Hemimorphite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Hemimorphite is a pretty blue or often white or colorless gemstone, although it also comes in blue, green, and grey variations too. The color variations are caused by copper and iron impurities. Hemimorphite is believed to boost self-esteem and self-respect when taken for its therapeutic benefits. It promotes human development, offers protection from evil, and inspires joy and creativity. According to tradition, it will foster inner strength so that you may lead a joyful and creative life.

Hemimorphite Infographic

What is Hemimorphite?

Hemimorphite is a significant zinc ore that contains hydrous zinc silicate. The faceted form of hemimorphite is quite uncommon. The majority of hemimorphite crystals are white to greyish white, yellowish, or completely colorless, and they are typically found in surroundings that are high in zinc. Hemimorphite has a hardness range of 4.5 to 5, which indicates that it is a fairly soft stone.

This mineral was called after the crystal morphology of symmetry and was originally described in 1853 by A. Kenngott. Hemimorphite was known as “Electric Calamine” and is said to have been around since the 18th century. It is also categorized as a tectosilicate since zinc makes up the majority of its composition.

How to Identify a Hemimorphite?

Hemimorphite crystals have various terminations on each end. Because each end or “half” takes on a different “shape,” the substance is known as hemimorphite. Bands of transparent blue and white are seen in hemimorphite, which is frequently combined with a black matrix. Hemimorphite is a pyroelectric zinc ore, which means that when it is heated, it produces an electrical charge.

– Hemimorphite Cuts and Shapes

Cuts and Shapes of Hemimorphite

Hemimorphite may be challenging to facet because of its exquisite cleavage and low hardness. It is often cut as a cabochon. Only Mexico has so far produced raw gemstones appropriate for faceting, and Chihuahua and Durango both have excellent examples. Larger stones are quite uncommon. Hemimorphite may have a stunning, glossy sheen that resembles a diamond when it is cut and polished.

Where is Hemimorphite Found?

While hemimorphite may be found all over the world close to or around zinc sources, very little of it produces material of gemstone quality. Numerous areas in the United States and Austria, Belgium, Poland, China, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Greece, Namibia, and Romania are home to significant deposits of the stone.

The most major Hemimorphite deposits are at Vieille Montagne, Belgium, and Aachen, Germany. Other prominent sites include Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, and Namibia in the United States, as well as Thailand, Poland, Madagascar, Namibia, the Congo, England, Australia, and Algeria.

Hemimorphite Stone Meaning

Hemimorphite Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

The most peculiar feature of hemimorphite is evident in its name. The Greek terms hemi, which means “half,” and morph, which means “form,” are used to create the name “hemimorphite.” This is due to the fact that hemimorphite crystals have unique shapes on either end. It is quite rare for crystals to form with one end being somewhat blunt and dominated by a pedion (a single face) and the other being pointy and pyramidal. This name was created by Swiss mineralogist Gustav Adolf Kenngott.

Hemimorphite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Hemimorphite was first discovered in the 19th century, despite being a common stone found in the top levels of zinc deposits for hundreds of years. Before that, it was usually assumed to be something more common, such as Smithsonite, chrysocolla, turquoise, calamine, and more.

Even though they are quite similar to one another and are commonly discovered together, it was James Smithson, a mineralogist at the Smithsonian Institute, who first realized in 1803 that hemimorphite and Smithsonite were indeed two separate minerals. German mineralogist Gustav Adolph Kenngott gave hemimorphite its recognized name in 1853.

Hemimorphite Crystal Properties

Hemimorphite Properties

Hemimorphite is brittle, somewhat hard, and contains a labyrinth of hairline cracks. It is quite challenging to cut because of these qualities. Because of this, it usually receives a cabochon polish when used as a gemstone.

Hemimorphite is regarded as a stone of compassion, encouraging empathy in all relationships. It is also thought to support the management of internal emotions and the expression of sentiments.

Hemimorphite Healing Properties

Hemimorphite Healing

This stone has a plethora of medicinal benefits. It is first said to relieve headaches brought on by hormones. Second, it can assist you in reducing premenstrual syndrome-related discomfort. Additionally, it might aid in pain management if the discomfort is brought on by ulcers.

Hemimorphite provides you with a powerful amount of energy. This stone can also help you lose weight. This crystal can support your attempts to keep your health at its best.

Hemimorphite Metaphysical Properties

Hemimorphite is recognized for healing the emotional body, improving communication skills, regulating the aura, and activating and aligning the upper four chakras. This stone emits boosting energy and sends forth happy joyful vibes.

Hemimorphite is regarded by astrologers as a stone that promotes spiritual development by assisting with self-ego detachment. To forgive and move on, this crystal will soften your heart and remove negative emotions.

Hemimorphite not only enhances joy and happiness in all areas of your life, but it also sharpens your psychic perceptions. It cultivates inner fortitude and compassion while enhancing your relationship with celestial creatures.

