Honey Calcite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Named after the Greek word “chalix” meaning lime, Honey Calcite is a calcium carbonate stone that exists in the shape of rhombohedral grains. It is a powerful energy cleanser.  Honey Calcite comes in various shapes and is found in various geographical locations. It is one of the most dominant and prevalent stones on the surface of the earth.

This stone amplifies the energies of other stones that are placed in its vicinity and cleanses all negativity in your physical energy. Honey Calcite brings a prismatic energy that is polarizing in nature which facilitates the opening of all higher chakras. This stone helps your body and mind to remember all the experiences of your soul and is very spiritual in nature.  

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What is Honey Calcite?

Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite is also known as Amber or Golden Calcite. It is a calcium carbonate mineral that occurs in rhombohedral forms and in masses as well. Coming from the Greek word meaning lime, this stone has the most significant deposit in Mexico. Although Calcite is a common crystal, it is quite complex in nature, it is found in different shades.

The colors of this crystal can range from brown, orange, red, green, clear or white, and yellow. This crystal is significantly known for bringing strength of energy and spirit. Honey Calcite is a hexagonal crystal in size. It has a refractive sheen and is clearer than an opaque. This crystal measures three on the Mohs scale.

Honey Calcite is a stone that stimulates your mind and will. It will help you understand how to coordinate your divine inspiration and guidance into a course of action. You will have a clearer mind and be prepared to receive new knowledge and learn. This stone can be a very effective aid for studying and developing new skills and also the accomplishment of projects. 

Where is Honey Calcite Found?

Honey Calcite is largely found in Mexico and the largest quantity of the stone is mined from here. But it is also found in various other locations all over the world. These include Brazil, Belgium, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Peru, the USA, the UK, and Slovakia.

Honey Calcite Stone Meaning

Honey Calcite Stone Meaning

Honey Calcite is known to be a powerful spiritual cleanser that amplifies the vibrations of any other gemstone that is put in its vicinity. If this stone is put in one area, it will surely clear the air of all toxicity and increase the vitality of your body. Known for being helpful in physiological illness treatment, this stone continuously eliminates toxic frequencies from astral planes and the atmosphere.

Calcite, as stated above, comes from the ancient Greek word “chalix” and also the Latin word “calx”- all of which translates to lime. What is interesting is that the stone’s name is not referred to as its color but a reference to the makeup of crystallized limestone. Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral and has very admiring intricacies of stalactites and stalagmites. This stone is also known as Calcspar, Clear Calcite, and even Iceland Spar. 

Honey Calcite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

This pale-yellow gemstone has a very intriguing history. It is believed that thousands of years ago, this stone was used by Vikings as a guide to figure out in which direction to travel. In days when compasses did not exist, the sun was the best way to determine the direction to go and the direction being faced. But, this was problematic when the sun would be hidden on a cloudy day.

Thus, the Vikings figured out a way in which Honey Calcite could be used to detect the direction. This stone was used to detect the orientation of the light waves that came from the sun even on a cloudy day. The light that passes through this stone splits into two paths, this creates an image on the other side that can detect the sun’s rings and their position. According to historians, Honey Calcite is a sunstone that can accurately predict the sun’s location.

Honey Calcite Crystal Properties

Honey Calcite is a mineral that resonates with Solar, Root, and the Third-Eye chakras. This creates a very powerful trifecta of creation and personal will. This crystal has a golden warmth that can be felt upon the first touch itself. The bearer is instantly connected to the energy of Mother Earth.

This strong connection works as a great mediator between you and your unfinished tasks, you will be able to accomplish them more effortlessly and aim for even high-effort tasks. If your will is rooted, it is very easy for you to accomplish things, given you become more inclined to push yourself to reach the end of the line. Getting started is the hardest part of doing something and Honey Calcite encourages you to get going.

Honey Calcite is known to be a mystical gemstone that correlates with any kind of elevated awareness that aids you in the development of your supernatural abilities. This gemstone establishes a connection between your cognition and feelings which results in the growth of inner strength and understanding. This way Honey Calcite also battles any weariness and sloth in your energy and restores your drive and motivation for a given work.

