Chrysoprase Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

We are not always at our emotional best and so Chrysoprase is the stone we need to maintain our emotional state and keep it stable. Chrysoprase can help you to improve your emotional state if it enters your life. This stone has a propensity for spreading love, happiness, and positivity wherever it goes, earning it the moniker “stone of Venus.” You may think of it as the crystal world’s version of an antidepressant! Learn everything there is to discover about chrysoprase stone, including its many meanings, and market value for this vivid green gemstone.


What is Chrysoprase Crystal?

The translucent chalcedony known as chrysoprase has a colour spectrum from yellowish green to green. Its green hue is typically brought on by nickel residues. The second most precious form of chalcedony is gem silica, followed by lovely green chrysoprase.

The Greek words meaning “golden apple” or “golden leek” are the source of the name “chrysoprase.” Nowadays, beads and cabochons are the most common uses. Sometimes rare chrysoprase chunks are faceted into transparent stones.

The Greeks and Romans of antiquity were aware of chrysoprase as a gemstone. Although a few fragments have been discovered among their artefacts, their use during the period was not widespread. After deposits in Poland were identified in the 1700s, chrysoprase initially gained popularity as a gem throughout Europe. The majority of chrysoprase produced now comes from Australia, however, due to restricted availability, it is not widely used.

How to Identify a Chrysoprase?

  • A unique variant of chalcedony quartz, a cryptocrystalline type of silicon dioxide, with gemstone quality is chrysoprase.
  • Because of its peculiar colouring agent, chrysoprase is highly valued for its translucent minty, apple-green hue, which is particularly distinctive. Chrysoprase gets its appealing colour from nickel impurities that occur within a normally colourless quartz crystal, unlike the majority of green gemstones, which are coloured by chromium (emerald), iron (tourmaline), or vanadium (tsavorite garnet).
  • Chrysoprase is comparable only to the rare green-blue gemstone silica, commonly known as “chrysocolla chalcedony,” in terms of rarity and value among chalcedony quartz variants.

Chrysoprase Cuts

What are the various cuts and shapes of Chrysoprase ?

It is particularly well-liked when carved for emblems, ornamental items, seals, and cameos. Popular common shapes are ovals, trillions, rounds, hearts, and pears.

Chrysoprase Shapes

This gemstone can be in the following shapes:

  • Hexagonal
  • Oval

Where is Chrysoprase Found?

Chrysoprase deposits can be found in places where nickel-bearing stones have weathered at relatively shallow depths. It is present as fillings for fractures, veins, and cavities there. The width and length of veins and fractures are often less than a few inches and a few feet, respectively. Instead of by the tonne, chrysoprase is mined by the kilogramme.

Peridotite, dunite, and serpentinite are the most common minerals in which chrysoprase can be found or linked. These rocks are frequently found in subduction zones or ophiolites. As these rocks age, the nickel that gives chrysoprase its green hue is released.

Early chrysoprase production in the globe was mostly based on surface and subsurface operations at the Polish Szklary deposit. There was mining there in the Middle Ages, and it continued sporadically until 1980. In 2010, the area saw a resurgence in the industry.

Today, Australia is the country that produces the most chrysoprase. The Queensland, Australia, Marlborough Creek District is where much of the finest chrysoprase is found. In South Australia, New South Wales, and Western Australia, numerous other deposits are being exploited. Other regions of the world can also be found with chrysoprase. These consist of

  • Kazakhstan 
  • The Czech Republic
  • Brazil
  • Tanzania
  • India
  • Slovakia
  • Russia
  • California

Chrysoprase Crystal Meaning

One of the May birthstones, chrysoprase has long been associated with entrepreneurship, joy, and wisdom. The chrysoprase stone is renowned for its capacity to enhance emotional well-being. A general zest for life, self-love, growth, empathy, and forgiving oneself are all claimed to be fostered by it.

Chrysoprase Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

The most expensive and rarest rich apple-green stone in the chalcedony group, known as the stone of Venus, was sometimes mistaken for emeralds by early jewellers. Chrysoprase’s vivid spring green is caused by minute levels of nickel, unlike emeralds, which get their colour from the presence of chromium.

Because of its vibrant hue, chrysoprase was utilised by the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians to create seals, signets, jewellery, and other beautiful items. The contemporary word is a literal translation from the Greek words choruses, which means golden, and prison, which means leek, signifying the stone’s golden-leek green hue.

