Fire Opal: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The Fire Opal gemstones would be a wonderful addition to any jewelry display or gemologist’s collection for various reasons. The ability of opals to reflect various pastel colors has long been known.

Opals are also called Mexican opals because they are unique. Fire Opal has fiery body hues ranging from yellow and deep orange to red, brown, and green. It is a vibrant, colorful gemstone variety from the Opal family. 

This post will discuss the significance, healing properties, and advantages of using Fire Opal. 

What is Fire Opal?

The Fire Opal stones are different from Opals. The ability of precious opals to highlight a kind of brilliant colors against white and black backgrounds is well known. 

What is Fire Opal

There are, however, various opals that display color against a bright yellow, orange, or red backdrop. Fire Opals are the sought-after gems that have this property. The fiery backdrop color gives them their title. 

This gem has a charm and bright flame that will burn forever signifying that your heart is ablaze with passion, and your life filled with love. That includes your family, friends, and job or interests. The stone acts as a source of positive light that permeates your well-being, representing everything. 

Before the Spanish arrived in Mexico and Central America, these stones were virtually unknown to the rest of the world. Before then, the European gemstone market had focused on a limited supply of Hungarian opals. 

How to Identify a Fire Opal?

Aztec civilizations are thought to have utilized the Fire Opal gemstone as early as 850 A.D. These opals are worth their fiery name since their base colors range from translucent yellow to scarlet orange and rich cherry red. 

How to identify a Fire Opal

Fire Opal Cuts & Shapes

Opal Cutting Methods range from traditional to modern. Cabochons and faceted stones are among the items. The cutter will determine the attractiveness of the stone. There are no standards that govern cutting Fire Opal.

Incidentally, light is often used to lighten translucent Fire Opals that have been faceted. They may be carved and shaped into a cabochon like the most valuable Opal if they have a fantastic display of color. Yet, if the color shift is minor, it may be cut into a faceted stone with a little flash of surprise.

Transparent stones are frequently cut into cabochons, and it’s not uncommon to come across a translucent to nearly opaque Fire Opal with a beautiful color cut into a beautifully faceted stone. 

Where is Fire Opal Found?

The rarity of Fire Opal stones stems from the fact that they are only extracted in parts of Mexico and South America. As a result, Fire Opals are also known as Mexican opals.

Among the Mexican states where the stones are mined are Hidalgo, Queretaro, Guerrero, Julisio, Michoacan, San Luis Potosi, and Chihuahua.

Where is Fire Opal Found

In addition, Fire Opal stones, often utilized as jewelry and incorporated into paintings and sculptures, were commonly found in Aztec burial sites. 

Queretaro’s most famous mines began operating in 1835. Mexican Fire Opal pebbles still exist in silica-rich lava, although they are tiny.

In some cases, Fire Opals can be found without color or fire. The orange color of Mexican Fire Opals comes from their iron content.

Fire Opal Meaning

The meaning of Fire Opal has been synonymous with many positive characteristics and connotations for its wearers. The most important definition, and the one for which it’s now most famous, is a representation of heart delight. 

Fire Opal Stone Meaning

The Fire Opal gem symbolizes passion, love for others, and diverse life aspects such as jobs and hobbies. It’s a symbol of good luck and achievement as well. Several people think a Fire Opal in your company will encourage more clients. 

Fire Opal Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Many distinctive minerals and gemstones have become part of folklore, religious festivals, and astrology, including Fire Opal.

According to experts and scientists, the red variety of Fire Opal often called Cherry opals may invigorate, concentrate, and improve accuracy when used in meditation. 

The interpretation of this stone has changed dramatically since its first use in ancient times. Few say that the Fire Opal generates happiness and optimism. And thus contributes to the celebration of the friendship that we all share. 

Fire Opal Properties

Mexican Fire Opals’ consistent flaming orange or cherry red color is their name’s source. 

Fire Opal Crystal properties

They’re normally vivid and clear to nearly completely transparent, with a little cloudiness thrown in for good measure. The luster on transparent specimens is excellent.

