Green Opal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Green opal is one of the many beautiful varieties of Opal marked by its beautiful colour variation. It is set apart by its calming, moss-like surface that can assist us with seeing plainly through turbulent considerations and rediscovering a world loaded with amazement and magnificence. 

 It’s the stone of companionship and great energy. The green opal emanates confidence, excitement, a creative mind, and pleasantness. This strong stone assists individuals with removing toxic material in their bodies and in their profound lives. It helps discharge poisonous connections and welcome sound ones. 

Since Green Opal is associated with Earth, if one craves to purchase land or property, it’s great to have this stone with you, as it can increase instinct, accordingly helping in procuring the right property at the right cost. It is also believed that it helps in connecting with the deceased. Some spiritualists also believe that it can ease one from emotionally draining feelings and can help in balancing emotions.

Opal Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits And Uses. Read this detailed article on Opal here.

What is Green Opal?

What is Green Opal?

Green Opal is a beautiful variant of the common Opal. Similar to other opals, the Green Opals are a hydrated amorphous form of silica. Since opals do not have a clearly defined shape, they are classified as mineraloids.  Nickel is also an integral part of the composition of most green opals and is responsible for giving a green colour to the stone. Along with Nickel, it contains solidified iron and silicic acid gel. The green opal is formed by a sedimentary process including all the above-stated items.

The green colour makes it distinct from the regular opal. The colour spectrum of a Green Opal can range from pale ivory to vibrant dark green. In terms of hardness on the Mohs scale, green opal ranks between 5.5 to 6.

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How to Identify a Green Opal?

What is the meaning of Green opal

To identify a green opal, one needs to search right under the surface of the gemstone for a slight milky shine and glow. This is a distinct characteristic of the stone. It helps one to differentiate a green opal from stones like quartz which are similar looking and other opals.

Unlike chrysolite, they do not have horizontal stripes so one must avoid stones with such stripes. Strangely patterned stones or banded ones must also be avoided.  In case the green opal found is not of a solid green colour, then one must look for webbing or little species on its surface to determine if it’s the correct stone or not as light-coloured green opals have webbing or small organic-looking speckles. Opals are usually softer than other stones. A scratch test is advised to determine if the stone is soft or hard. 

– Green Opal: Cuts and Shapes

Green opal can be found raw, faceted or tumbled. 

Where is Green Opal Found?

Green opal is a unique stone. What makes it different from other gemstones is the earthy and natural allure that makes it mysteriously fascinating. This makes the green opal very valuable. Earlier, it has been found in Mexico, Australia, Peru, the United States of America and Brazil. Madagascar and Tanzania also have a large quantity and a rich quality of this stunning gemstone. 

Meaning of Green Opal Stone

What is the meaning of Green Opal?

The word ‘Opal’ is believed to have a Sanskrit origin. It is associated with the word ‘Upala’ which stands for a ‘precious stone’ in Sanskrit. It is also said to be related to ‘Opallios’, a Greek word, meaning a ‘change in colour’.  

Since its many vibrant colours spring to life at different angles of light, Opal is also known as a “living stone.” No exception exists in the case of Green Opal. “Stone of life” is what people call it because it gives the wearer energy and endurance.

Green Opal is also known as Moss Opal and is thought to promote achieving one’s personal objectives, acquiring wealth, and acquiring real estate. The meaning of this gemstone is also associated with bringing life, banishing grief, attracting abundance, warding off vampires of life, and being the ultimate healer. There are innumerable meanings associated with this gemstone thus it is best to determine your own unique interpretation of the stone.

Green Opal Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

There is a debate on the origin of the word ‘Opal’. Some believe that it comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Upala’ which means a ‘Precious Stone’ while others believe that it originated from the Greek word, ‘Opallios’, meaning a ‘change in colour’.  

It is believed to be first found in Tanzania in the year 1975. Since then, Tanzania happens to be a major source of mining for green opal. Other than this, there is very little knowledge about the mining history of this stone. 

At the same time, for ages, the colour green symbolizes good fortune and thus green opal is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to its owners busting the myth that opals are bad luck. Green opal is known to enhance the creativity and imagination of its wearer.

Green Opal Healing Properties

What are the healing properties of Green opal?

