Buddstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Buddstone?

Buddstone Infographic

Buddstone is a powerfully charged green gemstone only found in South Africa. It is best used for communication in terms of familial reasons and helps us to connect with the community that we associate ourselves with. Though it’s often mistaken with other gemstones like jade, Buddstone deserves to be known for its own powers.

How to Identify a Buddstone?

How to Identify a Buddstone?

Buddstone shares great similarities with Green Jade and often confuses sellers and collectors who look at the two stones alongside. Even though the two stones share a great resemblance, they are quite different in terms of their properties and abilities. 

Buddstone is a calming stone that is an earth element and holds space for ancestral healing and communication. 

Buddstone that is available in the market is an all-natural stone, anything else that wasn’t mined in association with verdite (A different stone) is likely to be inauthentic. The two are the front runners for thriving gold and garnet industries.

Buddstone Cuts and Shapes

There are often various options available when it comes to changing the shapes and form of gemstones that can be easily carved and won’t sustain much damage if polished. Though there are stones that can take on extensive carving and polishing, there are several other gemstones that won’t be able to tolerate that and eventually weaken and look dull.

  • When it comes to buddstone, it’s a natural stone that is originally a metamorphic rock, and it is usually formed with another stone Verdite. 
  • Buddstone can be carved and receive any desired shape, but the stone is mostly seen in the form of a bracelet or a ring.
  • Buddstone is also used simply in its natural and authentic state. It is often seen as a decorative stone that can generate calming, serene and peaceful energy in living spaces.

There’s no one way to use a gemstone and everyone is free to use them the way it works best for them. The beautiful thing about collecting gemstones is that you learn their language, and you learn what works and doesn’t along the way. It’s all part of a beautiful journey that every gemstone lover and collector wishes to embark on with each new stone.

Where is Buddstone Found?

It is always quite tricky to explain the true origin of a stone that was found in almost secrecy and doesn’t have a telltale. Buddstone is no different. The mystical and intriguing South African jade as it is famously known is only found in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

There is no recorded history of the stone that could tell us about its origin or how it was used in ancient times. The only mention of its birthplace is South Africa and the fact that it is formed along with another beautiful green stone, Verdite, on the same Metamorphic Rock.

There is always something intriguing and enticing that makes us want to know more about a particular stone. Sometimes, no matter how hard you look for the information you desire, the stone will push to remain a mystery. Maybe that’s how some stones’ origin history is meant to be, a mystery. 

Buddstone Meaning

Buddstone Meaning

The ancient lore of gemstones giveaways little nuances and anecdotes about gemstones that we might otherwise never learn from simply learning about the stones healing properties. Sometimes some stories are simply not about the history of the stone, but stories about how they received their powers and how the stone can be connected with deities in some way. 

There are stones that were used to build entire new-age civilizations. Gemstone histories are fascinating.

Talking about buddstone, stone originated in South Africa. It is the only place in the world where the buddstone can be found in its original habitat. 

In South Africa, buddstone is often used to make sculptures of political figures and spiritual idols. The stone represents a bond, a connection with the ancestral families who have passed on but continue to guide us every step of the way.

Buddstone Crystal Properties

Buddstone Crystal Properties

There are moments in life that require us to confront our problems in a more intimate way and push us into a corner that will not allow us to run from facing our fears. These fears and uneasiness could be a result of a traumatic episode in life, losing a loved one, breaking up a relationship with a loved one, or moving to a new city away from your family and friends, reasons to feel hurt in this lifetime are endless.

Though we can try new fads and change up our routines to feel better, there is still always an underlying void that can hold us back, and in those moments we can turn to powers that are bigger and stronger than us. 

Crystal properties of gemstones, especially when they align perfectly with us can help us tremendously. 

The reason for emphasizing trauma in this particular bit was leading to this :

It is not surprising that the stone is often mentioned as a talisman for those who are set to embark on a very strenuous and difficult road toward self-healing.

Buddstone Healing Properties

Everyone deserves to be at peace, no matter what phase they are in. Every chapter of our life requires us to grow through painful moments and learn something from them. If everything was great at all times then we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the good. Healing stones hold a special spot in the world of gemstones, they teach us the importance of patience and discipline.

Any gemstone user will know that working with a stone is a grueling experience at first, it takes trials and errors to better understand the stone in order for it to work with us.

  • Buddstone is a healing stone that teaches us key emotions in life that will help us get through troubling and testing times. 
  • Buddstone channels the energy of ancestral healing and receives guidance from them in order to find the right path in life and to stay on that path.

Buddstone Metaphysical Properties

 As we show interest in learning about a gemstone’s ancient history and line of passage, we tend to forget that we have access to gemstones that can help us with reaching out and understand our own ancestral history and bloodline.

It’s one of the most important things to learn about ourselves, who were our descendants? Though we might run into information that doesn’t resonate with us or make us feel comfortable, it doesn’t change our history. It will still be true.