Fire Opals, like conventional Opals, have iridescence when exposed to huge light. However, with the same density as glass, Fire Opals are frequently mistaken for it. Like other opals, Fire Opals are relatively hard, ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 on the hardness scale.

Fire Opal Healing Properties

Fire Opal Healing Properties

The kidneys and lower back are believed to be healed physically by Fire Opal. It can stimulate both the sexual glands and the adrenal glands, which aids with energy problems. This stone may also calm your emotional turmoil and other disorders.

It may boost your body’s ability to fight sickness while improving memory. In addition, this stone helps promote new blood cells’ formation while assisting with calcium absorption. Hair, bone, tooth, and nail problems can all be helped by it. It can cure colds and flu, as well as ulcers.

This mighty gemstone can maintain the body’s water equilibrium. It also helps kidneys to perform their function of filtering blood effectively. Managing insulin with Fire Opal is another option. 

Healing For Women 

It may also help pregnant women have a more pleasant childbirth experience. In addition, all-female hormones, including PMS and menopause, and adrenal gland balance are supported by Fire Opal. Fire Opal may also help with fertility concerns. 

Emotional Healing 

Desire, sexuality, love, and passion have all been associated with Opal. The stone heightens emotions and removes inhibitions, which is a wonderful thing. An Opal necklace increases loyalty and devotion, awakening your emotions. 

Wearing Fire Opal activates your inner fire and revitalizes your mind and body, which increases personal strength. It’s supposed to protect against harm as well as boost energy levels. 

It’s a beneficial stone for letting go of issues from the past, but be careful that when you do so, you’ll feel a flood of emotions. 

How To Use Fire Opal For Healing?

The Fire Opal is a lovely gem with a deep, fiery red color. It is reported to have strong healing properties, and indigenous people have used it for millennia for this reason. 

How To Use Fire Opal For Healing

Several people still employ the Fire Opal for its medical benefits.

Our advice on how to utilize Fire Opal for healing may be found below: 

  1. Wear it as jewelry: Wearing a Fire Opal is a wonderful way to benefit from its healing properties.
  2. Place it on the body: Placing Fire Opal on the body is another excellent way to utilize it for healing. This may either be done directly on the skin or above clothes. 
  3. Use it in meditation: Meditating on the Fire Opal’s energies is a fantastic technique to concentrate and bond with them. Hold Fire Opal in your hands or place it before you while meditating to use it in meditation.  

Fire Opal Metaphysical Properties

Many positive qualities about Mexican Fire Opals make them ideal for life. It is said to have the ability to heal the lower back and kidneys.

In addition, the Fire Opal is considered to be an excellent stone to boost self-confidence, especially for introverts who lack self-confidence and are nervous. Those who have recently been victims of abusive relationships are also said to benefit from the Fire Opal. 

Ultimately, the stone encourages good and healthy sexuality and relationships by being able to heal and relieve memories of trauma and sexual abuse. 

A Fire Opal represents the heart’s delight. 

Fire-Opal may be found in an experienced metaphysical healer’s collection, which is not surprising. This stone, like many others, can influence your metaphysical plane by stimulating energy points in your body. 

Fear, according to healers, is the greatest opponent of the sacral chakra. This energy point will be slowly blocked by fear of life, death, and everything in between. As a result, Lifeforce energy eventually cannot pass through, resulting in a substantial blockage with life-threatening repercussions in the physical realm. 

These blocks may leave you feeling unsteady and confused. It strongly influences your sense of purpose and often produces complacent feelings. You might find yourself falling in love with someone you shouldn’t.

Several people claim they get hypomanic, becoming anxious and depressed. The absence of joy and purpose is the most concerning result. The inherent characteristics of Fire Opal strive to overcome this toxicity. Fire Opals’ energy beams bring happiness and assist you to feel good again. It’s like a spark of light shooting out from the block, blossoming in the darkness. 

You may feel more focused and ready to start fresh life once it has been activated. Fire Opal’s ardent drive and qualities may aid you in discovering your purpose again as you ascend to your full potential. 

