Hiddenite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits, and Uses

The Crystal of Evolution or Hiddenite is a stone that encourages growth. It has a pale, nurturing shade of pale green that helps you grow emotionally and spiritually. Hiddenite has dug up centuries ago and still has several mysteries surrounding it. For the longest time, this gemstone was used just for jewelry and hardly had any other uses.

However, only recently was it discovered that Hiddenite as a stone, also has healing properties which could be beneficial for mental and emotional wounds. This stone also can help you bring about new beginnings and focus on your current moments. It will help the bearer relinquish their anxieties about the future along with the injustices they might have suffered during the past.

It is also discovered that this stone can help you manifest your deepest desires and fill your life with joy by aiding you in harnessing your personal power. Want to know more about this amazing stone? Keep reading below for more info on Hiddenite.  

What is Hiddenite? 

What is Hiddenite? 

Hiddenite is a very rare extremely rare aluminum lithium silicate mineral that is a member of the Spodumene family.  The crystals of these stone forms are flat and prismatic, but they are also found in the form of elongated blades. Hiddenite is primarily green in color due to the inclusion of chromium, but the color ranges from light yellow and even colorless sometimes.

This gemstone is not found easily and everywhere, Brazil is the highest producer of the highest quality of this crystal. Some notable localities apart from Brazil include Afghanistan, Burma, Madagascar, Pakistan, and the United States.  

Hiddenite is also called Green Kunzite or Green Spodumene. This is a very beautiful crystal that is used mostly for metaphysical healing and personal growth. It allows you to see your true potential and inner talents. It lets you live your life in the true and ideal sense you want and see it. You will be able to connect better with others in your life and that too on a very genuine level.  

Where is Hiddenite Found? 

Hiddenite is an almost rare gemstone; it can be called a semi-precious gemstone. This stone is mainly found in Brazil and the best quality of this stone is found here. Even if the quality of the stones found in other places like Burma, Afghanistan, the United States, Pakistan, and Madagascar is not that high, they are still very valuable. 

Hiddenite Stone Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Hiddenite Stone Meaning

A small community called the White Plains discovered Hiddenite for the first time in 1879 in North Carolina, United States. William Earl Hidden, a prominent mining collector, and engineer received small shards and pieces of this stone that were recovered from the site.

Hidden was in the process of being commissioned during this time by Thomas Edison. His job was to find Platinum in North Carolina so that it could be used in the commercial production of lightbulbs. Sir William Earl took on the job of mining operations at this location to find the Hiddenite crystals that were embedded in the clay or rock matrix.

Due to the uncertain properties of this stone, he sent samples to the famous American mineralogist and chemist, John Lawrence Smith. It was then confirmed that Hiddenite was in fact a brand-new mineral, and the name came after himself only. This was mainly due to the reason that Mr. Hidden spent so much personal manpower and money on excavating the mineral.

Mr. Hiddenite had a company of his own known as The Emerald and Hiddenite Mining Co., which was not as par in terms of achievement and fulfilling his desires. Although apart from being locally famous even after discovering the Hiddenite stone, this company did not see much fame, it was 30 years later that they gained the reputation. The county place which was known as the White Plains was renamed Hiddenite which is in North Carolina.  

Hiddenite Crystal Properties 

Hiddenite Crystal Properties 

Hiddenite is a stone with intense energy and you cannot necessarily carry it all the time. But you can experience plenty of hardships or even be in need of metaphysical power, in that case, you can carry this stone in the form of a piece of jewelry or attach it in any form to your clothing. It has a perfect cleavage that is very difficult to cut but it can still be faceted into beautiful gemstones.

Hiddenite can also be fashioned into meditation balls or crystals. This stone makes you realize the things in your life that you must learn to embrace and the things you should resist. Hiddenite will help you recognize your own weaknesses and strengths so that you can work better at enhancing and improving them.

You can put up a brave face against your challenging times and also be encouraged to face your challenges. The Hiddenite stone will also aid you in letting go of your feelings that might be of failure and inadequacy. You can also build your core with the assistance of this stone, that way you will no longer be second-guessing or doubting yourself.  

Healing Properties of Hiddenite

Hiddenite Benefits and Uses

Hiddenite as a crystal, when passed over your body can be an excellent diagnostic tool for revealing areas of weakness, coldness, and disease. It can also be used for analyzing radionic substances. Apart from this, Hiddenite is also used to boost the power of essential herbs, oils, hydrotherapy, and homeopathic remedies.