  • Metaphysical Properties of Buddstone can create a line of connection that can make our ancestors look over us
  • Buddstone can clear out blockages that can come in the way of any communication that could be of importance. 
  • Buddstone is known to heal emotional trauma. There are moments in life where that trauma could’ve been inflicted by a family member, it is more common than we’d like to admit. 

Buddstone Benefits

Buddstone Benefits

Everyone wants to ward away their worries and rid themselves of their pain. Difficult circumstances push us to see what’s not going right in our life, but at that moment, we’re wired to defend ourselves, and sometimes that defense mechanism is avoidance. 

We avoid our problems and our painful emotions for as long as we can and wish for them to disappear on their own. That hardly ever happens and the waiting period is too tiring. 

  • Using a stone and working on actively clearing out emotional blockages is a great first step towards bettering your life and yourself.
  • Buddstone is an excellent stone that helps with easing into the process of emotional deep cleaning and healing. 
  • Buddstone makes us look at our trauma and accept it and then slowly but steadily encourages us to take steps to heal them one day at a time.

Buddstone Benefits Spirituality

Throughout our spiritual journey, when we work with energy-generating stones, they can bring up certain emotions to the surface that could be a part of our healing.

These emotions are not always easy to tend to, and they are not supposed to be. Healing from either personal issues or familial ancestral issues is always a demanding process, especially spiritually. 

It challenges us to act and emote differently. There are gemstones that are particularly used for emotional cleansing and healing, and buddstone is one of them.

  • Buddstone is a powerful tool if used correctly while starting the process of emotional cleansing. 
  • Buddstone can be used to activate the kundalini spirit. It can help its user unlock versions of themselves that they didn’t know existed.
  • This African Jade ( Buddstone) is linked with the heart chakra, which makes the process of channeling the kundalini spirit one step easier.

Buddstone & Feng Shui

Buddstone & Feng Shui

There’s always an ally that helps gemstones channel their energy and powers and work in the best form for its users. There are many ancient practices that are still relevant and still in use. One of them is – Feng Shui.

The concept of Feng Shui is rather simple. It is practice, a lifestyle, a philosophy that teaches us the value of balance, flow, and energy in life. Feng shui is used in the form of creating a balance in the home life and work life that can generate positive energy and maintain everyone’s good health.

Gemstones and Feng Shui work alongside by receiving powerful and strong energies from each other. They create the perfect environment for its user that can prove to be really beneficial in all areas of life.

  • Buddstone or any green stone for that matter works really well with the concept of Feng Shui and holds greater meaning
  • Green stones are usually considered to be Earth elements and associate themselves with grounding, healing, and calming stones.
  • Buddstone/African Jade too comes under the same category. It keeps the mind calm in turbulent situations and encourages one to lead with grace and patience. 
  • There are different types of jade stones and buddstone is one of them, and they all have different meanings – the stone can help with different aspects of life such as  – Health, Longevity, Fertility, and Wealth.

If implied correctly, the practice of feng shui and working with the right stone can give positive and long-lasting results.

Buddstone Birthstone

Birthstones are astrologically aligned stones that give us insight and advice on our compatibility with family, friends, and future partners. It guides us to follow a set of rules that can help us in our personal and professional life. They respond accordingly to the changes in the astrological world and when there’s a major lunar event. Energies from those episodes can greatly affect us and our well-being.

  • Buddstone is a birthstone for those who are born in the month of Aug-Sept.
  • People who identify their zodiac sign as Virgo can receive an abundance amount of help while using the buddstone. To know what are the best crystals for the Virgo zodiac, read here. 
  • Buddstone reaches out to ancestral sources and energy that can help its user receive help from members of their family that have passed on.

Birthstones are an interesting topic and they work in magical ways. There are ways in which it can be used and there are people who can guide you on how to use the right stone, how to cleanse it, and how it wears it. There are options in which way you can wear the stone. All it takes is to be open and curious about the possibilities.

Buddstone Chakras

Chakras are an integral part of our souls and our existence. They give us energy and ground us when we need it. They guide us and lead us in mysterious ways, and along the way, we might run into some complications. Stresses of our daily life or a traumatic incident can throw us off and our chakras in turmoil, it can cause obstacles that will work against us and not for us. 

We are having more open and honest conversations about the importance of aligning our chakras and opening ourselves to the process of activating our kundalini. 

Kundalini drives the most energy and power, aligning our chakras mean aligning our Kundalini. The process can be emotionally and physically demanding, but there are wonderful and beautiful souls out in the world who devote their lives to unlocking the answers that lie on the other side of this awakening.

  • Gemstones play a crucial role in Chakra healing and aligning. They create a source of energy that can give us strength when we start to feel fatigued and tired. 
  • Buddstone – African Jade is for the Heart Chakra. An extremely important part. 
  • It works when we use it as a meditative stone and keep it on our hearts and focus.
  • It can create a sense of Aura that can feel its users connected to their inner voice, allowing them to connect with their ancestors. 

Chakra healing and alignment is a lifetime goal for those who are entirely dedicated to this process and it is definitely not an easy task. But, small steps count, and they add up.

