Can Rose Quartz Go In The Sun?

Rose quartz is a transparent, opaque crystal with beautiful pink color and is one of the many forms of quartz. It has a vitreous luster beyond its beautiful appearance. It can be in the sun. However, overexposure to the sun can be harmful to any crystal.

Spiritual healing and health benefits are associated with rose quartz. For some, it is just a set of myths, while others religiously believe in the power of gems. Let’s dive a little deeper to understand about keeping your Rose Quartz in the sun.

Can Rose Quartz Go In The Sun?

Have you ever heard of charging rocks or crystals in sunlight or moonlight? You rightly heard that rose quartz can go out in the sun.

Can Rose Quartz Go Into The Sun

You may also have heard of pink quartz that loses its color in sunlight. So what exactly is pink with quartz and sun? Both of these assumptions are correct. Rose quartz loses color in the sun, but you can keep the exposure healthy.

It would help if you remembered how much sunlight you give to your pink quartz. Limited amounts of sunlight do not harm rose quartz. However, if you leave the crystals outside for a day or even weeks, the scorching sun will eventually obscure their color.

In contrast, keeping quartz in the sun for 3 to 4 hours every day is beneficial. It is a great way to recharge your crystals and get rid of negative energies.

What Is A Sunbath?

The sunbath uses incense during the healing of the gems and to remove the unwanted forces accumulated on the gems’ surface. These unwanted forces clog the gems and prevent them from working at their full potential. To clean your gems with sunbathing, place them in direct sunlight for the time recommended by you.

Does A Sunbath Work If It Is Cloudy?

Yes, but you may want to add a few extra minutes at a time. If you have any doubts about the time, follow the guidelines given for that gem.

The sun shining through the window can also be an effective way to sunbathe. Place your gems on grass or plant twigs in the sun for the best sunbathing cleanser. Make sure your gems are safe when you keep them.

Can You Clean Rose Quartz In The Sun?

Yes, as I said earlier, a limited amount of sunlight is beneficial for pink quartz. Rose quartz comes from nature and therefore receives energy from natural sources such as the sun and water.

Can You Clean Rose Quartz In The Sun

A 3-4-hour sunbathing is a great way to refresh and recharge your pink quartz crystals to restore their energy.

How To Cure Rose Quartz If It Damages Due To Overexposure To Sun?

Even if one of your stones withers in the sun, its energy properties will not decrease. Even though there is a breakage in your Rose Quartz, it has a unique vibration and spiritual ability.

How To Cure Rose Quartz If It Damages Due To Overexposure To Sun

Your extraordinary power may no longer favor the Rose Quartz, and it may be time to hand over the stone to the new owner. Broken Rose Quartz is rarely a sign of negativity, but the journey of that particular crystal is over with you.

  You must avoid exposure to light-sensitive crystals to sunlight for less than three minutes. However, Rose Quartz can be in the sun. Generally, it is best not to soak any crystals for more than 12 hours at a time. Keep track of how much time your Rose Quartz spends in the sun, even if they’re resistant to direct sunlight. Let’s understand more about the crystals that don’t go well in the sunlight.

Which Crystals Should I Keep Away From Direct Sunlight?

It is good to remember their formation underground away from the sun’s harsh rays when working with crystals. Most crystals are photo-sensitive, meaning they often do not respond well to direct sunlight. Keeping them away from sunlight may also affect their shape, color, and texture.

Here is a list of stones that need to exposure to a small amount of sunlight every day:

Fluorite: As the name implies, this stone contains calcium fluoride, highly responsive to sunlight. Avoid keeping this green and purple crystal in the sun for more than 10 minutes at a time, as it can cause overheating. Citrine is yellowish quartz that fades, similar to the well-known rose quartz; therefore, do not expose it to direct sunshine for more than 4 hours. Most colored quartz will fade to clean quartz if kept in direct sunlight for a long time.

Sapphire: This well-known stone is silicon, oxygen, and iron, giving its gorgeous purple hue. Amethyst, like citrine, is a member of the quartz family, and all members of the quartz family fade rapidly in the sunshine. You should also keep the amygdala and ametrine away from sunlight.

Opal: Scientifically, this stone is called hydrated amorphous silica and has a water content of up to 21%. Opal loses its beautiful holographic color when exposed to sunlight.

Celestite: Made from strontium sulfate, this crystal derives its name from its delicate blue color. UV rays break the bonds of the stone and cause a bleaching effect, so if the stone is in the sun for a long time, this soft color will change from blue to white. It is essential to treat celestite stone gently, just as it would break if damaged by the sun.

Pushyaragam: This stone loses color if left in the sun for more than 8 hours. The yellow topaz turns maroon or brown if kept in direct sunlight for a long time.

Aquamarine: This crystal is composed of beryllium, silica, aluminum, and oxygen. It means that if you put it in direct sunlight for more than a few hours, it will quickly turn white. Aquamarine is usually heated to remove its color, while direct sunlight obscures its famous blue color.

Moreover, Let’s see if Rose Quarts can be in the water and oil.

Can Rose Quartz Live in Salt Water?

Can Rose Quartz Live in Salt Water

Absolutely yes. There is no better way than inserting pink quartz crystals into saltwater. Cleaning gems in saltwater or seawater is a traditional way to clean them inside and out. Therefore, it is entirely safe to keep rose quartz in saltwater.

Can You Put Rose Quartz In The Oil?

We all know that oils, especially essential oils, are used by many people for their healing and soothing properties. Also, we use crystals for spiritual and emotional healing and health purposes.

So yes, you can add rose water to the oil. It is harmless to the crystal or you. However, it is essential to use the right oil for the best results. Different oils give different results, but others do not work well.

Most essential oils go well with rose quartz. Some of the most common oils are as follows.

  • Lavender
  • Pink
  • Jasmine and
  • Berry is an essential oil

If you want to promote self-love, you need a combination of rose oil and rose quartz. Smear your Rose Quartz Crystal with Rose Essential Oil and keep it with you. The mixture of Bergamot with essential oil promotes self-confidence and self-love due to the sweet, cheerful aroma and love properties inherent in Rose Quartz.

Check this post to know on how to Identify Real Rose Quartz 

How should I charge My Rose Quartz?

How should I charge My Rose Quartz

The good news is the easiest way to clean and charge Rose Quartz simultaneously is through sunlight. Keep them on the windowsill for 30 minutes during the day (even on a cloudy day), and the sun will do the job. Some people like to charge their Rose Quartz in the light of the full moon, but not everyone thinks it is powerful enough to charge a single crystal.

What is the Mohs Hardness Scale?

This scale tests their resistance to measure the hardness of minerals. It ranges from 1 to 10. A mineral with a level of 5 or less is considered soft and, therefore, not safe in the water.

Rose quartz ranks seventh on the Mohs hardness scale. Therefore, you can add rose water to the water without worrying. Although it is an accurate pink quartz crystal, it can stay safe in the water for a long time.

If your pink quartz is inaccurate, be prepared to worsen it. Imitation pink quartz loses its color when immersed in water. On the bright side, this is an excellent way to test the authenticity of your stone. It is necessary to understand the hardness of Rose quartz to know if it can stay in the sun and water or not.


Rose quartz is a healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love. Some also claim that rose quartz may benefit physical health by accelerating healing and increasing blood circulation, but no scientific evidence supports this. 

If you use quartz crystals for healing and meditation, they are not known to cause any side effects, but any claims about their healing properties need a grain of salt. If you are using Rose Quartz, ensure to use it in your way of cleaning and charging any crystal this is the most energetic way to charge them.