Blue Zircon Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Blue Zircon is commonly known as Starlite. It is the most difficult stone in the Zircon family to work with. A few blue gemstone varieties have good hardness and brightness. With a greater refractive index, it is also the blue stone with the highest brilliance.

One of the most well-liked gemstones is Blue Zircon, which is created from brown Blue Zircon through heat treatment. Only Blue Zircon can be created from Brown Blue Zircon with the required structural qualities. Blue Zircon is most frequently found in Cambodia and Burma. This stone stands out among gemstones thanks to its distinctive qualities. Read on to learn more about this gemstone.

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Blue Zircon

What is Blue Zircon?

What is Blue Zircon

 One of the most well-known semi-precious stones, Blue Zircon is renowned for both its aesthetic appeal and astrological properties. It is a semi-precious stone that belongs to the Nesosilicates mineral family. It’s a puzzling gemstone for many people since they associate it with Cubic Blue Zirconia, an artificial stone with properties similar to Blue Zircon. However, Blue Zircon is a naturally occurring gemstone with numerous priceless qualities and a distinctive appearance.

Due to its natural brilliance, it is regarded as the most valuable gemstone; nevertheless, it also includes uranium and thorium, which emit radioactive traces and make the gemstone more brilliant. Blue Zircon undergoes a temporary shift in colour and shines due to this radioactive property.

Currently, Sri Lanka is renowned for producing Blue Zircons of the highest calibre. However, colourless Blue Zircon can be used in place of diamond and offers several advantages to the wearer. Despite being a component of the Blue Zircon gemstone, Blue Zircon is highly sought after due to its high density. Its density on the Mohs scale is 7.5. Additionally, Blue Zircon is in high demand in the jewellery business and is available in a variety of colours and cuts.

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How to Identify a Blue Zircon?

Identifying a Blue Zircon

Numerous techniques can be utilised to determine the Blue Zircon while keeping in mind the stone’s physical characteristics. The stone is heat-resistant and has a blue tint. When seen from one angle, it will have a greenish tint. It has a variety of forms, and refractive index testing can disclose both the quality and radiation damage to it. To identify it, it is advisable to speak with a gemologist since they are the ones with the most in-depth knowledge on the subject.

The price and value of this stunning gemstone on the market are determined by its various quality criteria. It stands out from other gemstones thanks to its unusual shine, sparkly properties, and refractive properties. It is a strong, semi-precious gemstone that comes in many colours. However, a lot of gemstones pass for Blue Zircon, confusing the customer. Consequently, in order to get a real Blue Zircon, it is imperative that you gain a fundamental grasp of the quality Blue Zircon.

Blue Zircon Cuts

If the specimens are simple to locate in a gemstone, buy that one because it verifies the Blue Zircon’s validity. Select a Blue Zircon with a beautiful cut and brilliant shape; a stone with an irregular cut isn’t of high grade. The best cuts are typically marquises, ovals, trilliants, and rounds.

Blue Zircon Shapes

The best Blue Zircon is transparent and spotless, with a crystal clear appearance. In spite of the fact that imperfections and inclusions are frequent in natural gemstones, the genuine article nonetheless provides an eye-clear view and a faultless glance.

Where is Blue Zircon Found?

Blue Zircon crystal is widely available around the world, but it is particularly abundant in Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Austria, Myanmar, Madagascar, Norway, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangkok, Nigeria, Mozambique, France, and Thailand.

Blue Zircon Stone Meaning

The word “zircon” is derived from the Persian word “zargun,” which means “gold-coloured,” despite the fact that the crystal is available in a range of colours. Blue Zircon symbolises joy, wealth, chastity, good vibes, honour, purity, and spiritual safety. It is connected to every chakra and can align them to combine their strengths.

Zircon is commonly considered to have the power to boost one’s self-esteem and help the wearer learn to love both himself and others since it opens the heart and fosters compassion. Zircon is regarded as a grounding stone that inspires, encourages, and provides advice when it is required, so assisting one in reaching their objectives.

Zircon has a reputation for bringing wealth, particularly when combined with stones that are coloured golden or yellow. The beautiful and widely used gemstone known as Blue Zircon crystal has both spiritual and physical healing powers.

Blue Zircon Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

With a history of more than 4.4 billion years, Blue Zircon is the planet’s oldest material. It occurs often in the majority of sand and sedimentary deposits, metamorphic rocks, and solidified magma, all of which are parts of the Earth’s crust.

Blue Zircon has withstood aeons of geologic events like weathering and pressure shifts because of its chemical composition, preserving these changes like a time capsule. Blue Zircon includes the radioactive isotope uranium, which over time alters the chemical composition and colour of the gemstone and provides crucial information about how our planet was formed.

