Can Tiger’s Eye Go in the Water ? Is Tiger’s Eye Water Safe? : An Interesting Guide

Tiger’s Eye belongs to the Chalcedony mineral class family. It has a silky luster and an opacity that comes in shades of reddish-brown with iron stripes. The meaning of Tiger’s Eye is self-confidence and inner power. If you want to know Why do people wear a Tiger’s Eye stone, you can read here. 

Let us see the characteristics of Tiger’s Eye with various types of water in this article. 

Can Tiger’s Eye Go in the Water?  

Can Tigers-eye go in the water?

The response to this question -Is the Tiger’s Eye safe in the water? It stays perfect, Yes.

Tiger’s Eye will not be damaged if left in water. It is because the Tiger’s Eye belongs to the quartz family and therefore is a hard crystal. Hence it is a water-friendly crystal

 It remains a water-safe crystal with a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale. We suggest cleaning the tiger’s Eye with special care and a non-invasive method. The gemstone should be cleaned with lukewarm water and then wiped with a soft fabric.

 Do not keep the crystal near the Tv or radio because these both may negatively influence the crystal’s unique energy.

Can Tiger’s Eye Go in Saltwater?   

Yes, we can immerse Tiger’s Eye in saltwater. You can keep the crystal in salt water overnight, and it is a way to recharge its energy.

But, first, take it out of the saltwater; it should then be washed in fresh water and kept in the sun for 2-3 hours. 

Do this process at least every three months once. Make sure to keep the crystal in a safe place when it’s not being worn or used because it has to be protected from sharp blows or scratches.

 Note: While pure water might be safe for most crystals, including a few soft ones, saltwater could be corrosive even for some hard crystals.

 So remember this and use the saltwater accordingly since every crystal is not suitable for saltwater cleansing.

 Still, saltwater has been used for ages to expel negative energy. This type of cleansing is the most reliable and thorough way of cleansing crystals, particularly those requiring deeper cleaning.

The crystal stones suited for this type of cleansing are hard stones like quartz and amethyst types. Given that the Tiger’s Eye falls supporting the quartz category, it means that it is safe to put it in salt water.

Can Tiger’s Eye go in Moon Water?    

Moonlight is a rich source of natural energy to clean crystals. Some people like to leave their precious stones out under the moon’s light to cleanse them naturally. 

However, the moon always works with gemstones by infusing them with spiritual properties and power. 

 You can keep the crystal in a water bowl and place it outdoors to absorb the moon’s energy or keep the crystal on the windowsill to receive the moonlight. 

Can we drink Tiger’s Eye-infused water?   

 Be careful about the form of crystals you use for crystal-infused water. Some gems aren’t safe to approach in water. 

 It is essential to examine the various crystal properties before you prepare your crystal-infused water. 

 Some crystals are toxic if used in this way. So for instance, do not use Tiger’s Eye in your crystal-infused water because it can contain asbestos. Hence it is not safe to use this water. 

Benefits of Tiger’s Eye Crystal   

Can Tigers-eye go in the water?

  • The blessings and recovery power that the Tiger Eye crystal offers are preferred and respected by all individuals who wear it.
  • This crystal inspires a passion for life and develops your willpower, and drives your will for success.
  • It enhances clarity of intention, boosts self-esteem, and helps to acquire qualities like courage and determination.

How to cleanse your Tiger’s, Eye Crystal?  

  • Water Cleansing

One of the easiest ways to cleanse the Tiger’s Eye is simply placing it in water and letting it sit. 

If you want to add a little soap, this can also help to gently remove the stone of harmful energies, keeping it neat and fresh and ready to work its magic once more.

You can also use spring water; its purity helps receive the negative energy from the stone, leaving it cleansed and refreshed. To do this, you can immerse the stone in a glass bowl filled with spring water or tap water. 

 Let the stone get soaked overnight or even 48 hours; the longer you leave it, the more purified it will be. To ensure the water stays clean, you can cover the container with a lid or cloth. When time is up, please take out the stone and rub it with soft fabric to dry.

  • Deep Purification of the Tiger’s Eye

 For deep, smooth purification, keeping the Tiger’s Eye back with the earth is likewise an excellent solution

 Whether burying it somewhere safe for an evening or placing it beneath a favorite tree, the idea is to let it root into the earth and discover its energy again. 

 If the stone needs a deeper cleaning, then you could use salt water as an alternative. Ocean or seawater is exceptional for this form of cleaning, even though mixing sea salt or table salt in water is still sufficient.

 Mix a tablespoon of the salt in a nearly full bowl of water. Submerge the Tiger’s Eye and permit it to soak for a few hours or even a few days. 

Then take out the gemstone and rinse off the final salt using placing the stone under clean water and allowing the stone to dry completely. Do not reuse the saltwater since it incorporates the negative energy from the stone.

  • Sage

Another remarkable cleansing technique for crystals is burning sage. The smoke gently removes all of the inharmonious vibrations that the Tiger’s Eye has picked up.

You can light up a bunch of sage and surround your gemstone with its smoke for thirty seconds to at least one minute. But, of course, you can get higher results by combining this approach with your intentions.

To do that, envision the sage’s smoke drawing out all the bad energies from the Tiger’s Eye. Ensure you do that in a nicely-ventilated room or space to avoid suffocating from the smoke.

How to Recharge your Tiger’s, Eye Crystal?   

Charge the resilient Tiger’s Eye in a few methods given below. 

 1. For regular use, you can put your crystal under cool running water or even under tap water. Tiger’s Eye likes to bathe in fresh rainwater or spring water.

 2. If your gemstone has been active for quite some time, it might need a boost with a recharge. You can place your gem in Sunlight or moonlight for a day to get it refreshed. 

 3. During the cloudy days and nights, you could give your Tiger’s Eye a long soak in some salted water or smudge it by leaving some smoke from a stick of incense over your gemstone’s surface.

 Final Thoughts 

Can Tigers-eye go in the water?

 The next time you are aware your Tiger’s Eye has lost its shine, and you may now not experience its results, you can strive for any of these purification procedures to clean and revive the stone.

 Tiger’s Eye gemstones are a great place to start and are incredibly safe in polished or tumbled form. However, always double-check with salt water for a prolonged time because salt can be corrosive!

 If you can follow these techniques, you will maintain and continue to benefit from the empowering properties of the Tiger’s Eye.

 The Tiger’s Eye is the most popular and favored gem of the many gemstones that exist in the world today. It is desired for its beauty and revered for being a mighty stone.

  •  If you find any dust sticking to the Tiger’s Eye, use mild soap and water and then take a soft brush and clean it off.
  • Clean it with a soft cloth or any other conventional washing method, but make sure the stone gets enough time to dry after cleaning before it is worn again.
  •  Never clean your Tiger’s Eye jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner, as this can damage the stones.
  •  Over time, however, the crystal can become dirty or pick up negative energy. Therefore, to keep it efficient and its vibrations strong, it is necessary to cleanse the gem as often as needed.

 As mentioned, Tiger’s Eye is a fantastic amplifier and exceptional when cleaning up toxic energies. Therefore, to keep the Tiger’s Eye in good shape, it’s essential to keep the gemstone clean and clear from a build-up of negativity. 

 Regularly cleansing gemstone and birthstone jewelry keeps them fresh, fabulous, and ever-ready to work their magic.