It will bring confidence to people who are lacking in faith. This gemstone is a gentle and golden one that teaches you how to wield your power responsibly. Honey Calcite is an honest and just stone that helps you to overcome both your external and internal obstacles in life.

Honey Calcite Healing Properties

Honey Calcite Healing Properties

This stone is full of qualities that will assist you to open up about yourself in various opportunities that will help in your growth. This growth can be both in terms of your temperament and knowledge. Honey Calcite will help you see these experiences as fun encounters even though they might seem simple at first, your focus will be improved and you will be able to accomplish things faster.

This beautiful gemstone can always be kept in your vicinity and will be a great stress manager. It will improve the functioning of your brain and bring your attention to the important stuff in your life. You will most definitely be able to leverage your true capacity and be able to view the difficulties and hurdles in your life realistically. Honey Calcite will assist you in dealing with them efficiently, rekindle your confidence, and rediscover the ability to unshackle yourself of habitual routines and reinstate yourself in a healthy one. 

Physical Healing Properties of Honey Calcite

  • Honey Calcite is a gemstone that is known to be helpful for long-term illnesses. It counteracts any negative impact that some medications may have, delaying your treatment. 
  • This stone also helps you in cleansing your excretory systems such as the gallbladder, urinary tract, and even the intestines. 
  • If you have any unwanted hardening systems that may have formed on your fractured or arthritic joints, Honey Calcite can dissipate it for you. 
  • Other issues such as gastrointestinal issues and dermatological ones can also be cured with the aid of this stone. On top of that, this gemstone also helps in regulating your cellular operations as well as your blood circulation. 
  • This stone will also help you by assisting your body in fighting infections and healing sores and lesions. Treatment of blemishes is one of the other advantages that can be garnered through this stone.
  • Honey Calcite is a stone that is often utilized for treating the urethra and lungs on a very advanced scientific level. It is also known to be particularly effective for the sexual system of women. 
  • This yellow gemstone is also known to help maintain the innate immunity of your system.
  •  Honey Calcite can also be used to offset the impact of any highly resistant or immune-deficiency drugs if taken on an everyday basis. 
  • This protective stone can also give the people around you a shield of protection and prevent them from getting unwell. I
  • If you are someone who has been struggling with a certain virus or contagious infection constantly, Honey Calcite can help you keep that disease at bay.

Mental Healing Properties of Honey Calcite

Mental Healing Properties of Honey Calcite

If you are someone who has problems remembering things and storing information, Honey Calcite can be a great idea for you. It will boost your mental energy and develop strong mental alertness. You will also develop a deeper comprehension ability of things. Also known as the Mind stone, Honey Calcite promotes a greater understanding of things and awareness.

Mental sharpness is also an agenda of this stone because it removes all your collected vitality that can resist or pose a threat to your way of reasoning, coming up with new ideas, and comprehending. You will find yourself having a much greater mental intellect and being able to think more constructively.

Honey Calcite brings a calming effect with itself that will help you relax when you are burdened by emotional activities, duties, or even when in stress. It will aid you in recognizing how much potential you have and how you have used that to build your life the way it is today. You will be a better judge of what changes you need to embrace in your life and what to discard.

Affirmation of your feelings and demonstration of them in a way that you manifest your benefits is another perk of using Honey Calcite. You will be the sole person in charge of your emotions and develop a strong and dominant boundary of limits for everyone. This pale-yellow stone has a very powerful uplifting vibration that encourages self-assurance and bravery inside you.

If you are someone who is used to looking at things critically, this stone will make you see things in a lighter and more comedic way. This way you will be able to correct any excesses in your life that might bring mental anguish to you. It is beneficial to your mental health in the sense that Honey Calcite will assist you even with your mental trauma.

This stone will reduce your stress amount and repair any form of damage that it might have been causing you. You will gain fitness and happiness through this and harness good qualities in your everyday life. This stone will also assist you in breaking any pattern of cruelty that might be induced in your life.