One of the most effective and successful military leaders in Greek history was Alexander III, the old Greek king of Macedonia. Albertus Magnus, a Dominican monk, tells a weird tale about a chrysoprase stone that Alexander is rumoured to have worn.

Magnus claimed that Alexander always carried a belt into combat, set with a brilliant chrysoprase stone. He set down his girdle after a successful campaign in India to take a dip in the Euphrates River. A serpent arrived and bit off the stone from the girdle while it was left unattended, dropping it into the water. After losing this priceless amulet, Alexander III was unable to succeed in another expedition.

The well-known Art Nouveau era, which embraced exotic sensuality and romance, came to life in all its splendour with the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the early 1920s. During this Nouveau period, chrysoprase was widely utilised in jewellery inspired by the massive wealth found in the recently excavated pharaoh’s tomb. Alexander the Great adored this May birthstone. Learn about the illustrious past and corresponding metaphysical advantages of this precious green stone.

What are the Healing Properties of Chrysoprase?

Healing Property of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a gemstone of the heart that emanates powerful healing energies into the wearer’s aura. One’s heart chakra will be activated and opened by this stone, making it simpler to connect with one’s emotional body. One will quickly become aware of their inner strength by getting closer to themselves. Chrysoprase exhorts us to direct the newly acquired power right into our heart area to purge and expel all harmful energy.

Chrysoprase Physical Healing Properties

The body gets a burst of adrenaline from the chrysoprase. It is a calming stone that makes individuals more open to novel experiences. Chrysoprase will help you look back on your past to learn what you performed purely for the benefit of others and how certain deeds influenced your self-improvement.

Chrysoprase also helps you accept yourself for who you are and refrains from passing judgement on others. It helps to lessen aggressive and compulsive behaviour. Additionally, it promotes kindness and tolerance.

Deep emotional wounds, sorrow, and suffering can be opened up and healed with the help of the stone chrysoprase. This gemstone aids in easing loneliness and sorrow. Chrysoprase supports preserving emotional stability. It helps with conflict resolution, emotional calm, and spiritual strength when coping with true sentiments. This gemstone reduces anxiety and replaces it with kindness and compassion.

This stone inspires assurance and security. It makes it possible for us to be content and self-sufficient. Chrysoprase helps you let go of constricting images from your psychological training, in addition, to gently cleansing your body. Additionally, this gem gets rid of persistent nightmares.

Chrysoprase, a springtime gemstone, portends a change in everyone’s attitude as well as a fresh opportunity for you in situations that previously seemed insurmountable or closed to you.

Chrysoprase Spiritual Healing Properties

We strongly advise you to meditate outside with some chrysoprase because of the strong connection between nature and this stone. When Mother Earth is at her most energised, we advise travelling during dawn or dusk. One may soon sense a more sympathetic and aware side emerge from them by tuning into and adapting to the rays of nature. This is partly because being tuned in to nature’s frequencies increases one’s exposure to life force energy. All the living around you is releasing this energy. Utilizing Mother Nature’s energies can help us learn a great deal about ourselves and also the world we live in.

Chrysoprase Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Chrysoprase

One of the birthstones for May is chrysoprase, which has long been associated with prosperity, initiative, and wisdom. It is a potent stone that attracts luck and wealth. It gives you confidence, composure, and the ability to see your soft beauty, enabling you to express yourself bravely through fluid speech and mental agility.

Chrysoprase promotes a non-judgmental attitude in the mind, lessens superiority and inferiority complexes, and enables you to control impulsive outbursts of passion. It fosters faithfulness in business and attracts plenty and success in new endeavours, which supports mental clarity and creativity.

By gently boosting your self-esteem, balancing your emotions, encouraging acceptance of changes, and compassion for others, chrysoprase is supposed to help mend a shattered heart.

What are the Benefits of Chrysoprase? 

what are the benefits of Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase promotes happiness and introspection. Producing powerful meditation experiences enhances the impression of integrating with the cosmic whole. It helps in assessing selfish motives that have grown stronger over time and align with your thoughts and deeds. Chrysoprase calms your younger self, eradicating youthful emotions and enabling you to concentrate on positive events rather than compulsions. This gemstone encourages tolerance and acceptance of others as well as oneself.

You need a psychological makeover if you’ve noticed the relevance of the Chrysoprase gemstone’s attributes in your life. In the world of gemstone therapy, the Chrysoprase interpretation is regarded as one of the greatest spirits stabilisers, conveying positivity, pleasure, and satisfaction.

