Cuprite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Cuprite is an extremely rare and semi-precious gemstone. It has the colour of a Pyrope Garnet. This gemstone has a metallic appearance and it has brilliance and sparkles greater than a Diamond. Cuprite is created by the oxidation of copper. It resembles the appearance of a Ruby or Garnet. 

The various names of this gemstone are ‘Ruby copper’ or ‘Ruby copper ore’ because it has a ravishing bright red colour. This gemstone is well-known for boosting one’s abilities to enhance their physical and mental well-being. This crystal keeps stress and anxiety away from the wearer and helps them to welcome positive and relaxing energies in their life. 


What Is Cuprite?

What Is Cuprite

Cuprite is a soft, red-coloured gemstone that is gained from the oxidised zone of copper ores. These gemstones are transparent or translucent. The colour of the crystal, precisely, is sparkly red to a deep red which becomes heavier on the black shade of red. 

Metaphysically speaking, this gemstone is a survival stone. It helps the wearer to satisfy their needs while their otherworldly concerns slowly fade away with the passing of time. 

The name ‘Cuprite’ has been derived from the Latin word Cuprum. Cuprum means copper. The name Cuprite was kept by the Austrian mineralogist Wilhelm Haidinger in the 1800s. The different types of cuprite are as follows:-

  • Burnite 
  • Tile Ore 
  • Chalcotrichite 

Cuprite has an extremely low rank on the MOHS hardness scale. It is a soft and brittle crystal. Since it’s metallic, it is denser than any other crystals out there. It also feels heavier than other gemstones. 

How To Identify A Cuprite?

For the identification of Cuprite, let’s take a look at the physical properties of the crystal:-

  • Shape Of Cuprite:- The shape of Cuprite is octahedral, cubic or dodecahedral. 
  • Colour Of Cuprite:- The colour of Cuprite is red, dark red, black cochineal red, etc. 
  • Tenacity Of Cuprite:- Cuprite is a fragile and brittle gemstone. 
  • Transparency Of Cuprite:- Cuprite is a transparent or translucent crystal. It may be a bit opaque too. 
  • Luster Of Cuprite:- Cuprite has a lustre of sub-metallic, earthy or adamantine. 
  • Cleavage Of Cuprite:- Cuprite cleavage is four-directional. 
  • Streak Of Cuprite:- The streak of Cuprite is metallic brown-red or red. 

What Are The Cuprite Cuts? 

Cutting Cuprite gemstones and designing them into faceted specimens is the most perfect way of using them. This is because faceted designs bring out the best look of its colour, lustre and shine. When Cuprite gemstones are cut and polished into beautiful shapes or cabochons, their metallic lustre and red-brown streaks add a whole new level of elegance and beauty to the crystal. 

A Cuprite gemstone that is well-cut and polished costs a lot. It is always ideal to cut the gemstones into desirable shapes and designs or else they will look extremely unattractive and dull. These unattractive gemstones have little to no value in the market. 

Cuprite is an extremely soft and fragile gemstone. With a hardness level of only 3.5 on the MOHS scale of crystal hardness, this stone is not used a lot for jewellery-making purposes. The faceted designs and shapes are also very rare to find. 

Even with a low hardness level, Cuprite gemstones can be managed to be made into beads and cabochons. These beads and cabochons look great and are sold widely in the market too. The Cuprite beads and cabochons are usually used for jewellery-making purposes. 

In general, Cuprite is sold with the inclusion of different minerals and stones. These minerals are generally Azurite, Chrysocolla and Malachite. Many Cuprite jewellery pieces will also have stones that consist of other minerals which bring out the best beauty and colour of the gemstone. 

Where Is Cuprite Found?

Cuprite is created by the fusion of groundwater and copper minerals. It is also formed by the weathering of copper deposits. Large cuprite gemstones are found in different locations in Africa. 

Along with that, Cuprite gemstones are found in the coral mountains of Russia, the Altai mountains in Mongolia and the Island of Sardinia. Other locations where these gemstones are found are as follows:-

  • Bolivia 
  • Chile 
  • England 
  • Namibia
  • France 
  • Zaire
  • USA 
  • Chicago

Cuprite Stone Meaning

Cuprite Stone Meaning

The word Cuprite comes from the Latin word Cuprum which means copper. The name is Cuprite as these stones are gained from the minor ores of copper as oxidised copper. The copper crystals of Cuprite are widely known as ruby copper. This is because it has a high copper composition. And the colour of the gemstone is red, dark red or bright red. Sometimes black too. 