Honey Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Honey Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Honey Calcite is a gemstone that holds the vibration of strength and confidence. It can bring you an ample amount of courage and mental clarity so that you can stand up for the things that you believe in and want to withhold. This stone holds and stands as a symbol of personal power and healing powers.

The healing abilities of the stone include matters of personal healing especially if you are grieving from any painful loss. The powers associated with Honey Calcite enable it to provide you the strength to help you through your ups and downs in life. Thus, this stone is more important because it has the potential to guide you to choose the right way in your future. You will be able to recognize and employ your power. 

Honey Calcite speaks loads about characteristics like responsibility, leadership, and accountability which flaunt themselves when they are used with Iron Pyrite. Your self-worth is boosted when you bear this stone or keep it in your vicinity. Honey Calcite is also a very powerful stone that will help you to bounce back and reinstate yourself after facing a challenging situation that might have harmed your reputation or will for some time.

This confidence that this stone is going to shower upon you is very strong, especially if it involves things like overcoming your shortcomings and personal battles. This variety of Calcite has properties that will encourage you to welcome new experiences in your life, this property will add to your wisdom and help you develop your character. 

The development of your character through this stone may be very small and simple but it will add to your skills as something which will be life-changing going forward. Given all this, the most guaranteed factor is that Honey Calcite is a stone that will keep you grounded. It will always keep assisting you to work towards your goal. Your intellect will also be greatly affected by this stone as it will help you to focus on things that will take you forward in life.

Attaining objectives and standing up to challenges will be easier for you with the help of Honey Calcite. You will be able to tackle everything in more effective ways. Honey Calcite is known to be a stone that is excellent to have for the reduction of stress. The energies that are associated with this stone entail new chapters and also commence your journey toward new directions.  These new directions may even include your wish to maybe renew your faith so that you can regain determination.

This way you will be able to break free of your old habits and adopt healthier habits. Honey Calcite will bring you the inspiration that is much necessary to give you a push to achieve your dreams. This stone is also known to curb your fears and uncertainties that might have taken control over you for a long time. It will help you by getting rid of all those negative feelings and let you see things from different perspectives.

This way you will be able to focus more on your personal growth as well. Additionally, this stone will also help you find your overall boost in life. You will be filled with confidence and positive energies and be able to overcome any challenging situation that might come from outside. Thus, this stone gives you the power to break away from the negative binds in your life and live in the moment. You will start to see things in a more transparent and happier outlook, which is very important for moving forward. 

Spiritual Properties of Honey Calcite

Those stones that come from Calcites are powerful purifiers of other gemstones, this goes for Honey Calcite as well. But Honey Calcite is also unique in its way that it can purify other gemstones as well as everyone’s vibrational zones. This is because this stone has an immense amount of light, warming, and energy. This gemstone is also incredible for meditation. If you meditate with this stone regularly, it will employ loads of power and illumination upon you and help you move past your intellectual, mental, and physiological systems.

Honey Calcite Benefits and Uses

Honey Calcite Benefits and Uses

After reading about the stone above, you might already have a clue about the immense utilities this stone has. Read below about more benefits and uses of this stone:

  • Your feelings of self-worth will be increased immensely with the help of this stone. 
  • If Honey Calcite is paired with Iron Pyrite, it will show you the right way to harness and use your personal power. It will also encourage feelings of accountability, responsibility and leadership.
  • This stone will help supply you with strength, confidence and courage which in return will assist you in overcoming your professional or personal obstacles.
  • Your mental clarity will increase a lot with the help of this stone. 
  • The energies that are associated with Honey Calcite will also assist you in learning new things as well as developing new skills.
  • your energies will be directed, grounded, and focused in such a way that you will be able to successfully finish any coming project and complete all your required goals. 
  • When combined with Wulfenite, Honey Calcite will activate and harmonize the energies that are associated with your Solar Plexus, Root, and Third Eye chakra. 
  • If you are someone who analyzes things unnecessarily, then this stone will be very useful for you. This is because Honey Calcite stimulates your intellect and you will start engaging in more meaningful things. 
  • Your determination and persistence will be aided by this stone and it will push you toward success. 
  • You will be able to look at things more objectively and find solutions that are more effective in nature. 
  • If you suffer from problems like procrastination and are unable to complete your work on time, this stone will inspire you to overcome it and release your fears. this way you will be able to move past your perceived blockages. 
  • You will receive mental alertness support and encouragement for a state of relaxation through this pale yellow gemstone, Honey Calcite. 
  • Honey Calcite is also hugely beneficial for reducing your stress and helping you cope with any form of irregularities in your feelings. 
  • Your energies are greatly amplified with the help of this stone and you will receive great support in overcoming the challenges that are associated with transitions and changes. 
  • If this stone is combined with Titanium Aura, it will definitely boost your psychic abilities, astral projection, and higher consciousness. Your intellect and memory will also be greatly enhanced. 
  • Honey Calcite will inspire you to have determination and faith so that you can break out of any old, toxic patterns which might be harming you. You will gain new and better experiences and be able to move forward in a new direction.