Fire Opal Benefits

Fire Opal Benefits

  • Fire Opal stone has many benefits for people involved in artistic fields such as music, painting, dancing, and theatre.
  • Medicinally, Fire Opal stone is believed to maintain the balance of hormonal secretions and benefit the Endocrine System.
  • With their brilliance and clarity, Fire Opals may help enhance intuitive and contemplative processes by adding a sense of life’s kaleidoscopic wonders. 
  • Hope, faith in oneself, weariness and burnout, and coping with difficult circumstances can all be aided by Fire Opal. 
  • For energizing the triple-burner meridian, this stone is ideal. In Chinese medicine, the triple burner is known as San Jiao, which affects the body’s defense mechanism and immune system. Fire Opal also boosts heart health and promotes blood circulation. 
  • Good luck, Abundance, and passion are all linked to Fire Opal. It boosts judgment and helps us make better choices by improving intuition. Fire Opal adds zest for variety to our lives with its shifting hues.
  • The creative energy of the Universe is connected to Fire Opal, and it encourages us to communicate our thoughts via art. 
  • Moreover, Fire Opal is a powerful stone for business because it attracts money, promotes development, and ushers in progress. 
  • If the Fire Opal is located near the cash register or front door can help new companies succeed. 
  • When we seek a new path in our lives but are hesitant to take the first step, Fire Opal helps us become more comfortable with change and Freedom. 
  • Being shielded from harm by Fire Opal shields helps us distance ourselves from unpleasant situations. Few gem lovers use it to eliminate deep-seated emotions from previous lives, among other things.
  • Being more optimistic, friendly, and self-assured are all encouraged by it. Fire Opal utilizes the energy of fire to excite human desire, from physical needs to sublime happiness. 
  • It improves health and sensuality and evokes more love into relationships by activating the Root and Sacral Chakras. For connecting with elemental spirits and fire, it’s a fantastic stone. 

Fire Opal Spiritual Benefits

  • The pinnacle of positivity is Fire Opal. Around every corner of your life, its meaning and characteristics shine with joy and optimism. 
  • That includes your spiritual side as well. It’s easy to be cautious about letting your faith go too far. 
  • Several people mistakenly believe they must be with a particular religion or cultural practice to engage in spiritual exploration. That isn’t the case. 
  • Spirituality is about discovering yourself, the Universe, and your place within it. It’s a continuous quest for knowledge and enlightenment. As you grow and develop, your adventure will change dramatically. 
  • It might if you allow Fire Opal to be a significant part of your spiritual expedition. Positive energy has a significant impact. 
  • You can think more clearly and become more aware of the infinite possibilities of the Universe when you meditate. 
  • Resistance to new experiences is one thing that holds people back when it comes to expanding their spirituality.
  • Our way of life and thinking becomes comfortable over time. It’s terrifying to think about walking out of the box! It is, however, important for spiritual development.
  •  Living more openly and accepting new experiences whenever they arrive is encouraged by having Fire Opal in your life in any form be it jewelry or something else. That broadens your horizons, allowing you to appreciate life’s amazing beauty.
  • Fire Opal enhances your ability to bond more intimately with the Universe and cosmos. It transforms a simple stroll through the park into a contemplative exercise of self-reflection, transforming you into one with nature.
  • Anything related to religion or life, in general, is subject to the same rules. So as you open up to allow your soul to soar, you might become contemplative as a whole. 
  • Fire Opal may assist you in reconnecting with your spirituality if you’ve lost touch. Questioning things is perfectly normal. It’s simple to get cynical and shut off when life beats you.
  • It’s natural to feel those emotions, and you have the right to do so. But, it is essential to dust off your spiritual hiking boots and continue on your journey. Fire-Opal reignites the spark, ensuring that you reach your destination. 

Fire Opal & Feng Shui

The beauty of Fire Opal is that it lends itself to a variety of uses. You can use Fire Opal in your feng shui setup for more strategic healing in your home since it has a connection to the fire element.

Figurines, sculptures, and carefully constructed home décor are a few examples of where you may find it. Try placing it in a living room or creative area. When you enter the room, the stone’s passionate energy and characteristics will fill it and heal your heart. 

