Dragon Bloodstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Dragon Bloodstone has been a popular crystal especially associated with meditation. Meditation, to calm down the body, is a practice that has been followed by people since the start of civilization. With time, people started to meditate with different tools known as gemstones. 

Crystals and gemstones are some of the best ways of attaining inner peace and concentration during meditation. Among the different kinds of stones used for meditation, the Dragon Bloodstone is a well-known crystal to get started with the journey of attaining peace and harmony in everyday life. 

The Dragon bloodstone, also known as the Dragon blood jasper, is a quartz stone that reflects bright red and green colors. The origin of the stone is said to be the ossified skin and blood of fallen dragons. 

dragon bloodstone

What is Dragon Bloodstone?

As said by the ancient scriptures, the Dragon bloodstone is a ‘stone of courage.’ It belongs to the family of quartz stones. It reflects red veins on an opaque green background. It has a hardness of 7 on the MOHS scale. 

According to multiple ancient legends, this gemstone is formed by the remains of dead dragons. The green color is the skin of the dragons. And the red color is the blood of the ancient dragons. 

The Dragon bloodstone or the Dragon blood jasper is the symbol of courage and strength. It evokes feelings of groundedness and centeredness in the heart and soul of the wearer. 

How to Identify A Dragon Bloodstone?

The different ways through which a Dragon bloodstone can be identified are as follows:-

  • Color:- The color of the Dragon bloodstone is elegant green with red spots or veins all over it. The red spots take place due to the impurities from the iron oxide. The color of the gemstone has the characteristics of the heliotrope plants. The colors look as bright as when the plants are ‘facing the sun.’ The green color of the crystal is caused due to chlorite. Chlorite is a amphibole mineral. 

Some of the most highly appreciated bloodstone crystals have a base color of forest green. On this base, little spots of red color are visible. Similar to blood splatter stains, the red spots give the effect of splattered blood on the stone. This color pattern is also related to the concept of the ‘Blood of Christ.’ 

  • Hardness Scale:- The crystal has a hardness of 6 to 7 on the MOHS scale. The Dragon bloodstone is a pretty hard stone. It is resistant to easy breakage or damage. It does not break easily as compared to other crystals and gemstones. 

Where Is Dragon Blood Stone Found?

The Dragon bloodstone is commonly found in India. The stones that are found in the market nowadays are obtained from different countries and continents like:-

  • Russia 
  • Czech Republic 
  • Scotland 
  • Europe 
  • Australia 
  • Brazil 
  • Madagascar

This gemstone is not rare. It is easily available in the market. Due to abundance and increased availability at all times, affordability is the best factor about the stone commercially. 

Dragon Blood Stone Stone Meaning

Dragon Blood Stone Stone Meaning

Similar to the name of the stone, the Dragon bloodstone is a symbol of strength and courage. Since dragons are the epitome of bravery and power, this gemstone has incredible powers to make the wearer stronger and braver in all aspects of life. 

Since dragons are mystical creatures and do not show traces of an actual existence on Earth, the gemstone named after them emits energies that will benefit the wearer by emboldening them in a similar manner as the creatures themselves. 

The Dragon bloodstone with beautiful red and green colors is said to be an incredible gemstone that gives strength to the wearer to overcome any difficult or challenging situations. 

Instead of running away from crucial situations in life, this stone encourages the wearer to face them like a champion. Every obstacle that is difficult is made easy to overcome by the use of this crystal. 

Reaching the top of the unclimbable mountains provides wisdom and happiness that is hard to gain without the constant support of the gemstone. This crystal will surely help its wearer to reach a different level of enlightenment and inner peace that they may have never experienced before. 

This stone is also referred to as the ‘Protector of life’ as it enables the flow of brightness and positivity in the everyday life of the wearer. For protection and care against all odds of life, this gemstone is always recommended.

The different names by which this stone is identified are ‘Sun Stone’ and ‘Christ Stone.’ This gemstone indicates the meaning of birth and life. It carries the purity of blood. 

Dragon Blood Stone Healing Properties

Dragon Blood Stone Healing Properties.

The healing properties of the Dragon bloodstone crystals are as follows:-

Physical Healing Properties Of Dragon Blood Stone

In terms of health and well-being, the Dragon bloodstone is widely used for the purification of blood and enhanced blood circulation. The stone is so powerful that a single sight of the crystal will fill the wearer with strength and courage. 

This stone enables speedy purification of blood and enhanced and balanced blood circulation to the important parts of the body. And purification and strengthening of the functions of blood marrow. 

This stone has a strong connection with the mineral iron that enables bodily purification and increased power of the life force that keeps the wearer going in every situation. 

