Can Obsidian go in Water? Is Obsidian Water Safe?

Obsidian is a clear dark crystal that is shaped by volcanic action. It has a smooth and reflective surface. Continue reading to discover can Obsidian go in water and the holding of Obsidian with multiple types of water like ordinary water, moon water, and saltwater, and bathwater.

Aside from its striking magnificence, Obsidian contains a few recuperating properties that can help your physical and otherworldly self.

To continue profiting from these incredible recuperating energies, purging your Obsidian crystal’s benefits is an unquestionable requirement to refine your crystal from the retained low vibrational energies and to likewise assist your crystal with recovering its unique and crude elevating powers.

The basic yet viable water cleaning strategy is possibly the most well-known and utilized refinement technique rehearsed in the gem domain. 

What’s more, to get those advantages constantly, you should clean your crystal. There are plentiful strategies for purifying Obsidian, water purging being the least demanding and best.

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Can Obsidian Go in Water?

can obsidian go in water

Obsidian is a genuinely hard and non-responsive crystal that can be easily positioned in water, given the temperature isn’t at the outrageous closures. 

So Obsidian is protected in the water. You can purge your crystal or get it in touch with water with no trouble.

Notwithstanding, focus on the water temperature when you want to submerge or purify your crystal in water. Boiling and freezing water can ultimately harm Obsidian Crystal.

As expressed already, Obsidian is a usually happening volcanic glass formed when magma is expelled from a spring of gushing lava cools.

This unique happening occasion draws two clear rules we should regard while getting Obsidian in touch with water.

The first is outrageous freezing water, and the subsequent one is heated water.

These two water temperature limits ought to be totally kept away from in light of the fact that they could cause genuine harm to Obsidian by breaking it and debilitating its construction, which makes it effectively weak in the long run. 

Can Obsidian go in Water: How to Clean?

While Obsidian is viable with other techniques, purging with ordinary water is the most advantageous of all. 

To clean the precious crystal with water, you can either keep it in your bowl and run regular water over it for a couple of moments, or then again, assuming you need a profound purging and you haven’t washed the crystal in quite a while, fill a bowl with new water and drench the piece of Obsidian in it for 24 hours.

Following the right strategies and keeping control of the temperature, you can purify Obsidian in water.

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Can Obsidian go in Water: How to Purify?

Whether as a pendant, Obsidian wristband, tumbled crystal, or crude, the Obsidian crystal should be cleaned to take out regrettable energies, and blockages with the goal that it can present to you its advantages.

For sure, inevitably, the crystal will have spent all the energy it contained and should get its regular points indeed.

Process 1: Profound Purifying

Thus, to scrub Obsidian utilizing water, lower your crystal in a water bowl for not many hours or all evening long and ensure that the temperature of the water isn’t freezing and not warm.

This technique is best utilized when you didn’t scrub your crystal for quite a while and when you feel that the crystal is gathering a ton of negative vibrations, which requires a long all-through filtration.

Process 2: Fast Purging 

For speedy water purging, you need to clean it under running water for a couple of moments. 

This method is most valuable when you regularly use it or feel that your crystal doesn’t need profound purifying.

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Can Obsidian Go in Water: Salt Water

Saltwater is a critical purifying specialist in the realm of precious crystals. 

It takes out the awful energies from your crystals and makes them lustrous and lively as new.

Being a tolerably hard crystal, Obsidian won’t break effectively when placed in saltwater for purging and charging. Consequently, you can keep Obsidian in saltwater.

  • For setting up a saltwater shower, fill a compartment with new water and sprinkle some Himalayan Salt in it.
  • Lower Obsidian in the compartment and let the salt eliminate any harmful energy dwelling in your crystal.
  • After you are finished purging, channel the salt water and don’t utilize it for any future reason as the water might have acquired antagonism from the precious crystal, which can be hurtful for additional utilization.

Can Obsidian Go in Water: Moon Water

Can Obsidian Go in Moon Water?

Obsidian is a recuperating precious crystal that can carry steadiness and positive energy to one’s life.

Twilight contains monstrous recuperating energy, and when utilized for getting ready moon water, it changes the force of its unadulterated white beams into the water, making it lively and re-energized.

Keeping Obsidian crystals in moon water will intensify their advantages and restore their metaphysical properties; subsequently, it is a righteous plan to put Obsidian in moon water one time per month.

Can Obsidian Go in Water: Bath Water

Obsidian is very impervious to water and doesn’t break, except if drenched for quite a while, it would thus be able to go in bathwater. 

Unloading Obsidian in bathwater will provide you with a feeling of newness and novelty. 

Because of its dull shading, Obsidian snatches on the negative energy and stores it in itself, transmitting confident and hopeful power like this. 

Also, as Feng Shui indicates, dark is identified with water. Thus, the precious crystal mixes well with its properties.

The main circumstance you should keep away from while having an Obsidian shower is not to place the crystal in a hot bath as it might break your crystal.

Maybe then, placing Obsidian in your bath, think about keeping it near your restroom or next to the bathtub to partake in the tremendous advantages of this superb crystal.

Would you be able to Drink Obsidian Infused Water?

On the Mohs scale, Obsidian scores somewhere in the range of 5 and 6, making this crystal ideal for getting ready precious crystal injected drinking water. 

You can make injected water by placing Obsidian in a bricklayer container or water bottle loaded up with spring water and allowing it to move its magical energy into the water.

Also, you can put the container in your yard around evening time and re-energize the injected water with the moon’s lunar energy.

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Final Thoughts 

Obsidian is viewed as a water-accommodating crystal, getting it in touch with water is protected and it won’t harm this dark volcanic crystal. 

  • Henceforth, Obsidian can go in the water. Regardless of whether you reach out to water (like doing exercises that incorporate water) or purging it by utilizing the water-energy cleaning technique, Obsidian will stay unblemished and liberated from any harm.
  • It would help if you tried not to get your Obsidian in touch with hot or freezing water, as these two temperatures can debilitate the crystal’s solidarity which makes it weak, or in the most pessimistic scenario, it will lamentably break and split into pieces.
  • Obsidian doesn’t respond with water contrarily as it has a hardness somewhere in the range of 5 and 6 on the Mohs Scale. Thus, you can place Obsidian in water.
  • In any case, Obsidian is water safe just until the contact with water isn’t delayed as the gem is reasonably hard and can, in any case, break up whenever presented to water consistently and persistently for extended periods.
  • Obsidian, indeed, is a marvelous crystal as far as recuperating and reviving. It is a modestly hard crystal that can be placed in typical water, salt water, bathwater, and moon water, given that it isn’t lowered for seemingly forever.

Various gems respond diversely to the water. Some precious crystals work impeccably with the water purifying strategy, and others are additionally fine with getting them in touch with a water source, be that as it may, there are a few standards to search for to keep away from any possible harm. 

The primary care you wanted to take while placing Obsidian in water is to stay away from openness to very chilled or warm water, and you are great to utilize this crystal!