Caribbean Calcite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Spiritual wisdom, Transformation, and Understanding of our Emotions are all aided by Caribbean Calcite. Caribbean Calcite promotes the attainment of purposeful existence, self-awareness, and the beginning of a path towards ultimate self-discovery. It helps in assisting us in accessing our inner vision and communicating with our higher selves. 

The following article will cover all the essential facts including the Meaning and Healing Benefits of Caribbean Calcite.

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Caribbean Calcite

What is Caribbean Calcite?

Caribbean calcite crystal is a stunning crystal with soft blue, white, and pink hues that imitate the colors of a Caribbean beach. 

What is Caribbean Calcite

Its soft hues and gentle waving lines reveal its calming and healing properties. 

How to Identify a Caribbean Calcite?

The blue components of Caribbean Calcite resemble the sea, while the white and brown inclusions evoke images of beach sand. Many high-grade Caribbean Calcite objects have a similar hue to Larimar. 

How to identify a Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean Calcite Cuts

Caribbean Calcite cut polished base pieces are a great addition to a light-themed alter. With each of these stones having their unique characteristics with the way they are shaped, they are bound to grab your eyes’ attention.

In addition, the unique bright coloring helps these to stand out from your collection and provide a nice soothing vibe over the area. Caribbean Calcite would make a great gift to any crystal or mineral collector.

Caribbean Calcite Shapes

Each Caribbean Calcite specimen is unique. Minor shades of royal blue to strong aqua colors are possible in the color palette. Various spirals, bars, and rings may include traces of lime green with a white Aragonite speck.

Calcite from the Caribbean has a high-end feel. The azure pieces resemble the sea, while the white specks resemble beach sand. 

Manufacturers offer accessories, ornaments, interior design components, figurines, sculptures, and other products in addition to the multiple Caribbean Calcite crystals with a color similar to Larimar. 

Where is Caribbean Calcite Found?

Caribbean Calcite has a distinctive gorgeous color and appearance, which has made it a very popular crystal in recent years. This species is found in Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Iceland. 

Where is Caribbean Calcite Found

Most Caribbean Calcite Towers are usually believed to be from Pakistan, which shares a shoreline with the Arabian Sea.

On the other hand, Caribbean Calcite does not appear to come from the Caribbean. Instead, it was first found in Pakistan. 

Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Caribbean Calcite can calm the spirit, enhance inner vision, and raise awareness. In addition, it has powerful relaxing therapeutic properties with psychological comfort and peace; one may make it through life. 

Caribbean Calcite Stone Meaning

Caribbean Calcite comes in various colors, from marine hues to light beige and khaki.

This gemstone has a special pattern and emits restful frequencies and restful and healing properties that may be felt simply by looking at it. 

Caribbean Calcite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Caribbean Calcite comes in a rainbow of colors that range from sea blue to white to tan to brown.  

This stone has unique visual patterns and emits calming vibrations, and Caribbean Calcite has healing and soothing energies that can be felt just by looking at it. 

Light Blue Calcite, White Aragonite, and Light Brown Aragonite are the three basic components of Caribbean Calcite, each with its own set of properties that are combined to create the stone’s strength:

 Light Blue Calcite

  • Blue Calcite is considered a very protective stone, projecting strong energy around you and protecting you against negativity. It assists you in opening up, channels your natural talents, and activates your mind. 
  • As a result, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents may sometimes offer it to younger friends or family members.
  • Some people think that blue Calcite may help you increase your telepathic ability and, at the very least, heighten your awareness and control the ability to strengthen your inner vision. 

 White Argonite

  • The Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra are linked through White Aragonite, which is also known as Cave Calcite.
  • Meditating with this stone may help to enhance spiritual development, directing energy into the lower chakras and elevating the body’s energetic vibration. 
  • It’s grounding, strengthening patience, and assisting you to release issues from the past and concerns in the present.
  • For someone who lacks self-control or wants to get through some stagnation in their spiritual or personal development, the stabilizing energy of Aragonite may be helpful. 
  • Some people have reported receiving physical assistance in conjunction with the application of Aragonite, claiming that its capacity to boost body vibrational energies may aid with physical healing.
  • For example, white Aragonite can help speed up recovery from nerve damage and even broken bones. 

