Can Celestite Go in the Water? Is Celestite Water Safe? 

Celestite is a dazzling light blue gem that conveys relieving and bright energies. Celestite furthermore serves for mental clarity and higher purpose. Continue to read to know how Celestite goes in various types of water. 

Before that, let us see a bit regarding the crystal Celestite. 

Can Celestite go in the water?

Celestite is a mineral composed of strontium sulfate. It’s a gem that is generally found in sedimentary rocks. Frequently Celestite is found in shades of light blue or white, even though it can likewise be pink, light green, pale brown, dim, or even dull. 

Let us investigate the connection between Celestite and water now. 

Can Celestite Go in the Water? 

Celestite is a genuinely delicate mineral in the plan of things, rating simply a 3 to 3.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale. 

It implies that the Celestite material is milder than agates, quartz assortments. By and large, crystals and precious stones under five on the Mohs Hardness Scale should not be used in water.

Celestite is a delicate stone, so we should not purify it or drench it in water for a prolonged time because water will harm the stone. Keep in mind that Celestite should not be submerged in water; however, an excess of solid daylight can also harm the gemstone. 

What happens when Celestite is placed in water? 

Many individuals don’t understand how terrible water can be for certain minerals, gems, and crystals. 

Water can have numerous adverse consequences upon even the most grounded and generally strong of stones. At the molecular level, water promotes the widening of gaps in the surface of the Celestite material.

It can leave the Celestite stone looking dull or even change the gemstone color, and later no amount of further cleaning with a cloth can return the stone to its previous glow. Water will remove the polish off of a shiny stone, and it can also support the yellowing or rusting of materials containing certain metals.

In some instances, materials are water-soluble, so people should know their material before using it with water.

Can Celestite go in Moon water?  

  • A Full moon is broadly viewed as the best and ideal opportunity to charge precious stones. Since the moon is at its most splendid, your gems will approach the most twilight and energy conceivable.
  • It’s additionally best to hang close for a good, cloudless night so your gemstones can wash in a natural evening glow in the moonlight. The moonlight is such a significant and delicate cleaning stream of energy that will filter Celestite from all the absorbed negative vibrations.
  • Leave your Celestite gem on a windowsill, in regular moonlight until morning. That way, they’ll get a purging portion of the evening glow. The full moon will likewise charge the standard properties of the precious stones you have.
  • Since Celestite isn’t friendly with water, ensure you use an alternative water strategy to keep your gems in a small bowl. Keep the bowl in a large vessel loaded with water, and hold it under the moonlight to get charged.

Can Celestite go to Saltwater?  

You cannot place your Celestite gem directly in salt water. It is because salt water is highly corrosive and can damage the stone. Stay away from direct water contact ways to scrub in saltwater. Allow your Celestite to soak in a bowl of rock salt for a considerable length of time and later on throw the salt. 

How to utilize Celestite for Healing?  

Can Celestite go in the water?

  • Celestite is mainly used in times of meditation, prayer, or mindfulness. This crystal serves very well as a visual piece in a private space used for mindfulness practices.
  • Celestite jewelry would also be fabulous for mindfulness and serve as reminders of mindfulness during daily living. 
  • Celestite jewelry includes earrings, pendants, and brooches. However, rings and bracelets are discouraged because they are easily prone to damage.

How to Charge your Celestite Crystal?  

  • Make sure to consistently involve parts of divine energy: the sun or the moon. The sun helps empower vital energy, useful for care practices for everyday activities. 
  • The moon is for enthusiastic instinctive power. It is also helpful in empowering passionate insight and marks of mindfulness. 
  • Avoid leaving Celestite in regular or direct daylight for delayed timeframes, as this will blur the shading. 

How to Care for and maintain the Celestite Crystal?  

  • Regarding the cleansing with your crystal, you are clearing off the lingering energies, especially negative ones.
  • You need to remove the harmful vibrations and immerse them with your good vibrations.
  • Celestite would program your thoughts, feelings, and intentions, so make sure your crystal only carries the energies you want it to resonate with.
  • You can get your Celestite precious stone scrub by dropping it in rice, salt, or water. Wash it with water afterward. See that Celestite is in touch with water only for a considerable length of time.
  • Remember that Celestite gemstone is a delicate stone and can easily be harmed by harder stones and strong chemicals.
  • If you need to clean it, utilize only a light moistening of water and quick-drying with a delicate material. Try not to utilize steam, ultrasonic cleaners, or any harsh synthetic substances on Celestite. 
  • You can immerse your crystals in the aromatic smoke of sage leaves, scented cones, or incense sticks. 
  • Meditating with your Celestite crystal will also cleanse it of the bad vibrations. just sit quietly and calmly with your crystals and think about the kind of energies that you want your crystals to absorb. If you want to know more about crystals for meditation, read here. 
  • When it is dusty, if the stone is rough and therefore with a cloth you dust badly, you can use a dry brush. You can also bury your Celestite crystals in the ground. The earth has a natural magnetic property that will draw away any negativity.
  • In the track of working with your Celestite gems, you will start to find out about how they impact you. In addition, you will realize which cleaning techniques likewise work best. 
  • Clean your new Celestite precious stones immediately, particularly if you intend to utilize them for physical, enthusiastic, mental, and spiritual purposes. 
  • Gem purifying is, to a greater extent, a metaphysical interaction rather than an actual one. Nevertheless, doing as such will guarantee that you are not reusing the disturbing vibrations. 
  • Please make an effort not to keep your Celestite gem where there are electric fields or any harmful energy stagnation. Purifying your Celestite gem will take it back to its neutral state, so negative energies that have gathered in it won’t be stored in the crystal for a long time.

 Final Thoughts   

Can Celestite go in the water?

Celestite is a delicate, precious stone that should be handled with additional consideration, mainly when purging it. 

 Few Things to stay away from while purifying Celestite 

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  • Water

 As we referenced before, Celestite scores somewhere in the range of 3 and 3.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which is a particular sign that this precious stone should not be close to water, just like salt water. 

 Note: As a rule of thumb, all the gemstones with a score of 5 or below on the Mohs hardness scale are not suggested to contact the water directly. 

Celestite should not be purified in water. It’s a very fragile crystal and can begin to corrupt whenever left in water for an extended timeframe. So handle it in water only for a short time. Water contact is viewed as destructive for Celestite; drenching this precious stone in water could break up it and change its appearance. 

Putting it in water could break the stone without any problem. When purifying, Celestite tries to place it in a protected spot, which means implying that don’t put it on the edge of a table or windowsill since it can undoubtedly break if it, shockingly, drops off. 

  • Sunlight 

Daylight is viewed as a compelling and phenomenal empowering purging method for most precious stones; in any case, this technique isn’t responding for Celestite. 

Drawn-out sun exposure will change the overall look of your precious stone and disappear the excellent blue color shade of Celestite. So, to clean Celestite, you can use the moonlight, place your gem before sunset on your windowsill and let it drench the steady light of the moon all evening long. 

In this article, we gave you some secure and productive methods regarding the best way to clean Celestite properly, without harming this astonishing blue precious stone. Share this article with your loved ones.