Euclase Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Euclase?


Euclase is a beryllium aluminum hydroxide silicate mineral and a semi-precious gemstone that is a product of the decomposition of the beryl in pegmatites. It crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system and is found in abundance in fibrous as well as slender prismatic crystals. Euclase has a vitreous luster with feeble luminescence.

It has a hardness ranging from 6.5 to 75 which makes it a great gemstone for manufacturing jewelry but it can be faceted easily. With the perfect cleavage in one direction, cutting Euclase becomes tricky which is why jewelry needs to be very careful when cutting this tone to avoid any stress on the cleavage plane.

How to Identify a Euclase?

It is easy to identify Euclase since it occurs as striated prismatic crystals with chisel-shaped terminations. Euclase means easily cleaved. One of the identifying factors in Euclase is its cleavage which is perfect in one direction. Another distinctive feature of Euclase is that regardless of the color of the gemstone be it- green, blue, white, yellow, or colorless, Euclase will have blue-green zoning, which makes it different from its counterfeiters which is lackluster, brilliance, and cleavage in one direction.

– Euclase Cuts

When cut well, a colorless Euclase can exhibit marvelous brilliance. Euclases with unfaceted cuts like cabochon are rare in the market. Euclase has a great hardness, which makes it a favorite among jewelers and gem collectors but because of its cleavage, faceting Euclase becomes difficult.

Still, gem cutters have been able to achieve numerous faceted cuts like emerald, marquise, oval ad various other shapes. It is a visibly clear stone with inclusions like quartz and pyrite-like bravoite. It shows color zoning due to the presence of iron and chromium in it.

– Euclase Shapes

Euclase crystals are generally small with the most commonly found as 1 inch and 5-6 cts. Due to its perfect cleavage in one direction, cutting becomes tricky but still, it can be found in different shapes and sizes. Large Euclase crystals can be found in Brazil and Columbia.

One of the largest Euclases having 144 carats is a lime-green specimen that comes from Brazil and is held at Smithsonian. In terms of color, while Euclase is generally found colorless, it is also available in other colors like yellow, green or some have undertones of these colors. The variation in the colors comes from iron and chromium impurities.

Where is Euclase Found?

This transparent monoclinic crystal is predominantly found in Ouro Prêto, Minas Gerais, Southeast Region, Brazil where it occurs with topaz.

Euclase Stone Meaning

Euclase Stone Meaning

The name Euclase comes from two Greek terms EU means easily and klasis means fractured. It means that Euclase has such a perfect cleavage that it makes it vulnerable to breaking apart. It has abundant healing properties which are distinguished by the different colors.  While the blue gemstone evokes calmness, imparts wisdom, and helps a person to become more honest, the white Euclase is believed to help people connect with their spiritual self by enhancing meditation and getting rid of negative vibes.

– Euclase Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Euclase is a symbol of expression, self-awareness, and clarity which means it helps a person gain mental clarity. The first Euclase specimen was found in Brazil in 1785.  It was brought into Europe by a French naturalist Joseph Dombey and this gem species was further studied by French mineralogist Rene Just Hauy. He described and name this gem Euclas in one of his papers in the year 1792. 

Coincidently this was the same year when reports on Euclase were discovered near the Russian Ural Mountains near the Orenberg district. Later in 1962, Government Chemical Laboratories published the findings of the first Euclase in Australia. Recently in the year 2016, a new color of Euclase was discovered. Miners in Brazil found a minute amount of orange-pink euclase resembling Padparadscha sapphire in color.  So much so was the demand, that the supply got quickly depleted within its display to the worldwide market.

Euclase Crystal properties

Euclase is a beryllium aluminum hydroxide silicate that is not a beryl variety but possesses similar composition. While beryl is also involved in Euclase formation, it is different from Euclase in crystal system and density. Euclase is distinctly prismatic and striated crystals which means it has thin, parallel, and slightly indented lines along the flat sides or faces. You may find Euclase crystals with both ends doubly terminated or with a chisel-like shape.

Raw Euclase can also form in fibrous or massive habits along with crystal clusters. It has a Mohs hardness scale rating ranging between 6.5-7.5 and has a monoclinic crystal structure. It is transparent to translucent with a vitreous luster. It has weak fluorescence and possesses one perfect cleavage in 1 direction and other two good cleavages in 2 directions. Its refractive index ranges between 1.65- 1.67.