 Brown Aragonite

  • Also commonly known as Iron Bloom, this soft brown stone is commonly used by individuals amid profound emotional healing work.
  • It connects to the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra and is a stabilizing crystal. When everything appears to be upside down, it is a calming crystal that assists the user in finding a stable location to stand. 
  • Grieving individuals and others who require deep emotional repair often utilize Brown Aragonite. Thanks to this unique crystal’s patience, the user may also move through their grief healthily, rather than denying it or allowing it to define them. 
  • Brown Aragonite is intimately related to the Earth and Storm elements and the astrological sign of Capricorn. The number 9 also resonates with selflessness, soul meaning, and purpose.

It is a strong crystal that may assist with concentration, multitasking, and seeing one’s purpose in life when combined with the grounding properties of white Aragonite. 

These three crystals join to create something extremely unique. This stone develops a distinct, strong composition because these features are amplified and strengthened. 

It has a tranquilizing effect that can help anybody in any circumstance. Caribbean Calcite may provide a much-needed respite of calmness whether you’re grieving, feeling lost and uncertain about your life, or living a hectic schedule. 

Caribbean Calcite Crystal Properties

Caribbean Calcite helps us live in the moment by encouraging us to be patient. 

Caribbean Calcite assists us in accessing our inner vision and connecting to our higher selves to acquire a feeling of meaning, a true feeling of self, and embark on a quest for ultimate self-awareness. 

Caribbean Calcite Healing Properties

Caribbean Calcite Healing Properties

Caribbean Calcite Helps Ease Stress

  • We weren’t designed for lives of busy and hectic schedules, though we live in the era of speedy life. Caribbean Calcite provides a soothing relaxation to the mind as well as the body.
  • Caribbean Calcite soothes your thoughts, banishing any concerns you may be having, much like the calm waves of the Caribbean sea.
  • The breezy energy of Caribbean Calcite is said to enfold the aura, filtering out harmful energy that might harm one’s tranquility among many people who work with it. 
  •  A breath of fresh air may enter your day and week if you connect with Caribbean Calcilte’s energy. It may bring peace, purity, and excitement to your life. 

 Caribbean Calcite For Emotional Healing 

Calcite helps to alleviate emotional anxieties, sadness, and stress, as well as cleanses our surroundings and aids in the purification of our environment. 

In addition, it also aids in the relief of negative feelings since it is also called the Stone of Emotional Healing. 

 Promotes Self Awareness and Enlightenment

  • When it comes to building healthy relationships, it encourages self-awareness, which is a crucial ability.
  • In addition, it is often associated with positive energy, allowing us to communicate better, maintain healthy emotions, and strengthen our connections with friends. 
  • With a better understanding of self, we’re more compassionate and empathetic towards others and ourselves, making Caribbean Calcite a useful stone for self-introspection. 

Heals Past Shame and Hurt

  • A Caribbean Calcite stone emits liberating energy that is perfect for anyone who feels bound by their anxiety or judges themselves for their past actions. 
  • The Caribbean Calcite purges the air of inharmonic frequencies, leaving us with a light, cool, and peaceful disposition.
  • We will be inspired by this new sense of freedom to let go of whatever prevents us from achieving our goals.
  • Meditating with this stone or carrying it with you to help you release the things we tie ourselves up with; everything will melt away in the presence of this stone, and the path will seem clear. 

Caribbean Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Caribbean Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Elevate consciousness

Many people Personally have found Caribbean Calcite to be an incredibly powerful crystal because it can elevate consciousness, activate psychic abilities, and clear negative and self-destructive thoughts. 

Deep Focus 

Additionally, it can help to improve focus and concentration and enhance the total feeling of knowing oneself and connecting you to your inner truth.

Enhancing Life 

If you’re interested in using Caribbean Calcite to enhance your life, we suggest visiting a reputed store or retailer selling crystals and jewelry. They can help you to choose the most effective crystals for your needs and will guide you in how to work with them.

Manifest Your Reality

It opens you to creativity and spiritual enlightenment when working with this lovely soft blue stone. It helps in focus and gives clarity to that block your joy of life.

This crystal stabilizes the aura, increasing manifestation. 