When facing difficulties in the normal functioning of blood cells or any other form of blood-related concern, this stone provides its magical power to heal them all. This gemstone is an excellent healer of the immune system that is responsible for most functions in the body including blood flow and blood purification. 

Since the Dragon bloodstone is a symbol of strength, courage, and bravery, it is widely used during childbirth and labor. This stone evokes vitality for the mother and the child to stay strong during the entire process of childbirth and labor. 

Different blood-related issues like anemia, heart conditions and recovery from heart surgeries have been made easy by the use of the Dragon bloodstone. Frequent nose bleeds and hemorrhages are reduced as well. 

It provides speedy recovery to the people in the hospital battling with different kinds of injuries and conditions. With the increased flow of strength and endurance, this stone enables the wearer to fight the pain off. 

Emotional And Cognitive Healing Properties of Dragon Bloodstone

According to the ancient scriptures, the Dragon bloodstone was given to the warrior and battle heroes to stay strong, brave, and courageous on the battlefield. 

This stone predominantly focuses on enhancing and healing by optimizing the wearer’s strength and resilience in challenging and strenuous situations. 

This crystal makes sure that the wearer feels safe and secure in their own skin. It makes the wearer comfortable with who they are. And encourages them to explore who they desire to become. 

This stone plays an incredible role in making the wearer self-dependent and self-sufficient. With a boost in the feeling of self-worth, the wearer is able to make informed decisions for themselves and improve their self-perception. 

If the wearer has been a victim of abuse, bullying, or other forms of violence that have left them with trauma and guilt, then this gemstone helps them to overcome it by bringing them back on their own feet. 

When it comes to emotional development, the Dragon blood stone enhances the emotional resilience of the wearer. This stone helps the wearer to explore the beautiful world outside their shell and uncover their true potential. 

With a clear image of the aims and goals of one’s life, this stone helps the wearer to identify or regain their life purpose and become emotionally stable and socially outgoing. The wearer starts to feel less shy and insecure around other people with the help of this incredible stone. 

The Dragon blood stone works wonders when it comes to enhancing memory and energy. It tends to bring light and brightness to one’s life and soul. 

This crystal helps the wearer to love themselves again. When self-love is at its peak, the wearer tends to be more accommodating and forgiving. 

Dragon Blood Stone Metaphysical Properties

Dragon Blood Stone Metaphysical Propertiesv

  • The Dragon bloodstone is an incredible gemstone to promote creativity and innovation in different aspects of life. It also promotes courage and strength of will in times of adversity. 
  • This crystal has the ability to evoke energies that provide the wearer with resolution and perseverance which is essential for setting and achieving goals and aims with incredible ease. 
  • The Dragon blood stone awakens our kundalini energy. This energy enables the wearer to activate the dragon’s energy or Earth’s energy. 
  • This stone helps us to align all the chakras. The activation and balancing of the heart and root chakra are done by this gemstone. Predominantly, it focuses on the lower chakras. 
  • By aligning and activating the chakras, this stone helps the wearer to stay grounded and in close contact with the Earth. It acts like a safety net for the wearer. 
  • This gemstone helps the wearer to explore their true feelings of love, compassion, trust, etc for other living beings. When these feelings are bought to harmony, the wearer experiences a feeling of self-love, open-mindedness, and healing. 
  • The Dragon blood stone enlightens the wearer to explore their true talents and potential in life. It leads them to fulfill their purpose in life and take over better goals and avenues to fulfill. 
  • If the wearer is troubled by stress, anxiety, and negativity at all times, this stone helps them to overcome these feelings and let the flow of positive energies take place in their life. 
  • This gemstone is said to help the wearer get adjusted to new locations or places they might indulge in. 

Dragon Blood Stone Benefits

As discussed above, the Dragon Bloodstone is a stone of courage and strong will. It strengthens the physical and ethereal body. This stone helps both bodies to work hand in hand in cases of illness or negativity in daily life. 

Here are some of the best benefits of using Dragon bloodstone for different purposes:-

  • Physical Benefits

For bodily benefits, this stone works wonders in the purification of blood. Any blood-related issues like blood thickening or high blood pressure are cured by the healing powers of this stone. 

This gemstone is widely used for enhancing blood circulation and uneven blood flow to the heart and brain. Blood-related illnesses are also avoided by the use of this stone. 

This stone helps the wearer to increase their endurance in difficult situations that may harm their bodily health. It encourages the wearer to create a healthy diet regime for themselves that will increase their well-being and get them in shape. 

This stone creates strong connections of the body with iron-rich sources which will help the wearer to purify not only their blood but the bone marrow too. Different kinds of blood-related traumas are washed down by the use of this stone. 

The Dragon bloodstone is used to enhance and balance the metabolic system. This balance is vital for gaining energy, strength, and vitality for enduring different kinds of physical pains. 

