How To Charge Red Jasper? : Best Ways

Red Jasper is an earthy gemstone linked to the roots and loves you can charge it by being buried in the dirt. You may also charge your Red Jasper by exposing it to other gemstones recognized for energetically charging other crystals, such as Selenite and Clear Quartz. There are several other techniques to charge Red Jasper.

In this post, we will dive into various methods of assessing Red Jasper. Before that Let us understand the process of cleaning and charging Gemstones in particular.

How to Clean and Charge any Crystal?

Some people are confused between cleaning and charging for easy understanding. Cleaning a stone means absorbing any energy from elsewhere and returning it to pure, pure power. It is necessary to replenish a stone after charging, although you must clean it first.

There are many ways to clean a stone, and it is effortless to wash it with sage. Light a stick of sage or sage cone, and pull it out to make it smoky. Hold your crystal in the smoke and wrap it around the crystal. 

Do this until you feel that it is immaculate. It is also great to transform yourself into a sage because it purifies your energy. The quick and easy benefits are that you can smell the smoke without discoloration or damage to your stone.

Another way is to soak in saltwater by mixing a ratio of 3 teaspoons of salt and half a gallon. Put your stones in the mixture and soak them for 12 hours. Negatives take time, and some stones can dissolve in water.

Rainwater is another option, as it removes any negativity in your stones. Use your intuition on how long it will take to leave them, depending on how much rain falls.

Keeping your stones in the ground for 12 hours can clean and restore them; remember where you buried them.

Cleaning by sunlight or moonlight is a definite favorite. Moonlight is firm but unavailable and may change color if you keep the stone longer. It will also charge your stone.

Place your stone on a piece of Amethyst, citrine cluster, or selenite to charge it. They will naturally replenish their energy.

After cleaning and charging a stone, you need to set a clear intention to use the stone. Unfortunately, we usually lose balance despite our best intentions and may have false meanings on our gemstones. Therefore, it is essential to dedicate it to ensuring the use of the stone will be for the highest purpose.

Hold your clean and charged stone with both hands in a quiet place to start your intent. Pay attention to the stone and declare that you will use it “in love and for the benefit of all.” Later, add what you want for the stone of protection, love, harmony, etc. Conclude your intent with “as it is.” It prints your intent with stone.

Once you have cleaned, charged, and set the purpose on the stone, it will be ready for use. The more times you do this ritual, the more energy you will get from the stone.

How to Charge Red Jasper?

Charge Red Jasper by The Energy of Sun or Moon

Charging Red Jasper with the moon is an excellent method. The full moon will delicately and successfully remove all of the negative energy that Red Jasper received, rebalancing the stone’s general healing qualities. If you are looking for a detailed guide on what Red Jasper does, then click here. 

Charge Red Jasper by The Energy of Sun or Moon

To charge Red Jasper with Full Moon energy, lay the crystal on your windowsill before bedtime (making sure to position the stone in a safe area to avoid breakage or damage) and soak it in the natural light of the moon for the entire night.

Charge Red Jasper With Other Crystals

You can charge your crystals with other crystals. To achieve this, make a circle out of numerous crystals and lay the crystal you wish to charge in the circle’s center. Allow the crystal to sit in the circle’s center for 24 hours.

Larger crystals, such as Amethyst geode, emit powerful healing and clarifying energies that free smaller crystals from negative and discordant vibrations.

Charge Red Jasper With Other Crystals

You can soak tiny Red Jasper crystals in an Amethyst geode cluster for 24 hours to absorb its purifying energies.

If you don’t already have an Amethyst geode, you may replace other substantial crystal clusters from your surroundings, such as Selenite, Calcite, or Quartz geodes.

Charging the Red Jasper with Earth and Plants

You can surround plants with Red Jasper or bury them in the soil. Covering the Red Jasper with plants and dirt might assist in charging it with earth energy. If you choose to bury your crystal, leave a marker to remind you where you placed it.

Red Jasper, associated with the Root chakra, resonates with Mother Earth’s anchoring and loving qualities. So, employing Earth energy to charge Red Jasper stones is a harmonic and practical technique to eliminate evil and cloudy vibrations. Red Jasper has stored vibration while charging the stone with brand new loving and protective feelings.

To purify Red Jasper with Soil energy, place your red crystals directly on the earth, in your garden, or in the container of your plants and leave them there overnight or for 10 to 12 hours, then carefully remove any extra dirt or debris with a dry towel.