If you list common psychological problems like unhappiness, worry, and stress, chrysoprase traits are naturally conducive to cultivating a more positive outlook on reality. With this gem in your pocket, you can remain optimistic even when things are bad.

Imagine that your natural peace is being shaken by hurricane-like gusts and worrying and dreading thunderstorms. The importance of Chrysoprase gemstone and its relationship to the Heart Chakra must then be invoked.

If you place it across your chest, a therapeutic gemstone design that helps relax overworked nerves and muscles, it can help calm down intense feelings and calm down a storm of stress. The stimulation of this crucial spot causes a more fantastic energy field to pass through the soul, improving physiological movement and bringing you closer to living from the inside out and accepting unity.

Your relationship with reality will improve if you are honest with yourself and don’t hide behind platitudes or falsehoods, according to chrysoprase. Chrysoprase inspires you to aspire and offers insightful information regarding your current improper behaviours. Chrysoprase also enhances creativity and releases innate potential.

It will help you recognise when selfish motives are at play and inspire you to think about if your actions are hurtful to other people. This gemstone will also help you stay away from compulsive behaviours, pursuits, and thought patterns.

Chrysoprase heightens your compassion for yourself when you realise that your ingrained ideas are bringing about terrible circumstances. With this gemstone in your palm, you can consciously decide to gain the courage and conviction to invite romance into your heart. Its yellowish variant promotes emotional balance and makes it easier to integrate a large amount of information or activities into one’s life.

Chrysoprase encourages the body to get rid of any chemicals that have a negative effect, like poisonous substances and other substances that are frequently difficult for the body to break down. This promotes waste clearance and cleansing.

Chrysoprase Benefits Spirituality

What are the benefits of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase fosters sharp thinking and persuasive communication. Before you’ve even thought about your options, Chrysoprase will prevent you from speaking. It entails reducing anxiety and recurrent visions to avoid phobias. This gemstone instils feelings of security and confidence in you and everyone else. Chrysoprase encourages loyalty to others while fostering uniqueness.

Chrysoprase is a stone of enlightenment and cleansing of the soul. It connects you to the trees of Earth. Additionally, it helps you communicate with the rest of the globe and its residents. You are encouraged to learn about the environment and biodiversity via chrysoprase. Additionally, it promotes compassion and empathy as well as respect for all life and mental kinship with the land.

This gemstone makes us feel as though we are a part of something significant. We become more eager and attentive as a result of it, and it draws our attention to strange events where we might perceive a psychic presence. Chrysoprase promotes an innocent worldview where spiritual protectors and messengers coexist with rational and practical concerns. It combines the desire for knowledge with the capacity for contentment, especially if we can all understand just a small fraction of the cosmos. It encourages style, imagination, and love of the visual arts.

Chrysoprase helps the owner connect with the Divine’s unending fervour and joy. It opens up the heart chakra, enhancing your capacity to feel and express emotion. Chrysoprase can help you establish a connection with the majesty of the organic planet and the spirits of the environment. It encourages the development of constructive, healing concepts about the universe and other people.

Chrysoprase can help you discover how to employ resonance, light, and music as metaphysical tools to develop your awareness and realise your full potential. With the aid of this gemstone, you may embrace both yourself and others more effectively, making it easier for you to accept people as they are.

Chrysoprase & Feng Shui

According to legend, chrysoprase has a powerful energy that bestows happiness, success, good fortune, and prosperity upon the wearer. Chrysoprase is thought to boost confidence, bravery, and inner strength.

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese technique and practice, tries to design an area in which chi or qi, the force of the universe, can flow naturally. Having a harmonious balance of the 5 feng shui elements – earth, metal, wood, fire, and water in your home is one method to do this.

Chrysoprase Birthstone

Chrysoprase is a unique green stone consisting of silica with trace levels of nickel. It is sometimes referred to as chrysoprase or just praise. It is the semi-precious option to emeralds for May’s birthstone and the gemstone for the sign of Gemini (May 21–June 21).

Chrysoprase Chakras

Chakra of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase regulates yin-yang energy, opens, stimulates, and energises the heart and sacral chakras, and infuses the physical body with universal energy. It promotes deep states of meditation and gives one a sense of belonging to the divine whole. Chrysoprase encourages a love of the truth.