What are the Uses of Buddstone?

There are always different ways in which a gemstone can be used. There’s no one way that decides the usage of the stone or determines its purpose. It doesn’t alter or dilute its healing properties in any way either. 

Buddstone is a healing, calming stone. It can be used to create a calming environment in enclosed spaces. Places like a spa is a great examples of how the buddstone can be used. We often feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a visit to the spa, and often notice gemstones in different corners. This is why.

Buddstone works wonderfully for those who are seeking a way to create a balance between healing and simply understanding the process of healing.

Caring for Buddstone

When it comes to caring for a gemstone, it is important to learn how to do that.

The right care for a gemstone can assure its longevity and make sure that it works in an optimal condition at all times. There are no loopholes that can make the stone care for themselves or a way that allows you to skip the process altogether. 

When to Cleanse Buddstone

Caring for and cleansing a buddstone is quite simple and not a tedious task at all.

  • The stone can be cleaned with warm water with an ant size pinch of salt that will clean away all the pent-up energy that it can pick up on while using it.
  • It is noted that the items that you use to clean the stones should be saged in order to not pass on any negative energy that the items could already have.
  • Set an intention, Indulge in music therapy while cleaning the stone in order to create an environment that will ward away negative thoughts that can interrupt the process. 

The reason why this particular step is important is that it directly affects the user of the stone. The more residual energy the stone stores within itself, the more the user is gonna feel it in their personal practice and healing if the stone is not cleaned and cleansed correctly.

It’s important and crucial to maintain a healthy and hygenic cleansing routine for gemstones and clean the stones depending on their requirement. Once a month is a good approach.

How to Recharge Your Buddstone

In the same way, we need to recharge the things that we keep on using throughout the day, we need to recharge our stones. It is one of the most important steps that should not be missed, as it is the only way the stone can recover and regain its energies. 

There are ways that can be used in order to help the stone and reenergize it.

  • Cleaning the stone is one step towards actually washing away any negative energies that it might’ve picked up.
  • Lavender incense sticks are known to be helpful when it comes to ward away ill energies that can sometimes come through the doors or with us.
  • Sage is an all-time helper either for gemstones or for cleansing one’s aura and environment of unwanted and unwelcomed energies.

Buddstone Activation process

After a thorough cleansing and recharging process comes the activation process that will bring back the stone to it primal state. There is no way the stone can work in any type of way without this step, without this step the stone is as good as any other decorative object.

The activation process of the buddstone will include sage and activation through mediation that will the stone to connect to its user while using energy from the heart chakra. 

Buddstone is linked with the heart chakra, and that’s one of the ways that can help the stone to come back to its prime state.

Activating gemstones is a process that has been around for centuries now. It is the step that determines whether the stone can be used for a long time or not. A stone that is primarily working for its user to heal, will drain itself of energy. That energy is what makes the user of the stone feel different, and better about themselves. 

The process requires a great understanding of the gemstone and how to keep it in a good state in order to not only use it for a long time but to keep the stone in a good condition even after the user stops using the stone. 

How much is Buddstone worth?

How much is Buddstone worth?

The value of a stone changes based on its popularity and demand in the market. At the time when Gua Sha’s and Jade rollers were all the hype, the Green Jade saw a huge increase in demand as more and more people wanted the original jade stone and incorporate it into their skincare routines.

Buddstone is more likely to be valuable in its native origin country due to being easily accessible. 

People in South Africa use the stone to make sculptures and idols of deities, and that way the stone remains within its habitat and thrives there. 

That is still worth something. The idols and the sculptures will stand the test of time and will continue to remind the people of Africa of their history and the importance of maintaining a connection with their ancestral guardian angels.

With such history, it is a beautiful partnership to see the buddstone being used at a place where its properties are being put to the right use.

What determines Buddstone’s price and value?

The market value of a gemstone can change depending on the demand from users. There are gemstones that are ever in demand and their prices are mostly going up every time they change. The harder the stone is to attain and the rarer it is, the higher its value goes. The most sought-after gemstone collectors or jewelry lovers would want to get their hands on a stone that can’t be bought by everyone.

  • However, Buddstone- African Jade is not exactly a rare gemstone. It is technically a rock that resembles green jade. One of its rare qualities is that it is only available in the Republic of Africa and Zimbabwe. 
  • It is not a highly expensive stone nor is it super difficult to maintain, making it a modest stone to purchase if you’re looking for a similar stone to Green Jade. 
  • The price range for Buddstone can start anywhere from $5 to $15 and go on up to $30.


What is Buddstone good for?

Buddstone is good for healing, emotional trauma healing, and seeking guidance from ancestors.

What is African jade good for?

Buddstone is known as South African Jade, It is good for learning how to balance emotional and spiritual healing. It is a calming stone.

Where do Buddstones come from?

Buddstone is originally a rock, It is formed on a metamorphic rock that is only found in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Are Buddstones valuable?

Buddstones are valuable, but many people tend to confuse them with Green Jade and use jade more so for its popularity.