Diopside Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Diopside gemstone is also referred to as the “Gem of Tears,” most likely because of its purported capacity to induce healing tears in response to trauma. Delivering you purifying tears, the stone will help you recover from your emotional trauma. 

All the things that have injured you and prevented you from moving forward will be washed away by them. Diopside’s green energy also ties you to the energy of mother earth. It is a wonderful stone that both physically and emotionally cures you.


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What is Diopside?

What is Diopside?

Diopside is a member of the monoclinic pyroxene group of minerals and is a calcium magnesium silicate. Diopside is a key mineral in the formation of igneous rocks and is also present in meteorites. With hedenbergite and augite, it forms complete solid solution series, and with orthopyroxene and pigeonite, partial solid solution series. It produces monoclinic prismatic crystals of a variety of colors, but commonly dull green.

Diopside is regarded as a creative stone that enhances imaginative vision and helps bring about desired results. It raises the intelligence of the wearer, especially their aptitude for math and analysis. On Mohr’s hardness scale, it ranges from 5.5 to 6.

How to Identify a Diopside?

Identifying a Diopside

  • No additions or treatments are applied to any diopside gemstones; they are all completely natural. Since this gemstone is so inexpensive, there are very less known imitations of diopside like glass, epidote, emerald, etc. 
  • Chrome Diopside, however, can occasionally be used to mimic more expensive gemstones. Still, one way to identify diopsides is to use a spectroscope for chromium lines. 
  • Black star diopside and chrome diopside are the two types of gemstone quality diopside that can be found.

– Diopside: Color

The mineral chromium is responsible for the color of this magnificent stone. From a light, bright green to practically black, the hue changes as the size of the gem increases. Typically light to dark green; it can also occasionally be blue, brown, colorless, white to snow white, gray, or pale violet.

As it exhibits a similar color at a fraction of the price, chrome diopside provides an ideal alternative for other green gemstones, particularly emerald and tsavorite. In actuality, Chrome Diopside is the gemstone with the deepest green color that is the cheapest. Because the color of the stone gradually darkens as the size increases, chrome diopside is often only available in lower carat sizes.

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– Diopside: Cuts & Shapes

Diopside typically has a vitreous sheen and is white, blue, brilliant, and pale green to yellowish or greenish brown in color. The most popular cut of this gemstone is faceted, and it is a stunning deep green. Additionally, this crystal can take the forms of dense, granular, columnar, and gigantic formations.

The short prismatic crystals are transparent to translucent and are found in nature. To enhance the color and brilliance of the stone, a faceted cut with shallow angles is required, especially in bigger sizes where the hue can appear too dark.

The shapes oval, cushion, emerald cut (octagon), and rounds are frequently used for chromium diopside. By adding brilliance and scintillation, the cut’s quality will greatly increase the value.

Where is Diopside Found?

Diopside can be found in mafic rocks like olivine basalt and andesite as well as ultramafic igneous rocks like kimberlite and peridotite. In addition to these metamorphic rocks, diopside can also be found in contact with metamorphosed skarns that were formed from dolomites with high silica content. It is a significant component of the mantle of the planet and is frequently found in peridotite xenoliths that have erupted in kimberlite and alkali basalt.

The majority of chrome diopside is mined in Inagli, an area of Eastern Siberia best renowned for its large diamond reserves. Deposits have also been discovered in Pakistan in recent years.

Brazil, Burma, Canada, China, Finland, India, Italy, Kenya, Madagascar, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the United States are among the countries where diopside is found. 

Diopside Stone Meaning

The Greek words “dis” meaning “twice” or “double” and “opse” meaning “face” give the diopside its name, which alludes to its birefringence or pleochroism.

The common trade name for this stunning gemstone is “Chrome Diopside.” Russian Diopside is now favored since it is more aesthetically pleasing. Other names for this stone include “Imperial Diopside,” “Vertelit,” and “Serbelit.” 

They are occasionally referred to as “Siberian emeralds” because of the rich green color of the gem, despite the fact that they are absolutely unrelated to one another in terms of their mineral composition as emerald is a precious stone, while diopside is a semi-precious stone.

Diopside Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Brazilian naturalist Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva made the discovery and published the first description of diopside in about 1800.