This unique crystal also aids in opening and activating the solar plexus chakra. Since our own will originates from this chakra, anything is conceivable. All of our acts of love are motivated by our will. This insatiable need propels us forward and gives us laser-sharp focus, more energy, strength, determination, stamina, and awareness.

Being able to connect our solar plexus and our heart place is what makes chrysoprase such a potent stone. By making this link, we can quickly access and employ the aforementioned qualities with heartfelt rather than merely willful goals. One will have the strength to genuinely concentrate on pursuing their heart’s goal thanks to this. Happiness and tranquillity are really about having a full heart, and chrysoprase is a powerful crystal that can help you get there.

What are the Uses of Chrysoprase Stone?

What are the uses of Chrysoprase?

  • Chrysoprase regulates yin-yang energy, opens, stimulates, and energises the heart and sacral chakras, and infuses the physical body with universal energy. It promotes deep states of meditation and gives one a sense of belonging to the divine whole.
  • Chrysoprase encourages a love of the truth. It fosters optimism and inspires loyalty in both professional and interpersonal interactions. It inspires creativity and brings one’s talents to the surface. Chrysoprase helps the inner child heal by allowing long-suppressed emotions to come to the surface.
  • It can restore relationships, mend a shattered heart, and change negative feelings into pleasant ones. Chrysoprase encourages you to focus on good things rather than compulsive or impulsive furious thoughts and behaviour. It promotes independence and commitment while fostering a sense of security and trust, which helps resolve codependence. It encourages acceptance of oneself and others and offers nonjudgmental attitudes.
  • A potent stone for detoxification is chrysoprase. By energising the liver and assisting the body in detoxifying itself of toxins, it removes waste from the body as well as the mind. It is great for unwinding, encouraging restful sleep, easing claustrophobia, and shielding against nightmares.
  • Chrysoprase regulates hormones, addresses issues with fertility, protects against STDs, and treats reproductive organs. It relaxes the digestive system and relieves the lungs and thymus conditions. helps with physical and mental tiredness and disease. treats cardiac conditions as well as skin conditions. The assimilation of vitamin C is accelerated by chrysoprase.

How do You Care for Chrysoprase?

With a hardness range of 6.5 to 7, chrysoprase is enduring and simple to maintain. Chrysoprase jewellery should be cleaned safely by washing it in a solution of moderate dish soap and warm water, rinsing well, and allowing it to air dry. Chrysoprase should be taken off before going to bed, just like any fine jewellery.

How to Cleanse Chrysoprase?

Cleaning Chrysoprase

A stunning mineral called chrysoprase is used in plenty of jewellery. Sadly, it is sometimes one of the more challenging stones to clean. Here are some cleaning suggestions for chrysoprase:

  1. Use warm water and mild detergent.
  2. Repeatedly rinse the gemstone in clean water until the water is clear.
  3. Immerse the stone for 10 to 15 minutes in a mixture of 1 cup white vinegar and 2 cups water.
  4. Use a soft cloth dampened with water and baking soda to wipe the stone. Rinse with fresh water thereafter.
  5. Use a delicate cloth to dry the stone.
  6. To keep your chrysoprase jewellery looking its best, store it in a tidy, dry environment!

How to Recharge Your Chrysoprase?

  1. They should be placed beneath the full moon.
  2. Let them soak in moon water.
  3. Bury them beneath the earth.
  4. Sprinkle salt on them.
  5. Charge them with your breath.
  6. Link them up with your spirit advisors.

What is the Chrysoprase Activation process?

After cleaning, healing stones need to be energized at least once every two months.  The following are the two ways to activate the healing stones:

  1. Placing under the moonlight: Your healing stone will regenerate if you keep it overnight on a window sill or patio in direct moonlight. The best activation occurs on full moon nights. When the moon is shining on other nights, it can also be done.
  2. Placing under sunlight: The sun, which powers the entire cosmos, provides a rich source of energy that can be used to revive crystals. Put the healing stone in a bowl with some fresh water and expose it to the sun (terrace or window-sill). After three hours, remove. Your healing stone is now ready for wear.

How much is Chrysoprase worth?

Chrysoprase is an extremely affordable gemstone, typically costing between $1 and $3 per carat regardless of size.

What determines Chrysoprase’s price and value?

The value of the chrysoprase increases with the depth of the colour saturation. Diaphaneity.