Lucid Dreaming With Caribbean Calcite 

  • It can enhance the perspective of your dreams and is an additional power source to aid lucid dreaming and astral travel.
  • Known as the stone of emotional intelligence, 
  • Caribbean Blue Calcite has a great ability to build a clear and harmonious bridge of awareness between your emotions and your intellect. In addition, it reportedly brings a bright energy to help one make timely decisions without feeling rushed. 

Caribbean Calcite Benefits

  1. Said to be very calming, this stone is thought to help with sleep problems and issues, including anxiety, depression, and overactive brains. It is a newcomer to the crystal realm.
  2. While little is known about the stone’s crystal healing capabilities, it is thought to have a strongly calming energy that calms its user’s mind.
  3. As a result, Caribbean Calcite may be able to assist with sleep difficulties and nightmares.
  4. There is a connection between this blue stone, the Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. In addition to enhancing psychic abilities, it enables lucid dreaming and astral travel.
  5.  It may help you develop inner sight and clairvoyance, as well as make you more sensitive to the ideas of others. It may also boost telepathy and psychic communication in the Caribbean Calcite. 

Among the numerous benefits Few of the main benefits of this crystal are:

  • Treats Anxiety disorders
  • Induces calmness
  • Promotes Better sleep
  • Helps with Lucid dreaming
  • Aids in Elevated consciousness

Caribbean Calcite Benefits Spirituality

Spiritual awakening, change, and emotional understanding are all aided by Caribbean Calcite. In addition, Caribbean Calcite assists us in accessing our inner vision and connection. 

Among the main benefits of this crystal are rewarding with our higher selves, thus allowing us to attain a sense of purpose and true self and embark on a journey of ultimate self-discovery. 

Caribbean Calcite & Feng Shui

  • Caribbean Blue Calcite is a rare combination of minerals, including sky blue Calcite and brown and white Aragonite elements.
  • Caribbean Blue Calcite enhances the ability to channel your psychic abilities, helping elevate your consciousness as it resonates very well with your third eye and crown chakra.
  • As a result, it gives our physical body a greater feeling of peace and tranquility, allowing us to ascend more readily to higher vibrations. With this amazing crystal, you can gain unlimited information about yourself and your future. 

Caribbean Calcite Birthstone

Caribbean Calcite is a meditative stone that helps us cope with our current reality.

It connects to Taurus’s hardheadedness and Libra’s calming appeal. 

It enables relaxation while also stimulating periods of calm and meditation. Caribbean Calcite opens and activates the crown chakra and Third Eye chakra meridian.

Caribbean Calcite Chakras

Caribbean Calcite Chakras

  • A Perfect crystal for Healing all the Blocked Chakras.
  • Aragonite steadies us while Blue Calcite eliminates harmful energies.
  • You may sense their combined energy filtering the energy of your Chakras and elevating your body’s vibrations when these two energetic powerhouses combine. 
  • Use this stone during guided Chakra meditation to release blockages and feel lighter, freer, and more energized after the session. 
  • It’s a grounding gemstone that boosts our confidence in our intuition and increases our capacity to rebound from failures.
  • When controlling and cleansing all systems, Calcite relieves feelings of frustration and substitutes them with a sense of calm. 
  •  The calm vibration of Caribbean Calcite is ideal for therapy and recovery after a wide range of ailments.
  • Caribbean Calcite is said to relieve symptoms of all degrees, boost overall health, and benefit the Throat Chakra by removing obstructions and stored emotions that are causing you suffering. 

Caribbean Calcite Uses

Inner-childlike joy, passion, and harmony flow more easily when Caribbean Calcite removes poisonous and negative blockages. It reduces stress with more compassion and empathy.

Uses of Caribbean Calcite

This is a fantastic crystal to strengthen your relationships and communicate more effectively. It strengthens your soul tribe’s bond by making you more aware of the negative energies. 

This gemstone can help you see life as a source of limitless potential for learning, growth, and success which allows you to adopt a positive perspective that encourages you to try and achieve your goals by relying on yourself. 

