6 Best Crystals for Root Chakra And How To Use Them?

Crystals are beneficial when it comes to the root chakra and thus, we have here for you the best crystals for the Root Chakra. We may feel off-kilter if our root chakra is out of balance or blocked. That fundamental sense of being anchored and solid may be difficult for us. We could have persistent anxiety, lack of confidence in our judgment, and mistrust of other people. 

We can experience a sense of directionlessness, worry, or excessive anxiety. We could also fall into a mindset of scarcity, holding on to what we have out of concern that good things won’t come back to us. When we feel helpless due to the loss of our root chakra connection, we tend to give our delight to others. 

Our fight, freeze, and fawn reactions can be inconsistent, we can feel apathetic or agitated, and we might be flighty. There are some wonderful root chakra gemstones available that can provide the stability, reassurance, and purifying energy you require to anchor you in an ideal manner. To have a strong foundation from which to go through those higher emotions, raising the root chakra energy is about securing your sense of physical and emotional safety. 

What Is The Root Chakra?

What is the Root Chakra?

The first chakra, which is the source of all things, is situated at the base of the backbone and slightly above the tailbone. It is the center of our stability and, much like plants that bloom above, the link that binds us to everything in the world. 

The root chakra is where we receive our sense of security, strength, endurance, and beautiful grounding according to the order of needs. It is one of our most valuable spiritual resources and serves as our survival chakra. It serves as the body’s main chakra point and the base for all other chakra points, as it is where our male energy is located. 

Our base, the root chakra, profoundly affects our psychological, intellectual, and physical bodies. Our physical health may also suffer from a blocked root chakra, especially if it is related to the lower body. When our fundamental health is compromised, everything from bladder and intestinal issues to arthritis and even subpar parasympathetic nervous system responses can occur.

Fortunately, balancing the root chakra is a simple procedure. You can shake this area loose using a variety of elemental techniques and grounding energy activities. From yoga and meditation to deep breathing, going barefoot in the dirt, and of course, employing base chakra gems’ therapeutic vibrations. 

All of these things can give you a stronger sense of security and lovely belonging by re-establishing your connection to the world around you. The best base chakra crystals for healing root chakra are typically those with the root chakra’s coloration, such as deep reds, earthy browns, and blacks. The enormous force of the volcano is brought to the table by the black diamonds, which are all about grounding.

Best Crystals For Root Chakra

1. Garnet

garnet crystals for Root Chakra

At the stunning red center of the exquisite Garnet stone are a thousand pomegranate hues. This precious root chakra diamond is bursting with rejuvenating vitality. Ever the life-giver, garnet boosts low energy and helps you maintain overall mental and physical well-being. 

Garnet, a crystal for opening root chakra, sparkles from the inside out to rekindle your kundalini power for people who feel as though their courage and strength have left them. Other than being beneficial for the Root chakra, Garnet crystals are very beneficial for other purposes, to know them to read here. 

2. Hematite

Hematite crystals for Root Chakra

Hematite is a silvery-bright, gleaming, abrasive stone that is all about counteracting the negative. As it takes energy from your aura and passes it via your root chakra until you are once again in balance, this stone is a powerful root chakra sweeper. Hematite has unique uses, to know about them click here. 

Hematite is excellent at helping you stay present at the moment. This stone centers you in the present if you tend to let your imagination wander over the hills like a herd of wild horses. It is great for serving as a constant reminder to live in the present rather than the one you wish you were. This mental stone makes sure that you control your thoughts before they control you.

3. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian crystals for Root Chakra

The raw energy, earthy spirit, and root chakra cool of Jet Black Obsidian are all-pervasive. A force of nature, this delightfully black stone. This dazzling dark diamond is thought to have mirror-like properties that allow it to reveal the depths of your soul and is naturally protective. 

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It’s a lovely anchoring partner that doesn’t think twice about assisting you in seeing through deception so that you can move in the knowledge, wisdom, and authenticity of the present moment.

Your root chakra feels stronger, and you feel more grounded and prepared to handle life when you are aware that you possess crystals for grounding root chakra that encourages you to trust your gut feelings.

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4. Red Jasper

Red Jasper crystals for Root Chakra

Red Jasper is an incredibly caring stone that has an earthy, bright color and can completely clear your sacral and root chakras. A warm fire and furious energy fill this stone’s rich chi. It is also known as the stone of endurance and is renowned for boosting motivation and assisting you in overcoming difficulties. 

This is accomplished by giving you the inner fortitude and self-assurance to seize life by the horns. Your vitality is increased, you are connected to your inner power, and your passion may be stirred by the Red Jasper stone. 

It is also stated that this brilliant crystal for root and sacral chakra will raise your kundalini serpent. To know more about the healing properties of Red Jasper, click here.

5. Black Onyx

Black Onyx crystals for Root Chakra

Onyx, another of the guarding black stones, will assist you in healing your root chakra and maintaining your composure. This polished black diamond is comparable to obsidian in that it fosters the flow of both physical and mental strength. 

It encourages the emergence of your inner warrior and keeps us rooted to the ground so we may direct that energy into every fiber of our existence. We can be brave in our passions and creativity when we feel secure, powerful, and entire again. We can occupy as much space as we need and sit in our soul seat without worrying that someone else will usurp it.

6. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

Every time you leave the house, the Tigers Eye’s strong and protective large cat energy makes you feel wonderful and whole. The Tiger’s Eye gleams in every knowing strength, banded with earthy gold, black, brown, and orange hues. 

By serving as a constant reminder that you are in control of your fate and can manage anything, it develops your root chakra. Tiger’s Eye, a gold crystal, or gemstone for the root chakra helps us express our goals and desires to the outside world by enhancing our natural body language. 

It helps you maintain a positive attitude, gets rid of negative energy, and makes sure that no matter what happens, you will always remain rooted to the ground. This is a powerful energy, and Tigers Eye excels at bringing it.

Watch the video below to know the top crystals for the Root chakra and how to use them:

How To Use Crystals For Balancing Root Chakra

How to Use the crystals for root Chakra

Here are some suggestions for using your list of exquisite, deeply rooted crystals to immediately clear your first chakra.

  • Meditation

Hold your crystals for grounding root chakra in your hand as you sit in quiet meditation. Imagine a white light entering the space of your root chakra and removing obstructions to allow your energy to flow.

  • Jewelry

Keep your root chakra crystal connected and close to you at all times to enter subconscious healing. Wearing gemstone jewelry is an easy approach to staying clean and charged when traveling and maintaining high healing vibrations.

  • Crystal Spheres

Holding a crystal sphere in your hands and rolling or rubbing it for 30 seconds can unleash its power. Imagine the energy of the ball burrowing deeply to clear out any sluggish forces as you place it on your root chakra area. Roll it around the root chakra if you feel as though you could use extra energy.

  • Feng Shui

In the home, you can make your room into a sacrosanct safe temple if you don’t want to bring diamonds about with you. Put these gems by your door, next to your laptop, in communal areas, and anywhere else you think evil energy might be present.


When it comes to accessing all of your power, the root chakra is the first step on the ladder. As there won’t be a clear flow when this is blocked, it may impact all of your energy points. 

Who can concentrate on their spiritual awakening if they don’t feel secure in their body and their surroundings? 

A daily wellness ritual should include clearing and cleansing your root chakra. This potent energy ensures that we are steady in our sense of personal strength no matter what we are up against and provides the foundation for all of our great triumphs.