Dragon Blood Jasper vs Bloodstone: Facts That Will Amaze You

Dragon Blood Jasper and Bloodstone even though these two are different crystals, are often confused due to their similar properties, appearance, and healing abilities. To make things easier for you, in this article we have the most important Dragon Blood Jasper Vs Bloodstone facts and properties. It will help you understand the difference between the two crystals and avoid misunderstanding them.

Dragon Blood Jasper vs Bloodstone

  • What is Dragon Blood Jasper?

Due to its color and design, Dragon Blood Jasper is different from other crystals. The stone is not Jasper, but cryptocrystalline quartz, which displays a red dot on the green background of the epidote.

Its vortices and textures are due to trace minerals and impurities. The natural raw form of this stone has a grainy, organic finish. Its beautiful color is visible after polishing to a shiny glaze.

Dragon Blood Jasper is found in Western Australia and South Africa and is estimated to have a severity of 7 on the Mohs scale. There are many legends and representations of the Dragon due to its unique design.

Many people see the color green to indicate the Dragon’s skin, and the blood flowing through its veins is red. The stone is famous as the “stone of courage” because dragons symbolize strength and power.

Some believe that using Dragon Blood Jasper for healing will give you strength and courage when facing your life fears. In addition, some use the stone to balance the base cycle and control the stability of the user’s life. When meditating with stone, it should light the fire within you and bring passion and creativity to life. This crystal is considered perfect for those who find it difficult to assert themselves and use their power wisely.

dragon blood jasper vs bloodstone : What is a Dragon Bloodstone Jasper

Blood of the Dragon Jasper’s deep green portrays the rough skin of a dragon with a kind heart. Dragons are defenders of life and supporters of justice. The deep crimson signifies the Dragon’s Blood, which ignites the fire inside to boost physical strength, courage, confidence, endurance, and focus. 

The stone’s frequency aids in bringing the mind and body into a state of serenity, assisting a person in defining and attaining objectives, igniting creativity, and the quest of righting all wrongs. Dragon’s blood will help you on your journey of self-discovery and self-love. When combined with Labradorite, a talisman of the Dragon’s heart, it becomes much more potent.

  • What is a Bloodstone?

There is a beautiful green color with red or brown spots around the Bloodstone. These scarrings are caused by contaminants in iron oxide.

Also known as heliotrope, the name of the stone comes from the Greek words “helios” and “troops,” meaning “sun” and “towards the sun.” The bloodstone color is reminiscent of heliotrope plants when exposed to the sun. Chlorite, an amphoteric mineral, is responsible for the solid green color of the stone.

Chalcedony is a type of cryptocrystalline silica with fine intergranular moganite and quartz, the same minerals found in agate rocks. Bloodstones are found mainly in India, but they are also present in Australia, Russia, the USA, Brazil, and Madagascar.

On the Mohs scale, the stone has a hardness between 6 and 7. Despite the resistance to scratches, you must be careful when wearing Bloodstone. The ancient world thought a lot about Bloodstone and named it “Sunstone.” Bloodstones are often included in collections to enhance luck, protection, and honor.

dragon blood jasper vs bloodstone : What is bloodstone

During Mesopotamia, bloodstones were immersed in cold water and rubbed in circular motions over the body to cure and prevent disease. Warriors also wore stones during battles for protection and courage. In the Middle Ages, the name was changed to “Christ Stone” to indicate His Blood’s purity and give its custodians passion, strength, and power.

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Dragon Blood Jasper vs Bloodstone: Similarities

  • There are two reasons why people bother to tell the difference between Dragon Blood Jasper and Bloodstone.
  • These are two reasons for the color and rank of the stone in terms of hardness level. They are red and green in color and rank 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale.
  • Stones are also associated with the root and heart cycle for healing. Furthermore, the Mineralogical Society of America describes them as crystalline structures. 
  • Both help heals at the cellular level, but each has unique characteristics. Even if all the stones can work together, it does not hurt to check with them beforehand to find out if they want to cooperate. Asking if you want to mix your stones is an option.
  • These two stones can be helpful in any combination. It depends on your purpose and what you want to achieve with the stones you use when it comes to the combination of stones. For example, if they focus on their own goals like rose quartz for love, red Jasper for grinding, and lepidolite for stress relief and serenity, they are doing their job well. 