Wearing Caribbean Calcite

  • The calming effect of Caribbean Blue Calcite is mild yet effective, with a delicate but forceful nature.
  • Caribbean Calcite is a superb healing energetic tool for gaining more enhanced understanding, perception, better insight, and knowledge. The Third Eye and Crown Chakras are connected to it. 
  • By wearing Caribbean Calcite, you can encourage yourself to dig deeper into your ideas and escape the detrimental effects that prevent you from appreciating the lovely things in life. 
  •  The gorgeous and fascinating moments in life, which is a vital life technique for attracting more things to be joyful for, are encouraged by Caribbean Blue Calcite, such as the gorgeous hues of the Caribbean Sea.

Caribbean Calcite at Home and Work

Place a gemstone that promotes an ambition you’d want to develop, such as Caribbean Calcite, in your meditation space near the corner of the house. 

You will be encouraged by the gemstone’s energy if you take a moment to pay attention to this area of your home. 

Spiritual Growth with Caribbean Calcite

  • Caribbean Calcite is the gemstone of spiritual enlightenment, change, and social competence.  
  • Caribbean Calcite allows us to attain our spiritual viewpoint and connect with our greater spirits, resulting in a sense of fulfillment, genuine personal identity, and continuing on a path of ultimate self-discovery. 
  • As we grow awareness, understanding, and imagination, Caribbean Calcite assists us in accessing our talents. It is a beneficial gemstone for new beginnings and professional growth. 

People and Relationships

Caribbean Calcite gives off ideal freeing energy for those who feel constrained by their worries or judge themselves for things they’ve done in the past. 

Caribbean Calcite is ideal for individuals who wish to live in the present and appreciate each moment as it arrives. It allows us to acknowledge our value and begin each day with a new attitude without the dread of getting stuck. 

Living in the Present 

Letting go of the things that bind you is easy with this stone. Meditate with this stone or carry it with you. 

Caribbean Calcite is ideal for individuals who want to live in the moment and appreciate each moment as it arrives. It allows us to recognize our value and start each day with a new attitude, free of fear of getting stuck in the past. 

Using Caribbean Calcite for Meditation

  • Meditate with this stone if you’re contemplating something or holding yourself back from advancing in love, life, or your job. Everything else will fade away when this stone is present, and the path will appear clear.
  • Hold and rub your Caribbean Calcite in your hands if you’re stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. Let the breezy energy of the stone wash over you like a pleasant wave of optimism and calm.
  • Focus on the fact that this stone wants to help you and put your interests first.
  • Hold the meditation in your hands while you focus on healing your Chakras if you meditate on a regular basis. 
  • Let your Root Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra get aligned and connected. Allow yourself to relax as your self-worth returns to you. 
  • Repeat this to help you recall the bigger picture when you’re restless, irritated, and out of sorts. 
  • Imagine a gentle and cool wave of easy happiness washing over you while you meditate with Caribbean Calcite. 

How do you Care for Caribbean Calcite?

This mineral is extremely delicate and breakable, with a Mohs hardness of 3. Therefore, it should be handled carefully so as not to scrub the crystal surface, or else it may get damaged by rubbing it hard. 

So gently wipe it with a piece of soft fabric after cleaning it with a little water. 

When to Cleanse Caribbean Calcite?

When cleaning Caribbean Calcite, care should be taken since it is not as hard as other crystals. If the stone has accumulated dust, it may be washed in water and then immediately wiped with a delicate cloth. 

By smudging your crystals or using Selenite, you can remove any negative energy and recharge and cleanse Caribbean Calcite. 

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How to Recharge Your Caribbean Calcite?

  1. It would help if you wash your Caribbean Calcite regularly, and using fresh or salty water to do so may harm the gemstone.
  2. Sage smoking, brown rice, or Selenite are the best options for purification. 
  3. Placing the Caribbean Calcite in the Moonlight provides excellent energy for recharging and energizing the crystal. In addition, the delicate and powerful energies of the Moon can cleanse the crystals. 

What is Caribbean Calcite Activation Process?

Caribbean Calcite Activation process

Before you begin using your stone, activating Caribbean Calcite by exposing it to the sun for at least an hour is vital. This will help activate the Caribbean Calcite and emit a beneficial vibration that may also improve your life. 