Euclase Healing Properties

- Euclase Healing Properties

Euclase is believed to have profound healing properties which tend to vary according to the different colors of Euclase. When it bears striking resemblance to Aquamarine, the blue Euclase helps a person become more calm, wide, and honest. The white euclase on the other hand is believed to help people get rid of negativity, connect with enhanced spiritual awareness and boost the impact of meditation. It is called the stone of happiness which means it helps bring joy to the life of the person wearing it. It is also said to help a person get rid of unhealthy habits.

Euclase Metaphysical Properties

It helps a person by:

  • Making them calm
  • Boosting their confidence to speak the truth
  • Enhance spiritual awareness and connect with their higher self
  • Help relieves stress and emotional trauma

Euclase Benefits

A colorless Euclase is believed to clear the blockages of the third eye and crown chakra which means it helps a person connect with their spiritual higher self. On the other hand, Blue Euclase helps a person become more confident and spread their truth by clearing out the throat chakra. To know about all the best crystals for the throat chakra, read here.

On the physical front, Euclase is believed to help people by reducing pain and tension in the muscles. It also helps clear the bacteria from the wound. It is also believed to help enhance vision and relieves the person from any muscle spasm.

– Euclase Benefits Spirituality

Euclase is called a stone of happiness as it helps a person stimulate their creativity and bring joy to their life. It is said to help the person understand and follow the truths of the heart. It is also believed to increase synchronicities in life, help the person get what the universe wants to give them, and archive a higher spiritual self. 

The energy of euclase helps a person work hard towards their ultimate goal. It encourages the person to attain their ambitions with pride and integrity. It is also said to help people get rid of bad habits and it also shows the karmic influences so that the person learns from their past and does not repeat the same mistake in life. Since it helps a person access their Akashic records, the person will be able to better understand themselves and the experiences around their life.

Euclase & Feng Shui

Euclase & Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese traditional practice that involves arranging objects, houses, and buildings in such a way that it brings balance, harmony, and peace within oneself and the surrounding. It is considered a form of self-care wherein it is believed that once you change your perspective about your environment, you will be able to change the way you behave and react to the situations. This helps in aligning your throughs and actions in a supportive manner.

Since it is considered to help people achieve the highest sense of spirituality, it should be placed in the area where you meditate so that you can focus your complete energy on establishing a connection with your higher self.

If you are in the profession of public speaking or hold a place where it can be difficult to make the right decision, we recommend putting Euclase in your area of work as that can help you make informed decisions with utmost confidence. Since it opens up the throat chakras, leaders, managers, and other decision-makers can use it to express their thoughts and feelings.

Euclase as a Birthstone

- Euclase Birthstones

Since Euclase gem resembles aquamarine and white topaz they are considered a strong alternative for March birthstone or April birthstone. The march birthstone is believed to help calm the nerves in a person especially to ensure that the sailors in the sea are safe. It is also believed to help bring harmony and happiness in marriage. 

February birthstones are said to provide the wearer with the strength and courage to live a confident life. It is also said to help people cut off bad habits like intoxication. Being a February gemstone, euclase protects the body from physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Euclase Chakras

Euclase Chakras

Colorless Euclase is said to open the third eye and crown chakras, which helps the person access the highest level of spirituality. It is considered a stone of strength and clarity that connect the heart to the mind, enhances intuition, and makes the deeper self-clear. Other than the heart chakra it is also said to open the throat chakra, which gives the wearer the power to speak their truth with ultimate confidence. Since it also resonates with the crown chakra, it stimulates the brain and assists in the flow of coincidence and synchronicity in your life.

Wearing this gemstone can help you bring near to the things and circumstances that you want in your life. It is believed to have the energy that helps in gaining access to the akashic records which are said to help the person better understand the meaning of karma. The dark blue stones are considered throat chakra stones but they also resonate with the crown, third eye, and heart chakra. The white or clear stones resonate with the higher chakras like the crown or third eye since they have stronger actions.

What are the Uses of Euclase?

What are the uses of Euclase?

While Euclase does not have any specific industrial uses, it is considered very valuable with high-quality crystals prized by mineral collectors. Faceted Euclase with good color and high quality is considered a gem by collectors. From all the wide range of euclase available in the market, colorless euclase is considered the most prized possession by gem collectors from around the world. It is also used in physical healing as it cleanses bacteria from wounds, enhances vision, soothes any pain or tension in muscles and joints, and is also known as a great reliever of muscle spasms.