The deposits of Cuprite are generally occurring in large forms in different copper ores and mines. They are found in different shapes and forms usually in cube shapes or dodecahedral forms. Cuprite gemstones have incredible metaphysical properties. They are expert assistants in warding off evil and negative energies and bringing an abundance of positive vibrations in the life of the wearer. 

Cuprite Physical Healing Properties 

According to many traditional and ancient legends and myths, Cuprite gemstones are extremely beneficial in healing tons of different illnesses and diseases that may not be cured by allopathic or homoeopathic measures. A number of diseases and conditions related to the different organs of the body like the kidney, heart, brain, blood, liver, skeletal system, etc are treated and cured by the healing properties of this gemstone. 

Different mental conditions like alcoholism, depression, anxiety, insomnia and many more related conditions are observed to be lessened in impact by the daily use of Cuprite gemstones. Cuprite is a well-known gemstone to provide relief in different periods and menstruation problems like PMS, cramps, period fevers, nausea, PCOD/PCOS and much more. 

Multiple skins and nutritional-related problems like vitiligo, vitamin deficiency, mineral deficiency and iron deficiency have been believed to be healed by the healing powers of this gemstone. Many reproductive issues and maternal problems are also cured and relieved by Cuprite. Just like how the gemstone energises one’s spiritual and mental body, it also energises one’s physical body and stamina. It is used for getting into shape too. 

Cuprite Mental And Emotional Healing Properties

The copper constituents in Cuprite make it an incredible gemstone for the brain. This gemstone helps the brain to grow and develop at a faster pace. It eliminates all kinds of stress and helps in calming the brain. Different forms of disorders, like depression and anxiety, which may become an obstacle to the healthy development of the mind, are cured by this gemstone. 

This gemstone helps the wearer to manage different problems and tasks at home and office. When worries and stress arise from these responsibilities, it helps the wearer to get to a state of peace by taking away all their worries. The soothing vibrations of this gemstone help in enhancing creativity and innovation. The wearer will be motivated to manifest the best for themselves with the healing powers of this gemstone. 

Emotionally, this gemstone helps in finding a bond or connection when the wearer may feel lost and lonely. It will help the wearer to gain support when they experience alienation and discontinuation in their life. In times of emotional turmoil, this gemstone will provide the utmost motivation and strength to fight the ill effects of the turmoil and become emotionally powerful to withstand any consequences that may come. 

Cuprite Metaphysical Properties

In metaphysical circles, this gemstone is considered a ‘survival’ gemstone. This gemstone plays an excellent role in fulfilling one’s needs. While vanishing their fears and stress. It stimulates the Base chakra. When the Base chakra is activated, the wearer is able to create a connection with the base and Earth. They are able to experience the feeling of groundedness. Cuprite enables the wearer to enhance their energy, power and vitality. They are able to fight different kinds of issues like vertigo and motion sickness. 

Cuprite Benefits

Cuprite Benefits

The beautiful red colour of Cuprite not only enhances the beauty of this gemstone, but it plays an important role in increasing the wearer’s motivation, strength, stamina and power. This gemstone plays an important role in healing different kinds of physical problems and illnesses related to the kidney and bladder. 

Kidney dysfunction, kidney stones, overactive bladder, etc are some concerns cured by Cuprite. Individuals suffering from Vertigo and altitude sickness are recommended to use this stone as it helps in reducing the symptoms and effects of those concerns. 

Cuprite, as believed by many healing circles, is widely used for increasing longevity and enhancing overall physical health. When speaking of the emotional benefits of Cuprite, this gemstone allows the brain to deal with different kinds of emotions, feelings and reactions at the same time. It helps in reducing the feeling of melancholy. It enables the wearer to feel the best of emotions in times of emotional turmoil. 

Cuprite is a master gemstone when it comes to activating and stimulating the root chakra. The root chakra, also known as the base chakra, is responsible for governing the basic needs of the wearer. Fundamental or basic needs like the need for security, grounding and bonding are in the hands of the root chakra. It may happen that when the root chakra is blocked, the wearer may experience sensations of fear and danger in situations that are not harmful in any way. 

In such situations, Cuprite helps the wearer to regain the feelings of grounding and create a stronger bond with their loved ones which will give them warmth and reassurance. With the root chakra activated, the wearer is able to create a strong bond with the Earth that helps them in developing the virtue of being down to earth with everyone around them.

This gemstone is beneficial gemstone when it comes to enhancing the quality of one’s character. It will provide the wearer with endless amounts of willpower and determination to work hard towards their goal and aims. With an increase in emotional well-being, the wearer is able to feel safe and secure. And they are able to experience feelings of groundedness and gratefulness. 