Hemimorphite Benefits

It is regarded as a communication stone since it makes conversation easier. You’ll find it simpler to communicate with people when you’re in contact with it. It may thus be utilized if you need to persuade someone, stand out, or draw a conclusion.

Every problem involving love is said to be resolved by this stone. It establishes a direct connection with each person’s heart, improving emotional communication and promoting love-sharing. Your ego or pride is kept in check by hemimorphite stone so that they cannot direct you inharmonious ways. Its energies will improve specific personality flaws by making you kinder.

Hemimorphite ensures that your vibrating light energies are interacting with and moving through your particular energy fields. Your awareness will be opened by this stone, allowing you to interact and converse with forces from a higher plane. Your visionary experiences will be improved by hemimorphite’s energies. It will encourage psychic abilities and inner fortitude. It will also aid in your understanding of various conventional medical practices.

Hemimorphite Benefits Spirituality

The hemimorphite stone is regarded as a stone of communication and safety. In terms of protection, it first and foremost draws luck, good fortune, and favorable circumstances. You can connect to higher energies and have access to cleaner communication methods.

Hemimorphite’s vibrations will raise your happiness and assist you in enhancing your emotional condition. With the use of this stone, all the things that have been keeping you in a depressed or sad mood will be dispelled.

Hemimorphite draws us to our heavenly beings and spirit guides by opening up our higher four chakras. These entities deliver messages and greater wisdom from other worlds and dimensions. The deciphering of these messages and how they could influence our lives are made easier by hemimorphite.

Hemimorphite & Feng Shui

Hemimorphite & Feng Shui

When working on significant projects, whether they are personal or professional, keeping them nearby in a room of your house enables you to fully appreciate their good energy. It encourages self-discipline and drive, which makes it easier for us to complete the tasks at hand, concentrate on them, and see them through to completion. Procrastination is also lessened by this stone.

You may raise the energy rate of the room in your house that you use the most by keeping it there. The advantages will then be yours to enjoy. Additionally, it will motivate you to continue living a healthy lifestyle to keep your daily requirements.

The north portion of your room, house, or business is connected with water energy, which is also related to hemimorphite. Hemimorphite can assist you to attract positive energies that will aid in your goal-achieving by being placed in the north.

Hemimorphite Birthstone

Hemimorphite is intimately related to the zodiac sign of Libra, even though it is not a recognized birthstone. It is said to work well with the crown, third eye, and heart chakras.

Hemimorphite Chakras

The third eye and crown chakras are stimulated by the stone hemimorphite. The upper chakras are opened and turned on by them, and light energy is filtered throughout your entire body. As a consequence, the subtle bodies are balanced and the aura is purified.

Hemimorphite is highly beneficial for connecting with the heavenly realm and your spirit guides since they have a strong link to your upper chakras. They are also excellent for meditation and tuning into your spiritual development.

What are the Uses of Hemimorphite?


Uses of Hemimorphite

Hemimorphite will, first and foremost, enhance your life with joy and creativity. You can utilize it to defend yourself from harmful psychic and physical assaults.

Second, due to its wonderful pain-relieving properties, it’s a superb stone for preserving or repairing healing.

When attempting to communicate with your partner or some close person, hemimorphite is a fantastic stone to utilize. It allows us to express how we genuinely feel in addition to assisting with word choice and tone.

Additionally connected to the heart chakra is this stone. Along with balancing your aura, it may also aid in emotional healing, better communication with your loved ones, and the illumination of your aura. Because of its delicate power and age-old knowledge, it’s an excellent stone for healers as well.

Caring for Hemimorphite

Caring for Hemimorphite

Because of its poor hardness, hemimorphite has to be handled carefully. Warm water, a light detergent, and a soft brush should be used to clean it. Hemimorphite should be stored in a soft bag or put in a fabric-lined jewelry box to avoid being damaged by a thoughtless blow.

Avoid using steam or ultrasonic cleaners at any cost. Avoid using home cleaners, deodorants, perfumes, and hairspray. Before working out, participating in sports, or doing domestic tasks, take off any jewelry made of hemimorphite.

When to Cleanse Hemimorphite?

Due to their relatively low hardness, store these gems separately from other harder, more common jewelry stones, such as quartz. For cleaning, use a soft brush, mild detergent, and warm water only, as already mentioned. 

How to Recharge Your Hemimorphite?

You must wash your crystals before and after each healing session if you wish to utilize them for healing. You may give it a protective aura, positive energy, and unwavering affection by exposing it to moonlight, which you can then employ. Sunlight is the second-best alternative. For a few hours, place the variscite stone near a window but out of direct sunshine to enhance its natural beauty.

Hemimorphite Activation process

Clean the stone if you notice it feels heavier than normal. You can set an intention to fix it and bring back the crystal’s positivity, then smudge it, hold it over an incense stick, utilize bells and chimes, and so on. By praying, you send out into the universe the power of your intention. After that, thank the stone for its assistance.

How much is Hemimorphite worth?

