Can Malachite go in the Water? Is Malachite Water Safe?

Malachite is a green copper carbonate mineral. It has opaque transparency and now and again has a patterned surface. 

 Let us see the characteristics of Malachite concerning water along with numerous sorts of water in this article. 

 Malachite crystal comes with a rich shade of green, and its meaning is transformation and positive change.  However, if you are wondering what is Malachite stone good for, then read here. 

Can Malachite go in the Water?

    Can Malchite go in the water?

 Although water is the most suitable cleansing agent for some crystals, you should be careful while placing Malachite in water. It is a comparatively weak crystal in terms of hardness.

Putting crystals in water is a great way to make them clean and get charged. But, the specific properties of Malachite crystal make the water unsafe. We will be identifying further details regarding this as we proceed. 

With a score between 3.5 – 4 on the Mohs scale, Malachite crystal is known as a soft crystal.Generally, any material with a Mohs score of less than six is considered a soft mineral. So the score of Malachite is a non-hard crystal.

What happens to Malachite when we soak in water?  

 1. Being a soft mineral, Malachite’s particles might also dissolve in water if immersed for an extended period and finally make the water toxic and unfit to use. Malachite can be toxic to touch if broken down, precisely when it is still being processed.

 2. Also, exposure to water for longer duration makes the crystal fragile, and even cracks might form. Hence, placing Malachite in water for long hours would affect the durability of your crystal.

 3. However, a brief exposure to water won’t alter the strength of Malachite, so with a measured amount of time and with proper temperature regulation, Malachite can be placed in water.

 Note: Kindly do not put Malachite in extremely hot or cold water.

Can Malachite be cleansed in water?  

Extended contact time with water may make your Malachite crystal; soft, but you can still use water for a short time for cleaning your gemstone.

All you need to do is, immerse your Malachite stone gently in a bowl of fresh water and take it instantly out within a minute.  

You can even place your gemstone under running water from a tap and instantly allow it to dry completely. 

 Then, let the crystal become dry by either exposing it to sunlight or wiping it with a soft fabric. 

 There are some alternate ways to purify Malachite by not using water:-

  • Use a wet cloth or a soft brush
  • Place it under the moonlight 
  • Rubbing it with sage.
  • Letting Malachite absorb the smoke of the sacred herbs.

Can Malachite go in Saltwater?   

 We should not place Malachite in saltwater because the salt particles can react with Malachite and can finally ruin the gemstone. 

 Malachite’s chemical composition is made of copper carbonate hydroxide. So when this chemical comes in contact with the molecules of salt, it reacts and makes your crystal weak and dull.

 Along with this, you will also receive the formation of highly poisonous fumes in case you immerse this crystal in saltwater. So subsequently, it is cautioned to keep saltwater far away from Malachite.

Can Malachite go into Moon water?  

Moonlight has super fame when it comes to crystals and restoration. Moonlight is suggested from ancient times since it holds good to remove the negative energy around the gemstones.

Keeping crystal exposed to moonlight on a full moon day is a powerful source of positive vibrations. In addition, moonlight is the natural source of energy to recharge all your crystals, including Malachite.

But we can’t place Malachite directly under the moon with water filled in a bowl since the crystal is not water friendly. Therefore, rather than placing your Malachite crystal in moon water for the whole night, you could set it below direct moonlight, preferably on a full moon night time, while the moon’s charging power is at its maximum!

 Can Malachite go in the Bathwater?     

Can Malachite go in the water?

Having a healing crystal infused with your bathwater emits several benefits for the skin and body. In addition, a crystal bath clears the water and surroundings, forming an energetic vibration.

 Generally, using crystals while bathing helps to relax and relieves stress.

 But, due to the soft nature of Malachite, you should not put it in your bathwater.

 In case if the bathwater stays in direct contact with your pores and skin, there will be the disintegration of Malachite particles on your bathtub. So it is likely to cause skin irritation or even a fungal infection.

A simple method to use crystals while bathing is to set the crystal in the interior in your washroom or place them carefully near your tub rim and let them radiate good energy all around your bathroom, making the whole atmosphere fresh and vibrant. 

Can you consume Malachite crystal water?  

Malachite crystal has an appropriate copper content, and consuming the infused water can lead to diseases and allergies. Malachite water becomes toxic when put in water for a long duration of time, and so it is not safe to consume Malachite-infused water.

Healing properties of Malachite  

  • Along with its specific appearance, Malachite stone is famous for its powerful recovery benefits.
  • This excellent crystal enhances your heart chakra, increases bone power, and brings high-quality strength to your life.
  • Absorbs terrifying energies and activates the chakras – mainly the coronary heart. 
  • Malachite crystal helps in creating a beautiful perception, making you optimistic.

   It also helps in maintaining total health and other organs as well. If you want to know all the amazing benefits of Malachite, read here. 

Preparation of Malachite Infused water    

Malachite is a soft and toxic stone; we should thus avoid it for preparing crystal elixir. Due to this reason, prepare Malachite elixir using a no-contact water method.

 Select the finest Malachite crystal and cleanse it thoroughly.

  1. Place it in a glass jar to assure transmission of energy.
  2. Put the jar inside a big container.
  3. Add the amount of water you need to make the elixir in the container.
  4. Set it under the moonlight to attract positive energy from the moon,
  5. Malachite crystal elixir is ready to use.

Cleansing of your Malachite

 Generally, all the healing gemstones love to be cleansed and recharged, especially Malachite, as it is intense in doing work to clear all the negative vibes. 

  • Keeping your Malachite cleansed is simple, and effective, and ensures it stays at the very top of its efficiency.
  • If you find that your stone has accumulated dirt, then you need to do a simple method. First, take some warm soapy water and a soft cloth to remove the traces.
  • Wash your Malachite every few weeks or after a particularly fixing day or week if you feel the need. Keeping the crystal clean will keep the stone happy, and those vibrations are driving high.

 Recharging your Malachite         

  • If you feel your Malachite stone is dull and needs to refresh, then you can recharge it in a few ways. First, Malachite loves nature, and it craves the touch of earth from time to time.
  • Please place it in the garden, beneath a tree, or even bury it in the earth overnight and let it soak up mother nature’s spirit. 
  •  If you prefer to keep it clean, you can also place it with some geode crystal clusters to amp its energy back up or leave it in the sun or moonlight for a few hours.
  •  If placed in sunlight, don’t leave it too long as this may lead to the fading of the vibrant color of the Malachite crystal.

 Final Thoughts   

Can Malachite go in the water?

  • Malachite is a fantastic mineral with magical properties to heal you in all the aspects concerning your body, mind, and spirit. It has a  lower Mohs scale value and due to the presence of reactive compounds, try to avoid Malachite in contact with water for a continuous duration of time. 
  • Malachite is very soft and hugely toxic in water. So keep it far from water and don’t touch any water it has been in. Short-term contact with water may not affect the Malachite strength and durability significantly. However, it would help if you avoided long and continuous exposure to water.
  •  As discussed above in this article, instead of water, you can use alternative methods to cleanse and recharge it. Never use salt on your Malachite stone, as this can damage the smooth texture of your precious gemstone.
  • Taking care of your Malachite crystal with these guidelines would help you enjoy its long-lasting benefits. Share this article with your loved ones.