Programming Caribbean Calcite

  • When you’re putting in the effort, agitated, or nervous, keep Caribbean Calcite in your palms and massage it to communicate with it and help it feel light and carefree. 
  • Concentrate on the notion that this gemstone seeks to aid you and protect your greatest interest. 
  • When you’re feeling overactive, restless, or imbalanced, practice this; it’ll help you recall the bigger picture and bring you closer to reality. 
  • Likewise, when your identity returns to where it was at conception, use this and it’ll assist you in recalling the greater context and pull you back to earth. 
  • Imagine a significant surge of effortless delight cascading over you as you relax with Caribbean Calcite. 

How much is Caribbean Calcite worth?

Depending on the size and shape of the raw Caribbean Calcite tumble, it might cost $5.09 to $13.19. This is the price as of this writing. 

What determines its price and value?

Because of the color and minerals inside, many miners and crafters will have a high yield on investment. Caribbean Calcite is an uncommon combination of minerals, including sky blue Calcite and brown and white Aragonite elements. 

Caribbean Calcite Impact

This stone is very beneficial for meditation and getting yourself out of your body. In addition, it has an extremely calming effect on the mind. 

A calming stone, Caribbean Calcite encourages us to live in the present moment. 

It is a beneficial stone For New beginnings and personal development. 

Does Caribbean Calcite make a good Jewelry stone?

Yes, It makes a good jewelry stone because Caribbean Calcite brings guidance and focus. In addition, it can release energy blockages and aid in elevating your consciousness.

Caribbean Calcite Real vs Fake

Only Pakistan is home to pistachio calcite, which is a relatively recent discovery. Real Calcite is a rare mineral with distinctive features that makes it simple to tell apart from fakes. Real Calcite is a widely distributed mineral that can be found in all kinds of rocks and settings. 

Calcite seldom has synthetic fakes, owing to its widespread nature. Instead, most other natural minerals are mistakenly referred to as Calcite. 

The Key distinctions between genuine and fake Caribbean Calcite are True Caribbean Calcite should be UV reactive. 

  • The genuine Caribbean calcite double refraction phenomena.
  • Its rhombohedral crystal form.
  • Faultless cleavage in three dimensions.
  • In addition, real Caribbean

Calcite glows under UV light, whereas other mineral fakes do not. Other mineral fakes, on the other hand, do not react with weak acids. 

Summary of Caribbean Calcite Crystal

Name of Crystal Caribbean Calcite
Other Names Caribbean Blue Calcite or Ocean Blue Calcite
Origin(s) Pakistan
Color(s) Subtle shades of sky blue to bright, Vibrant aqua hues.
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Formation Combination of blue calcite, white Aragonite, and light brown Aragonite.
Majorly Found at Pakistan
Zodiac Suited for Cancer, Taurus, Libra, and Pisces
Healing Properties Frees mental energy from toxic and negative blockages.
Health Benefits Relief from stress and anxiety
Types of Crystal
Uses Promotes restful sleep and Lucid dreaming.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 3
Real Glows under UV light
Fake Fakes do not Glow under UV light


Is blue Aragonite the same as Caribbean Calcite?

Caribbean Blue Calcite and Aragonite Calcite are chemically identical (calcium carbonate). Calcium Carbonate usually crystalizes as Calcite, but surprisingly it forms Aragonite in seawater.

Is Caribbean blue Calcite rare?

Caribbean Calcite comprises a rare combination of minerals, including sky-blue Calcite and brown and white Aragonite.

Is Caribbean Calcite good for sleep?

It is thought to help us relax into a more restful condition, allowing us to forget about anxiety and fear. 

Is Caribbean Calcite Larimar?

Larimar is a pectolite, unlike quartz, which is a very common white or colorless mineral that tends to be dyed to resemble other gemstones. Caribbean Calcite resembles Larimar.

What is Caribbean calcite for?

Caribbean Calcite is a calming gemstone that helps to have an Emotional balance even in the toughest situations. It also relieves stress and anxiety. 

How do you care for Caribbean Calcite?

The best possible way to cleanse and recharge your gemstone is to place it in a Selenite basin.

Where is Caribbean Calcite most commonly found?

The new stone took the crystal world by storm in 2019, and Pakistan is the only place on Earth where Caribbean Calcite is mined.