9 Best Crystals For Sacral Chakra And A Guide To Use Them

Crystals for sacral chakra can benefit your physical and emotional wellness. Your physical body’s sacral chakra can serve as an energy hub and maintain a balanced flow of energy throughout it. This can encourage personal growth and make you feel better mentally.

The second chakra in the body, the sacral chakra, is situated immediately below the navel. It is in charge of feelings, enjoyment, sexuality, and creativity. You experience joy and creativity when this chakra is balanced. Your creative and sexual energies may feel obstructed when it is out of harmony. Also Read: Chalcopyrite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What Is The Sacral Chakra?

This chakra is especially receptive to crystals for healing sacral chakra with watery energy since it is connected to the element of water. The chakra can be balanced with the use of stones like moonstone, aquamarine, and blue lace agate. They are calming and cooling, and they can facilitate a deeper emotional connection.

To assist in maintaining the chakra’s energy in balance, keep them nearby your belly button or carry them with you at all times. Using crystals to balance your sacral chakra can be beneficial if you’re experiencing emotional, sexual, or creative imbalances. The stones can be used for meditation or you can take them around with you all day. You’ll start to see the beneficial energies of the stones in your daily life with some time and effort.

Another excellent way to experience the distinctive vibrations of crystals and stones is by using essential oils with your sacral chakra. Find a method that works best for you to use these crystals. Try out various methods to see which one seems the most energetic and restorative to you. You’ll be able to benefit from these gems and experience their beneficial effects on your sacral chakra with time and effort.

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The Best Crystals for Sacral Chakra

1. Carnelian

Carnelian crystals for sacral chakra

This crystal’s vivid orange color inspires zeal and imagination. Carnelian orange is fantastic for boosting vigor and energy. Carnelian can help with inhibition release and promote a happier sense of being. Because of its vivid color, this stone was once revered by the Egyptians.

They used orange stones for a variety of purposes and thought the color orange was lucky, especially for women! It has feminine energy and can support your sexual organs as well as your menstrual cycle. Keep this stone on hand whenever you want to concentrate on your health, especially while you’re in a relationship! To know more about the incredible benefits of Carnelian crystals, you can read here. 

2. Citrine

Citrine crystals for sacral chakra

The “merchant’s stone” is a yellow crystal that promotes prosperity and fortune. Additionally, it boosts creativity and boosts confidence. Citrine is quite effective at bringing the sacral chakra back into harmony and has some fantastic benefits. The best energy flow is found in these yellow stones.

It can draw personal power to the human body and connects to the solar plexus chakra. You’ll be able to make more self-assured choices as a result of this! You’ll be able to put more faith in your intuition. It is amongst the most common crystals for the solar plexus and sacral chakra.

3. Moonstone 

Moonstone for Sacral chakra

Intuition and inventiveness are stimulated by this beautiful white or peach gemstone. It might be useful for easing menstrual cramps. Moonstone can be used in so many different ways and is great for restoring balance to the sacral chakra! This stone is potent because it focuses on generating a flow of positive energy into your life and shares the same energy as the moon. It keeps you centered when things are difficult!

Your emotional equilibrium can occasionally be thrown off by an overactive sacral chakra, but the moonstone will help you feel emotionally stable and maintain equilibrium! Utilizing this stone in accordance with the lunar cycle can help you draw in the most powerful energy.

4. Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite crystals for sacral chakra

This orange crystal is fantastic for boosting vitality and creativity as well as assisting with the removal of unfavorable emotions and ingrained behavioral patterns. There are several properties of Orange calcite. It can aid in sacral chakra balance restoration and emotional recovery. It has a spiritual connection and can draw spiritual energy into your life. It nearly has the feel of a protecting stone that will always ward off bad energy.

5. Rhodonite

Rhodonite crystals for sacral chakra

The “stone of metamorphosis” is this rose-colored crystal. It aids in boosting self-expression and creativity while also assisting in the release of emotional blocks. A crystal called rhodonite can aid in fostering transformation and development. It can ease any emotional pain or trauma from the past and improve your life’s emotional well-being. One of the best stones to have on hand while dealing with difficulties or whatever the forces of life may bring your way is this one. Suggested Reading: Rhodonite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

6. Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian crystals for sacral chakra

The purest stone is this black crystal. It encourages inner calm and self-acceptance while aiding in the release of bad emotions and energies. Snowflake obsidian can aid in sacral chakra balance restoration and emotional recovery. You can use this fantastic stone in a variety of powerful ways to enhance your mind, body, and spirit. It can improve your creative abilities and aid with low self-esteem. Do you want to know what else can a Snowflake Obsidian do for you, read here.