Since Green Opal is associated with the heart chakra, its healing properties naturally deal with emotional upheaval, stress and imbalance. Its healing properties deal with the emotions, and the affairs of the heart like relationships, stability, and ambitions. It helps you to regulate your emotions.

On an emotional level, with the help of its water elements, green opal soothes down the extreme emotions that one may experience at a point in time. It helps in dealing with racing thoughts by clearing out unwanted emotions and concerns. It creates such an environment inside the mind that we are able to compose ourselves and organize our thoughts. So, if you are someone who experiences this rush of emotions often, then green opal is the stone for you!

If you lack motivation and are feeling drained, emotionally, then this stone can certainly help you regain the lost will to work. Some spiritualists have claimed that green opal has helped them in times of distressing and exhausting emotional events like fights, breakups, arguments and interference with long-term plans or objectives. 

If you are someone who is usually lost in your own thoughts and forgets to live in the moment because your mind just wanders off in some distant thought, then green opal could be your solution as it helps with the constant daydreaming and allows us to live in the present. It will help you regain the lost control and will give you charge of your life. 

Green Opal Physical Healing Properties

Numerous connotations have also been attached to green-coloured gemstones, the most important of which is the ability to heal and soothe tired eyes.

It is also claimed by some people that green opal helps in reducing fevers, easing some infections and also to improve cognition on a physical level. Continue reading to know about its metaphysical properties and other benefits. 

Green Opal Metaphysical Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Green Opal

Green Opal is a stone for cleansing energy and boosting health, wealth, and abundance. Metaphysically speaking, Green Opal is thought of as a stone for cleansing and revitalizing. Green Opal is an excellent grounding stone to help ground emotional and spiritual energies. 

If you are experiencing emotional turbulence due to any past trauma, it can help you to remove that stress so that you can feel emotionally stable and balanced.  It is also a great source for restoring broken relationships and gaining emotional recovery. In confusing situations, it acts as a filter between relevant information and irrelevant information along with unwanted emotions. 

According to many modern spiritual practices, Green Opal’s meaning often represents the mind and emotions. Due to its green colour, it is believed to be associated with rejuvenation and nature making it a great choice for individuals wishing to connect more deeply with the natural world. 

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Green Opal Benefits

Green Opal is a great help for anyone going through a transition. It encourages us to view mistakes as an integral part of life. Instead of worrying over these mistakes, one must learn from them and move on ahead with a better understanding of life. Getting disheartened will only make us slower. Instead, we must run even faster now that we have experienced failure once and have learnt how to avoid it again. Green opal gives hope for a better future.

Green Opal also has calming properties. One can easily sense soothing energies while holding the stone. Due to this property, it is advisable to use it when one is experiencing hyper emotions and a lack of control over one’s own feelings. 

 Green Opal Benefits Spirituality

The benefits of Green Opal do not end here, it has a lot more! Green Opal offers spiritual benefits in adition to all transitional benefits. It purifies the heart chakra, enabling us to feel but not be controlled by emotion and enhancing bonds with others. 

Meditating with a green opal will re-establish one’s control over their emotions, will slow down the rush that has been going in the mind and will create an overall peaceful environment. 

It cleanses one’s mind of all the negative and uninvited emotions and will make a clear path for us to process our feelings. This will remind one that it is okay to take a break to process and heal. We must take a break from our daily routines and prioritize ourselves for a while.  Additionally, it also removes obstructions from the third eye chakra, which facilitates focused, clear thinking.

Green Opal & Feng Shui

Green opal helps build positive and loving relationships, heal emotions and overcome past traumas. Thus we can say that it helps to attract a good partner and be a good partner at the same time. This gemstone attracts opportunities and rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. It makes you aware and harmonizes energy so that you can achieve material wealth and spiritual growth. 

Green Opal Birthstone

The zodiac signs like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are believed to be deeply emotional and extremely connected to their past. In order to explore the amazing opportunities that the world has to offer, these signs need to break free from the emotional pain caused to them in their past. Green opal can be extremely beneficial in such cases and is believed to be of high value to these water signs. 

