Chicken Bloodstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Chicken Bloodstone is a highly valued ornamental substance in China, particularly for use in intricate carvings and seals. Chicken Bloodstone is a fine-grained combination of dicalite/kaolinite and quartz with various levels of red cinnabar. It is found only in two places in China: Chunghua and Balinyouqi.

chicken bloodstone

What is Chicken Bloodstone?

What is Chicken-Blood Stone

Chicken-Blood Stone is a rock made up of dicalite, kaolinite, quartz, and cinnabar. Rich in cinnabar and semi-translucent to a translucent, Chicken-Blood Stone of gem quality. The body may be white, yellow, or gray. It can be various combinations of microcrystalline dicalite and kaolinite with solitary spots, long stripes, or clusters of dark to bright red deposits.

Some specimens are entirely blood red because they contain so much cinnabar. The translucent stone is known as a dong in China, and specimens are classified as white dong, yellow dong, or gray dong.

How to identify a Chicken Bloodstone?

The first identifying factor for stones is their physical properties. Chicken-Blood Stones get their name from the brilliant crimson splotches of color that resemble freshly drawn chicken blood.

The basic colors of this material are red, black, white, yellow, green, blue, gray, and purple. These colors merge or combine in various layers. Some specimens might just have red in them. The base rock, or dong, has translucent body hues that can be white, yellow, or gray.

Where is the Chicken Bloodstone Found?

Chicken-Blood Stone is a unique and popular carving material found in China. It is also known as Changhua stone or Balinyouqi stone after the only Chinese sources, which are located in Changhua, Zhejiang Province, and Balin Yuqi, Inner Mongolia’s Autonomous Region.

Chicken-Blood Stone is a fine-grained blend of diclzite/lzaolinite and quartz with various amounts of minute crystals of cinnabar that impart the color. Although this ornamental substance has been transported throughout Asia and is particularly well-liked in Southeast Asia, Changhua, and Balinyouqi are currently the only sources that are known to have it.

Chicken Bloodstone Stone Meaning

The color red has long been associated with luck in China. As a result, Chinese people frequently present red seals made of Chicken-Blood Stone to honor significant events like marriages, anniversaries, promotions, and other achievements. Although jade, including jadeite and nephrite, is highly treasured, the Chicken-Blood Stone is widely regarded as a more potent anti-evil talisman.

The red portion of Chicken Chicken-Blood Stone is made from natural cinnabar. It provides us with luck and blessings in addition to safeguarding us from evil. From the Ching Dynasty onward, Chicken Chicken-Blood Stone gained notoriety as a sealing substance that may be used as a decorating stone, a seal cutting stone, and a fortunate charm that can ward off evil. As a result, individuals are currently collecting stones made from chicken blood.

Chicken Bloodstone Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

One of the most popular pastimes in ancient Chinese culture has long been the practice of sealing. The Chicken Chicken-Blood Stone has been recognized as one of the most significant stones in the history of sealing. It was discovered in China’s Changhua county’s Lian district and is known as one of the most unique stones used for seal carving.

The color and natural-appearing design of Chicken Chicken-Blood Stone attracted attention. Instead of highlighting its natural beauty, other sealing stamps concentrated on its manufactured work. Therefore, in terms of the art of sealing, Chicken Chicken-Blood Stone has been regarded as having the most realistic appearance.

A Chicken Chicken-Blood Stone was discovered in 1368 AD during the Ming Dynasty. Since then, people have been accustomed to eating chicken Chicken-Blood Stones. Empires often employed Chicken Chicken-Blood Stone throughout the Ching Dynasty, particularly between 1736 and 1795 AD.

In addition to using it as a decorating stone, the Ching Dynasty also employed Chicken Chicken-Blood Stone for carving seals. Since then, Chicken Chicken-Blood Stone has emerged as one of the most prized stones for use in seal carving and ornamentation.

Chicken Bloodstone Crystal Properties

Chicken-Blood Stone Crystal Properties

Chicken Blood Stones can also be white, gray, brown, yellow, or black in addition to red. There may be patches, streaks, or zones made up of these colors. The chicken’s Chicken-Blood Stone has a Mohs hardness rating of about 3, though this might vary depending on the rock’s specific makeup.