Blue Zircon gemstones were thought to be able to promote restful sleep, fend off evil, and bring wealth and wisdom during the Middle Ages. Victorian jewellery typically featured Blue Zircons, and English estate jewellery from the 1880s did as well. In mourning jewellery, Blue Zircon with a hazy or smoky look was common.

Heat treatment for enhancing the colour of Blue Zircon gemstones for jewellery became common practice in the 1920s. Blue Zircon has also been applied to the production of beautiful pottery.

Blue Zircon Crystal Properties

Similar to druzy crystal, which can be found in a variety of hues and combinations of yellow, green, brown, black, grey, and red, Blue Zircon has a tetragonal structure that is frequently colourless. Given that some of these stones have a gold colour, it is thought that the term “zargun,” which means “gold-colored” in Persian, is where the name came from.

Blue Zircon Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Blue Zircon

Crystal healers utilise it to treat both physical and emotional illnesses. The benefits include lowering fevers, easing pain, easing stomach cramps, easing asthma, lung issues, and menstruation pain. For its connections to all the chakras, Blue Zircon gemstone has special significance in terms of spiritual healing.

Because it fills all of the physical chakras with high vibrations and enables the energy to be balanced throughout the entire body, it can also enhance your physical well-being. Using Blue Zircon crystal can help ease painful cramps if you are a girl who gets them throughout your period.

The ability of Blue Zircon crystal to treat liver issues and maintain this organ’s health is another noteworthy healing property. Another important benefit of Blue Zircon crystal is that it aids in the relief of withdrawal symptoms from narcotics, coffee, and other addictive substances.

You can use Blue Zircon Crystal to simmer down and regain composure if you and somebody who is constantly hyperactive and struggles to find the correct outlet for emotions like anger. Enhancing mental development can help you think more clearly, improve how your brain works, and increase your willingness to tolerate differences between others and yourself.

Blue Zircon Metaphysical Properties

Each chakra has an association with Blue Zircon. Crystal healers utilise it to treat both physical and emotional illnesses. The benefits include lowering fevers, easing pain, easing stomach cramps, easing asthma, lung issues, and menstruation pain. If the adrenal glands are overworked or under stress at work, it is supposed to balance them. As it encourages undisturbed sleep, it is prized in the metaphysical realm as a remedy for both dreams and insomnia.

Blue Zircon increases zest for life and work while also assisting in the mental process of coping with loss and sadness. Blue Zircon is utilised to support psychic intuition development and meditation. It is considered to have a protecting aura and sweep off bad energy. Blue Zircon is also said to have the ability to draw wisdom, success, honour, and fortune. Blue Zircon is also recognised for promoting organisation.

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Blue Zircon Benefits

The Benefits of Blue Zircon

Use Blue Zircon crystal to rid your mind and spirit of any negativity and harmful concepts if you have been experiencing depression or have recurrent thoughts of harming yourself.

Additionally, Blue Zircon Crystal has health advantages because it may treat a variety of ailments, and spreadable diseases, and hasten the healing process after injuries.

For instance, because it encourages a night of restful and quiet sleep, this crystal is frequently used by those who suffer from insomnia. Similarly, Blue Zircon Crystal can treat digestion problems, therefore if you have indigestion you should use it to reduce your symptoms.

Use Blue Zircon Crystal to ward off terrifying dreams and achieve lengthy, peaceful stretches of sleep if your lack of sleep is being caused by interruptions from nightmares. Blue Zircon crystal can significantly increase your wealth by delivering you prosperity in a variety of ways.

The first benefit of using this crystal is that it will provide you with more chances and possibilities that will all help you achieve financial security. Second, reducing idleness and increasing productivity, can significantly increase your efficiency and raise the standard of your work.

Interestingly, having Blue Zircon Crystal may help you perform better than your friends and coworkers at work, giving you an edge over others. Additionally, the power of this crystalline stone to fend off issues may prove to be crucial in protecting you from monetary catastrophes.

Additionally, the Blue Zircon Crystal’s improved knowledge will help you make wise decisions in your professional life that will propel you to success quickly. Similarly,  if you consistently utilise Blue Zircon Crystal, you will discover that your brain is able to think more critically and analytically, leading to smarter business decisions.

Blue Zircon Benefits Spirituality

You can get spiritual instruction from higher powers if you own this stone, which will help you comprehend the real meaning of your existence. Blue Zircon Crystal aids in soul cleansing and purification by eliminating negativity from one’s energy field.

Blue Zircon crystal is renowned for its capacity to fend off evil spirits and energies while safeguarding your own spirit. Blue Zircon crystal may also uplift your spirit and its energy because of its capacity to collect all of your wasted energy and return it to Mother Earth.