Green Opal Chakras

Chakra of Green Opal

The Heart is the focus of the Green Opal stone. Anyone experiencing emotional pain or anguish might benefit from the healing properties and reviving energies that this crystal offers. It is the ideal stone for anyone who may have recently experienced trauma or sadness, the end of a romantic relationship, or a painful argument.

 It assists one in rediscovering their long-lost strength and then motivates them to use this strength in their favour to advance and rebuild whatever that has been broken. It helps humans to harness one’s core strengths. It serves as a reminder that all we really need in this life is ourselves and that nothing can stop us if we believe in ourselves. 

Green opal connects the heart chakra and the third eye chakra. This helps in creating a balance between thoughts and emotions enabling us to learn how to act in accordance with both- the heart and the mind. It connects the mind and the heart to help us rise and grow. 

Opal even helps in strengthening relationships, be it platonic or romantic. It also allows one to feel different emotions but does not let any one emotion dominate thus creating emotional balance. If there’s any barrier in the third eye, it clears that out and helps us to see clearly thereby improving our sense of decision making. It helps us to think rationally by getting rid of unwanted negative feelings. 

The chakra benefits of this stone don’t end here! It has more to do, thanks to its power earthly energies. It creates a sense of rejuvenated spirit and renewed joy in the wearer. New passions begin to flow as past wounds begin to heal with the aid of this stone.

What are the Uses of Green Opal?

Green opal has innumerable benefits. It can be used to understand a situation thoroughly and meditate on it to uncover the ultimate truth. If worn as a part of jewellery, it will bring an abundance of benefits to the wearer. At the same time, keeping it with yourself will give you the much-required motivation and enthusiasm to carry out your professional lives.  

If you have a relationship with someone who is not on good terms at the moment, then you can give them this beautiful gemstone as a gift and it will help in mending the relationship.

Green opal is known for connecting one with their childhood and lively youth. Regardless of your age, this revitalizing stone is a reminder that youth and its carelessness are always within reach. It teaches us to worry less and live in the moment. It also emphasizes the importance of self-love and believing in one’s own worth.

It is believed to have some physical benefits as well like relieving flu, fever, infections and cold. It is also known to boost our immunity system thereby protecting us from diseases and infections. It is also thought to be useful in detoxifying our bodies and helping us understand our nutritional needs.

Caring for Green Opal

Opals are usually softer than other stones. In terms of hardness on the Mohs scale, green opal ranks between 5.5 to 6. Thus, in order to avoid damaging it, it must be handled with extreme care.To clean a green opal, one needs to mix mild detergent in warm water and rub the stone gently with a cloth or a soft bristle brush. Wipe using a soft damp cloth and detergent in case of doublets and triplets.

Things that need to be avoided are chemicals, bleach and cleaners. The stone must not be kept immersed or soaked. You should not use salt water. To avoid water penetration or cracking, never use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the gemstone because its high-intensity vibrations can be harmful to the stone. 

How to Recharge Your Green Opal?

Opals can be cleansed in crisp spring or regular water, given a fast smear in sage or incense smoke and left in the moonlight for a recharge. Remember that unexpected changes in temperature have been known to harm opals. The most effective way to cleanse and recharge your Opal, particularly Green Opal is to leave it in the plant’s pot. In touch with soil (Mother Earth), Opal recovers and frees itself from any antagonism.

What is the Green Opal Activation Process?

Prior to wearing the gemstone, keep it submerged in a bowl having 1 spoon of Curd, Honey, Gangajal, Tulsi leaves and Ghee for 10 minutes. This will cleanse and activate the Opal and eliminate every one of its impurities. Then wash it with clean holy water and recite a prayer of your choice.

How much is Green Opal worth?

Green opal is not as rare as other variants of opal-like black, white or crystal opals. It is a common opal. Just like most gemstones, the value of green opal also varies based on properties like colour, transparency, and pattern. The price of the stone can vary from $10 to $ 200 per carat depending on the above-stated criteria( the price at the time of writing this article).

What determines green opal’s price and value?

Green opal’s price and value depend on different features like-

  1. The colour of radiance
  2. Transparency
  3. Patterns

Based on these characteristics, it can be determined whether the opal is expensive and valuable or not.

Does Green Opal make a good Jewellery Stone?