It has a sub-adamantine to pearly sheen and ranges from semi-translucent to translucent. The best material is thought to be translucent. Red jasper, a type of silicon dioxide-containing quartz, can resemble chicken’s Chicken-Blood Stones in appearance. Jasper’s crimson color is typically brought on by iron oxide, not cinnabar, like Chicken-Blood Stone.

Red is considered a lucky color in China, denoting riches, wealth, and joy. In reality, red is thought to bring luck, therefore the bride and groom in traditional Chinese marriages wear red, and red decorations are utilized at Chinese New Year. Therefore, because of its vivid red color, the chicken’s Chicken-Blood Stone is regarded as a fortunate stone that serves as an excellent amulet or gift.

Chicken Bloodstone Healing Properties

Physical Healing

It is not surprising that the Chicken-Blood Stone is most effective for promoting health and well-being when it comes to matters involving the blood and its lovely circulation. You feel strength coursing through your veins as soon as you catch a glimpse of blood-red colors.

This stone is well-known for its iron-rich connection to the life energy that flows through all of us, increasing blood flow to the bone marrow and even raising the purifying levels in your blood. This precious stone can assist and strengthen your immune system for people who experience any type of blood-related issues or trauma.

Due to its capacity to give both mother and child strength, courage, and vigor during a major event, it is also a stone that is frequently utilized when dealing with childbirth. This stone is wonderful at balancing out menstruation troubles, getting your cycle back on track, and sorting through issues that develop due to hormones and PMS because it is in touch with everything associated with blood.

Emotional Healing

On the battlefield, this stone has traditionally been given as a reward to fighters and heroes. It helps by giving you a sense of security and self-assurance that you can never be shaken from.

We suddenly learn to make fantastic decisions and put those blossoms of lovely self-worth into bloom when we stand tall in our authority. For anyone who thinks they have encountered abandonment, loneliness, and bullying-related stress throughout their lives.

This stone is a turbocharger for emotional resilience, restoring your connection with the world past your windows and allowing you to channel your confidence and perseverance into a greater purpose.

Chicken-Blood Stone functions as a fascinating mood stabilizer as well as a powerful energy booster and soul-brightener. It feels like someone shot caffeine directly into your soul when our bodies are thumping more forcefully and when our emotional value is rising. Your entire being is infused with a new vitality, and you can focus all of your life-giving energy in the desired direction.

Chicken Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties

In Chicken-Blood Stone, the focus is primarily on addressing the lower chakras.  Your root chakra is where the Chicken-Blood Stone makes the strongest connection with you.

The root chakra may be compared to our safety net. It’s how we maintain our position despite the winds around us because it keeps us anchored, firmly planted, and acts like the root of a tree. Chicken-Blood Stone not only enhances that connection with the root chakra wonderfully, but it also has amazing effects on the heart chakra.

Our capacity to open ourselves up, our ability to love and trust, and all of these qualities are located in the heart chakra. When we remove these impediments, we find ourselves in a place of immense healing: open-hearted, quick to rejoice, and always willing to stand inside the sunlight of everything that the wilder universe has to offer.

Chicken-Blood Stone clears the pollution of negative energy, indicates stress and irritability are gone, and offers a smooth energy flow drenched in good fortune.

Chicken Bloodstone Benefits

When you are experiencing emotional turmoil, Chicken-Blood Stone is among the most beneficial stones.

  • Chicken-Blood Stone can assist you in getting back up after being knocked down if you feel like you are continually being prodded.
  • It can act as a prompt to consider how crucial courage and insight are. And when you are having a hard time improving yourself, it can still be helpful.
  • Using Chicken-Blood Stone can assist you in getting past the idea that your good deeds aren’t having any impact and that people are just treating you unfairly to allow you to carry on with your good deeds.
  • It is also a helpful stone if you are feeling disoriented and overpowered. especially when weighed down by a variety of emotional issues and other people’s emotional requirements.
  • When you begin to overextend yourself, a Chicken-Blood Stone might provide you with a little boost of mental energy. Additionally, it may serve as a reminder to you of the value of careful, thoughtful self-care.