It is also a great aid to help strengthen your heart muscles and boost the overall functioning of the circulatory system. This green stone will also be helpful in treating toothache, neuralgia, and joint pain. 

Physical Healing Properties of Hiddenite

The Hiddenite Stone also acts as an enhancer in the treatment of any psychiatric disorders as well as stabilizes intense and violent mood swings. It also veritably assists your physical body and any emotional stress. Additionally to these, this stone also helps you in balancing the hemispheres of your brain and ease hyperventilation.   

If you are someone who is addicted and is in the process of recovery, Hiddenite is the stone for you. It can provide support in the detoxification and purification process. It will also help you in boosting the functioning of your endocrine system. Not just this, but this stone also has a soothing energy that can be beneficial in treating skin and lung disorders. It will enhance your mobility and relieve pain associated with rheumatism. 

Mental Healing Properties of Hiddenite

This crystal is capable of stirring your heart and assisting it in reconnecting all those lost love connections and thoughts. Thus, Hiddenite will greatly help in bringing back spontaneity and genuineness in all your relationships. The pale green energy of this stone gives you a gentle reminder of all the initial delights that you felt while being with your partners, things that stirred up your relationship or even attracted you in the first place.

This will develop an acceptance, one that is full of happiness and joy, of your partner and you will feel your heart filled with love. You will be able to look at the future without much worry about the consequences it might carry. In your emotional body, Hiddenite generates and allows you to see the love you deserve and need to give yourself. It will assist you to overcome the difficulty of receiving love if you are someone who feels unworthy of it.

Hiddenite will help you overcome the misconceptions that wealth and possessions are the only parameters of your worth and let you retain your happiness. The stone will show you how important you are to God and help you receive love from Him. Your feelings will gain more clarity and abundance in the true sense and you as an individual will have emotional healing that supersedes all other needs. You will start gaining insight into the fact that life is more focused on the gifts that you get from your smallest possible moments. 

Spiritual Healing Properties of Hiddenite

Hiddenite is a stone that inspires us to rejoice in our blessings and in every possible way that the spiritual realm might offer and shower us in love and abundance. It will invite you to open your mind and heart, this way you can continue to receive the gifts of the Universe and keep the abundant flow of positivity in your life throughout.

You will never be depleted of the feeling of happiness. This pale green stone teaches you to live in the way your heart desires. There is a state of happiness and gratitude that this stone offers you. It indulges you to practice gratitude in your daily life and also encourages you to be generous and kind to others. Being good to others is a big part of being happy yourself.

Also, this way you can raise your own energetic frequency and align yourself with the Law of Attraction. Hiddenite gemstones will encourage you to stay true to yourself and remain at the peak of your Highest Self. You will be able to harness your potential to the best. This stone also attunes you to the Heart Chakra and is a part of the astrological signs Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus. Its element is Water and has a vibrant connection to the number 7. 

Hiddenite Metaphysical Properties 

   Hiddenite Metaphysical Properties 

Spodumene is a stone that carries lots of vibrational energies. It has the power to awaken your heart to come to a juncture of calmness and peace. It will encourage you to put a pause and receive the things that come your way with an open heart, like love, gifts, and energy that is showered upon you from the divine realm. All these accumulated energies and experiences will give you genuine feelings of security, gratitude, and freedom and make you open, strong, vibrant, and loving.  

If you carry a Hiddenite crystal, it will attract and awaken true love in the sense of the earth as well as the spiritual twin soul love. Hiddenite provides you with a constant rhythm of a loving heart and one that has a powerful gift of loving your partner and also yourself. If love has gone stale in your life, this stone can help you dissolve blockages in your heart. It will also help you to boost your relationships. 

Hiddenite is a stone that acts as a wonderful ally for people who are facing difficulty in expressing their proclamations or emotions in love. It is a beautiful gemstone for kids as it eases them of emotional anxieties and distress. Hiddenite is a healing stone to treat members of the family, friends, or pets and particularly when any conventional treatments are not working anymore or have any traumatic experience still wavering. 

This green stone is very helpful in healing any deep psychic wounds that might have been retained in your emotions and heart. Hiddenite acts as a powerful stone that is great for recovering from addictions and abuse. It is a great comfort for those who have recently lost someone who is very dear to them or even moved far away from them. On a central basis, this stone assists you in copying with the loss of dealing with something or someone. Other than its metaphysical healing energies, this crystal is also adept in renewing your frequency, increasing your optimism and hope as well as positivity in even the most difficult circumstances.  