Hemimorphite is a very precious stone and is readily available at affordable prices. The best quality and most expensive hemimorphite stones can vary around 190-200 USD. The minimum range can begin from 60-70 USD (the price at the time of writing this article).

What determines Hemimorphite’s price and value?

Hemimorphite’s price and value depend on several factors. The major factors are the color, shape, and size of the stone. 

Hemimorphite specimens often come in two distinct shapes: the bladed crystal form and the botryoidal habit. The crystalline habit shows elongated, flat, extremely glassy, thin, bladed crystals that are frequently well-formed and exhibit several crystal faces. 

Hemimorphite Impact

Keep this crystal close to your chakras and notice the change if you wish to experience the influence of its potent energies. Your thoughts and feelings will be released naturally and without restriction thanks to this stone!

Hemimorphite is a potent gemstone for empathy. It will demonstrate to you how to develop into a more perceptive and considerate companion. It will facilitate better communication and encourage greater transparency and honesty between you and the one you love.

Hemimorphite additionally deepens the bond between you and your significant other. It will intensify your love, pleasure, and laughter and make sure that it only gets stronger over time.

Does Hemimorphite make a good jewelry stone?

Does Hemimorphite make a good jewelry stone?

Hemimorphite is a rare gemstone that is often utilized as a collector’s item rather than in jewelry. Cutting hemimorphite can be challenging. It is challenging to facet into typical forms due to its flawless cleavage, resistance to a high polish, and low hardness.

Hemimorphite Real vs Fake

Hemimorphite has bands of transparent blue and white that are frequently blended with a dark matrix. It often takes the form of colorless crystals, ones that are light teal, brown, or, less regularly, pink. Over 50% of zinc may be found in hemimorphite.

Hemimorphite may be recognized by its distinctive chemical composition and distinctive crystal structure. Each end of hemimorphite crystal is designed differently and has various shaping on each end. 

Summary of Hemimorphite

Name of Crystal Hemimorphite
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Electric Calamine, Kieselgalmei, Wagite
Origin(s) Vieille Montagne, Belgium, and Aachen, Germany
Color(s) Whitish grey, yellowish, pale blue or completely colorless
Formation Hemimorphite is formed when the tops of sphalerite-bearing ore bodies oxidise, together with other secondary minerals, to create the iron cap.
Majorly Found at United States, England, Austria, Belgium, Poland, China, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Greece, Namibia, and Romania
Zodiac Suited for Libra
Chakra Third eye and Crown Chakras
Crystal Meaning Literal meaning: Half-form. Hemimorphite is a stunning piece for healing and exhibition that is also highly energetic and lively.
Types of Crystal Crystalline and Globular
Healing Properties Stone of compassion, encouraging empathy and liveliness.
Health Benefits Relieve headaches, reduce premenstrual syndrome-related discomfort, pain relievers and help in weight loss too.
Uses Meditation, spiritual development, collector’s stone, and sometimes in jewelry.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 4.5-5
Real Bands of transparent blue and white, with various terminations on each end. Pyroelectric
Fake No pyroelectric effect


What is Hemimorphite used for?

It’s the ideal stone to use or carry when you’re having a lowkey day. Hemimorphite improves communication skills and softens the words you use. The stone provides us with fresh starts and chances while assisting us in getting beyond challenging life experiences. Assuring that your vibrating light energies are combining with and flowing through your energy fields is what hemimorphite does.

Is Hemimorphite rare or common?

Hemimorphite is a very rare gemstone. The faceted form of hemimorphite is uncommon of all. Only Mexico has so far supplied gem-quality Hemimorphite that is appropriate.

Is Hemimorphite the same as blue Aragonite?

Hemimorphite and blue aragonite are both different stones. Aragonite is calcium carbonate aggregate whereas hemimorphite is hydrous zinc sulfate. Aragonites that can be confused with hemimorphite are white, light blue, green, or pink. Blue aragonite resembles exactly like hemimorphite but both are different. Hemimorphite and Aragonite may be easily identified by determining specific physical and chemical characteristics such as density, hardness, and chemical reactivity with acids.

Is Hemimorphite real?

Yes, hemimorphite is real. Hemimorphite is generally formed when the tops of sphalerite-bearing ore bodies oxidize, together with other secondary minerals that make up the iron cap. It may be found in several zinc mines across the world in limestone veins and beds together with other zinc ores.

What chakra is Hemimorphite for?

It is said that hemimorphite works well with the heart, third eye, and crown chakras. Hemimorphite has a strong connection to your upper chakras, making them very helpful for communicating with the celestial realm and your spirit guides.

What is Hemimorphite worth?

Hemimorphite is a semi-precious stone. The only trouble is that they are difficult to find. The price of hemimorphite usually ranges from 50 USD to 200 USD.

Is Larimar Hemimorphite?

Larimar (or larimar) is a rare pectolite gemstone variation from China that ranges in color from blue to sea green. Blue hemimorphite occasionally gets confused for larimar or the mineral turquoise. The term “Chinese larimar” has begun to be used to describe this material.