Can Topaz Go in Water? Is Topaz Water Safe?

Topaz is a Beautiful Gemstone available in many Colors, Sizes, and Shapes, and in excellent varieties that are adored by most Crystal lovers. Take a Glance now at the Characteristics of Topaz with Water and the Numerous styles of water like Normal water, Saltwater, and Moon water. Let’s check can Topaz go in water. If Yes, how does it respond to different kinds of water?

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Can Topaz Go in Water?

Can Topaz go in the water?

Topaz is not easy to cut and set into jewelry due to its fragility. Although Topaz registers as eight on the Moh’s hardness scale, it fractures easily during the hit.

Additionally, this fragility is why Topaz cannot be immersed in water for any duration of time. However, you could use water to clean this gem. For example, you can place Topaz crystals below running water.

Can Topaz go in Water: Alternative Technique for Cleaning 

1. Fill a spray bottle with water and spritz the water in the air from a distance so that the Topaz gemstones are misted lightly with very fine droplets of water.

2. This process most likely will not damage your gems by cracking or rusting if you don’t overdo it. Let it completely dry or place it in direct sunlight for 15 minutes to dry off and get an excellent sunlight charge.

3. Be sure to filter out the water so that other minerals are not drying on the floor of your gems or crystals. Also, you could soften the water using including the benefit of a clear quartz crystal in the water bottle. This can even provide the crystal with a nice boost of an energetic cleanse.

Can Topaz go in Water: What happens to it if Soaked in Water For a Long Time?

  • Water damages a few minerals and crystals if soaked for a lengthy period. These gems dissolve or crack if left in water for a prolonged time. Therefore, some more hard gemstones have to be stored out of water additionally.
  • And especially to crystals that have been professionally ground, buffed, and polished, like Topaz, Water can strip the coating applied to the outside of the stone to make it appear bright.
  • Water can make a Topaz stone appearance dull or drab, and from time to time, even alternate the coloration of the outside of the stone. Water can also encourage the formation of cracks and fissures in a Topaz crystal, resulting in unexpected breakage.
  • But in standard, it’s good to keep away from long water baths, even though the Topaz stone is hardstone to protect the integrity and appearance of a valuable piece.

Can Topaz Go in Water: Salt Water

  • Since salt is corrosive, it damages the stone. So, Topaz cannot go in salt water. Saltwater might also mainly be harmful to crystal rings and polished stones, inflicting them to lose their shine and varnish over time.
  • Here is an Indirect method of no-touch with saltwater additionally works appropriately for doing away with the negativity.
  • You can take dry salt in a bowl and put your crystals in it. Ensure to preserve your crystals in a smooth fabric or soft pouch and permit the Topaz to stay at the salt for a few hours. After a few hours, dispose of the salt because the salt has absorbed the destructive power from the crystals.

Can Topaz Go in Water: Moon Water

The calming balancing strength of the Moon restores wholesome energy to the gemstone and lightly releases any unwanted extra saved power.

Take your crystal and slightly mist and allow it to dry. You put your Topaz crystal on the windowsill; Make sure you keep the crystal in a safe place to avoid any breakage. Let it be uncovered to the light of the Moon – especially on Full Moon. Then, water your plants with this water the next day.

Can Topaz Go in Water: Bath Water

Can Topaz go in the Bathwater?

Since the Topaz is a delicate crystal, we should not soak it in water for a protracted period. It might break if it is stored in Bath Water. In addition, chlorine and other chemical compounds present in the water may affect the stone.

So use it with care. For example, you can place it in your restrooms in a small bowl or in a box to refresh the environment.

An Indirect Approach – The No contact water Method

1. In this method, we do not contact the crystal with the water as the crystal would possibly dissolve in water and motive damage to you in case you drink the water.

2. Use separate containers (One big and one small) so that the larger vessel is filled with water and the crystal can be located in the smaller bowl.

3. Place the smaller bowl inside the water-stuffed larger container without allowing the water to enter the smaller container.

4. It avoids water from touching the crystal within the smaller vessel, inflicting any harm and maintaining the water pure from any toxic mineral that the crystal may launch.

5. Leave this set up overnight, in particular below the Full Moon. Keep this water in a glass bottle and use an elixir for drinking or spraying as you need.

Does Topaz fade in Sunlight?

High heat or unexpected temperature changes can reason breaks in Topaz. The gem’s color is generally intense to mild; however, prolonged exposure to warmness or sunlight might assert fading in yellow-to-brown, reddish-brown, or darkish-brown Topaz.

What are the Various methods for Cleansing And Charging Topaz?

1. Cleansing Gems with Water

It is a powerful way to cleanse them energetically; however, some do not have to be washed with water. It is essential to do a timely recharge and cleanse of your Topaz crystals to keep them at ideal performance.

2. Use Mild Cleaning Soap

Topaz is a quite strong stone and may be cleansed in running water or warm water with moderate cleaning soap. Always rinse off any cleaning soap afterward, and dry your crystal carefully with a tender material

3. Smudging

To recharge the energies of Topaz, you may use the smudging technique by passing your stone through the smoke of white sage and declaring your intentions for the stone. You can also reenergize Topaz using tingsha bells or similar contraptions and give your crystal a sound bathtub.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Topaz is a durable gemstone, so it will be able to stand up to most forms of cleansing and recharging ceremonies. The one technique we would endorse avoiding might be placing it in direct sunlight as Topaz has been recognized to fade.

5. Recharge with Full Moon

You can smudge with some smoke, and nighttime out below the Full Moon could be ideal for cleansing and recharging your Topaz.

Few Benefits of Topaz

Few Benefits of Topaz

Though Topaz has numerous advantages, we suggest a few significant factors.

  1. Topaz is a relaxing gemstone that may be used to calm anxieties and deal with depression.
  2. It can balance these emotions with wide temper swings, selling strength of mind.
  3. Topaz will let you express your thoughts and communicate appropriately in each work condition and intimate relationship – encouraging openness, forgiveness, and honesty with others.
  4. Topaz can assist in combating ingesting issues which include anorexia and bulimia.
  5. Topaz can lessen our stress degrees – an emotional gain to cause physical benefits.

Final Thoughts

  • To recharge the energies of Topaz, you could use the smudging method by way of passing your stone thru the smoke of white sage and putting forward your intentions for the stone. Because of the fragile nature of Topaz, it must not be immersed in water for any substantial period.
  • Exposure to chemical compounds (e.g., chlorine) contained in many cleaning products may harm Topaz. So do now not put on Topaz inside the bath, in the tub, or in swimming pools. Chlorine and other chemicals in the water not only affect the color of the gemstone, but other bath products like shampoo can accumulate in your ring and can damage the stone.
  • Regarding the cleaning method of your Topaz, do no longer use any special ornament cleaners as they include chemical compounds and acids regularly too harsh for this stone. Instead, merely soak it in a solution of slightly warm water and mild dish cleaning soap for 10 to 15 minutes alternatively.
  • Topaz is a fairly strong stone and can be cleaned in running water or warm water with a few mild cleaning soaps. Always rinse off any cleaning soap in a while, and dry your crystal carefully with a soft material.

Here in this post, we’ve given a few methods where you can still use the element of water but maintain your gemstones safe without any harm. We hope you got clarity on the relationship of Topaz with water.

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