Blue Zircon Crystal will collect all of your power and return your spirit to its original state because of its affinity to Earth. Additionally, Blue Zircon Crystal helps you realise the insignificance of material possessions, which in turn draws you closer to the almighty Spirit.

The belief that you are merely a spirit being in a physical body and that you belong in the heavenly realm is another way that Blue Zircon crystal boosts your spirituality.

Blue Zircon & Feng Shui

Blue Zircon is a great gemstone to form a Feng Shui style. In feng shui, it is linked to restoration, growth, and vital life force. It might provide prosperity and security. Blue Zircon Feng Shui will help you balance your chakras and energy. You can use this combination to prevent scary dreams and achieve long, peaceful intervals of sleep.

Blue Zircon Birthstone

Blue Zircon is a December birthstone. If you were born in the month of December, this gemstone is perfect for you. You can reap all its benefits to the fullest if you are a December baby. You can use blue zircon to enhance your success, financial and professional development, and quality of life. It will give you emotional and mental stability and help you to concentrate on your goals.

What are the uses of Blue Zircon?

What are the uses of Blue Zircon

Use Blue Zircon crystal to boost your integrity, decency, and self-respect if you feel like people treat you rudely or as a second-class option. This will help you to make sure that no one treats you less favourably than you are worth.

If you employ Blue Zircon crystal properly, it has the potential to increase your honour and grant you wisdom. Use the abilities of this lovely stone to boost your confidence if you’re one of the people who are too afraid to express yourself.

Blue Zircon crystal can assist you in navigating treacherous waters, which makes it useful if you frequently find it difficult to escape risky and challenging situations in life. Blue Zircon Crystal is the best tool for you if you want to develop into a significant member of society who is respected and looked up to since it enables you to become a wonderful and valued person.

If you want to make significant, beneficial changes in yourself for total transformation and revolutionization, you should also have Blue Zircon Crystal close by. Additionally, if you are mired in despair and darkness, using this stone will be very beneficial to you because its strength will give you a genuine desire to live life to the fullest.

Blue Zircon crystal can also be used as a lucky charm because it is believed to bestow the wearer with better fortune. And if stress and mental strain significantly impact your personal or professional life, you should attempt lowering your stress by using a Blue Zircon gemstone.

You can use Blue Zircon Crystal to assist you to avoid such powerful pulls if you are somebody who cannot avoid temptations and always succumbs to them. Since Blue Zircon Crystal is frequently linked to breakthroughs, you should always have one on hand when you want to make a significant change in your life or strive to achieve a very high objective.

Furthermore, this crystal’s capacity to shield you from damage is so strong that ancient humans used it to defend themselves against both human and natural dangers. Blue Zircon Crystal can also improve your ability to solve problems, which will make it simpler for you to deal with challenging situations.

Blue Zircon Crystal can also help you become a more sympathetic and thoughtful person who supports others who are in need of assistance urgently. This stone is ideal for you if you are somebody who easily surrenders and cannot stand your ground as it will make you more tenacious.

Use this stone to maintain your balance and bring stability into your life, especially if you experience a lot of ups and downs in your personal or professional life.

This crystal’s healing properties may be used by students to raise their intellectual level. Your intuition can be improved with Blue Zircon crystal, which will make you more cunning and wise. Similar to how Blue Zircon Crystal can improve your cognitive abilities, using it regularly can help you make safer and more responsible judgments in life.

Furthermore, Blue Zircon Crystal can assist you in overcoming your intense sentiments of loss if you were unlucky enough to be afflicted by the untimely death of a close relative or friend.

The most crucial thing is to have a strong sense of brotherhood and maintain yourself wholly free of homosexual, racist, and misogynistic attitudes, which Blue Zircon Crystal can assist you with. 

Caring for Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon is strong enough to be shaped into gemstones that can be used to make rings, necklaces, brooches, and other types of jewellery. The hue can change from blue to brown when exposed to ultraviolet rays in sunbeds and nail salons. Likewise, limit your time spent in the sun. Blue Zircon is a delicate stone; to prevent anything from scratching the gems while being stored, the jewellery should be wrapped in a soft fabric.

When to Cleanse Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon Care

Since almost all gemstones have the capacity to absorb energy from the human body, purification is a necessity after use for almost all of them. To recharge the gemstone and reap its benefits, cleansing is done. The Blue Zircon must be cleansed on a regular basis and has the capacity to absorb dark energy. Cleaning is a relatively easy process. However, as it is colour enhanced, avoid using steamers and ultrasonic cleaners. Avoid using any solvents, particularly acid and bleach that can harm the gemstone, during cleaning.

