Can Chrysocolla Go in Water? Is Chrysocolla Water Safe?

Chrysocolla is all about an experience of inspiration and ultimately locating your very own pathway to peace. Chrysocolla is a blue-green crystal with a high copper content material. 

Can Chrysocolla go in Water? This article allows us to discover the connection between Chrysocolla and different water forms, along with the simple and effective tips of the cleansing instructions for your precious stone. 

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Can Chrysocolla Go in Water? 

Can Chrysocolla go in water?

The straight answer to the above question, Can Chrysocolla go in the water is a sure No; however, it can be in touch with water for only a short time. Chrysocolla is a stone that should no longer immerse in water because it is very low at the Mohs scale of the hardness scale.

What happens to Chrysocolla in Water?  

The tenacity of Chrysocolla is brittle, and this is what makes it so difficult to work with if it is in contact with water. It has a hardness level that cannot withstand moisture or get wet. In addition, it is a stone close to the chalcedony family, which means that it is porous in nature.

When a stone is porous, it will absorb more liquid, and it will also be softer in nature. So the bubbling you might see in Chrysocolla can identify the amount of permeable nature filed in the stone.

There are several other ways to clean Chrysocolla without being immersed in water which we will discuss here.

Can Chrysocolla Go in Water: Saltwater

Since we cannot submerge the stone in water for a longer time, it’s far better to use the No contact water approach to salt usage.

This method is considered the most secure salt-cleansing method; it needs to be used for the other crystals resistant to salt to avoid damage by direct touch with salt.  

It is likewise an excellent approach if you are cleansing gemstones arranged in jewelry or gemstones surrounded with the support of metal.

Here are a few simple steps to cleanse your Chrysocolla crystal in an alternative salt water method.

1. First, fill a tumbler bowl half to two-thirds full with dry sea salt then, put a smaller glass container or shallow drinking glass and half-bury this glass into the salt.

2. You can then place your crystals right into the empty glass sitting half-buried in the dry salt.

However, the salt will carry out the stored energies within the stones, but this process will take longer than direct contact with salt. 

This Indirect water contact method will protect the crystals and prevent direct salt exposure or salty air from causing any corrosion or unfavorable effects on metals or other parts surrounding the gems.

Can Chrysocolla go in Water: Moonwater

You can use the No-contact water method in this position to consider your crystal under the moonlight. 

Put a glass of fresh water next to your crystal overnight. This method works well if you put your crystal and the glass of water on the windowsill and expose your crystal to the moon’s light – especially the full moon. Then, water your plants with water the next day. 

Benefits of Chrysocolla       

Benefits of Chrysocolla

  • Chrysocolla is one of the most restorative stones you can have in your crystal pack. 
  • Chrysocolla crystals support the workplace and protect computers and mobile phones, so keep one on your desk.
  • Chrysocolla assists in lowering blood pressure. Alongside being a fantastic antidote to anxiety, Chrysocolla serves to cure female-centric problems related to menstrual cycles. 
  • Chrysocolla helps you discover your pleasure in existence and gives you that self-assurance and motivation to take your very own reality.
  • Chrysocolla encourages bringing and understanding the necessity for emotional balance. It helps in promoting self-awareness, thus having a balance in life.

Can we drink Chrysocolla-infused water?    

We are not supposed to drink Chrysocolla-infused water. Do not consume this Chrysocolla gemstone essence as it is toxic to ingest because it contains copper. Instead, this mineral has to be used in an elixir made through the alternative approach of practice.

Charging your Chrysocolla Crystal                

To recharge your Chrysocolla, you can leave it in a group of other rock or quartz crystals and let them get to work, soaking it with the white light of energy.

  • You can also light sage and smudge your Chrysocolla to introduce it with spiritual energy and the life force once more.
  • For anyone who is drawn to the sensitive waterlike energy or who feels comforted by color schemes that shine from green to blue, this is the perfect stone for you.

How to take care of your Chrysocolla Crystal?             

  1. Chrysocolla is a delicate gemstone compared to other stones, so extra care must be taken when storing and wearing it. 
  2. Following a few protective measures for your Chrysocolla jewelry is an excellent idea, and keeping them separate from other harder gemstones will also save them from potential damage and avoid further scratches.
  3. Chrysocolla is especially sensitive to acids, solvents, and high heat, so clean them gently with a soft brush in lukewarm soapy water and dry them with a cloth.
  4. Chrysocolla is a soft gemstone and is sometimes coated with a clear, transparent resin to improve durability and appearance. So we need to avoid steam and ultrasonic cleaners, household chemicals, and prolonged exposure to excessive heat as they can cause permanent damage to the stone and this coating.
  5. Avoid hitting your chrysocolla jewelry with sharp blows, as this can fracture and shatter the stone.

Note: It is a softer stone, but running it under lukewarm water for brief periods does not damage it. If you put Chrysocolla in water, you should dispose of the water, as Chrysocolla can make water toxic. 

An alternative Cleaning Method: No Direct Water Contact 

  1. Take a clean spray bottle. Fill it with water.
  2. From a distance, sprinkle the water in the air to expose the gemstones to very fine water droplets.
  3. Let your crystals dry out entirely in the air or place them in direct sunlight for 15 minutes to dry off and get an excellent sunlight charge. 
  4. This method will not damage your gemstones to tend to crack or rust. Be sure to filter the water before you sprinkle.
  5. You can soften the water by adding a clear quartz crystal to the water bottle. It will also give the crystal a nice boost of an energetic cleanse. 
  6.  If you have gemstones that are very precious to you and want to avoid them getting damaged at all costs, you can skip water cleansing altogether – to be safe. 
  7. You can apply the no contact water method with water-sensitive crystals like Chrysocolla is to avoid damage- Lightly mist your crystals.

 Having your Chrysocolla cleansed and charged, and set for action will assure you get the most of this sparkling crystal and all its superpowers. 

Final Thoughts   

Final thoughts on Chrysocolla

  • Immersing Chrysocolla gemstone in water is not a good plan; instead, mist the area around your Chrysocolla if you want it to shine with some liquid if you feel it is necessary to do so.
  • The safest way to clean Chrysocolla crystal is with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Chrysocolla jewelry should be stored separately from other jewelry items that can easily scratch it.
  • Take a bath with the gemstone next to your bathtub to refresh yourself with its soothing energies. See that the stone doesn’t get wet.
  • You can also cleanse a Chrysocolla gemstone, hold it under running water, spring water, or river is ideal, but tap water also will do, then dry it in the sun for half an hour or so.
  • Chrysocolla can be a bit delicate stone, so do not try anything that could be too rough or damaging.
  • Never use an acid, solvent, or bleach on your Chrysocolla gemstones, as it does not have the strength of other stones.
  • Do not expose it to heat for the same reason. Do not submerge the stone in water also. It will become too brittle, and you may not be able to manage it or handle it well after that.
  • You can make your Chrysocolla last longer by ensuring it is protected when it is not in use. If you store your Chrysocolla separately and keep it away from other stones, it will also give it a longer life in your treasure collection.
  • By regularly cleaning your gemstone, you are washing away any stuck energy or assuring that negative vibes are swept away so it can stay soft and grand and ever-ready to present its cheerful charm whenever needed. 
  • We hope you have got clarity regarding the Properties of Chrysocolla with various forms of water, share this article with your loved ones.