Make Use of Energy To Charge Your Red Jasper

It can be named a variety of things. When individuals say “energy” to charge a crystal, they may not necessarily mean the same thing. The process of envisioning your aura/prana/chi/qi/spirit entering the crystal for directing one’s energy into the item. 

Many people claim to have felt this happen. However, because this is an intuitive procedure, you may want to depend on your instincts or a mentor to evaluate if you’re doing it correctly.

Prayers, visualization of your wishes, chanting, and focused meditation on a concept are all methods for directing thoughts and intentions onto the Red Jasper. 

When channeling your thoughts into the Red Jasper, make sure to take your time. The more time or effort you spend guiding these thoughts, the stronger the charge is imagined to be.

  • Close your eyes and visualize the Red Jasper filled with light. Consider the crystal growing so dazzling and filled with light that you cannot look at it.
  • Pray for the crystal to be charged with healing energy. You can pray to God, the earth, or whichever power you feel directing your life.
  • It is also possible to imbue Red Jasper with Reiki or intention.

Rinse The Red Jasper with Salt

Purifying the crystals helps to remove any negative energy that may be attached to your crystal. Some consider salt to be a means of spiritual purification. 

To use salt to purify your crystals, you can wash your Red Jasper with saltwater, place the crystals in a salt circle, or press the crystals into the salt. 

All these techniques help in charge the energy of your Red Jasper.

To use salt water, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water and immerse your crystals in it.

Soak the Red Jasper in water for a few minutes before removing it from the water, rinsing it with lukewarm water, then patting it dry with a towel.

  • Place your crystal on a cloth, plate, or another porous surface to use the salt circle. Then take a can of salt and pour enough to make a circle around your crystal. Let your crystal sit in a circle for an hour or more.
  • To bury the Red Jasper in salt, place your crystal in a bowl, and then pour enough salt over the crystal to completely cover the crystal. Allow the crystals to soak in the salt for an hour or more.
  • To clean from the element of your crystal, place your crystal in a salt sphere in the moonlight to clean, charge and pour them.

Charge Your Red Jasper Through Sound

Chanting, humming, singing bowls, and bells can cleanse items, people, and places. You may even charge the Red Jasper by performing one of these activities.

If you don’t have a singing bowl, you can hum or sing loudly while holding your crystal in front of your lips. The sound of your voice should permeate the crystal and aid in its purification.

Charge Red Jasper With Sage

The smoke produced after burning plants has cleansing properties in many fields. Sage, Santo Palo, and Cedar are all said to have these qualities. You can clean the evil energy by soaking the crystal in smoke from the burning of these plants.

Sage for Red Jasper

Sage is a powerful charging tool that cleans the Red Jasper from stored negative energies. It is such a therapeutic and non-harmful instrument that not only cleanses the stone of bad embedded vibrations but also purifies your brightness and strengthens your soul.

Burn some incense or a sage stick and place your crystal over the smoke. Allow the smoke to envelop your crystal for a few minutes to help it cleanse. People also use bird feathers to disperse the smoke. It’s important to remember that possessing parts of some birds may be illegal.

You can imagine the smoke emanating from the sage charging your crystal with the energies of purity, positivity, and harmony. Imagine that the negative energies stored by your red crystals evaporate into smoke and dissolve in the air. Allow the red jasper to infuse for about 30 seconds.

Charge Your Red Jasper With Holy Water

Charging Red Jasper with water is very effective. Many Catholic churches make holy water available to anyone who comes to worship. It is generally possible to carry a small container to fill with water, especially in tourist-oriented churches. 

You may then use it to charge your Red Jasper of negative energy. Some tourist-friendly churches even have little gift stores where you may buy containers to use.

Charge Your Red Jasper With Holy Water

To charge Red Jasper with holy water, place it in a small dish and pour a tiny amount of holy water over it. It is unnecessary to bathe the crystal in holy water; only pour enough to moist it. Then, take the crystal out of the basin and pat it dry.

However, charging the stone with regular water is so effective. The process is relatively easy and will not hurt the crystal. Alternatively, you may rinse it with clean water and let it air dry. Smudging is another excellent method for cleansing and charging crystals.


Most of the stone is in its journey before it reaches you, so it is advisable to refine any energy it has taken on its journey. Crystals have the power to expose them – this is not always a good thing. If you use a crystal for protective power, that stone will absorb the protective energy that protects you.

That is why it is essential to get rid of the negative energy accumulated in your crystal as needed.  It is clearing its energetic slate as part of charging your crystal – hence why some people refer to it as “clearing.” It would help if you used any of the techniques we shared here to charge you Red Jasper and make the best out of it.