Chicken Bloodstone Benefits Spirituality

Chicken-Blood Stone is a symbol of bravery, discernment, great sacrifice, and selflessness. It encourages the desire for self-awareness in the person to become more like Christ and aids in integrating one’s true spirituality into daily life in a grounded and authentic way. It is also a mystic stone, bringing insights and spiritual intuition into truths beyond conventional comprehension.

Chicken-Blood Stone roots and safeguards the soul on a number of levels, enhancing intuition, clearing mental haze, and keeping out the negativity and unwanted forces. It is known as a shape-shifting stone because the colors of its stones can transform depending on the light, which teaches one to cross worlds invisibly and traverse many realms.

One of its most significant applications has been to enter the ancestors’ spiritual worlds in order to cure the ancestral line. It enables one to live in the present moment without being constrained by the past by eliminating negative patterns.

Chicken Bloodstone & Feng Shui

Chicken-Blood Stone & Feng Shui

It Activates Zhen, the Area of New Beginnings

The Zhen section of the feng shui bagua, generally referred to as New Beginnings or Family, is associated with starting new initiatives. A lot of times, to jump-start something new in your life, it’s first important to remove any obstacles and blocked energies so that you can proceed forward toward confidence and purpose.

If you’re beginning something new, you could wish to put a Chicken-Blood Stone in your home’s Zhen position to help you get through any barriers holding you from moving forward and to boost your motivation.

The best way to locate Zhen is to picture your house or bedroom as a three-by-three grid. Zhen will be the center left area of the grid when you’re facing inside your home or bedroom.

It Activates Dui, the Area of Completion  

Dui, also known as Completion or Children, is located across from Zhen on the bagua map. Starting new tasks might be simple, but maintaining the motivation to see them through can be challenging. If this is an issue for you, you should consider activating your home’s Dui area.

The same grid might be placed over your house or bedroom to help you locate Dui. The grid’s right center corner will be designated as Dui. Try putting a Chicken-Blood Stone here to help you stay focused on your endeavor and tenacious in your efforts to achieve your goals.

It Activates Tai Qi, the Area of Health

The Tai Qi, which is located in the bagua map’s center, is a symbol of general health. Since it is at the center, every bagua area around it is affected. This is a particularly fundamental issue because your wellness impacts all aspects of your life. It may be beneficial to consider Tai Qi if you’re experiencing a sense of unease.

Chicken-Blood Stone can be particularly helpful in Tai Qi since it is a grounding, calming stone that strongly encourages us to be in the present. Placing a Chicken-Blood Stone here to sustain your intentions of strength, centering, and grounding will help to energize this area of your home.

It Activates Li, the Area of Recognition

The Li section of the bagua, also known as Fame or Recognition, is linked to the fire element. Fire is associated with fervor, creativity, and visibility. The fifth element, fire, is the most yang, or active, of the five. Chicken-Blood Stone is associated with the fire element due to its red particles.

Chicken-Blood Stone is associated with the element of wood since it contains the color green as well. Wood and fire components are helpful in the Li position because they both feed each other in the five-component cycle.

If your home is built out in a three-by-three grid, you can find Li standing at the front entrance and facing inside. The distant center of your home will be there. Try setting a Chicken-Blood Stone in the Li position to draw out additional fire elemental attributes like inspiration and visibility.

Chicken Bloodstone Birthstone

The Chicken-Blood Stone, which has long been associated with the sign of Aries, is all about fostering and bolstering that delicate burst of uplifting energy that defines Aries. Being a fire sign, Aries people might be bursting with leadership potential and perhaps have more than a hint of blazing passion.

Chicken-Blood Stone acts by making sure that Aries don’t lose their balance when flying high on their surge of bravery. Aries are known for taking the direct route, which can make them a little irritable at times. However, Chicken-Blood Stone keeps Aries grounded and linked to their hearts, making them more receptive to others’ needs for alternate paths and more willing to be patient and compassionate with them.