Cuprite is considered a strong female gemstone. It is used as a feminine archetype. It is widely used for empowering women and balancing male-female energies. It is considered a crystal of women’s mystery. It helps the females to keep reproductive concerns like menstruation on track. And also helps in pregnancy and during menopause. 

Cuprite Benefits Spirituality

Cuprite is a healing stone that offers spiritual awakening and insight to the user. With the help of Cuprite, the user is able to conquer their spiritual energy and is able to explore their past lives. The wearer is able to learn a lot of things about their past life. They can also get to know the experiences and stages that their soul has undergone. When this elegant stone is worn every day, the wearer is able to enlarge their energy field and is able to increase the frequency of their energies and vibrations emitted by their soul and spiritual being. 

This gemstone enables the wearer to overcome the problems and issues that may arise between them and their teachers, trainers, gurus, parents and much more. When the issues are solved, the wearer is able to understand them on a spiritual level. 

Cuprite As A Birthstone 

Cuprite is the birthstone for individuals born in February. It is the birthstone for the zodiac signs Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus and Leo. 

Cuprite Chakras

The chakras activated by Cuprite gemstones are as follows:-

  • Heart Chakra 
  • Root Chakra 
  • Base Chakra 
  • Solar Plexus Chakra 

What Are The Uses Of Cuprite?

What Are The Uses Of Cuprite

Cuprite is generally used for gaining energy, vitality, strength and power that the wearer loses due to different reasons. It helps in the free-flowing of energy and vibrations. It supports and promotes physical, mental and emotional well-being.  

It is used for melting stress away. Stress harms many aspects of everyday life. That’s why this gemstone and its healing properties are used for diminishing the effects of stress and filling the user’s mind and heart with calmness and harmony. 

With a single touch, this gemstone had the ability to cure all kinds of problems one may face in daily life. The user will be enabled to grasp all its energies and vibrations with a single touch. These energies are then used for enhancing one’s feeling of groundedness and bonding with the base or the roots. 

Cuprite is used predominantly for overcoming fears and irrational thoughts. These thoughts and fears may hinder one’s productivity and general well-being. That’s why Cuprite turns negative thoughts into positive thoughts and helps the wearer overcome feelings of fear and irrationality. 

Cuprite is used for taking charge of life and being content and grateful with what one is able to procure in their life. It helps the wearer to make their life meaningful and worthwhile. Cuprite is used for seeking a clear custom about what one wants to do in life based on their dreams and aspirations. 

Cuprite is an incredible gemstone used for attracting an abundance in wealth and precious commodities. It attracts prosperity and harmony into one’s life. This gemstone will enable the wearer to get connected with influential people who will help them to achieve their big financial goals and aims. 

Cuprite is used for activating and stimulating four different kinds of chakras. These chakras will enable a free and strong flow of energies and vibrations that will keep the wearer happy, joyous and fulfilled. It will also best their energy levels and optimism in life. 

Cuprite is not used as a jewellery stone a lot due to its brittle nature. However, it is widely used for making beads and cabochons that are used for ornamental carvings and decorations. It is also used as a colourant for reducing red ruby glass. This practice has been happening since the 1st and 2nd Milena BCE. 

In meditation, this gemstone has been used for activating the root chakra. When the wearer is activated, the wearer is able to create a strong connection with the Earth which will give them a feeling of being grounded. The wearer is enabled to experience all the deep and intense vibrations of the ground. It is considered a tool for connecting with Earth. 

Caring For Cuprite

Caring For Cuprite

Since Cuprite has a high copper content, it may be toxic for the health of the handler or the gemstone cutter. The dust or fibres from this gemstone may be harmful to human beings when inhaled. It may cause nausea or kidney and liver damage with prolonged exposure. Usually, the rough pieces of this gemstone are harmful. The polished ones impose no harm to the handler or wearer. 

When we look at the care and maintenance of Cuprite, one must select the right kind of jewellery or specimen for themselves. Since Cuprite is a very soft and brittle gemstone, it can be damaged easily with a little pressure too. So the individual must make sure that they are choosing Cuprite jewellery that is less delicate and fragile (earrings and necklaces) than the more delicate ones (rings and bracelets). 

No matter what kind of jewellery one chooses, the gemstone specimens must be kept in protective settings. This will make sure that the stone does not get scratched or harmed by the pointed settings. 

For cleaning the gemstone, the wearer must use mild soap and warm water. Be gentle while cleaning the stone with bare hands. During rinsing, make sure that there are no soap residues on the stone or jewellery. Once cleaned thoroughly, pat it dry with a soft and gentle cotton cloth. Keep it for air drying away from direct heat and light. Once dried, store it in a cool and dry place to preserve its energy. 