By stimulating the circulatory system, this stone aids the purification of blood. And the unclogging of the liver and bile ducts. Different diseases like anemia and hemorrhoids are treated with this stone. 

This stone enables speedy recovery from heart injuries, surgeries, and diseases that may take a longer time to heal otherwise. This stone enhances one’s endurance and strength levels to face any kind of illness in the body. 

It helps in reducing the symptoms of epilepsy and gout. With an increased flow of fluids across the body, this stone helps in aiding the functions of libido, fertility, and childbirth. 

  • Cognitive Benefits 

Cognitively and mentally, this gemstone helps us to lead our lives with honor and integrity. It helps us to analyse our habits and routines and encourages us to lead the life we wish to live. 

The Dragon blood stone fills the wearer with the feeling of self-fulfillment. It eliminates feelings of inferiority and reduces the urge to punish oneself for being who one truly is. 

These gemstones encourage the wearer to have a positive perspective towards their life and live their life to the fullest by removing regrets and remorse. Negativity and past traumas are reduced in impact by the use of the Dragon bloodstone. 

The fear of failure is reduced and the mindset of gaining success in every situation is enhanced by this crystal. Instead of worrying about what the outcome of a certain action will be, this stone helps the wearer to perform their best in anything they do. 

  • Emotional Benefits

Emotionally, this gemstone enables us to analyse our relationships with other people. This stone helps us to change the emotional or behavioral patterns that were once valid, but do not keep any importance now. 

The Dragon bloodstone is essential to understand romantic relationships and whether or not they are healthy or damaging to mental and emotional health.  

This crystal works wonders when the wearer is trying to explore and break their unhealthy emotional patterns. It reduces the impact of emotional trauma and blockages that stops them from being emotionally strong. 

The feelings of guilt, shame, and fear of judgment from other people are reduced. This stone helps the wearer to create a healthy balance between taking too little responsibility and taking too much responsibility for their actions and endeavors. 

The Dragon blood stone makes the wearer realize their personal boundaries with people and helps them to create healthy boundaries and bonds with people around them. 

The feelings of being stuck in a specific place or the feeling of loneliness are faded away by filling the emotional void one might have. This stone aids emotional loneliness and feelings of worthlessness. 

Dragon Blood Stone Benefits Spirituality

What Are The Dragon Blood Stone Benefits Spirituality? 

The Dragon bloodstone has powers to channel the wearer’s inner energy and aura. The wearer is enabled to identify their distinct spiritual energy which will help them realise their inner power and strength to influence other people. 

This stone helps the wearer to develop in their spiritual and earthly lives. This leads to them taking personal responsibilities and fulfilling their roles to the fullest. This also enables the feeling of being grounded and close to the Earth. 

This stone creates a sense of happiness and harmony in the wearer’s life. With increased belief and faith in positive entities, this stone enables the vanishing of negative spiritual energy and enhances the spiritual beauty of the wearer. 

The spiritual impact one leaf has on other people is determined and identified through the magical powers of this stone. This stone helps in gaining knowledge about the different aspects of life and enables its application in everyday life. 

Dragon Blood Stone As Birthstone

The Dragon bloodstone is the birthstone for March. 

The Dragon bloodstone must be used by people with the zodiac sign Leo since this gemstone complements Leo’s characteristics a lot. This stone will help them to fulfill their dreams. To know the best crystals for Leo Zodiac, click here.

This crystal must also be used by people with the zodiac sign Virgo as it helps them by having control in situations where they might lose control. And it also helps them by providing a compassionate perspective on life. Know the best crystals for the zodiac Virgo, here

Dragon Blood Stone Chakras

The Dragon blood stone chakras are the heart and root chakras. 

This crystal opens the heart chakra. And fills it with endurance and expression. It is an incredible gemstone to balance masculine and feminine energies. 

This gemstone ignites the root chakra. It enables positive and nurturing vibrations and energies in the life of the wearer. It helps them to feel higher levels of energy. 

Uses Of Dragon Blood Stone

What Are The Uses Of Dragon Blood Stone?

The uses of Dragon bloodstone are as follows:-

  • Provides Strength:- The dragon blood stone provides strength to its user. It helps the wearer to overcome any obstacle or difficulties in their life. 
  • Provides Power:- This crystal provides power to its wearer. With the use of this stone, the wearer can possess the power of their surrounding. 
  • Provides Energy:- The dragon blood stone provides energy to the wearer. By gaining the energy the user thought that they never had, they are able to fulfill any task in their life. 
  • Enhances Love Relationships:- The Dragon bloodstone is believed to enhance love relationships. It helps the wearer to find his/her soulmate. It also keeps the wearer’s relationship strong and long-lasting. 
  • Provides Courage, Fertility, and Protection:- The dragon blood stone provides courage to the wearer. With this courage, they are able to solve any difficult problems in their life. It also provides protection against negative and evil energies. This stone is also a fertility stone that helps the mother through labor and childbirth. 