For cleaning, use a gentle brush or towel. If necessary, you could apply a mild soap or detergent. To get rid of soap and its residue, rinse it with warm or room-temperature water. Although extremely hard, it is fragile and susceptible to damage at faceted edges. Given that it can extend its life for many years, it should be treated with extreme caution. If properly cared for, it can also be handed on to the following generations.

How to Recharge Your Blue Zircon

The gemstones should be submerged in water for 45 minutes, or overnight if you choose. Using the sun and moon for healing Light up your gemstone all night long till 11 am. It absorbs both moonlight and sunlight in this way.

Blue Zircon Activation process

Since it would be in numerous hands, the likelihood of their energies being used is maximised. In order to keep your gemstone ring partially submerged in salt water for 24 hours, pour half the water with salt into a pot. Dip Blue Zircon in Mustard Oil once again for a further 24 hours before donning.

Put your gemstones in salt water on a clear night to absorb some of the moon’s negative energy. This will give you energy. You feel better after being placed five feet above the fire in specific woods of fragrant plants wrapped in various herbs. In Hindu ceremonies, activation traditionally takes place in this manner. In order to maintain the cooking fire safe and burning for a longer period of time, many people set items upright.

How much is Blue Zircon worth?

The Blue Zircon’s cost varies according to the stone’s hue and weight. A gemstone weighing between 5 and 6 carats costs $75 on average per carat at the time of writing. On the wholesale market, the one with beautiful forms and nicer colours costs between $125 and $150 per carat. For the finest Blue Zircon, the price might go up to $200 per carat. At the time of writing, the cost of a stone that weighs more than 10 carats is from $150 to $175 per carat.

What determines Blue Zircon’s price and value?

The factors which determine its price and value are:

  • Beauty
  • Rarity
  • Durability
  • Color
  • Size
  • Clarity
  • Cut.

Blue Zircon Impact

It enhances creativity and self-assurance. A natural Blue Zircon gemstone is thought to be beneficial for those who work in creative fields like writing, music, painting, etc. It restores both mental and physical wellness. The powerful therapeutic properties of Blue Zircon have been well-recognised for centuries.

Does Blue Zircon make a good jewellery stone?

Blue Zircon Stone as Jewelry

Nowadays, practically everyone considers jewellery to be a required accessory. A person’s attire can be significantly changed by only one item, which can also leave a memorable impression and help the wearer stand out from the crowd. Although there are many various types and kinds of jewellery, handcrafted pieces stand out and are exceptional. Techniques for creating handcrafted jewellery have developed over time in various cultures, leading to the wide variety we see today. These techniques include carving, filigree, beading, sequins, painting, knitting, engraving, or knotting.

Blue Zircon Real vs Fake

The birefringence of a Blue Zircon used as a replacement for a diamond is the most evident way to tell them apart. The remarkable birefringence of Blue Zircon gives a fuzzy appearance to this 4.57-ct round brilliant-cut stone.

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When used properly, Blue Zircon crystal can improve your quality of life by instilling in you self-assurance, optimism, thinking, chastity, and wisdom. If success and money are your ultimate ambitions, Blue Zircon crystal is the ideal stone for you.

You can even be able to reawaken the lost romance and buried love in your relationship with your significant other by using Blue Zircon crystal. Use this magical stone for its various therapeutic benefits, including assistance with sleeplessness, liver and digestive problems, and drug withdrawal. The secret properties of Blue Zircon crystal have the potential to completely change your life if utilised properly.


Is Blue Zircon valuable?

Yes, it is a valuable stone.

What are the benefits of Blue Zircon?

Physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium are all provided by Blue Zircon. It unblocks energy that has become stuck and makes chakra healing easier.

Is Blue Zircon a good stone?

Yes, it is a good stone to possess. 

What are Blue Zircons?

Blue Zircon is a naturally occurring gemstone variation of the mineral Blue Zircon. The beautiful shine of this common semiprecious gemstone makes it a favourite for jewellery.

How can you tell if a Blue Zircon is real?

The birefringence of a Blue Zircon used as a replacement for a diamond is the most evident way to tell them apart. This 4.57-ct round brilliant-cut Blue Zircon has a strong birefringence, which gives the stone a fuzzy appearance.

Does Blue Zircon sparkle like a Diamond?

Despite being at the end of the gemstone alphabet, Blue Zircon is at the top of the sparkling list. Blue Zircon’s crystal structure results in one of the most vibrant presentations of any coloured gem. In fact, the colourless form of Blue Zircon was employed in jewellery to replicate Diamonds before any synthetic alternatives to it were created.

Who should wear Blue Zircon?

Libra and Tauras signs can wear them to get Blue Zircon’s full benefits.