Chrysoprase’s degree of translucency is what determines its value, according to the second element. It’s ideal if colour and translucency are well-balanced.

Impact of Chrysoprase 

The ultimate stone for protection is chrysoprase. It is said to be a relaxing stone that enables wearers to solve their problems without the interruptions of daily life. Removing complexities is supposed to increase self-confidence. It also reportedly lowers stress levels and promotes calmness.

Does Chrysoprase make a good Jewellery stone?

Jewelry with Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a well-liked stone for gifts for the office since it has long been associated with joy, success, and wisdom. Due to its wide variety of green hues, it also forms beautiful jewellery that is a wonderful gift for family members or friends who were born in May.

Chrysoprase Real vs Fake

Chrysoprase, like many semiprecious stones, has minute flaws and inclusions that can be used to determine if it is genuine or artificial. If there are none at all, the stone is probably expensive, has been altered in some way, or is an imitation.

Final Thoughts 

Chrysoprase helps with general healing and regeneration. It aids in maintaining your youthful outlook, vitality, and disposition. It can help treat a variety of ailments that are getting worse. Chrysoprase will nudge you to pause and rest so that you can re-energize yourself psychologically, spiritually, and socially in addition to physically. Heart problems are easier to handle the more yellowish Chrysoprase you have.

To assist us to make the proper decisions in our daily lives, gemstones act as our guides. But as we usually stress, it is highly advised that you visit your doctor frequently.

Summary of Chrysoprase Crystal

Name of Crystal Chrysoprase
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Chrysophrase, Chrysoprasus, Jadine, Australian Jade
Origin(s) Marlborough Creek District of Queensland, Australia
Color(s) Apple Green
Formation Deep weathering or lateritization of nickeliferous serpentinites or other ultramafic ophiolite rocks
Majorly Found at Australia (Nundle), New South Wales, Marlborough, Queensland, Brazil (Goiás), Central-West Region and Bahia, Northeast Region and Minas Gerais, Southeast Region
Zodiac Suited for Gemini
Chakra Heart Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Crystal Meaning A strong detoxifying stone, Chrysoprase symbolises happiness, enterprise and prudence
Types of Crystal Apple Green Chrysoprase, Australian Chrysoprase, Brazilian Chrysoprase, Indian Chrysoprase, Lemon Chrysoprase, Webbed Chrysoprase
Healing Properties Promotes joy and happiness, helps with depression and anxiety
Health Benefits Reduces waste in the body and mind by stimulating the liver and enabling the body to clear itself of toxins
Uses Used to make seals, signets, jewelry and other ornamental objects
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 6 – 7
Real Look for small inclusions and imperfections throughout the stone: if there are absolutely no inclusions, the stone is likely worth a lot, treated somehow, or an imitation
Fake Dyed with chromium, which can be easily spotted by checking using the jadeite filter


What is chrysoprase good for?

By gently boosting your self-esteem, balancing your emotions, encouraging acceptance of change, and compassion for others, chrysoprase is supposed to help mend a shattered heart.

Is chrysoprase a natural stone?

Yes, it is a natural stone. Its hue typically ranges from apple-green to deep green.

Is chrysoprase the same as jade?

Despite having a brilliant colour that rivals imperial Burmese jade and a smooth translucence resembling an opal, chrysoprase is a different mineral with its own set of characteristics. Chrysoprase is highly valued for its even, vivid colour and texture.

Where should I put chrysoprase in my house?

Simply lay it over the afflicted region while you are meditating. Alternately, put it beneath your pillow to increase the healing effects brought on by a restful night’s sleep. It’s a great crystal to boost your general health and well-being, just as citrine and green tourmaline.

Is chrysoprase rare?

One of the rarest and most expensive stones in the chalcedony quartz group is chrysoprase. Given that this group includes carnelian, jasper, agate, bloodstone, and onyx, this differentiation is significant. The most popular variety of chalcedony, chrysoprase, not only has varieties that you can look at.

Does chrysoprase glow in the dark?

The stone is transparent, allowing light to pass through it in a milky radiance.

Is chrysoprase An opal?

Green chalcedony that contains nickel is called chrysoprase, and common opal is called green prase opal. For more than 20 years, they have been extracted from the Iyobo Mount in Haiti, Tanzania.

Is chrysoprase a chalcedony?

Chrysoprase is an apple-green chalcedony coloured by nickel. It is a well-liked gemstone for jewellery and carvings due to its toughness and eye-catching colour.