Can Tourmaline Be in the Sun?

Most people seek the answer to can Tourmaline be in the Sun? And we have got all the answers you need. If you have a black tourmaline cluster, you need to be extra careful when placing it in the sun. In general, the ends of clusters grouped on many sides and angles should not be exposed to prolonged sunlight, as they may become hot, and in some cases, they may show signs of burns.

What is Tourmaline?

The term “tourmaline” refers to a broad category of boron silicate minerals. These minerals have a similar crystal structure and physical qualities, but their chemical makeup varies greatly. Tourmaline occurs in more hues and color combinations than any other mineral group due to crystals’ vast diversity of compositions and color zoning.

Tourmaline is one of the most popular gemstones globally, and it is the birthstone for October. Tourmaline is widely available at jewelry stores because of its appeal. Mineral specimen collectors prefer well-formed tourmaline crystals as well. Colorful specimens with unusual crystal formations may fetch thousands of dollars.

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What is the appearance of Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is available in a range of hues. Iron-rich Tourmaline is often black to bluish-black to deep brown. In contrast, magnesium-rich Tourmaline is brown to yellow, and lithium-rich Tourmaline can be practically any hue: blue, green, red, yellow, pink, etc. It is seldom colorless.

Can Tourmaline Be In The Sun?

This crystal structure, called crystal clusters, is fragile and can be damaged quickly, so exposing the black tourmaline clusters to the sun for too long can easily break your crystal. So, if you have a Black Tourmaline cluster, one hour of sunbathing will clean it up and refresh it with the most extraordinary vibratory energy.

Can Tourmaline Be In The Sun: Does it Glow in sunlight? 

Charging and cleaning the crystals with the sun’s energy is a revitalizing way to give your crystals new life, so you can always benefit from their healing power in the most powerful way possible.

Black Tourmaline is one of the essential crystals that work to protect you from negativity and electromagnetic energy.

One of the numerous crystals seen in sunlight is black Tourmaline. Sunbeams that are energizing work to charge this dark stone with great energy. You should be aware that extended exposure to direct sunshine might alter the stone’s surface; one hour of sunbathing is adequate.

can tourmaline be in the sun

Can Tourmaline be in the Sun: Does it Fade in sunlight?

It is best to expose black Tourmaline, as prolonged exposure to the sun will obscure the overall appearance of Tourmaline and cause it to lose its natural black luster.

Therefore, it is best to keep black Tourmaline in partially shaded areas to avoid any potent Tourmaline when exposing your crystals to sunlight.

The use of Tourmaline isn’t the only option to cleanse and charge this protecting black rock. You don’t have to use the sun to clean and charge your black tourmaline stone.

can tourmaline be in the sun : Starlight

Sometimes, when the outside is gloomy or when we feel disinterested and demotivated to we can expose black Tourmaline to sunlight. The person who effectively cleans and charges our stone has a calling Tourmaline are three energy purification alternative ways to clean black tourmaline stones.

Can Tourmaline be in the Sun: Dos and Don’ts

  • This post covers all the essential tips to help you refine and charge your black tourmaline crystals safely and effectively with the sun’s power. Black Tourmaline grows in the sun. Black Tourmaline works wonders in clearing and unlocking the energy blocks in your body and your living space. 
  • Therefore, cleaning and charging your block tourmaline needs to be constantly engaged with its powerful protective forces. Excessive exposure to sunlight is harmful. Typically, black crystals have protection from the sun.
  • So, the black tourmaline stone may be in the sun; there are no terrible signs that suggest you avoid keeping the stone in a place with a lot of sunlight.
  • Although it is best to expose black Tourmaline to the sun, you should always be aware that high-intensity sunlight can be harmful to your black tourmaline stones.
  • It is a general preservation rule for all crystals, as prolonged exposure to sunlight can completely change the appearance of your crystals, causing them to change color and break easily.
  • As a protective guide, you should always control the duration of exposure to sunlight.
  • A few hours (maximum one to two hours) of sunlight is sufficient to clean the black Tourmaline from the absorbed negative energies and charge it with the latest positive raw energy to benefit from its powerful vibrations. The amount of black Tourmaline is essential.

How long does Crystals Charge?