Caution:- Never use household cleaners or detergents to wash Cuprite gemstones and jewellery pieces. 

When To Cleanse Cuprite?

As discussed above, Cuprite dust may be harmful to human beings due to its high copper content. That’s why it must be cleaned right after it is cut so that the dust does not stay on the stone for a long time. And human contact with the dust is avoided. 

How Much Is Cuprite Worth?

Cuprite is a beautiful and elegant gemstone that is a collector’s all-time favourite. The faceted Cuprite gemstones are worth $40 to $250 per carat. Many cabochons made from Cuprite are usually Azurite Cuprite, Malachite Cuprite or Chrysocolla Cuprite. In the wholesale market, these gemstones cost around $45 to $250 per piece. 

Cuprite is also sold in rough pieces. The rough Cuprite gemstones are worth $5 to $10 per gram. The value of these beautiful rough gemstones can go to $200 per gram depending on the seller and the market it is sold in. 

Does Cuprite Make A Good Jewellery Stone?

Cuprite is a bright and beautiful red stone that would look elegant and breathtaking in any jewellery design. However, since this gemstone has a low rating of 3.5 on the MOHS scale of hardness, not many jewellers prefer to make jewellery out of them. They are usually collected for a mineral collection rather than a gemstone or jewellery collection. 

Even though Cuprite jewellery is rare, it is not nonexistent. Cuprite can be scratched very easily, that’s why rings can be a risky option. However, earrings, pendants, necklaces and ankles are less risky options that many Cuprite enthusiasts go for! For any kind of jewellery piece or design, one must make sure to give it to expert jewellers who can create them without damaging or altering the stone in any way. For each kind of jewellery, a protective case is necessary. 

Faceting Cuprites can be a challenge as they are usually small and opaque. That’s why they are mixed with various high copper-content stones like malachite, azurite and chrysocolla. This mixture can be used for creating and designing Cuprite cabochons. The cabochons can then be used for decorating and ornamental purposes. 

Cuprite Real Vs Fake

Cuprite Real Vs Fake

One of the best ways to identify between real and fake Cuprite gemstones is by keeping it under direct sunlight. Or exposing it to high temperatures and chemicals. Cuprite is a fragile gemstone that can be discoloured very easily. Keeping it under direct light or under high pressure can easily discolour the gemstone. 

So if one wants to distinguish between a real or fake Cuprite gemstone, one must look out for discoloured points in the stone. Or they can simply keep the stone under different sunlight for knowing if they are real or not. If the gemstone discoloured under light, it is real. And if not, then it is fake. The same can also be done by keeping the gemstones in high temperatures or high chemical conditions. 

Another easy technique of knowing whether a Cuprite gemstone is real or fake is by conducting a scratch test on it. Since Cuprote can be easily scratched, a scratch test will be the most authentic and reliable test for knowing the real and pure ones. 

All you have to do is scratch a little potion of the gemstone with pointed equipment. If the crystal breaks easily, then it is real. But if the crystal does not break or show scratch marks, then it is not genuine. 

In The Light Of This Information 

Cuprite is a strong and powerful healing stone that has the potential to connect your mind, body and soul with each other. This stone will help you overcome every challenge in life. With a chin up high, this gemstone will boost the wearer’s confidence in the hardest and toughest of situations. 

No matter what the consequences are, this gemstone will inspire the wearer to face them all. When the wearer is transitioning from one phase of their life to the other, this gemstone will provide them with all the support and encouragement they need. Cuprite will always be a powerful stone for strengthening one’s vitality and power. 


What is Cuprite used for?

Cuprite is used for enhancing one’s vitality and strength. It is a stone of endless motivation and inspiration to face tough challenges in life. 

How is Cuprite formed?

Cuprite forms from the modification of already existing copper minerals at the time of weathering or connection with groundwater. 

Where should I put Cuprite?

Ideally, one must place Cuprite in a dark and dry place in their home and office. 

How do you cleanse Cuprite?

Cuprite must be cleansed with mild soap and lukewarm water. It must be dried with a soft and gentle cotton cloth. Do not use any harsh cleansers on the stone. 

Is Cuprite rare?

Yes. Cuprite is a rare gemstone and semi-precious stone. 

How much is Cuprite worth?

Faceted or polished gemstones of Cuprite cost around $40 to $250 per carat. 

How do you identify Cuprite?

Cuprite is identified by its bright red colour and metallic brown streak.