Creedite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Fluorite ore undergoes oxidation to produce the rare mineral known as creedite, which can be found in formations that are white, orange, purple, or even colorless. The origin of name of this stone is Creede, Colorado, where it was initially discovered. 

A Stone of the Light with a high vibrational frequency and rapid access to a clear meditation state, Creedite is a rare and profoundly spiritual stone. The Third Eye, Crown, and etheric chakras above the head are immediately opened by its potent energy, resulting in a gentle expansion of awareness and a purifying bliss. Continuous resonance with this stone strengthens the link throughout the body and creates ideal channels for prayer, meditation, and divine inspiration. 

What is Creedite?

What is Creedite

The orange varieties are thought to be the purest Creedite forms and are easily recognized by their clustered hedgehog-like spikes. This particular variety is mostly found at a mine in Mexico that also has a very little amount of Pink Fluorite. The USA, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan are where you can find this stone in more widespread variants.

The third eye and crown chakras are nearly instantly activated while working with or wearing this stone. It will make an effort to remove all obstructions in the higher chakras, assisting one in “jumping” to greater consciousness. 

Creedite is claimed to awaken and activate the heart with high vibrational frequencies during meditation. This enables one to bring heavenly light into their physical daily existence by attracting it into the heart through the higher chakras. The aura is replenished by creedite, which also significantly raises its base frequency.

Meaning of Creedite

Meaning of Creedite

When utilizing this stone, it is strongly advised to use a grounding stone such as Black Tourmaline or Shungite to assist you to stay grounded, lowering the stone’s high vibrations, and keeping you from getting overwhelmed. For individuals who are used to the higher frequencies, Creedite and Moldavite are great examples of two stones that can complement one another. Moldavite helps you become the person you really want to be, just like Creedite does in helping you reach greater heights.


Creedite crystals are white, colorless, orange, and sometimes purple. It is a rare mineral, with the best specimens originating in Mexico. Orange Creedite forms in porcupine-like balls with spiny bristles going out in all directions, while the other colors are more often found in druzy form, small crystals covering part or all of a host stone.