Dolomite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Dolomite represents ease, steadiness, and emotional satiety. It contains mythology from the Dolomite Alps, particularly local Ladin traditions. The national epic about the matriarchal “Kingdom of the Fanes” is the most critical Ladin story.

In a nutshell, the narrative describes the Fanes, a matrilineal society that included the earliest Ladins. They prospered under the queen’s authority for many generations.

In order to get access to Aurora, a “country of plenty,” the new monarch abandoned his subjects and began waging war out of avarice. The remaining Fanes withdrew inside the mountains as the king turned to stone. Their kingdom is rumored to be reborn once silver is discovered.


What Is Dolomite?

What Is Dolomite

Dolomite is a carbonate mineral that forms a series with the extremely rare ankerite, which has magnesium (Mg) to iron (Fe) ratio greater than 1, and the manganese (Mn)-dominant kutnohorite. Ferroan dolomites include Fe (but not over Mg). Mn is naturally present in manganoan dolomites, giving these stones their distinctive pink hue.

Meaning Of Dolomite

Meaning Of Dolomite

The benefits of emotional dolomite stones are stated to include eradicating unfavorable ideas, stabilizing erratic emotions, and fostering spiritual connection.

Deep emotional scars can be navigated with the aid of cobaltoan dolomite, which enables you to manage the discomfort of healing them and then discover your strength to move on.

Dolomite is used by crystal healers for:

  • enhancing bone density
  • raising blood oxygen levels
  • Premenstrual syndrome relief
  • Increasing endurance

Properties of Dolomite

Properties of Dolomite

  • The Dolomites exhibit remarkable birefringence because they are carbonates. Facet pictures may appear twice on faceted items.
  • The refractive indices of the series minerals grow from the dolomite values as Fe substitution increases.
  • The Dolomites typically have a uniaxial optical character, but abnormally biaxial specimens can happen.
  • Although they fluoresce less under longwave ultraviolet light, manganoan variants can fluoresce from pale pink to bright red.
  • When touched or rubbed, dolomites may exhibit triboluminescence, which means it glows.

Dolomite is the astrological stone for the sign of Aries. The traditional birthstone for December can be replaced with dyed dolomite, which resembles turquoise.


The Dolomites should be kept separate from other harder stones in a cloth bag or box along with any jewelry manufactured. This will stop contact abrasions. The Dolomites should only be cleaned with a delicate brush, warm water, and a little detergent. For more advice, see our cleaning guide for gemstone jewelry.