The recently discovered gemstone chromium diopside has a stunning deep green, similar to the enticing emerald. Ancient times saw the processing of diopside into gemstones. Particularly the star-diopside, beaming through its lovely star, captured people’s imaginations. 

Thus, star diopsides were seen by the Greeks as tiny bright stars that converted to stone upon impact with Earth. You can locate the stars and the sky once more in the gem’s starlit sky. There are, however, very few historians concerning the Diopside beyond that.

Diopside Crystal Properties

Diopside is a fantastic stone for all-around healing. Diopside is thought to be a creative stone that improves imaginative vision and aids in the manifestation of desired outcomes. Additionally, it is claimed to enhance the wearer’s intelligence, particularly their capacity for math and analysis.

Diopside helps those who are unable to express their pain by demonstrating that there is nothing wrong with letting go and expressing your emotions.

Diopside heightens empathy by allowing you to sense other people’s suffering. Diopside helps you discover your gifts and helps you comprehend that you have something to offer the world.

This stone calms the emotions and aids in centering and alignment with the Divine. Finding your emotional center and relaxing are both made easy by it. It revitalizes your emotions and aids in putting your troubles into perspective.

Diopside Healing properties

Diopside speeds up recovery following surgery, injury, or serious illness. This stone helps with hormonal balance, physical weakness, acid-alkaline balance, and cellular memory. It helps with inflammation, stress, muscle pains and spasms, the kidneys, and the heart.

Diopside is claimed to be connected to love, commitment, and the inner heart and is thought to reduce anger and stubbornness. You’ll receive healing energies from it, and your heart’s suffering and anguish will be taken away. It will assist you in letting go of the feelings you need in order to be emotionally free. Chrome Diopside is thought to shield its wearer from all negative emotions and harmful memories. Even the recovery from a few chronic disorders is linked to it.

Diopside: Emotional Healing Properties

You learn the value of forgiveness and trust from diopside. By gently encouraging you to take the first step, it will help you make amends with anybody or anything that has wronged you in the past. It’s a fantastic crystal for emotional healing because it will increase your capacity for self- and other love. 

Your ability to both give and receive love will improve. It softly encourages you to let go of the need and recognize your gifts if you have ever felt like you were lacking something but weren’t sure what it was. It teaches you how to live life with appreciation and joy if you feel burdened or overwhelmed by life’s problems.

Diopside: Physical Healing Properties

Diopside is thought to physically mend the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. It is also said to help with psychological deficiencies and diseases.

After regeneration is required, such as after surgery or when recovering from physical harm, the green stone works on physical healing. Both cellular memory and the alkaline balance can be supported by it. It can increase blood flow and aid in enhancing the heart’s and kidneys’ operations.

It also is great to apply to the heart to aid in the recovery from a heart attack or other physical cardiac disorders. It can help heal the lungs, especially after smoking or toxic inhalation-related damage. Asthma and emphysema can also benefit. It can also improve how well the lungs work.

Physically, diopside can also support the body’s hormonal equilibrium. Diopside is a stone that is excellent for reducing muscle pain and spasms. For athletes who subject their bodies to physical stress or activities on a regular basis, it may be advantageous.

Diopside is also known to assist the body to recuperate after physical changes occur and to restore equilibrium to the reproductive systems. It can be a potent crystal for women who are going through or have already gone through menopause.

Diopside Metaphysical properties

The usage of chrome diopside to improve creative awareness and vision dates back many years. This green gemstone is also said to enhance intellect and stimulate a person’s desire to learn. According to metaphysical theories, chromium diopside is used to lessen stubbornness or anger, which in turn strengthens love and loyalty. The green diopside aligns with the heart chakra.

Chromium diopside has been used by those who utilize gemstones for healing to relieve headaches, control blood pressure, promote healing after illness, and aid those who struggle with addiction.

Diopside Benefits

Diopside is effective as a calming agent, particularly for disturbed minds, animals like pets, young children, and the elderly. It is a gemstone that will improve your capacity for creative visualization. Additionally, it will help you clarify your objectives and make them more quickly attainable.

Diopside stone opens the higher mental body level and intuition. It helps you respect your intuition and act in accordance with its guidance. You can sense and respect your true ideas, emotions, and feelings when using diopside.

Diopside fosters empathy for the pain of others and oneself, opening the heart and mind to others. Additionally, it will motivate you to put more heart into whatever you do. The benefits will be considerably more satisfying if you genuinely love what you do.