Hiddenite Benefits and Uses

Hiddenite Benefits and Uses

Hiddenite is a stone that comes with huge benefits and uses. Given below are some of them: 

  • The pale green stone allows you to enjoy a deeper and more meaningful aspect of life. Some might even go as far as saying you will be facing an enlightened existence. All your life experiences will be enriched with the help of this stone.  
  • Hiddenite will allow you to enjoy a more meaningful, deeper, and enlightened existence. It will promote your spiritual reflection and also help you gain better insights about people, life, and the world. 
  • You will start to understand your weaknesses and strengths better with this stone. This way you can either improve or enhance them. 
  • When you are in a challenging time, Hiddenite will encourage you to put on a brave face. You will feel inspired to work on your inner courage and strength so that you can overcome all the challenges that come your way.  
  • You will be able to distinguish between things that you have to embrace and things that you have to resist.  
  • Feelings such as failure and inadequacy do not easily leave you.  but with the help of Hiddenite, you will be able to let go of these feelings easily.  
  • Hiddenite will help you in building up your core so that you don’t have to spend another moment of your life second-guessing or doubting yourself.  
  • This pale green stone will help you focus on your long-term goals and also on the people around you who never left your side since the very beginning.  
  • You will get mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual protection from this stone during tough times. 
  • Any unhealthy attachments that you might have to meaningless and material things, this stone will help you remove them.  
  • Hiddenite is such a stone that will always have your back no matter what. It will support you and also encourages you so that you can make fresh starts in your life.  
  • When in times of feeling weak and vulnerable, this stone will make you feel protected against unwelcome and unwanted external influences.  
  • This stone is greatly known for being soothing to the heart and it can also help in the treatment of many ailments of the heart. Hiddenite gemstones can boost the functions of the circulatory system and also the endocrine system.  
  • Hiddenite stone can enhance your mobility if you are someone who suffers from the lack of it. It will help you stabilize your violent swinging of moods.  
  • This pale green stone will be very beneficial for your treatment of lung and skin disorders. It will also relieve any pain associated with rheumatism and also protect you against arteriosclerosis.  

Apart from these, the energy associated with the Hiddenite stone is also quite helpful for people who suffer from chronic sleeping disorders like that insomnia. The soothing and calming energies of this stone provide relaxation and positivity to you while inducing a certain amount of serenity in your mind throughout the night.  

Hiddenite Benefits Spirituality 

Hiddenite Stone will improve your intuitive insights by helping you in your psychic training and development. You can use this stone to mediate during times of extreme sensitivity to your feelings and thoughts as well as physical challenges. Even if it involves the feelings of other people, you will get more sensitized to it and start understanding better and even pacifying the person.

This stone is excellent in relieving your mind of any incessant chatter that you might face during your meditation. Hiddenite will also teach you about the true energy that is associated with abundance and gratitude. You will be assisted in receiving any energy, gift, and love from the Divine. You will be encouraged to respond to the heartfelt frequency of gratitude.   

Hiddenite & Feng Shui 

Hiddenite is a very protective stone that safeguards your interests. It also makes sure that you are on the right path so that you can achieve your financial goals. The energy that is associated with this stone will give you the freedom that you need for executing your ideas and also have fun while doing so.

This is a stone that will attract prosperity towards you as well as inspire success in your business. Hiddenite stone will help you focus on working for the real treasures in your life that wealth or money cannot buy for you. 

Hiddenite Feng shui

You can also try any of the below given methods to obtain maximum utilization of the stone: 

  1. Lace a bowl of Hiddenite stone in a spot in your personal office or home that is relaxing so that you can reduce arguments.
  2. You can also put this stone in the pocket of your child for emotional support.
  3. Placing the stone on your heart during meditation will help you a lot.
  4. To improve your romantic relationship, you can even keep this stone in your pocket.

Hiddenite Birthstones 

Hiddenite is a green gemstone and is the natural birthstone for those who are born in the heart of spring, i.e., between April 20th to May 20th. This crystal will bring success and renewal for those people along with good health and ventures.  

The olive color Hiddenite stones are the natural birthstones for those born during the approaching summer, i.e., between May 21st to June 20th. This stone will bring exuberance, awakening, learning, and meaning into the lives of these people. 

Hiddenite Chakras 

Hiddenite Chakras 

The shades of green that are associated with Hiddenite stimulate your Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is located near the center of your breastbone and regulates your interaction with the external world and also controls what your embrace and resist. You will have the balancing ability to be yourself within the environment.