Fire Opal Birthstone

Fire Opal is a stone that can benefit almost anybody. On the other hand, Gemini is known to have a particularly strong relationship.

Fire Opal Birthstones

The characteristics of Geminis aid them in coping with their most critical flaws, even though it isn’t an official birthstone. The spark of life is kept alive by Fire Opal. Golden Fire Opal is a bright-colored stone with little variety and is associated with the Leo and Libra Signs. 

So regardless of how tough things get for Geminis, they may stay optimistic, level-headed, and ready to explore the globe. It’s been utilized to help individuals identify and modify self-limiting beliefs and attitudes.

Fire Opals are said to have spectral refraction in addition to their warm body color. There may be a special resonance for Fire Opals among people born under the signs of Cancer, Libra, Leo, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

Fire Opal Chakras

Fire Opal Chakras

The crown chakra can also be activated by Fire Opals, which allows the chakras to interface with the ethereal realm. Two chakras are under Fire Opal’s control. It’s a popular pick as a spiritual chakra, to begin with. The sacral chakra, or “Svadhisthana,” is the second of your seven major Chakras. 

According to old customs, this energy center is your emotional and sensory hub. Your feelings of pleasure are specifically governed by it. This chakra strongly influences your sexual organs but also has a large effect. 

It may assist in releasing negative energy from the intellect and body and activate and balance the Heart Chakra. Fire Opal’s main chakra is the sacral chakra. But, to some degree, it serves as a root chakra.

Muladhara is the root chakra and is the first chakra in your body. It’s a crucial component of metaphysical healing because it allows Life force energy to enter. 

Summary of Fire Opal Crystal

Name of Crystal Fire Opal
Other Names Girasol
Origin(s) Mexican states of Queretaro, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Michoacan, Julisio, Chihuahua, San Luis Potosi
Color(s) Red, Orange, Yellow
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Formation Created when water seeps into silica-rich lava
Majorly Found at Querétaro in Mexico
Zodiac Suited for Gemini
Healing Properties Heals lower back, kidneys
Health Benefits Enhances function of the urinary system, Removes toxins.
Types of Crystal 2: Precious Fire Opal, Common Fire Opal
Uses Promotes independent thinking and a stronger intuition
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6-6.5
Real Natural Fire opals are transparent or translucent gemstones
Fake Synthetic Fire opals, do not display the same level of shine as Real ones

What are the Uses of Fire Opal?

Fire Opal is an opal that has an iridescent display of hues ranging from yellowish to reddish. The red ones are known as Cherry Opal and Sun Opal is the name given to the bright yellow variety of Mexican Fire Opals.

uses of Fire Opal

There are many uses of these Opals, some of them mentioned below:

Fire Opal for Health

According to legend, these stones can heal lower back problems in people. It is also claimed that the Fire Opal can be used to treat kidney diseases. The Urinary system, particularly the kidneys, is thought to be helped by opal stone.

Fire Opal For Self-confidence

Fire Opal aids in gaining self-confidence. It is presumed to have a positive impact on mental health. The stone’s heat boosts confidence and removes bashfulness.

Moreover, it assists the wearer in recovering from unpleasant memories connected with relationships. Fire Opal stone promotes optimism and health in romantic relationships. 


In Astrology, the Opal gemstone benefits Venus, the ruler of Relationships and Luxury. As a result, wearing Fire Opal increases harmony and pleasure in relationships and assists you in living a more attractive existence full of beauty, art, grace, culture, and luxury. 

People who are used to luxury living, and items associated with it such as clothes, fashion, jewelry, antiques, and expensive cars, are all advised to use opal gemstone.

Fire Opal For Relationships

Fire Opal gemstones have innumerable benefits to offer. This incredible gemstone helps one gain confidence and helps enhance the way one sees themself. Fire Opal is also regarded as the stone of love and enhances the relationship.

It helps the wearer have a happy married life and eliminate a rude and unhealthy relationship. This gemstone is worn to attract health, luck, and marital benefits. It makes the wearer more confined and stable, about their thoughts and actions.