Caring for Euclase

Euclase has a Mohs hardness scale rating of 7.5, which means it is strong, durable, and sturdy. But this does not mean that it is not prone to damage. We recommend keeping it away from other jewelry to avoid the possibility of scratches or damage. It is advised to keep vulnerable jewelry pieces made from Euclase in a protective setting, preferably in a velvet pouch.

– When to Cleanse Euclase?

Cleansing, recharging, and activating your Euclase is necessary to ensure that it has the energy to fight negativity and help the person provide holistic healing benefits- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We recommend cleansing, recharging, and activating your Euclase before and after every healing session. This is because, during a session, the crystal absorbs all the negative energy that is affecting your overall well-being and prevents you from getting harmed due to them in the future. 

You can cleanse Euclase daily with a soft cloth. A thorough cleaning can be done by using a soft cloth, dipping it in lukewarm water, and some mild detergent. We would advise you to steer clear of the mechanical or steam cleaners as they may diminish the color of the Euclase or even lead to fracture.

– How to Recharge Your Euclase?

Charging is a way to help fill the crystal with energy from the sun, moon, earth, and water. 

One of the ways to charge your Euclase is by burying it in the soil so that it can obtain energy from the earth. This easy-to-do method stimulates the connection between the gemstone with the ground and thus charges it with healing and grounding abilities.

Another natural way to recharge your Euclase crystal is by running it through a stream of water, rainwater preferably salts water, if possible. It re-purifies the gemstone and helps it to get rid of negative energy and instills positive energy within it. 

Incense sticks or herbs can also be used to recharge a Euclase stone. All you need to do is burn the incense stick or herbs like sage and pass the Euclase through it for a few minutes. This will help in energizing the stone.

You can also use the energy of other crystals and clusters with the ability to energize a Euclase by absorbing and neutralizing the negative energy. One of the most popular crystals which helps in revitalizing other crystals is Selenite. Place your Euclase in a selenite bowl for a few hours to help it get rid of negative energy and recharge it with higher vibrations.

– Euclase Activation Process

- Euclase Activation process

It is important to activate Euclase at least once a month after charging to ensure that it can regain the positive energy it needs to ward off negativity from your life. One of the highly recommended ways to activate Euclase is by putting it in a bowl full of water and placing it under direct moonlight  Lunar energy is considered to be very powerful and it will fill the crystal with abundant energy to bring positivity to your life. Make it a point to keep it in the moonlight for a few hours and then wear it. 

Another wonderful way to activate Euclase is using elemental activation. Elemental activation is the process of using the energy of elements such as fire, water, and ground to fill the Euclase with the energy of higher vibrations. It is important to note that you have determined that the physical integrity of the gemstone is going to get altered when it comes into contact with these elements. 

You can also activate Euclase by letting it soak up the energy from other crystals in a crystal grid. A crystal grid is essentially an arrangement of crystals wherein the crystal that you want to activate is placed in the center and it is surrounded by energized and activated crystals. You can use some of the powerful crystals to activate other crystals like Selenite, Clear Quartz, or Carnelian.

Sunlight is another common way to activate your gemstone, but we would advise against doing so with Euclase as it can lose its color, radiance, and brilliance if placed under direct sunlight.

How Much is Euclase Worth?

How much is Euclase worth?

Since Euclase is rare, it makes for one of the priciest minerals available in the market. You can identify these valuable gems by their clarity and intense blue, green, or violet coloring. If we are talking jewelry wise then colorless or light blue raw euclase pendants without any expensive metal attached to them will cost you around $70 to $140 each. Darker blue euclase from Zimbabwe can go as high as $1200. If you are planning to buy colorless faceted euclase gem rings, it might cost you around $700 per carat while the blue faceted gem rings are priced at $250 per carat. The price of faceted euclase gems varies by color:

  • Green: $150-$450 per carat
  • Yellow: $150-$580 per carat
  • Colorless: $100-$150 per carat
  • Yellow-green:$35-150 per carat
  • Light Blue: $10-$103 per carat
  • If you are planning to purchase them at wholesale, then:
  • Colorless: $10-$15 per carat
  • Yellow: $3-$30 per carat
  • Light Blue: $5-$15 per carat
  • Bi-colored: $30-$60 per carat

– What determines Euclase’s price and value?

Many aspects determine the price and value of Euclase like cut, clarity, and weight but the one factor that predominates this all is the rarity. It is considered a one-of-a-kind treasure whose rarity will increase in time, so if you are thinking of investing in Euclase, now is the right time to do so.