Diopside Benefits Spirituality

Spiritual Benefits of Diopside

Diopside promotes and strengthens your capacity to revise plans and objectives. It facilitates communication with your spiritual mentors and guides. Diopside stone stimulates the spirit and heightens feelings of love and devotion. This stone will heighten your sense of the Divine’s love when utilized in meditation. 

This stone helps you follow your intuition and improves your capacity to feel other people’s emotions by instilling humility and encouraging you to honor what you truly feel. Diopside makes it easier to commune with Gaia( Greek Goddess of Earth) and communicate with all of her states of consciousness and outward manifestations, including the minerals, plants, and animals. 

Diopside & Feng Shui

Diopside enhances your intellectual faculties, which is beneficial for academic study. For optimal health, wellness, and balance throughout your home, place this stone in the Center area. In the areas of Prosperity, Family, and Skills and Knowledge, green stones are also useful.

This stone will help writers who unexpectedly have writer’s block since it will let them see new plans and ideas. It can also aid in the study of circumstances and emotions by giving reason and comprehension. Diopside is supposedly associated with inner heart, love, and dedication. According to tradition, it can aid in the healing of trauma in part by bringing forth cleansing tears.

Diopside Birthstone

Despite not being a traditional birthstone, chrome diopside is connected to the Pisces zodiac sign as well as Gemini and Virgo.

Diopside Chakra

Diopside is associated with the heart chakra. Due to this resonance with the heart chakra, it can aid in the treatment and alleviation of cardiac issues. It can protect the heart while enhancing its capabilities. 

Your root chakra is resonant with Black Diopside, which facilitates a strong connection to the earth. With this energetic resonance, your bodily well-being is also enhanced. 

The entire chakra system is revitalized, healed, purified, and balanced by Green Diopside. The third eye chakra is also known to be opened by the colors of this stone, which enables you to communicate with the spiritual world.

What are the Uses of Diopside? 

Uses of Diopside

Glass-ceramics and ceramics with a diopside basis may be used in a variety of technological fields. Scientists from Imperial College in the UK created the glass-ceramic known as “silceram” in the 1980s from waste materials such as blast furnace slag. 

Additionally, they produced glass ceramic, which has structural promise. Likewise, glass ceramics and ceramics based on diopside have prospective uses in the fields of biomaterials, immobilizing nuclear waste, and sealing materials in solid oxide fuel cells. 

Other than that, diopside has numerous benefits and properties as a gemstone which have been discussed below in the subsequent sections.

Caring for Diopside

caring for diopside

Because of its poor hardness, chrome diopside should be worn with considerable caution. Before engaging in any vigorous activity, take off your chrome diopside jewelry and store it apart from your other gems and jewelry.

When to Cleanse Diopside

Wash pieces of chrome diopside in warm water and a mild dish soap solution for safe cleaning. Use a soft brush to remove any dust that may have accumulated behind the stone. As with any fine jewelry, this gemstone needs to be taken off before bed.

Chrome diopside can be cleaned most effectively with lukewarm water and mild soap. To remove dust, fingerprints, and other gunk, use a soft cloth. Keep jewelry and gems made of chromium diopside away from other jewels and objects that could scratch the surface. Jewelry made with chromium diopside should be kept in soft pouches or velveteen trays.

How to Recharge your Diopside? 

The act of reviving a crystal’s energy after use and purification is known as charging. similar to recharging a battery after it has run out of juice. A full moon is a fantastic time to accomplish this (and will serve as a gentle reminder that the time has come).

A crystal should always be cleansed to get rid of any energies—positive or negative—that it may have absorbed from handling and excessive use. The diopside crystal can be cleansed by placing it on a cluster of quartz, holding it for 30 seconds over a flame, or using sound waves.

How much is Diopside worth? 

price and worth of Diopside

Due to the intensity of its green color, diopside makes a good alternative for several gemstones that are significantly more expensive, such as emeralds and tsavorite. Diopside is becoming more common among jewelry designers despite not being widely available in high-end jewelry stores. The price of chrome diopside per carat currently ranges from $15 to approximately $75.

Jewelry made of chromium diopside can range in price based on the setting and stone’s quality. The best color of high-quality chrome diopside can also cost about $100 per carat.

What Determines Diopside’s Price and Value?