7. Unakite

Unakite crystals for sacral chakra

The sacral chakra may be perfectly balanced using this green and pink stone. It encourages emotional healing while also boosting creativity and vitality. Unakite is a stone that promotes development and transformation. It can provide your life steadiness and connect to the third eye chakra.

Additionally, it can improve your health by regulating your circulatory system, avoiding kidney issues, safeguarding the adrenal glands, and maintaining overall equilibrium. One of the best stones for the sacral chakra to support general wellness is this one! Have this stone on hand instead of worrying about visiting the doctor so you can treat minor ailments like lower back discomfort near the base of the spine.

8. Garnet

Garnet crystals

This richly colored stone inspires zeal and energy. It aids in bringing harmony and balance back to the body. The sacral chakra can be perfectly balanced by garnet. The Root Chakra can also be stimulated with the use of this gem. It is a fantastic crystal for root and sacral chakra and for aiding in the healing of the reproductive system because it has a strong energy that can enhance your sexuality and interpersonal relationships! Your life becomes more passionate, which is fantastic for relationships and can even energize your sex organs and physical contact! The second main chakra can also help you feel more confident and enhance your sexual self!

9. Amber

Amber crystals for sacral chakra

This orange-yellow rock is referred to as the “stone of courage.” It fosters feelings of security and safety while helping to boost strength and vigor. Amber is very good at bringing the sacral chakra into balance. By encouraging joyful sensations and happy emotions, this gem aids in this. Intimacy and desire are also represented by amber, which can assist you in reestablishing contact with the spiritual world and your spirit. Aragonite star clusters encourage meditation and spiritual enlightenment, just like amber does. The ideal method to help you increase your spirituality and emotional stability is to use both of them at once!

Watch the video below to know the top crystals for the Sacral chakra and how to use them:

How To Use Crystals For Overactive Sacral Chakra?

How to use crystals for sacral chakra

These crystals can all be worn as rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Additionally, you can carry them with you by putting them in a certain bag or pouch. Additionally, you may put them in key areas of your house where you spend a lot of time. You might wish to place them in the living room, workplace, or bedroom, for instance.

You can even use some of these crystals in a special massage oil or bath if you want to specifically energize your sacral chakra. All you have to do is apply a few drops of oil to your palms and massage the lower abdomen with it. You could also fill your bathtub with crystals and soak it for a bit. These crystals can all be employed during meditation. Put the crystal in your hand and concentrate on the energy it gives forth. Your sacral chakra will become more energized and balanced as a result.

Over the past few years, crystal use has grown incredibly common, particularly for general healing and steadiness for your thought, soul, and spirituality! There are numerous crystals that have been utilized throughout history and are revered in various cultures for their potent healing abilities. Each crystal has a Sanskrit word that can be translated and will reveal all about its past!


Here are some additional concepts to experiment with in addition to healing crystals or if you wish to look into other techniques for opening your sacral chakra and removing the obstructions.

  • Increasing your consumption of ginger will help you feel warmer
  • Put on orange clothing.
  • Consume items that are orange, such as tangerines and carrots.
  • Practice yoga poses that expand the hips.
  • Bathe in water that has essential orange oils added.
  • ingest water and slices of orange.
  • Every day, move or dance
  • Engage in creative activity as much as you can

Our sense of play and our “pleasure button” are located in the sacral chakra. It is also thought to be the seat of our emotions and the gateway to all of our inner happiness, laughing, and a lightness of being.  Our imaginations, libido, imagination, compassion, comfort, and closeness all call it home. If the sacral chakra is our inner hearth and the place where we discover our spirit fire, the root chakra represents our connection to the soil. We may embrace limitless possibilities fearlessly by using these jewels to keep the flame alive and ignite that good energy.