Fire Opal Stone and Wealth

Since the Fire Opal stone has no bearing on finances or material wealth, it can’t help you with those problems. In terms of health, Fire Opals have a variety of applications.

It is, however, always recommended to wear Fire Opal stone only after consulting with an expert astrologer to ensure that the gemstone provides its full potential. 

In addition, it might encourage you to jump into something, whether it’s to assist you with new ideas. Fire Opal is a stone of stability.

How do you care for Fire Opal?

Changes in humidity, temperature and even light are detrimental to Fire Opals. On the other hand, your Fire Opal can last a long time if cared for properly. Opals may get extremely dry and crack because they contain up to 20% water.

Crazing is a term used to describe this phenomenon, but it can be avoided by immersing your Opal in water for a few hours.

Some Opals are filled with oil, wax, or plastic to avoid crazing. Opals must never come into contact with oil or chemicals. Protect your stone from dents and scratches as well.

When to Cleanse Fire Opal?

The stone Fire Opal has a special beauty. It can be used to heal the water and earth elements in addition to fire, even though it is often associated with fire. It is vital to purify the stone before using Fire Opal for healing.

This may be accomplished by dumping it into a bowl of salt or running it under cold water. You can then hold the stone in your hand and visualize your healing intention after it has been cleansed. 

Fire Opal, like any other stone, could use a good cleaning from time to time. However, cleansing concerns more than just aesthetics and cosmetic finishes in the context of crystal healing.

Soaking a Fire Opal stone in a bowl of clean water for many hours is the best way to restore it. To get rid of dirt and grime, use a soft microfiber cloth with mild soap.

Avoid harsh chemicals, abusive items, or anything that might harm the finish. The fact that this stone has almost 20% water makes it unusual. The mineral dries up and develops a condition known as crazing over time. 

As the surface becomes dehydrated, tiny cracks begin to develop. This energy is cleansed by soaking, which prevents crazing and other problems.

For a few hours, soak it in a bowl of clean water. Aim to do it every few weeks to keep your Fire Opal in top form so it may continue to inspire you. 

How to Recharge Fire Opal?

As it heals your heart and mind, Fire Opal comes into contact with a lot of dark energy. That unpleasant energy can gradually weigh you down, dulling your shine. Recharging revives the stone, ensuring that it remains in top health. 

Here are a Few Key Recharging Methods for Your Fire Opal. You can choose any of these methods depending on your choice.

Sunlight or Moonlight 

Depending on the type of rock, natural light is the most effective energy source for gemstone talismans, and some stones, such as rose quartz and amethyst, cannot be exposed to it for a long period. 

It is recommended to keep the gem overnight in a container with water and no lid and avoid direct sunlight throughout the day in any of these situations. Place it under Moon. The Moon’s soft and gentle energy has the capacity to recharge Fire Opal and bring a new shift for your stone.


For Tibetan bowls, tuning forks or a strong and harmonious sound are often utilized to help balance the vibrations of the gem. In addition, there are sound frequencies that collide with the amulet, resulting in it being recharged with energy. 


Since the point is to surround it with its element, this process practically returns them to their point of origin, to their natural condition. Burying the gem for approximately one week on the patio or in a pot is recommended. Recharging the stone and keeping its healing properties are the goals of this activity.

What is Fire Opal Activation Process?

Wear it correctly to wield all of the Fire Opal ring’s abilities. To make all of the above advantages a reality, we’ll show you how to wear them step by step! 

  • The first step is to clean your Fire Opal ring.
  • For a long-lasting shine, use a microfiber cloth to clean the ring. 
  • It is necessary to clean the crystal ring with clear quartz before wearing it.
  • Then Wear it on your finger for five minutes while chanting your intentions.
  • You’re all set!

How much is Fire Opal worth?

Fire Opals are far more valuable due to their rarity when compared to regular opal stones. Red is the rarest of all hues, so it’s the most valuable color. The more prevalent stones are orange and yellow, which are less expensive. However, the more valuable the stone is, the more intense its hue is. 