You can also charge the crystal using other crystals. You need to draw a circle using multiple crystals and place the crystal you want to charge in the circle’s center. Leave the crystal in the center of the circle for about 24 hours.

How do you Recharge Tourmaline?

can tourmaline be in the sun : How to recharge

It is beneficial for protective stones like black Tourmaline. You can start by filling a bowl with dry brown rice and pressing your stone under the grain. Dispose of the rice immediately after cleaning, as the rice will absorb the energy you are trying to disperse.

A great way to cleanse and recharge your block tourmaline is to keep it in direct sunlight for at least two hours. When the sun is at its peak, place your crystal directly on the ground to illuminate it. It is essential to keep the ground so that the negative energy from the crystal can go into the ground.

can tourmaline be in the sun : How to clean the Tourmaline

Does the sun clean and charge the crystals?

Again, if your crystals are not sensitive to light or water, you can dip them crystal in a bowl of sea salt and water and then place them in bright sunlight. The sun activates the cleaning water further, and when the stone is clear, sunlight starts charging the stone.

How long should I keep my crystals in the sun?

Keep them on the windowsill for 30 minutes during the day (even on a cloudy day), and the sun will do the job. Some people like to charge their crystals in the full moon’s light, but not everyone thinks it is powerful enough to charge a single crystal.

How to tell if a Black Tourmaline is natural or not?

Black Tourmaline is very tough. If you are unsure about whether your stone is Tourmaline, try a scratch test. A very sharp needle can scratch hard plastic, but not Tourmaline. If the needle quickly leaves a mark on the stone, that stone cannot be said to be a genuine black tourmaline.

Is it okay to put Black Tourmaline in water?

Due to its ability to absorb electromagnetic frequencies, you must keep Tourmaline near electronics or computers. Using salt water overnight, rinsing Tourmaline, and soaking it in the sun once a month is one the effective ways to clean black Tourmaline.

How you clean raw Tourmaline soapy water is a perfect way to clean up the Tourmaline must; However, ultrasonic and steam cleaners are not preferred.

How do you clean Tourmaline stones?

Because it absorbs electromagnetic waves, you should keep Tourmaline away from electronics and computers. One of the easiest methods to clean black Tourmaline is to soak it in salt water overnight, rinse it with water, and sun it once a month.

Sage To Cleanse Tourmaline

Sage is a sacred method that cleanses black Tourmaline without absorbing irrational vibrations, restores its mighty protective power, and purifies the energy of Tourmaline to be cheerful and calm.

To start cleaning your crystals, start by opening the windows to let out the smoke generated by the sage.

You should burn the tip of the sage and start directing the smoke towards your black tourmaline crystal, imagining the negative energy stored by your stone evaporating along with the smoke and Tourmaline in the air. Let the smoke remain for about 30 seconds around the black Tourmaline.

can tourmaline be in the sun : Starlight to cleanse

Use Starlight To Cleanse Tourmaline

Starlight Cleansing and Charging Option is the safest method that keeps Black Tourmaline safe from any potential damage. Starlight is a natural gift of exceptional cleansing that restores black Tourmaline to its powerful clearing and balancing powers. You can put your crystal on your window at night and soak in the natural light of the stars overnight.

Use Earth To Cleanse Tourmaline

Placing black Tourmaline crystals directly on the ground is a deep cleansing method that absorbs all negative vibrations.

Because it is a powerful grinding stone, black Tourmaline works in response to the powerful forces of Mother Earth. In the presence of Tourmaline, black Tourmaline regains its refining and protective properties.

You can place your crystals directly on the ground, in your garden, or in your plant pot and keep them overnight or for 10 to 12 hours. After that, gently wipe off the dirt or debris stuck with a dry cloth. 

can tourmaline be in the sun : Earth to cleanse Tourmaline


Although Black Tourmaline is one of several crystals that has Tourmaline, we must exercise caution when exposing it to the sun’s powerful rays. Keeping Tourmaline in the sun for lengthy periods damages the crystal and causes it to appear faded and damaged.

So, the safest approach to charge and cleanse Tourmaline with the sun is to limit the exposure duration; one to two hours is more than enough to cleanse and charge your crystal.