Colombian Emerald Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The gemstone known as “Colombian emerald” represents the vivacious and priceless gem. Kings and queens, as well as others at the top of society, have worn emeralds as jewelry for hundreds of years. The most well-known emerald mine in Colombia is called Muzo. For more than ten years, this mine must continuously create raw stones of unparalleled brilliance.

The beauty, color, and historical significance of the Colombian Emerald make it prized. The most well-known gemstone from the beryl family is Colombian Emeralds. It is more exquisite than diamonds, sapphires, and rubies due to its Mohs hardness value of 7.5 to 8. Native Americans occasionally refer to this gemstone as an “evening stone.” Even though emeralds are fragile and less long-lasting, they form stunning engagement rings.

What is Columbian Emerald?

What is Columbian Emerald

Because they have a very pure hue that isn’t reliant on or developed from sparkle or luster, Colombian emeralds are sought after. Since the reign of Cleopatra and maybe much earlier in history, Colombian emeralds have been sought after by famous people, rulers, and significant figures. Colombian emeralds are sought after due to their distinctive hue and brilliance tones, which also have a special allure.

Colombian emeralds are the only variety of emeralds that are created in sedimentary host rock rather than volcanic rock, and they are known as one of the most natural gemstones in the world. It is a beryllium stone that owes its stunning hue to the extremely rare chemical components vanadium and chromium.

Meaning of Colombian Emerald

Meaning of Colombian Emerald

The healing powers of emeralds are well known, as are their talismanic properties. Less well-known is the history of the emerald’s connection to magic, the occult, and alchemy.

Numerous authorities touted emerald’s capacity to aid magicians in having visions for many ages. It was also rumored to aid in future prediction when placed under the tongue. Magicians utilized emeralds to defend themselves from both evil spirits and other people’s spells since they were considered the stone of truth and were said to be resistant to undesired spells or enchantment.

Emerald is a stone that encourages living. The heart chakra is opened, and the emotions are calmed. It offers motivation, harmony, knowledge, and patience. It is supposed to enable the wearer to both offer and receive unconditional love, thus fostering friendship, serenity, harmony, and household joy. It benefits commercial dealings and all kinds of partnerships since it encourages honesty and commitment.

Emerald strengthens the spirit and aids in overcoming adversity. The oppressed experience joy, healing, and renewal as a result. In addition to promoting a sense of well-being, it treats claustrophobia and wrath. It elevates subconscious thought and encourages self-awareness.

Eliminating free radicals from the body allows emeralds to promote health and vitality. It is supposed to improve circulatory and neurological function as well as strengthen and cure the kidneys, heart, and circulatory systems.


Colombian emeralds are sold almost anywhere, including big-box retailers and independent jewelry stores. You shouldn’t evaluate an emerald based on the shop where you bought it. If you have any doubts, travel to various locations and contrast the treasures you discover. You will be better equipped to make an informed decision and increase your chances of purchasing the greatest emeralds within your price range the more you observe.