The price per carat might range from $50 to $10,000 depending on the quality of the Fire Opal (as of the time of this article writing). These stones may also sell for up to $300 per carat. In contrast, brownish or yellowish translucent stones sell for $5 per carat. 

NOTE: These prices are subjected to change

What determines Fire Opal’s price and value?

The finest, most highly valued example is transparent, has a color change inside the stone and is fire-red orange in color. The Stone’s Look, transparency, clarity, and saturation of fire opal’s color all vary, and these aspects are some of what determine its value.

Hence In the international gemstone market, fire opal is very valuable and frequently sells for high prices. The gem’s owner must be aware of the stone’s fragility since Fire Opals are typically faceted. Mexican Fire Opals, like other opals, can fracture if not handled properly. 

Fire Opal Impact    

Fire Opal Impact

According to Few Gem experts, people who are in depression or who have a traumatic past may also benefit from the Fire Opal. The stone also promotes beneficial and healthy sexuality and relationships. It is highly beneficial for maintaining the heart’s health. 

Does Fire Opal make a good jewelry stone?

You keep it close to your auric field and spiritual plane by wearing Fire Opal jewelry. 

Does Fire Opal make a good jewelry

Consequently, this stone’s curative effects may be felt for the rest of the day. Consider buying Fire Opal as loose rock or polished stone if you want a simpler approach. 

Fire Opal Real vs Fake

  • The most valuable Fire Opal is crystal clear and extremely bright, This gem complements earth tones and bright hues brilliantly and has a brilliant red-orange color. The more vivid the hue of an opal, the greater its value in general. 
  • Warm body hues of yellow, orange and red characterize Fire Opal, a transparent to translucent Opal. A stone may occasionally display brilliant green flashes, even though it does not normally display color play.
  • Look for Fire Opals with as even a tone as possible and look for them to be reasonably clean to the naked eye. Discounted stones have significant and obvious flaws, particularly when situated prominently. 
  • Most Fire Opals have a flat appearance, whereas the genuine ones are irregular. The shape of a genuine Fire Opal is usually somewhat irregular. Since they aren’t inherently flawless ovals or rounds, this is the case. 
  • A genuine Fire Opal has a multitude of wonderful hues that shine when placed in direct sunlight. They usually employ extremely narrow slivers of genuine Fire Opal in conjunction with a fake or produced opal, but the light test may reveal a dull display of color. 
  • When exposed to U.V., synthetic opals do not have a fluorescence effect. Yellow, orange, and red Fire Opals have a distinct play of color and are genuine Fire Opals. When seen from various angles, they are all the same. 
  • Country of origin is also important. Australian Fire Opals are a pretty safe bet but Chinese generally not so. The natural Fire Opal arrives from two countries, Mexico and Ethiopia.


Is a Fire Opal expensive?

Yes, it is due to scarcity, Fire Opals are substantially more valuable than ordinary opal stones. Red is the most valuable color because it is the rarest of all hues.

What are the benefits of wearing Fire Opal?

Fire Opal gemstone, when worn, can enhance passion and grit in one’s love life or marital relationships. It increases a person’s social interactions.

Who Should Wear Fire Opal?

This is October Birthstone. This stone helps you heal from past traumas by providing relief. Those who have been abused can be released from the relationship. 

What is the difference between Opal and a Fire Opal?

White Opal is an opal with a transparent to opaque white background (play-of-color). The body color of Fire Opal ranges from yellow, orange, or red, from transparent to translucent. 

How can you tell if a Fire Opal is real?

Fire Opals are clear or translucent gemstones with delicate, captivating light. The same shine is not present in synthetic opals due to the materials used to make them. 

Are Fire Opals natural?

Yes, they are natural, the extinct volcanoes are home to the majority of Mexican Fire Opals. The gemstone is typically mined above ground, with a few exceptions here and there.

Is Fire Opal lucky?

Yes indeed, Opals have been thought to bring good luck throughout most of history. Fire Opal is one of the Romans’ luckiest stones and a source of optimism. 

How do I energize my Fire Opal?

After the cleaning process (1-2 hours in the morning and evening sun are recommended), the bathed stone is briefly exposed to sunlight in order to energize it.