How to Activate Selenite?

Understanding what your crystal contains is the first step to activating it. The crystals do not look like stones visible on the ground. In many cases, they are composed of specific minerals or other elements. In this article, you will find clear and detailed methods to activate Selenite and gaining its extraordinary relaxing healing power in the most effective way possible.

Some of these minerals can harm you if you do not understand what you are doing. It would be best to understand your crystal before talking about activation methods because you often see a simple list of ways to do anything specifically with crystal.

Depending on the material, the methods of activating the crystal may differ. Do not start working with your crystal without fully understanding the material, its uses, and how to take care of it.

Activating your Crystal is essential to bring the best out of it.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a crystal type of gypsum and contains no selenium. Although sodium selenite contains selenium, it is exceedingly poisonous, and crystal healers rarely use it. Selenite (aka gypsum) is very soft.

What is Selenite

A raw selenite crystal can be scratched or dented with your finger. When working with Selenite, take care not to hit or drop it since it is easily scratched and damaged.

Selenite is also soluble in water, and the material is more soluble by using cold water or salt in water. While some ridiculed the idea that you can lose a whole piece of Selenite by soaking it in water, in a bath, for a few hours, others have personally suffered the loss.

The polished surface of Selenite is also easily damaged by water. Some people recommend soaking the Selenite in water quickly and rubbing it to clean it, not realizing that they dissolve the externally polished gypsum and leave a dull-looking substance.

It should not be kept in your water bottle or in the bathtub with you to make water filled with crystal. Otherwise, gypsum is very stable, not toxic, and contains friendly crystals. You can touch its raw look without wearing gloves.

Do not inhale dust while cutting, grinding, or polishing the material, and keep it out of your mouth, nose, and eyes, as you would with any mineral.

The stone’s tuning for us is that it resonates with us. You may do this by taking a few steps. It is removing the stone’s prior operators’ power or effect. Program the stone to function in a particular method or with a specific emphasis on your behalf (medicine, care, etc.).

Selenite can easily dissolve in water. Hence, we don’t use water for cleaning Selenite.

How to Activate Selenite?

To Activate your Selenite, follow the below steps

Step 1: Clean the Selenite

Although Selenite is considered a self-cleaning crystal, it does not require any purification method. I still want to clean it to ensure that my selenite crystals do not have uneven energy. It can interfere with and interfere with the ability to circulate. Its signature is the soft power.

Clean the Selenite

The critical thing about Selenite is that it is a very delicate stone. It is delicate, so we need to be careful and careful when handling this crystal, especially at this stage.To safely clean Selenite, it is best not to use water, as this cleaning method will melt the stone or weaken its overall structure, causing it to break easily.

Selenite is a soft and delicate crystal; According to the Mohs hardness scale, this crystal has a hardness score of 2. So, to clean the Selenite safely and adequately, you can use the Brown Rice Cleansing method. Brown rice is a safe, damage-free purification option, and you can use it for almost all crystals.

To clean the Selenite in the rice method, fill a bowl with dry brown rice, dip your stone under the grain and leave it overnight.

Brown rice works to absorb all the negative and volatile vibrations associated with your stone. The energy emitted by Selenite again works to restore its powerful peaceful, and serene healing power.

You can even place the stone outside in a quiet place where you can bathe in the moonlight for several hours. Set your Selenite on or between other cleaning stones like amethyst and cornelian.

Use your breath (hold the Selenite in your dominant hand, take a deep breath, and inhale to clean the stone, focusing strongly on your mind).

You can also use salt but put Selenite on top instead of salt and water. It is worth spending the spring on high Himalayan salt.

There are various methods to use for cleaning Selenite

Step 2: Charge the Selenite?

After cleaning and charging the Selenite, it’s time to program your crystals so that you can finally activate the full healing potential of this enchanting white gem.

The first thing to do is spend some time with your stone and stay in touch with its power. Hold it in your hand, think of its details, look closely at its delicate bright white light and try to feel its transmitting power.

Now, attempt to find a peaceful, loud location where you feel most at ease. Connecting and programming Selenite during meditation is one of the most valuable times for activating and receiving all of Selenite’s therapeutic qualities.

Charging Selenite

Locate a quiet and peaceful location where you can begin your meditation practice. Make yourself comfortable. Take note of your posture; you may sit on a chair with your feet on the floor, or you can sit cross-legged.

Just make sure you’re in a secure position that you can stay in for a long. Check that your spine is long and aligned. Take a few deep breaths to begin your meditation practice. Slowly and gently inhale and exhale.

Take the selenite stone in your hand and feel its vibration. Close your eyes and focus on your body. Identify all your power centers, especially the Crown Chakra.

Feel the power of this stone and connect intuitively to its vibrations. Welcome to the healing energies of this crystal. Imagine that your stone radiates the power of peace, serenity, serenity, and purity.

Imagine that you program your selenite crystals with motives you like, such as areas where you need to find more peace in your life, thoughts you want to express, or thoughts that you try to illuminate and develop.

Always remember to come back to your breath.

Always take long, deep breaths and bring your vision and focus to the present moment. When you’re through with your meditation, softly open your eyes, thank yourself for participating, and continue with love, peace, and tranquillity.

After Cleaning Your Selenite Charging it would be a crucial step

Step 3: Tune the Selenite Crystal for yourself

Others may have a more comprehensive path, including tools. We hope to get the stone with you when you reach eye level with someone else. The most effective way is to mediate with a stone near you or touch your skin, perhaps spending some time on your feet or your hands.

Tune the Selenite Stone For Yourself

Take the time to relax your mind and get the feeling of being connected with stone. It looks and feels different to everyone and can take a few minutes or more sessions.

Spend some time focusing on finding a peaceful place within yourself and, at some point, to see if you feel like you have a companion stone in that peaceful place.

Tune the stone with your energy.

Step 4: Program your Selenite Stone

Mediation is the best approach to this. It is the strength of your intention and commitment that programs the stone.

When you feel connected to the stone, imagine a picture, think of words, or say out loud what you want or need. Try thinking about it if you are unsure. 

When your crystal is activated, you will not see any physical difference in it. However, on the inside, you should feel as though you have accomplished something or that your task is complete.

Selenite Stone Programming

If you are wondering if you did it right, you should probably spend more time meditating with that stone and reiterating that you are clear on your intentions. You should permanently activate your crystal if you want to reap its therapeutic benefits.

Crystal Activation allows you to reproduce all the powerful soothing, calming, and stimulating vibrations of your crystal and benefit as efficiently as possible from these high vibrational energies.

For example, activating Selenite can unlock the purifying and energizing powers of this white opaque crystal and fill your radiance with soothing and serene sensations, removing any obstacles and negativity from your energy field.

Programming the stone for future actions will make it work more effectively.

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Activating Selenite is an important exercise that allows you to unlock this stone’s beauty and soft power. Deliberate attention and appreciation for your stone inspire the vital energy of this crystal.

Clean the stone from all the uncoordinated and irregular energies perceived before and charge it to restore and reload its powerful vibrations. It would help if you tuned the stone for yourself. At last, with your intentions, is programming it.

These three phases work on activating, reviving, and replacing all the calming, clear, and mesmerizing peaceful energies of Selenite to their most complete levels.