9 Best Crystals for Peace

Breathe deeply, then allow the crystals’ calming energy to surround you with sensations of gentle tranquility. Even better, you can help yourself with the 9 best crystals for peace, which we shall talk about here.

It can be difficult to live in this society, and with stress and anxiety on the rise, creating a haven for your soul might be beneficial. We can increase our self-care efforts and discover techniques for settling into the present now, even though it may be too much to ask that we live every moment of our lives in harmony.

We are less likely to feel disoriented and trapped inside our minds when we are present in the moment, grounded, and in control of our monkey minds. You can stop and smell the roses with the aid of crystals for peace and calm. These high-frequency healing crystals for inner peace are magnificent instruments for clearing your aura, maintaining the balance of your chakras, and preventing feelings of overload. 

The crystals for peace of mind we chose are bursting with serene and deliver tranquil energy that immediately opens the door for a calmer, softer, and more thoughtful state of mind.

Crystals For Peace

1. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Crystals for Peace

When our root chakra is cleansed and cleared, a strong protective gemstone, we feel held and safe. Being rooted is crucial for maintaining mental stability, and black tourmaline can help you shake off the stress and uncertainty that life can offer by making you feel rock-solid.

When you feel unsteady on your feet or when unfavorable energy is dragging you down, turn to this crystal for balance and peace.

2. Hematite

Using Hematite Crystals for Peace

Hematite, a stone of strength and a warrior, may have the strongest protective qualities, but it also promotes a greater sense of serenity. We may align our nervous system and cease absorbing other people’s energy when we are confident that the cosmos is looking out for us. It is a crystal for peace and protection.

Hematite can help to give a shield of protection and make your sense of tranquility seem untouchable if you are an empath and discover that other people’s moods are throwing you into a tailspin. While setting boundaries might be difficult, when done correctly, they can be impossible to cross.

3. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystals for Peace

All positive energy is greatly amplified by clear quartz. Any positive emotion can be multiplied ten times into the universe with the help of this magnificent crystal-white stone. Put your finest intentions into this crystal for peace and healing and let it clear your thoughts of all types of sticky situations.

Use it when you are finding it difficult to make time for yourself in a busy schedule. We can never stop running about, so taking a moment to center ourselves and ask for divine guidance allows us to release negative energy and accept the flow of good things.

4. Selenite

How to Use Selenite crystals for Peace ?

The crystal of Selenite expands your consciousness and bathes you in the light of inner serenity; selenite’s gentle joy is full of connections to angels. Selenite is thought to be the gateway to the angels because it connects to your crown and higher chakras and gives you a feeling of light that permeates your body, mind, and soul. It is one of the best crystals for peace and harmony.

One can place selenite in your house to make it feel airy and peaceful.

5. Moonstone

Moonstone crystals for peace

A mystical stone for residing tranquility is the moonstone. This crystal for peace and strength can illuminate even the darkest paths since it is full of feminine energy, and ancient wisdom, and is here to wash out emotional turbulence and put you in a position of personal authority.

To stay grounded in the present moment throughout times of change, keep your moonstone nearby. Additionally beneficial if you experience PMS and mood swings.

6. Larimar

Using Larimar Crystals for peace

Larimar also referred to as the “stone of calm,” soothes anxious and ominous thoughts. This gem exudes serenity and coolness and wishes for your well-being at times of stress. 

Larimar will balance your top chakras and make sure you don’t get disturbed by your sense of tranquility because it is full of earth energy and ethereal vibes.

One can sit with Larimar during a moment of meditation if you are feeling stressed out due to job or family obligations, and allow this crystal for peace and anxiety to talk you down from the emotional ledge.

7. Aquamarine

Aquamarine Crystals for peace

Jump immediately into less worry and more fun because of Aquamarine’s vivacious character. This stone offers immediate emotional calmness and complete emotional clarity, which can help you maintain a sense of direction and balance between work and play in your life.

When you need to face life with clarity and provide immediate relief to a burned and worn-out day, turn to aquamarine. Simply holding this stone can revive all of your senses and ensure that you are prepared for whatever trials lie ahead.

8. Angelite

Angelite Crystals for Peace

Call the spiritual forces of Angelite into being to establish a connection with the angels and spirit guides. This crystal for peace and positivity serves as a reminder that surrendering isn’t necessarily a bad thing but can be a means of bringing freedom into being. It is also linked to the idea of surrender.

You can simply take your Angelite and place it next to your heart whenever you are feeling anxious so it can establish a direct connection between you and your spirit guides. These spirit guides can rapidly reduce stress with a laser beam.

9. Calcite

Using Calcite Crystals for Peace

With the dazzling and limitless vitality of calcite, spring cleans your soul and ends stale old cycles. Calcite can help you without batting an eye when you need energy and optimism to help you find calm.

This cheerful crystal for peace and prosperity says yes to happier feelings and more days off for your mental health for those times when you need a mental reset to get you back on track.

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How To Use Crystals for Peace of Mind?

Knowing how to channel that energy is useful now that you have a list of calming stones to bring delicious tranquillity into your life. Here are a few simple suggestions for saying yes to everything tranquil, from wearing gemstone jewelry to practicing mindful meditation with your crystals for peace and clarity in hand.

  • Every day, spend a few minutes in meditation and keep your crystal nearby. Even a short amount of time each day can be a great way to relax and unwind.
  • Shake your stress away by holding a crystal in your palm or donning some crystal jewelry. This can be a means to change the energy and release stress held in the neurological system, whether by dancing or shaking.
  • For a sweeter, more restorative night’s sleep put a crystal under your pillow.
  • To remove chakra obstacles, either create a crystal grid around your house or use crystals in reiki therapy.


Using calming crystals is a fantastic approach to introducing mindful intention into your life. No matter how many storms are raging outside, you can stay anchored if you can sharpen your focus and discover techniques for getting back in touch with your center.