhancing the functions of the heart chakra, is undoubtedly Rose Quartz. The elegant and beautiful pink crystal is the epitome of warmth and love. This gemstone holds all the essential qualities related to the heart chakra. The essential qualities such as open minded, companionship, love, care and kindness are all associated with the functions of the heart chakra. 

2. Citrine


Citrine is a bright and beautiful yellow gemstone. It helps the wearer to solve their problems by viewing it from different angles and perspectives. In a way, the wearer is enabled to overcome various issues in their life through a different light. Similar to other fellow-coloured crystals, this gemstone balances both the Solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. One of the best qualities of Citrine is that it helps in anger management. This is an important issue related to an imbalanced heart. To also know the crystals for Solar plexus chakra, click here.

3. Amber

One of the best crystals for the heart chakra is Amber. Since emotions like grief, despair and guilt are all associated with a heavy and negatively impacted heart, these emotions are reduced in impact with the help of the healing properties of Amber. Amber is a wonderful gemstone for overcoming the effects of loss and grief. When this gemstone is placed on the heart, it enables the wearer to become a love magnet. On the other hand, when this crystal is placed on the third eye, it helps the wearer to show love to themselves. 

4. Emerald


The beautiful gemstone Emerald coloured in a bright hue to green enables wisdom and intelligence associated with the heart chakra. This gemstone offers many benefits for enhancing different qualities of the heart chakra. This gemstone enhances one’s ability to give love to others and to themselves too. Along with love, the wearer is able to become much more balanced and harmonious in regard to the other emotions that are associated with love and affection. 

5. Amazonite

Amazonite is a superior gemstone with warrior spirits. It connects the heart chakra with the throat chakra which enables an increase in the energy and vibration flow to the different parts of the body. This gemstone is widely used by those who want to change their love relationships in a healthy manner. It enhances self-confidence and inspires the wearer to keep their relationships healthy and non-toxic. 

6. Green Jade

A gemstone with cooling and soothing effects, Green Jade is a gemstone to attract abundance and prosperity. It is also known as a stroke of luck as it enables the wearer to be lucky in attracting the kind of love they want. This gemstone helps the wearer to realize that they deserve everything in abundance. It opens the heart chakra. This openness leads the wearer to attract the life they manifest and pray for. 

7. Prehnite

Another widely used best crystal for the heart chakra is Prehnite. When unconditional love is what a wearer longs for, the Golden Prehnite is recommended. This gemstone not only shines bright but also brings a bright light to the life of the wearer. It helps the wearer to love themselves and others without expecting anything from them in return. It also helps the heart to soften. And keeps the heart away from burnout. Activating the heart chakra, it helps the wearer to keep their heart in close connection with the spiritual energies during meditation. 

8. Pearl

Pearl for Heart Chakra

Pearl plays an important role in cleansing the heart. It balances and cleans all the blockages from the heart chakra which enables the heart to become healthy and efficient. When the heart chakra is able to work as a unit with the other higher chakras, the emotional state of the wearer will be enhanced. That’s why Pearl’s essential to not only keep the heart balanced but to enhance one’s emotional health and state too. 

9. Turquoise

One of the most classic gemstones in almost every healing circle, Turquoise is a gemstone that offers protection to the wearer. When this crystal is placed in the heart, it helps the wearer instantly feel feelings of safety and security. It offers close interaction with the spiritual world around the wearer. As a jewellery stone, Turquoise must be worn as a necklace near the heart for gaining its benefits and healing properties straight to the heart. 

10. Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye is an essential gemstone that is associated not only with the heart chakra but with the sacral and solar plexus chakra too. These gemstones help in creating engagement with the prime chakras. This engagement breaks unhealthy patterns, habits and desires. It also helps the wearer to open their heart to a loving energy that helps them love people around them in a way that they desire. In return, this provides love to themselves too. 

11. Malachite

Malachite for heart Chakra

Malachite is a deep Green gemstone that enables newness in life. It basically helps the wearer to realize their true passions and mistakes and leads them towards new beginnings and fresh starts. It is a gemstone for moving on. This means that the wearer is able to move on from their dark past with the help of this gemstone. Additionally, it helps the wearer to become a much happier and healthier person as they rise from the ashes of their burnt past. 

Watch the video below to know the top crystals for the Heart chakra and how to use them:

How To Use Crystals For Balancing Heart Chakra?

Different ways through which the best crystals for heart chakra can be used for balancing the heart chakra are as follows:-

  • For gaining healing and protection to the heart chakra, one can place a gemstone under their pillow right before they sleep. This will enable them to be close to the crystal while they are sleeping the entire night. For many gemstones, it is recommended to keep a journal next to the bed so that they can note down all the thoughts that come to their head right after they wake up in the morning. 
  • Another effective way of using crystals is to place them on the windowsill of the room. This attracts love, peace and harmony to the home. 
  • Crystals and gemstones are the most effective when they are used for meditation purposes. Simply keeping a healing gemstone nearby during meditation can help the wearer gain all the balancing and healing properties for balancing the heart chakra. 
  • Crystals and gemstones can be worn as various jewellery pieces. The main point is to stay in close contact with the gemstone. So when the wearer wears the gemstone as a bracelet or necklace for everyday use, they are able to bring love, peace and harmony to their everyday life. 
  • Certain gemstones can be paired with other gemstones so that the wearer is able to gain the healing and balancing properties of both gemstones at the same time. The gemstones must be kept next to each other for maximum effect. 


All the best crystals for the heart chakra shown in this writing are associated with the heart chakra. This means that each of these crystals can be used to balance and boost the heart chakra’s energies. When placed in the centre of the chest, these gemstones enable a flow of vital energies in the entire body. These energies help the wearer to enhance their love life and relationships with people in their surroundings. It also helps them to figure out blockages in the heat chakra and remove them as best as possible.