Euclase Impact

Euclase Impact

Euclase has strong physical, mental, emotional, and metaphysical healing properties. The healing powers of the stone generally depend upon the color. Blue Euclase is said to invoke feelings of calmness, wisdom, and honesty. White Euclase on the other hand is believed to raise spiritual awareness, ward off negativity and the evil eye and enhance the benefits of meditation. It is called the stone of happiness as it encourages the person to be more creative, pursue good luck and help in quitting bad habits.

Does Euclase Make a Good Jewelry Stone?

While Euclase is a relatively hard stone which makes wearing it as a jewelry stone rare, since the faceted pieces have remarkable brilliance, colored euclases in blue, green, and violet are one of the most desired stones by gem collectors. You will find colorless Euclase easily in any jewelry.

Setting a Euclase in a ring or necklace can be difficult since it has perfect cleavage in one direction which makes cutting a relatively trickier process. This is why to avoid any stress on the cleavage plane, jewelry set this stone in a ring very carefully.

Euclase Real vs Fake

Euclase Real vs Fake

Euclase is a rare mineral that is highly desired by collectors for its intense blue colors. Since it is hard to find rich blue Euclase, counterfeiters tend to sell fake Euclase under the guise of authenticity. Furthermore, it also gets confused with barite or celestite. This is why it is important to know how you can differentiate between an original and a fake Euclase.

You can identify a Euclase by its perfect cleavage in one direction, which is also where it gets its name Euclase from. Euclase means easily cleaved. Another distinctive feature of Euclase is no matter what the color of the stone is – be it pale yellow, white, or colorless, it will have a blue-green color zoning. You may also find inclusions of bravoite, dark grey metal, red blue plate, fluid, or quartz.

Summary of Euclase Crystal

Name of Crystal Euclase
Precious no
Semi-Precious yes
Other Names None
Origin(s) Ouro Preto
Color(s) Blue, green, violet
Formation Decomposition of beryl
Majorly Found at Russia, Australia, Brazil
Zodiac Suited for March, April, and February
Chakra third eye and crown chakra
Crystal Meaning It has abundant healing properties which are distinguished by the different colors. While the blue gemstone evokes calmness, imparts wisdom, and helps a person to become more honest, the white Euclase is believed to help people connect with their spiritual self by enhancing meditation and getting rid of negative vibes.
Types of Crystal monoclinic
Healing Properties cleanses bacteria from wounds, enhances vision, soothes any pain or tension in muscles and joints, and is also known as a great reliever of muscle spasms.
Health Benefits Making them calm

Boosting their confidence to speak the truth

Enhance spiritual awareness and connect with their higher self

Help relieves stress and emotional trauma

Uses Euclase does not have any specific industrial uses
Goes it in Water? Yes
Goes it in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 6.5
Real You can identify a Euclase by its perfect cleavage in one direction.
Fake No inclusion and no blue-green color zoning


What is Euclase used for?

Euclase is a rare beryllium mineral that is recognized for its distinctive blue color and striated prismatic crystals. It is believed to be a stone of clarity that helps in developing and strengthening the connection of heart to mind. It can be used to get rid of unwanted feelings and bad habits and help a person become more clear regarding their intuitions.

Is Euclase a gemstone?

Euclase is a rare mineral that sometimes exhibits clarity that makes it good enough to be modified into a gemstone. It can be transformed into a gemstone, but the process of giving it a facet is extremely difficult, considering how hard it is.

Is Euclase quartz?

Quartz forms a part of some of the common inclusion which is found in Euclase along with other impurities like iron and chromium.

What color is Euclase?

Euclase can be found in a wide range of colors like white, pale green, deep yellowish green,  greenish blue, pale blue, and deep blue. A Euclase gets its colors from the inclusion which could be traces of iron or Chromium.

How can you tell if Euclase is real?

Euclase often gets confused with celestite but it is important to remember that a celestite has a Mohs hardness scale rating range of 3-3.5 while euclase ranges at 7, which makes it extremely hard and difficult to get damaged by a knife or a blade.

How do I activate Euclase?

There are many ways to activate your Euclase. You can let it sit under direct moonlight, for it to absorb the energy of the moon and work at a higher vibration during the healing process. You can also pass the smoke of herbs like sage or an incense stick to activate it. Breathing into it with a clear head and positive thoughts can also program your Euclase to work wonders in your healing process.

Does Euclase have negative effects?

No, Euclase has no negative effects. Instead, it is believed to have antibacterial properties which can heal the wound, reduce the pain, and swelling in case of injuries.