Can Sunstone Go in the Water? Is Sunstone Water Safe? What Do You Think?

Sunstone is one of those crystals brimming with limitless energy and equipped to select you into adequate power.  Let us Explore the Characteristics of Sunstone with water along with various forms of water like Regular water, Saltwater, and Moonwater. 

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Can Sunstone Go in the Water?

Can Sunstone go in the water?

Sunstone’s score is between 6.5 and 7.2 on the Mohs hardness scale. Since it’s a hard stone, it can go in the water very well. In addition, it is a Water-friendly crystal. So it is safe to place in water. 

Warm, Soapy Water is constantly a safe sunstone cleansing method. You can also put these stones under flowing water or tap water. 

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Can Sunstone Go in Saltwater? 

Saltwater turned into used broadly speaking for crystal cleaning for the reason that years. And Sunstone goes nicely with salt water. 

Sea salt gets rid of negativity and effectively disinfects each physical and psychic disruption. Use sea salt on every occasion your Sunstone is overloaded with bad energy.

Use the method of Sea Salt Cleansing for Sunstone

1. Take a tablespoon of sea salt with a glass of cold water.

2. Let your Sunstone soak in a single day.

3. To use dry salt, place some in a non-plastic container, and depart the Sunstones there overnight with their factors downwards.

Sometimes a Sunstone may also take longer to clear, generally if it’s been utilized in deep, excessive recuperation. If that is the case, leave it some other day or in the sea salt. If you stay near the sea, you may convey domestic some salt water in a jar or wash the Sunstone immediately in the ocean water.

Can Sunstone Go in Moonwater?

Moonlight is another approach to cleaning your Sunstone. Simply location it outside on a full moon day. 

Waning moons are proper times to cleanse your Sunstone and dispel vintage energies, but each time works.

Moon Light Cleansing is suggested to dangle your Sunstone rings in a tree where the moonlight can cleanse them.

How to Charge Sunstone Crystals?

Charging is bringing its power degrees returned up after use and cleaning. It is similar to recharging a battery after it has lost its power. During a Full moon, an excellent way to do this (and remind you that it is time to do so).

Try to avoid putting them underneath the direct heat of the Sun due to the fact their colors may additionally fade, or they will wreck or crack.

Use Selenite for Sunstone charging

  • A fantastic means for clearing and charging your Sunstone crystal is Selenite, one of the maximum powerful stones for purifying and magnifying any surrounding strength. 
  • As the simplest crystal that doesn’t require clearing, Selenite is unique within the mineral world for its pure white light that fills your environment and other stones with its bright energy.
  • A smooth way to cleanse the Sunstone healing properties earlier than using them before is to place it on a Selenite charging plate for a minimum of 4 hours or extra. 

How to Clean the Sunstone?

How to clean the sunstone

Cleansing a crystal is continually a superb idea to rid it of energies (negative or otherwise) that it may have picked up during managing and excessive use.

Your Sunstone desires to be cleaned as quickly as you purchase them and after each use. A geared-up and clean Sunstone feels lovely, vibrant, tingly, and peaceful to touch.

While your Sunstone desires cleansing, you will recognize it while it begins to sense hot, heavy, or drained.

 4 Ways to clean your Sunstone efficiently

  • Use Sage Herbs

Burying your Sunstone in a handful of dried herbs like sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, sage, and rose petals may even clean them.

This is gentle and high-quality to cleanse the Sunstone, but it is time-consuming.

  • Earth Cleansing

Crystals are buried in the earth. This is specifically useful when you feel that your Sunstone wishes for deep cleansing.

Just head outdoors and dig a hole the equal size of your Sunstone, putting it point down and hiding it with the soil.

  • Smudge Cleaning

Sunstones can also be cleansed by smudging them with burning cedar or sage.

Smudging is an attractive manner to make sure your Sunstones are purified. This can be completed by letting your Sunstone bypass through the smoke of the burning cedar or sage stick.

  • Water Cleansing

Finally, you may also cleanse your Sunstone with the aid of putting them underneath cool tap water. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners must be averted.

How to Polish Sunstones?

We propose the use of cerium oxide or tin oxide for the cause of polishing sunstone. Other oxides won’t work as correctly with those unique stones. 

When polishing crystals, always use a soft piece, not anything too abrasive or fiber-rich. 

Is Sunstone Safe in the Sun?

Generally Sunstone, Orange stones are ok inside the solar.

However, setting it in full daylight, some agree with, isn’t exact for the stone’s natural energy cycle. So, we suggest placing your stone in a slight gleam of light. Perhaps on a windowsill.

Placing your Sunstone inside the solar is one of the fastest methods to rate it.

What Crystals Go well with the Sunstone?

Sunstone and Moonstone can and have to cross collectively! Bringing these crystals together is understood to create a mighty balancing act.

Moonstone represents the female, and as we already know, Sunstone represents the masculine. Wearing each of these stones combined will set off the recuperation and energy of your divine female and masculine energies.

Few Benefits of Sunstone

1. Powered by the radiance of the solar energy of its fireplace, the Sunstone gets its power from the earth and sets it immediately into your existence.

 2. It will help bring the information of your heart in alignment with the inspiration of your mind, and it’ll be stunning and exceptional!

 3. Sunstone is known to draw the powers of the solar, and it’ll cleanse your chakras from something that’s no longer correct for you.

 4. This energy will surround you with love and be a source of happiness for everyone around you, even though you will not assist it.

 5. It’s a protection stone, an energizer stone, and a success stone in a single. Using the Stone is an excellent way to equip you for demanding lifestyles and enhance your perception that life is undoubtedly worth residing in. Wearing Sunstone and sporting it around with you may experience like you have the solar right on your shoulder!

Final Thoughts 

Final thoughts on can sunstone go in water?

  • Even with its vibrant and bountiful character, it’s still crucial to maintain your Sunstone gemstone cleansed and charged and splashed within the spirit of positive vibrations. 
  •  All crystals work intently with strength, and because of this, your crystal can be busy soaking up toxic moods and darkened minds. You can cleanse your Sunstone Gemstone by smudging it with a bit of sweetgrass, sage, or whatever your favorite recovery herb is. 
  • You also can preserve it in the company of crystal clusters, so it has a place to send that energy, or you may run it under a float of mild heat water to wash those negative vibes right away.
  • Finally, if you want to Charge your Sunstone up, you can go away with it in the rise of daylight. The Sunstone symbolizes the recovery and healing energy of the Sun, making sunlight an excellent clearing tool that you could use immediately from nature. 
  • The clearing system is vital earlier than using any stone for healing because the clearer the energy of a healing stone, the greater effective it will be. You can possibly want to use an old toothbrush to dig into those hard-to-attain crevices. 
  • Cleansing and charging your Sunstone crystal with the light of the Fullmoon is some other way to recharge its energy to the brightest shape.
  • Like the clearing technique with the sunlight, place your Sunstone crystal under the rays of a full moon for 4 hours or longer. 
  • Sunstone loves the Sun, so it should come as no surprise. In the winter or instances without a glut of Golden Sun, you can additionally charge through the moonlight for stability or via burying your Sunstone in touch-rich earth.
  • Exposure to extreme heat is not suitable for Sunstone. However, its shade is intense when exposed to light, and it may fade.
  • As a stone of positivity, the Sunstone crystal is excellent inside the mineral family for soaking up any negativity. 

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