It is well known that Pisces has a strong connection to higher thought and have a bright interest in spirituality. Chicken-Blood Stone is a lovely amulet to keep close to Pisces since it keeps them grounded and able to maintain a realistic perspective rather than drifting into creative approaches to thinking.

Chicken Bloodstone Chakras

Chicken-Blood Stone Chakras

Chicken-Blood Stone is a powerful healing stone that is used to cleanse and reconnect the chakras with the heart. It is beneficial to balance the entire body to alleviate any discomfort or worry caused by the re-alignment of this energy.

The Root and Heart Chakras are highly stimulated by Chicken-Blood Stone. You might experience control or control in a relationship whenever the Heart Chakra is not in harmony. You might also start to berate people for their minor faults. 

The Root Chakra, positioned at the bottom of the spine, governs the energies for physical sensation and movement. It serves as the body’s fundamental source of both physical and spiritual vitality. When the body is out of equilibrium, the symptoms include tiredness, low levels of activity, lack of excitement, and a need for regular stimulation. Red crystal energy is used to eliminate obstructions and rebalance the Root Chakra. This can give us a sense of power again.

What are the uses of Chicken Bloodstone?

Introducing Chicken-Blood Stone into your life means welcoming balance, a positive outlook, bravery, and absolute emotional confidence. You will benefit whether you want to welcome Chicken-Blood Stone into your house through Feng Shui or a crystal shrine, or whether you prefer to respect the stone by wearing exquisite stone bracelets or other amulets of jewelry. You can maximize Chicken-Blood Stone’s magical abilities by doing the following:

Home & Office 

When you incorporate Chicken-Blood Stone into your Feng Shui practice, the power of the stone can permeate every area of your home. Chicken-Blood Stone’s capacity to thoroughly secure a space ranks among its most crucial capabilities. The Chicken-Blood Stone shields your home from bad energy in a manner akin to the potent protective properties of stones like Black Tourmaline and Hematite.

Chicken-Blood Stone has multiple strengths. It not only confers protective abilities but also gives the area a potent invigorating vibe. Chicken-Blood Stone can help you feel more motivated and productive if you want to add a burst of color to your workspace, whether it be your office or your creative area.

Chicken-Blood Stone may also infuse your home with this anchoring energy, giving you a sense of safety and security in your little realm. We are better able to experience our senses and connect with our spiritual side when we don’t feel as though the world underneath us is being taken from us. This is because we feel safer in our zone.


One of the easiest ways to get the most out of this rich and healing stone is to wear jewelry made of Chicken-Blood Stone. Only when the Chicken-Blood Stone is close to the wearer’s skin can it be used to its full potential? These therapeutic vibrations can reach a person’s most vulnerable areas when they rub Chicken-Blood Stone on their skin. 

If you choose a Chicken-Blood Stone bracelet, you invite it to beat against your heartbeat; if you choose a pendant, you link with your chest and heart; and if you choose a ring, you may also transform all those healing energies from head to toe.

Caring for Chicken Bloodstone

Wearability for Chicken-Blood Stones is limited to show only. You should only use this material for decoration or show. Furthermore, keep any Chicken-Blood Stones out of the sun while displaying or storing them because cinnabar stains easily when exposed to the sun. Any alteration to an object’s valued red hue will decrease its value and allure.

When to Cleanse Chicken Bloodstone?

As soft stones, Chicken-Blood Stones require additional care when being cleaned. While you need to be cautious with some crystals, every crystal needs to be cleaned frequently to remove any negative energies.

You can clean your Chicken-Blood Stone once a month if you just use it for feng shui or personal healing. However, if you occasionally use it for high-level healing or on clients, be sure to thoroughly clean the crystal after each usage. Use only a gentle brush, warm water, and light detergent to clean.

How to Recharge Your Chicken-Blood Stone?

The best way to recharge stones is by cleaning them. You can expose the stone to moonlight for the duration of the night in order to activate the Chicken-Blood Stone. This will work best on a new moon; the full moon is the best time to charge crystals.

How much is Chicken Bloodstone worth?