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Dragon Blood Jasper vs Bloodstone: Differences

dragon blood jasper vs bloodstone : Differences

  • The crystals of the Dragon Blood Jasper and Bloodstone families should not be confused with each other. However, you can tell them apart by looking at the subtle differences in their colors. Unlike blood Jasper, which has white and brown stripes and a light olive-green color, Bloodstone has a more intense green color.
  • The red and green epidote from the Dragon Blood Jasper‌ gives you the best of both worlds in a single stunning stone. On the other hand, dark green chalcedony (or Jasper) produces a lot of bloodstones. In contrast, small fragments of red Jasper (due to hematite and iron oxide inclusions) make up the rest.
  •  Meanwhile, Bloodstone is considered a hybrid of the jasper mineral family. Although these stones are associated with the root and heart chakras, their chemical composition is different, making them two distinct crystals.
  • Colors are why it can be difficult for people to tell the difference between Dragon Blood Jasper and Bloodstone. So, keep these concepts in mind when trying to tell the difference based on color. Bloodstone color is much more intense than blood jasper.
  • In addition, Dragon Blood Jasper has an olive-green color with white and brown stripes. The composition of the two stones also separates them from each other. Due to the unusual mixture of epidote and limonite, Dragon Blood Jasper is not considered a jasper.
  • Although Bloodstone is a hybrid of the jasper mineral family, it contains polycrystalline chalcedony with large iron oxide inclusions ranging from red or brown to dark green Jasper.
  • If you find it difficult to distinguish between two stones, consider taking it to a lab or purchasing equipment to help you locate the stone. Sometimes the only way to distinguish between a bloodstone and a blood jasper is to look closely at its structure.

Dragon Blood Jasper vs Bloodstone: Benefits

  • Dragon Bloodstone has several benefits and is often called the stone of courage. It works excellent to strengthen physical and supernatural bodies, to weave them together when illness or other adverse conditions reduce our energy.
  • The best way to break a bad habit is to break new ground and this is the unique talent of Dragons Bloodstone.
  • Dragon Bloodstone has excellent healing properties and provides a robust and self-affirmative template to follow when we fall into unhealthy, debilitating songs through life events, confusion, fear, or self-indulgence.
  • Both Dragon Bloodstone and Dragon Blood Jasper are our open expression of faith, intense desire, emotion, affection, and willingness to help others for the greater good and make natural and effective changes to ourselves and the world around us. It helps to develop the necessary rigidity. 
  • Dragon Blood Jasper helps our endurance and perseverance achieve a healthy, healthy balance. It includes diet and exercise rules to get in shape.
  • Dragon Blood Jasper helps the body in the spiritual purification of the blood and cells. It is the well of life and helps us discover our inner reset so that our bodies and energy fields can regain their resonance with patterns of health, stability, and emotional well-being. It works as fast as most Jasper, yet the extraordinary power of dragon blood makes it one of the family’s most potent and dynamic stones.

Dragon Blood Jasper vs Bloodstone: Cleaning and Charging

Because of their relationship to fire, these jewels should be cleaned using sage, smudge sticks, and incense. It is best to cleanse the Dragon Blood Jasper dragon blood jasper vs bloodstone : Cleaning Dragon Bloodstone Jasperoutside or near an open window. It permits undesirable energies created during the cleaning process to move away from your location instead of becoming stuck there. Allow the sage smoke to surround the Dragon Blood Jasper by gently moving the sage, or something similar, around the crystal for approximately a minute. Dragon Blood Jasper may be recharged most effectively on a Clear Quartz slab or geode.


Whether you know it as the evocative Bloodstone or the more neutral but inspirational Heliotrope stone, there’s no doubting that this is a powerful stone with a lot of promise. Bloodstone is a fantastic addition to any crystal lover’s collection because of the strength it can instill in anybody who learns to harness its incredible energies.

This powerful stone offers improved circulation and a more robust immune system. On the other hand, Dragon Blood Jasper can remind people of going through difficult times. Bloodstone should not be underestimated in terms of the amount of power it may bestow on its wielder.

Dragon Blood Jasper belongs to the quartz family (chalcedony). It’s a wonderfully patterned gemstone with deep red matrix tones and a mix of forest green colors.

So, it makes sense to understand how easy it is to confuse two stones. When trying to tell the difference, remember to pay attention to the stone’s color and observe its structure further with the tests.