Green Opal Jewelry

Being a soft stone, it is not easy to mend in jewellery as it can cause the stone to develop cracks or, in some cases, break.

Despite all this, if you need an opal in a ring, its design should consider some sort of protection like a bevel that totally wraps the edges of the stone. It isn’t fitting to mount these stones on rings attached to claws since they would be a lot in the air and present to a wide range of blows and scraped spots.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the metaphysical properties of green opal, consider carrying one in your purse, pocket, or bag. Wearing a green opal or placing it in your jewellery can bring happiness to your relationships and help you stay grounded and in touch with your emotions. Jewellery made out of this stone, like necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings looks stunning.

Green Opal Real vs Fake

The initial step is to be aware that your opal is solid or is a doublet or triplet. These are not totally fake Opal yet rather a mix of both genuine opal and engineered material to give the impression it is strong opal.

The addition of unfamiliar materials or substances that get caught inside an opal can give the green opal a beautiful lustrous effect. If the opal has a white body tone or if it’s transparent then it is a solid opal. Plastic, glass, and manufactured counterfeit opals are likewise broad. Dissimilar to regular opal, they can have a columnar construction or reptile skin surface.

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Summary Of Green Opal

Name of Crystal Green Opal
Other Names
Living Stone, Stone of Life, Moss Opal
Origin(s) Tanzania
solid dark green, or some rare chances of pale ivory
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
A silica-rich combination is created when silicate rocks are eroded to pool together with water. The resulting mixture is then layered intricately to create opals.
Majorly Found at
Tanzania, Mexico, Australia, Peru, USA, Brazil and Madagascar
Zodiac Suited for
Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio
Healing Properties
The stone is said to strengthen your emotions and soothe agitated thoughts. Being closely related to the Heart Chakra, the stone is concerned with heart-related issues.
Health Benefits
The physical advantages include lower fevers, fewer infections, and better memory. Immunity booster and body detoxifier
Types of Crystal
The hydrated amorphous form of silica
Meditation, jewelry
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 5.5-6
Faint milky glitter just beneath the surface is an indicator of real opal. If the colour of the green opal isn’t completely green, it will contain tiny organic-looking speckles or webbing.
Horizontal stripes or strangely shaped patterns


What is green Opal good for?

Green opal is extremely beneficial for the heart chakra. This makes it good for emotional healing, spiritual balance and peaceful meditation. It is also used to mend broken relationships. It is believed to soothe one’s mind, body and soul. Boosts our immunity and protects us from diseases, infections and flu. It also provides you with a condition of unwinding as though you were in a condition of contemplation. It gives you the data to take care of issues in dreams and in the day additionally when your psyche is dreaming. 

Is green opal real Opal?

Yes, Green opal is a real opal. It is a beautiful variant of common opals and has several spiritual and metaphysical benefits.

Is green Opal valuable?

Green opal is a type of common opal rather than precious opal and is hence not uncommon. Also, even among the common opals, green is a fairly common colour as compared to white and black variants. Despite this, they offer several benefits to mankind and are hence valuable to them.  

Can green Opal go in the sun?

No, green opal should not be exposed to direct sunlight for longer periods. The reason for this is that the opal comprises water so exposure to heat in the form of sunlight or any other source can lead to evaporation causing it to break. Alteration in the proportion of water can also lead to colour variation. Hence, it is advised to keep the stone away from heat sources for prolonged times.

Can green Opal go in the water?

Hard opals are fine in water. Most valuable opals contain around 5-6% water, as a matter of fact. Subsequently, opals might break whenever exposed to extremely dry circumstances or fast changes in temperature. Attempt to keep away from exceptionally high temperatures or low humidity limits, for example, bubbling water or zero dampness bank vaults. 

What is the rarest color of Opal?

Black opal – It is the rarest opal and is thus, naturally, highly valuable. These stones can be found in all seven colours of a rainbow. They have a dark body tone which makes the colours appear intense and rich. 

What color Opal is most valuable?

The Australian Black opal is considered to be the most valuable opal. One reason for this is that its dark body displays intense and varied colouration with red colour being the prominent one. Without red within the colour mix, the worth won’t be as great although some without red may be quite valuable and exquisite. Black opal may cost more than AUD $15,000 a carat.