Depending on the stone, a well-crafted Chicken-Blood Stone may cost up to $3,000 or even more. This brings up the topic of what establishes the cost and worth of Chicken-Blood Stone.

The quantity of vivid red coloring, the dong’s transparency, and overall clarity all affect how much it is worth. The worth of Chicken Chicken-Blood Stone is determined by the amount of blood color scattered, the intensity of the blood splash, and the material’s purity.

Chicken Bloodstone Impact

Because the color red is associated with good luck in Chinese culture, the cinnabar in the stone is thought to safeguard people from evil and provide good luck and fortune. Jade, which is similarly regarded as having the ability to shield humans from evil, is not thought to have the same strength as a Chicken-Blood Stone.

Traditional practices and crystal healers believe in the effects of Chicken-Blood Stone and crystals in general, although no scientific studies have been done to support this claim. Therefore, it is recommended to not rely only on crystal healing.

Does Chicken Bloodstone make a good jewelry stone?

The chicken’s Chicken-Blood Stone has a Mohs hardness rating of about 3, though this might vary depending on the rock’s specific makeup. Because of its softness, Chicken-Blood Stone can be sculpted into elaborate jewelry.

Thus, elaborate decorative products and jewelry pieces like bangles can be made from this special stone. Additionally, it is found tumbling, carved, as beads, and cut into cabochons. However, because of its softness, jewelry made of Chicken-Blood Stone should only be worn on rare occasions in safe environments.

It has a sub-adamantine to pearly sheen and ranges from semi-translucent to translucent. Translucent materials are thought to be the most appealing. Furthermore, due to the cinnabar’s mercury level, Chicken-Blood Stone should be prepared carefully.

Chicken Bloodstone Real vs Fake

Chicken Blood Stone Real vs Fake

Chicken-Blood Stones have influenced imitative or stimulating substances, just as other highly sought-after jewels with potent symbolic implications. Seals, for instance, that were advertised to tourists as authentic Chicken-Blood Stone artifacts were steatite cores that had been covered in a red-stretched, yellow-brown plastic.

Other imitations include items covered in different shades of red, objects adhered to real chunks of cinnabar, and objects made from recycled materials that have red lead paint applied. Chicken-Blood Stones can be identified in several methods, including:

A good-grade chicken Chicken-Blood Stone must have a texture that resembles natural jelly, bright blood, and a volume that is proportionate in both width and length. Poor-quality chicken Chicken-Blood Stones may also contain contaminants like tiny rocks or hard cement. On both the interior and exterior, the stone may appear to have crack strips.

For people who don’t know anything about crystals, fake stones might be challenging to spot. It is preferable to have a specialist differentiate between genuine and phony Chicken-Blood Stones. All fake crystals have one thing in common: they are made of glass.


Where should I put Chicken Bloodstone?

Feng shui states that Zhen, Dui, and Li are the ideal locations for your Chicken-Blood Stone. They make sure you get the most value possible from the stone. Finding these positions isn’t that hard; some vision will do wonders for your house.

How do you cleanse Chicken Bloodstone?

As soft stones, Chicken-Blood Stones require additional care when being cleaned. Just use a gentle brush, some warm water, and a light detergent to clean.

Is Chicken Bloodstone rare?

China places a great value on Chicken-Blood Stone, which the wealthy used to fashion seals in antiquity. It is extremely rare and exclusively found in China. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, owning a chunk of chicken Chicken-Blood Stone was viewed as a major prestige symbol.

How much is Chicken Bloodstone worth?

According to the stone, the price of a well-made Chicken-Blood Stone can reach $3,000 USD or even higher. Its price is determined by the degree of vivid red coloring, the dong’s transparency, and overall clarity.

How do you identify Chicken Bloodstone?

Having brilliant red blotches of color that resemble freshly drawn chicken blood, Chicken-Blood Stones are named as such. They are available in eight primary hues that can be blended or combined in various layers: red, black, white, yellow, green, blue, gray, and purple. The entire color of certain specimens may be red. The base rock’s translucent body color ranges from white to gray to yellow.

Where is Chicken Bloodstone found?

Only in China can one find the unique gemstone known as a Chicken-Blood Stone.