Honey Calcite & Feng Shui

Calcite is the best stone that you can keep in your house for lifting up the mood. You can keep this stone in any place and it will work just the same. If you feel like your home or office is holding stagnant air or is in dire need of a lot of energy, you can definitely try bringing in a Honey Calcite.

The Feng Shui related to this stone would be enough to get fresh air blowing in your area. It has the ability to bring balance and harmony in your life and filter out any negativity that might be at large in your life. This quality of the stone makes it excellent at bringing better communication, precious memories, and heartfelt laughter into your household.

Honey Calcite Birthstones

Honey Calcite Birthstones

Any form of Calcite is great for those who are born as a Cancer. These people are super sweet and are a bit more sensitive, for them Calcite will be a great addition. Honey Calcite will help them adapt to the circumstances around them without having to get hurt in the process. Cancer people can take deep breaths and process things better with the help of this stone.

They will adapt to their circumstances and surroundings better with a Calcite but at the same time will also process their emotions and not just let them get the better of them. Pondering upon your thoughts repeatedly is not a healthy habit and Calcite helps you get over it, you would not be resting upon one thought for too long. you will be able to move forward in this world with a burst of joy and not like a bruised peach. 

Honey Calcite Chakras

Honey Calcite is very beneficial to both the Third Eye and the Sacral Chakra. Sacral Chakra is the center of all your interest, which if any way gets confined, obstructed or overactive will manifest your loss of interest in any activity you might have enjoyed previously. The other sign might also include things like gastrointestinal and reproductive organ issues and a prolonged sensation of tiredness. 

Honey Calcite is a stone that will softly clear up all your sluggish vitality attached to the Sacral Chakra and replace them with good and healthy intensity. Once this is fresh and clean, you will have an ample supply of strength and will be able to use your emotional and cognitive abilities to their fullest. You can just keep a Honey Calcite in your purse or wrapped up in a buckle to experience its usefulness. 

Honey Calcite also brings your Third Eye Chakra in balance, curiosity and innovation. The Third Eye Chakra governs your link to the Universe and the spiritual world. If you can keep the Honey Calcite on your forehead while relaxing, it will definitely help you strengthen your talents in telepathy and link to other spiritual entities. 

How to identify a Honey Calcite and How Much is it Worth?

Given below are some of the points which can be helpful while buying Honey Calcite:

  • Honey Calcite forms massive rhombohedral crystals and the color might range from golden brown to light gold to brown.
  • It has a glassy luster. 
  • It has a hardness rating of 3 on the Mohs scale and is a soft stone.  

How much is Honey Calcite worth?

For a single calcite stone, the price may range anywhere between $5-1.75 per piece. 


What is Honey Calcite crystal good for?

Honey Calcite is very good for stimulating your mind and your will. It will help you understand how to put your divine guidance and inspiration into action. It will also help you clear your mind and think better and nourish your creativity.

How is Honey Calcite formed?

Honey Calcite is formed by the growth of fibrous tubular cells that are long and crystals in nature. These are also honey in color and have white membranes surrounding each cell which gives the name Honeycomb Calcite.

Where is Honey Calcite mined?

Honey Calcite is mined only in Mexico. The other deposits are available in Belgium, Africa, Brazil and Czech Republic.