Can Citrine go in Water? Is Citrine Water Safe?

An ever-increasing number of individuals are becoming keen on crystal mending and treatment, so it’s not shocking that a few organizations are beginning to sell precious stone implanted water bottles. Let us explore in detail Can Citrine go in water? Is Citrine Water safe?

Citrine Crystal belongs to a mineral class of Quartz. It takes its tone from the hints of Iron in the Quartz and is available from Light Yellow to brilliant shades of Golden color. There are, in many cases, a few questions with regards to whether Citrine goes with water, salt water, and moon water.

You can figure out how to charge water crystals yourself, as long as you use stones that are protected in water and don’t break down, erode, or contain any mineral that is ill-suited for human utilization.

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Is Citrine Water Safe?

Is Citrine Water safe?

When you think of which crystals you can utilize, you can explore the properties of each crystal. Then, if you have done so, you can select some with the extraordinary frequencies you need for the specific sickness you need recuperating for. 

  • Citrine is perhaps the most famous crystal that essentially everybody inspired by the crystals world knows about.
  • Citrine is a brilliant Yellow Crystal that has a place in the Quartz family. 
  • Citrine has a hardness of 7 when measured on the Mohs scale with shifted yellow tints that reach between light yellow to dim/brilliant yellow shades.
  • When it comes to purifying, you might contemplate whether Citrine can go in the water; the straightforward answer is Yes.
  • Normal purifying is a fundamental stage in dealing with your gems to get the most extreme advantages of their mending properties and free them of the unwanted overabundance of energy.
  • Cleansing with Water is the most famous and least demanding of purifying strategies. 
  • However, as there are numerous ways of purging your Citrine crystal with water, knowing which techniques are reasonable and which are not is vital to forestall any irreversible harm to your stones. 

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Can Citrine Go in Water?

Can Citrine Go in Water?

Yes, it is safe to place Citrine in water.

This is because Citrine has a place with the Quartz family, and Quartz crystals are hard crystals. Citrine scores seven on the Mohs Hardness Scale, so placing Citrine in ordinary water won’t harm it. When in doubt, precious crystals that score five or higher on the Mohs Hardness Scale are viewed as water safe.

Citrine is viewed as protected in the water. Most Quartz precious crystals, particularly Citrine, are water accommodating, resulting from their high hardness scale and their water-safe mineral piece. So you can place your Citrine in Water and not fear any potential gem harm.  

Citrine represents the energies of euphoria, radiating joy, high energy, and abundant thriving. So purifying this stunning stone and dealing with it is an unquestionable requirement to continue profiting from its incredible and sparkling mending powers.  

Henceforth, utilizing water to purify and deliver the appended negative energy to your crystal is considered all right and feasible and allows us to scrub our Citrine tumbled crystals or crude Citrine crystals utilizing the water medium. The mineral synthesis of Citrine is Water amicable. 

The mineral structure of specific precious crystals now and then ruins us to utilize water as a purging technique. To be definite, precious crystals with iron minerals (like magnetite, hematite, and pyrite) ought not to be cleaned with water, and that is because once the water reaches out to this particular kind of crystals, you might see that they will give indications of rust and an impressive absence of sparkle. 

For our situation, we can undoubtedly say that Citrine will not give any of these indications, and that is because it is made out of Silicon dioxide (SiO2), a component that is water cordial.  

Any regular precious stones similar to Citrine and those belonging to the quartz family and calcites are protected from being utilized with water. 

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Can Citrine Go in Water: Salt Water

The organization (no Iron part) and the hardness (7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale) make Citrine a reasonable crystal to be purified in saltwater, so you can put your Citrine stone securely in salt water to cleanse it from any bad energies. 

Salt is known for its decontaminating properties and subsequently is famously used to purify crystals. But utilizing salt for purifying is somewhat unsafe, and you should be cautious about how you use it.

Placing Citrine in salt water for a drawn-out timeframe isn’t suggested as the precious stone can ultimately get harmed. Assuming you need to utilize saltwater, simply plunge your gem in it and flush it off entirely with customary water to avoid any harm. 

Can Citrine Go In Water: Moon Water

Can Citrine Go In Moon Water?

Indeed, Citrine can go in moon water. Moon water is exceptionally protected and profoundly compelling for any quartz crystal, including Citrine. 

The quieting adjusting energy of the moon reestablishes sound energy to the gemstone and eliminates any undesirable point. 

To utilize moon water for purging, fill a bowl with drinking water and steep the crystal in it, leaving it out for the time being, ideally during a full moon. 

You could even leave a bowl of water for the time being in full moon and afterward fill this water in a splash container and use it as a purging shower for the precious crystal.  

Ensure you clear the bowl before daylight since daylight is known to harm Citrine. 

Since Moon water is adaptable and a supernatural way of alchemizing energy, Let it sit from moonrise to moonset.

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Final Thoughts on Can Citrine go in Water

This yellow brilliant precious stone scores seven on the Mohs size of hardness and showcases a water-accommodating synthesis. These two urgent elements are viewed as the green light that permits the Citrine gem to be purified and inundated in the water. 

Here are a few things to consistently remember when joining Citrine and Water together.  

  • Do not blend various citrine gems in a single water-purifying bowl. It is ideal to scrub every citrine crystal exclusively. 
  • After each purging meeting, void the compartment and utilize pristine new water for the following precious crystal.
  • Citrine can go in moon water just as expected in shower water and is water safe. However, Citrine precious stones ought not to be placed in salt water as this can make extremely durable harm to the crystal. 
  • Some regular crystals are colored for a more extravagant shading. These may begin draining when kept in water. 
  • The simplest and easiest way of purifying your Citrine is to hold it under running faucet water briefly and afterward wipe it off with a delicate napkin.