Caring For Dragon Blood Stone

To make sure that the stone’s energies remain powerful and strong, the wearer must take good care of it. That’s why here are some of the best ways to take care of the Dragon bloodstone:- 

  • Clean the gemstone with mild detergents. Avoid using harsh or corroding detergents that may lead to the fading of their shine and color. 
  • Mix the mild detergent with warm water and clean the gemstone with this solution. 
  • Once cleaned thoroughly, pat dry with a damp cloth. And let it air dry until completely dry. 
  • Store it in a cool and dark place to retain its energy. 

When To Cleanse Dragon Blood Stone? 

The Dragon bloodstone must be cleansed when visible lumps of dirt and dust are formed on the stone. 

How To Recharge Your Dragon Blood Stone? 

The dragon bloodstone can be recharged by keeping it under sunlight or moonlight. This will recharge its energies. 

How Much Is Dragon Blood Stone Worth?

  • What determines the dragon blood stone’s price and value?

The Dragon bloodstone is easily available in the market. That’s why it is super affordable. Different factors that determine the worth of this gemstone are as follows:-

  • Clarity 
  • Carat weight 
  • Color
  • Size 
  • Shape 

The stone’s value highly depends on the quality and the quantity or weight of the stone. A big stone with good quality will be higher in value than a small good quality stone. Other factors like the design and craftsmanship of the stone also affect the value and price. 

Does Dragon Blood Stone Make A Good Jewelry Stone?

The Dragon bloodstone has the ability to be faceted. However, these stones are mostly carved or cabbed. Just like the other gemstones present in the quartz family, the dragon bloodstone can make a good jewelry stone. 

The good hardness of a crystal is extremely important for it to become a good jewelry stone. Since the hardness level of Dragon bloodstone on the Mohs scale is 6.5 to 7, it makes an incredibly good jewelry stone. 

The beautiful and attractive color combination of deep forest green and bright red makes the stone an ideal jeweler stone with eye-catching sparkle and visuals. 

Dragon Blood Stone Real vs Fake

Dragon Blood Stone Real vs Fake

Here are the best ways to tell if a Dragon bloodstone is real or fake:- 

  • Conduct a streak test:- In this test, if rubbing the stone on porcelain leave red residues, then it is a real gemstone. 
  • Check the shine of the crystal:- Usually, a dragon bloodstone is brightly shining. So if the gemstone has a bright shine, then it is genuine. 
  • Look for scratches and other scars:- Since the dragon blood stone is a hard stone, it is very difficult to scratch or scar it. So if there are noticeable scars or scratches on the stone, then it is not real. 

Final Thoughts

Dragon blood stones have been used for centuries to attain endless strength, power, and courage. With incredible healing properties and beautiful visuals, this gemstone has become one of the most popular gemstones from the Quartz family. 

From this article, the prime takeaways about the Dragon bloodstone are its healing properties, benefits, uses, ways to keep the gemstone clean, and how to tell whether the dragon bloodstone crystal is real or fake. 

Summary Of Dragon Bloodstone

Name of Crystal Dragon Blood Stone
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Dragon Blood Jasper
Origin(s) South East Asia, South America
Color(s) Green
Formation Formed by the remains of ancient dragons.
Majorly Found at Western Australia
Zodiac Suited for Leo
Chakra Heart Chakra
Root Chakra
Crystal Meaning A symbol of strength and courage. Since dragons are the epitome of bravery and power, this gemstone has incredible powers to make the wearer stronger and braver in all aspects of life. 
Types of Crystal Quartz
Healing Properties Increases spiritual atonement and can help dispel any fear or hesitancy around spiritual exploration and growth
Health Benefits Dragon Bloodstone is widely used for the purification of blood and enhanced blood circulation.
Uses Used as a varnish for violins, in photoengraving, as an incense resin, and as a body oil.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6
Real Upon scratching with porcelain, red residues will be seen
Fake No red streaks/spots


What are the benefits of Dragon stone?

The dragon blood stone provides protection against negative energies and it is an incredible stone to gain power and courage. 

What is Dragon stone crystal?

The dragon bloodstone crystal belongs to the Quartz family. It is a healing and powerful stone connected to the heart and root chakra. 

What is Dragon’s Bloodstone made of?

The dragon bloodstone is made of Epidote and Piemontite. 

What is Dragon Blood Agate?

The dragon blood Agate is a kind of dragon bloodstone. 

Does Dragonstone change pH?

No. It does not change pH. 

What is another name for Dragonstone?

The other name for Dragon stone is dragon blood jasper.