How to Charge Citrine? 4 Amazing Ways

Citrine crystal is one of the maximum famous recuperation stones for a purpose. Its potent power and restorative properties are priceless and potentially life converting. While it can take a few exercises to tame the stone’s strength, it’ll quickly become a staple of your crystal collection. Use Citrine’s Energy to bring in abundant energy, self-worth, and prosperous life. 

Keep on examining to find out how you will charge Citrine crystal efficiently so that you can benefit from its joyous and mood-lifting powers.

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4 Ways to Charge Citrine


Charge Citrine using Sunlight

This reloading technique is the most used for the simplicity of its implementation.

To recharge the stone, place it in the Sunlight to fill up its revitalizing energy.

For more fast recharging, expose your Citrine crystal to the gentle morning sun because, at some point in this period of the day, the solar rays aren’t as harsh and invasive as they will be in the course of the center of the day.

Important Note!

You can Charge Citrine with the energizing strength of the Sun. First, however, you have to watch the duration of the Sun’s exposure to Citrine.

Half-hour or much less is sufficient time to charge your crystal with Sunlight, and this is because lengthy publicity to the UV rays can weaken and fade the natural yellow colors of Citrine.

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Charge Citrine using Full Moonlight

If you need to be extra cautious at the same time as charging Citrine, the moonlight recharging method is considered a danger-unfastened alternative (unlike the Sunlight approach).


Lunar light is a reflected image of the Sun’s rays. Therefore, it’s far a softer and less aggressive charging energy move.

To do this, lay your Citrine stone immediately beneath the moonlight, don’t place it behind glass or window because you want the gentle recharging moonlight to attain your stone without delay.

The perfect is to rate the stone in a single day in the course of the Full Moon. At some stage in this specific period, the moon reflects the Sunlight the maximum.

If you try to recharge at some point in other phases of the moon, the light will not be fresh sufficient and no longer as potent as the light emitted with the aid of the Full moon, and you can also repeat the operation numerous times.

So, mark on your calendar the exact date of the Full moon (you could locate the date with a simple seek on google with the aid of typing “full moon calendar” inside the seek bar) that allows you to profit from this magical opportunity to rate your Citrine crystal.

Charge Citrine using Big Amethyst or Quartz Geode

This method is a number of the most effective charging methods but requires the possession of an amethyst or quartz geode.

Amethyst is identified for its remarkable cleaning powers; it purifies energy fields from dreadful and unharmonious frequencies, which set other crystals back to their original, sparkling, and raw healing powers.

As for quartz, it is preferred for its capability as an energy amplifier which plays an essential function in reloading the healing vibrations of other crystals such as Citrine.

This method may be very smooth and clear to put into effect.

Simply area the Citrine stone on the geode to soak up the poor and inharmonious energies held by using this yellow crystal.

It is exciting to say that the reloading technique is even faster when the shape of the geode is reconstructed with the two mineral portions (an Amethyst and Quartz combination).

So, we can adequately and optimistically say that each stone is probably to be recharged through this selection, as it’s miles completely a damage-free charging technique.

Charge Citrine using your Intentions

Charging Citrine together with your intentions is an effective charging tool that you could integrate with other reloading strategies that we just stated above.

So, here is a simple purpose sitting ritual that you can use to price Citrine the usage of your intentions:


First, hold the stone in your hand.

Then, take a few slow and deep breaths.

Close your eyes and awareness in your breath and your intentions/visualization by drawing a mental image or seeing the vision of the things you do not doubt desire to manifest (on a tangible or emotional degree).

It’s a fantastic stone of abundance and doesn’t shy away from supporting us acquire what we deserve. So many people flip to Citrine to assist them in materializing more wealth.

Citrine is the ultimate crystal of manifestation, true fortune, abundance, happiness, and prosperity. Consequently, you may additionally rate your Citrine crystal with the aid of repeating your affirmations to amplify this stone’s manifestation powers and draw the matters you aspire to.


Example of affirmation that you could repeat:

  •   I am confident.
  •   I am a success.
  •   I am plentiful.
  •   My lifestyle is full of strength, abundance, and happiness.
  •   I embrace my confidence, power, and self-esteem.
  •   I am inclined to transport ahead with braveness and create a flourishing, ample, and glad existence.

Important Note:

For effective charging, it’s far high-quality to not just rely upon intentions to make your Citrine crystal regain its recuperation powers over again. Combining this method with other gear (Sunlight, moonlight, or crystals geodes) is a pleasant and maximum useful way to be sure that you recharged your stone effectively.

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Watch this video to know more about Citrine:

Final Thoughts

Just like when crystals are valuable resources for us to feel better, we also want to take care of them jointly and preserve a powerful charging habit, hold them in appropriate condition, and acquire their recuperation powers in the maximum most efficient manner.

Keeping your Citrine clean and charged is crucial if you want to get to the highest stages of restoration. Even though Citrine is one of the best stones to shake off poisonous strength in preference to holding it, it doesn’t mean you can pick it up often, now and then, and use the golden yellow stone. Remember that Crystals accumulate negative energy, so we need to charge them at regular intervals.

Simply smooth with lukewarm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Try now not to show your Citrine to an excessive amount of direct heat as it’s a sunny stone in itself and doesn’t require any additional warmth. If you want to recharge the batteries of your vivid and bursting Citrine, then burn a yellow candle next to it at sunrise.

So we can say that charging crystals is a significant step that replenishes and completely reloads the healing emitted energies of those lively nature presents.

Citrine is considered one of many crystals that require ordinary energy reloading. Crystals play a considerable function in absorbing bad energies and concurrently diffusing fantastic ones. Poor maintenance by using those energetic materials constantly at the same time as now not charging them will, sadly, lessen their healing powers.

Citrine is a vibrant yellow crystal that emits excessive vibrational energies of happiness, optimism, confidence, and joy. Hence, charging this crystal will let you acquire all the high-quality restoration homes of Citrine continuously and effectively.

Here are four methods that you can pick from to charge your Citrine: Put it within the Sunlight for a short time, allow it to absorb the soft charging power of the entire moon for the whole of the night, and area it on a crystal geode, plus combining this sort of charging methods with setting intentions and repeating affirmations.

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