Depending on the size and quality of the gemstone, Chrome Diopside pricing and value might vary greatly. Transparency and a deep green hue increase a stone’s value. Larger cuts shouldn’t typically be faceted because the deep green color tends to make the tone too black, with the exception of lighter-colored stones. 

In order to maintain shallow facet angles in larger stones and increase brilliance, careful cutting is also important. Chrome Diopside’s rich green hue is unaltered and natural.

Diopside Impact

Diopside stone strengthens the connection between you and the earth through your heart chakra and offers to heal all of your chakras so they can realign. Wearing this crystal as a pendant on your chest will increase its effectiveness by keeping its energy near your chakras. It opens up your heart chakra, promoting emotional balance and allowing you to freely give and accept love.

It enables you to assume greater responsibility by helping you to grasp your place in the larger global body. Linking with the faerie realm, the devic realm, and the realms of the nature spirits may be facilitated by it.

Diopside promotes and strengthens your capacity to acknowledge and feel your true ideas, emotions, and feelings. This stone encourages compassion for your own and other people’s suffering, which opens your heart and mind to others.

Does Diopside make a good jewelry stone?

Does diopside make a good jewelry stone

Diopside has a pleasant vibe, and it may be used to create jewelry that is just as attractive. For earrings and pendants, chrome diopside is carved into gemstone shapes that are faceted. Due to its poor hardness, it is typically not utilized for rings and bracelets. 

Wearing this crystal as a pendant on your chest will increase its effectiveness by keeping its energy near your chakras. The purple type of Violane and star diopside are faceted into cabochons primarily as collectors’ gems.

Diopside Real vs Fake

Since this gemstone is so inexpensive, there are no known imitations of diopside. Look for any visible inclusions that may mark the authenticity of the stone. If the stone has high transparency and clarity, it is a perfect diopside stone. 

Summary of Diopside Crystal

Name of Crystal Diopside
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Imperial Emeralds, Gem of Tears
Origin(s) Eastern Siberia known as Inagli
Color(s) Light or dark green to black sometimes. Some rare exceptions of blue, brown, colorless, gray, or pale violet.
Formation Igneous rock
Majorly Found at Eastern Siberia in Russia, Pakistan, Australia, Russia, Canada, Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa
Zodiac Suited for Pisces, Gemini and Virgo
Chakra Heart Chakra
Crystal Meaning Literal meaning- Double face
Types of Crystal Black star diopside and Chrome diopside
Healing Properties Improve the capacity for creative visualization, opens the higher mental body level and intuition. Supports body’s hormonal equilibrium
Health Benefits Speedy recovery of surgeries or any injury, balances hormonal imbalances, helps with inflammation, stress, muscle pains and spasms. Also aids in cardiac disorders
Uses Glass ceramics, healing stones, stress relievers.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 5.6-6
Real Any visible inclusions may mark the authenticity of the stone. High transparency and clarity
Fake Since this gemstone is so inexpensive, there are no known imitations of diopside.


What is Diopside good for?

Diopside is a stone with innumerable properties and benefits. Most importantly, it will encourage you to enjoy life with enthusiasm and appreciation even when you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the issues in your life.

Is Diopside rare or common?

Faceted diopside is not particularly rare, although large, flawless stones (above 15 carats) are. Still, it is extremely difficult to come by on the mineral market, which has led to great demand and significantly increased costs.

Is Diopside an emerald?

No, although they are occasionally referred to as Siberian emeralds because of their color, despite the fact that they are absolutely unrelated to one another in terms of their mineral composition. Emerald is a precious stone, while diopside is a semi-precious stone.

How much is Diopside worth?

The price of chrome diopside per carat ranges(at the time of writing this article) from about $15 to approximately $75.

Can you wear chrome Diopside every day?

Diopside is not a durable stone and thus it is advised not to wear it every day. When subjected to significant temperature swings and severe heat, chrome diopside is so fragile that it may potentially melt. It, therefore, necessitates extra caution and safety measures.

Where is Diopside found?

Chromium diopside is found in Eastern Siberia in Russia, Pakistan, Australia, Russia, Canada, Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa, and many more countries.

Is Russian Diopside expensive?

Russian Diopside is a rare stone. As compared to other green gems like emerald and diamond, it is definitely a more affordable choice. But, if compared to other varieties of diopside, it is more expensive.