If your Heart Chakra is not in balance you will either spiral into being very controlling or being controlled when in a relationship. You will also start to look very critically at the foibles of others and will find yourself reacting very emotionally to everyday external stimuli. The energy associated with any green crystal is used to resolve blockages in your Heart Chakra and re-balance it.

This stone will help you in understanding your own needs and emotions very clearly and help you deal with them accordingly. You will also be able to deal with the ebbs and flows of your emotional relationships, understand their natural cycle better and accept the changes that come with them. 

Along with the Heart Chakra, Hiddenite is also connected to the Third Eye Chakra which helps in stimulating spiritual insight. If you place the Hiddenite stone on the Third Eye Chakra, it will be activated and help you in receiving love, and blessing from the universe abundantly.  

Caring for Hiddenite 

Caring for Hiddenite

Hiddenite has perfect cleavage and subsequent potential for breakage. It cleaves so easily that you will need to take very special care of this stone. A lot of love and cleaning are necessary to take care of this stone. You will need to clean Hiddenite with a damp cloth and not any ultrasonic cleaner.  

If you are wearing this stone, you need to proceed with caution. If the Hiddenite stone is irradiated, it will require a lot of extra gentle care. Make sure to avoid any prolonged exposure to heat and light because that will lead to the fading of the color in the stone. If you keep your stone in the light for a long time, especially the ones that come in deeper shades, the color will definitely fade. 

How to activate the Hiddenite stone? 

You can hold your Hiddenite stone in your hands while working on resolving and releasing your pain and traumas. Even if you are going through a phase of experiencing stress and anxiety. Just make sure that you keep this stone away from water and it will help you to even rekindle your relationship with loved ones.  

How much is Hiddenite worth? 

Hiddenite is quite a costly piece of jewelry. If you are planning on buying Hiddenite jewelry, be ready to splurge. The cost of Hiddenite starts from $100 per carat and can be more than most other beautiful gems like tourmaline or opal. 

What determines Hiddenite’s price and value? 

The pricey nature of this stone, makes people question oftentimes about the things that add to the price of this stone. The rarity of this stone is the main factor for the high price. Also called the “Caroline Emerald”, this stone is one of the rarest specimens that has the display of the deepest green.  The faceted cuts for Hiddenite stone are very difficult for the lapidarist to manage. The deep green color along with the custom-cut gemstones are therefore very rare and expensive in nature. 

Does Hiddenite make a good jewelry stone? 

Does Hiddenite make a good jewelry stone? 

Hiddenite is an extremely beneficial and attractive jewelry stone for you to own but it is equally difficult to be made into one. Hiddenite has a perfect cleavage which makes it very difficult for the lapidarist to cut the stone. They would not want to cut the rare stone in a way that would harm the stone’s perfect form and therefore this stone is treated through cabochon for cutting. After cutting and being set into jewelry, Hiddenite is one of the most beautiful stones ever.  

Hiddenite Real vs Fake 

Hiddenite has a pleochroism that helps to easily distinguish it from any other gems. Along with this, the perfect cleavage, hardness, and monoclinic crystal system of this stone and also the transparency and color will help you distinguish it from other stones.  

Hiddenite has very long, prismatic selenite wands which are almost identical but they are green in color instead of white. You can easily distinguish a Hiddenite stone from others by pleochroism, which is a phenomenon by which gemstones display various colors depending upon the viewing angle. You can see the deepest tones at the top of this gem and the lighter tones on its sides.  


Is Hiddenite a rare stone? 

Yes, Hiddenite is a very rare stone. The green color stone is a variety of spodumene that is very rare and along with the difficult faceted cuts that the stone is made to go through, it becomes a very rare gemstone.  

Is Hiddenite the same as emerald? 

Hiddenite is a variety of emerald that is green in color. When this stone was first discovered it was even called the “lithia emerald”. Both part of the mineral spodumene and rare gems, Hiddenite and Emerald come from the same family. 

What is the value of Hiddenite? 

Hiddenite is a rare gem and is therefore quite costly in nature. The starting price of this gemstone is $100 per carat, which is significantly more than other gemstones like opal and tourmaline. 

Where can Hiddenite be found? 

North Carolina is the first place and the most abundant resource for Hiddenite. There are other places across the globe where this stone is also found, namely: Madagascar, China, Brazil, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.