Fascinating Healing Properties of Pyrite

Pyrite got its name from the Greek word “pyr” which means fire because this stone can be utilized for creating sparks that can start a fire. For this reason, pyrites can also be used in flintlock firearms. It has many benefits to it and also possesses pyrite healing properties. Read this article to its full length to know about these fascinating Healing Properties of Pyrite.

Due to its unique properties of sucking out negative thoughts and feelings, it is used for spiritual healing. It can also be used for mental and physical healing. Isn’t it fascinating how a simple stone can be of so much help to us!

What are the Healing Properties of Pyrite and their uses?

Pyrite, an iron sulfide mineral has vivid healing properties which have the main agenda to protect as it is a protective stone that enhances boldness among other things. It works on physical as well as the mental level and protects from bad vibrations or energy thus stimulating the mind, and helps to improve memory or recall information when required. 

It provokes universal energies and can be used for blocking negativity from all sources. This stone is used to overcome lethargy and asthma. Also, strengthen the circulatory system by increasing the supply of oxygen to the blood. It gives energy and vitality during stressful times.

What are the three uses of pyrite?

Pyrites- the empowering stone can be used for the following three purposes:

  • Healing Purpose

Pyrite promotes physical mental as well as emotional well-being. It purifies our body and fights off all kinds of infections and is useful for arthritis bronchitis and DNA repair. Also helps to learn with disabilities and cognitive disorders. The iron sulfate that is made from pyrite can be used in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

  • Wealth Purpose

Pyrite, also known as the stone of luck is used to attract wealth & increase prosperity and abundance in one’s life. Its energies help to overcome laziness and procrastination by revitalizing energy in the workspace. It develops an abundance mindset and welcomes more wealth and prosperity.

  • Science and Industry

Along with its spiritual and physical healing pyrite is also used in industries like the paper industry and chemical industry. It can create iron sulfate which can, in turn, be used to make nutritional supplements, ink, moss killer, and many such chemical processes.

What are the Spiritual Healing Properties of Pyrite?

Spiritually, pyrites’ purpose is to keep strong, stable, and free by assisting to accept yourself as you are. Assures the flow of good and powerful energy in continuation. Pyrite provokes spiritual evolution by boosting awareness. Pyrites are expected to be kept in the south so that well-being will be attracted to them. It supports to find own path and enhances willpower to realize profound dreams.

It acts as a spiritual defender on physical, emotional, and ethereal planes. It guides us towards achieving a greater and purer self by strengthening our energetic fields and helping us build a strong connection to the universe. It is often used for meditation as it helps us focus and concentrate. Pyrite crystal helps us gain self-confidence and self-awareness which will help you move forward to chase your dreams and make them become a reality where you can live.

What energies does pyrite have?

Pyrite is often referred to as a positive crystal, which can be of great assistance for a melancholic mind. It can help suck out the negative thoughts and energies from the wearer and bring them out of despair. It represents the energy of gold that brings success, happiness, and enthusiasm with it.

Pyrite is an earth element that resonates with the fire energy reflecting the glow and presence of the sun and the ability to produce abundance by one’s effort and potential.

Pyrite is a unique protector which resonates with fire energies that are present in the gleaming beauty of the stone. The energy symbolizes the warmth of the sun and the long-lasting presence of the ability to increase wealth and prosperity. It has the healing power which prevents negative energy.

It has the energy of enthusiasm, the energy of brightness which shields and protects from all kinds of negative vibrations thus enhancing the memory and helping to empower willpower by overcoming shyness.

What are the Healing Properties of Iron Pyrite?

Iron pyrite popularly known as “fools gold” is one of the most common sulfide minerals in the world. It is an earth element which means it resonates from the fire so that it will include the warmth of the sun and spreads positive energy around. “Fool’s gold” is the name suggested as its looks just like gold and is enough to confuse people.

Iron pyrite is a very strong and mighty crystal in matters of the heart. It can prevent manipulation and helps you remain your better self. It especially helps with relationships. These stones can be carried as jewelry like bracelets or necklaces.

It is just a bit lighter in color than gold, had a metallic luster, and will break instead of bending. Unlike real gold it is brittle. This stone gives the courage to believe in yourself and enhances creativity and leadership qualities. Its potent power helps to heal and protect the body from illness.

What are the Healing Properties of Peacock Pyrite?

Chalcopyrite is also known as peacock ore as it is shimmery green, blue, pink, purple, and gold hues that represent a peacock’s feather. Chalcopyrite gets its color from the copper and iron oxidation in the crystal.

Peacock pyrite allows our body’s cellular structure and metabolic actions to occur side by side. Its vibration aids inflammation and swelling. Peacock Pyrite’s healing properties extend to healing both viruses as well as bacterial infection and fevers. It may improve respiratory problems and stimulate hair growth.

Peacock pyrite is a colorful stone that is to be believed the stone of joy and happiness. It channelizes the energy within the body by preventing all the negative vibrations and utilizing its healing properties. Its physical healing is used to stimulate adrenaline and encourage the production of calcium in the body. In short, it can be said that it is the stone of upliftment that builds up the channel of joy and happiness. 

What are the Healing Properties of Rainbow Pyrite?

Rainbow pyrite is the common trade name for a shimmery form of “pyrite druz”. Rainbow pyrite can be identified with its luster alone as it shows the strongest and most reflective luster due to its opaqueness. Rainbow pyrite displays a glittering rainbow of colors, like different shades of gold, green, pink, and blue.

Rainbow pyrite crystal is often called the stone of manifestation. It can be used for protection from negative energies by wearing an amulet. Rainbow pyrite is a positive crystal that reduces anxiety and frustration by promoting physical development. It corresponds with the third chakra (Solar Plexus). It also helps to recover from common colds and other infectious diseases.

What are the Healing Properties of Jet Pyrite?

Jet pyrite gives physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance to chase your goals by inspiring you to reinvent yourself. It sucks out the negativity from you and alms your mind. It brings the mental traumas that could have been restrained in your consciousness for you to deal with the problem. 

Excessive daydreaming could mean that you want to escape something, this stone is the perfect stone for bringing such people to reality and helping them deal with their problems. Jet pyrite can also help you deal with stress and sadness and help ease the physical pain resulting from swelling and inflammation.

It cures stomach aches and menstrual cramps and is also helpful for pregnant women as it helps to calm the hyperactive hormones. Jet pyrite can also be helpful for migraines, headaches, colds, and epilepsy. It can soothe dental pain also.

What are the Healing Properties of Silver Pyrite?

Silver pyrite refers to the combination of silver iron with pyrite. It can assist in the treatment of bones and heals cell formation. It is beneficial for the treatment of lung disorders, and bronchitis and reduces swelling and fevers. It helps in strengthening the respiratory system and improves blood circulation by increasing the oxygen supply in the blood.

Silver pyrite can help in psychic development. It improvises and improves creativity, mental stability, logical thinking, and intelligence and promotes optimistic feelings and thoughts. It is one of the powerful protective stones that shields us from all the negative vibrations and energy. 


Though these crystals have these amazing and fascinating healing properties, these uses are not supposed to be placed above a doctor’s advice. In case you’re having any medical condition, you’re supposed to visit a licensed medical practitioner. Through this article, we have tried to brief you about the enthralling healing properties of pyrite. We hope to have helped you learn about the different pyrite healing properties and how to use them.