How to Charge Selenite?

Selenite is a delicate stone as a finger can even scratch the stone. Due to its delicate nature, you have to be very careful while cleaning it. There is no reason not to include Selenite in your crystal collection. 

It is essential to keep your crystals charged because you can make sure they are working at their full potential. Sometimes, the crystals that collect our energy contain negativity, and keeping them flush can send healing vibes at full power rather than a trickle. Let’s discover some fantastic ways to charge Selenite.

Selenite needs to be charged from time to time just like your other crystals.

Cleaning and Charging Selenite

All crystals need charging despite the high vibrations; Selenite also needs a lot of cleaning and charging. Here are a few ways to charge you, Selenite

Cleaning your crystals is considered as important as charging them. If you didn’t clean the Selenite for a long time, the energy might have accumulated in it. There are various methods to charge your crystal with new intentions and fresh energy.

Watch the video below to know how to charge Selenite. 

Why do we need to charge the Gemstone?

If you mine the crystals from the soil, you do not need to charge them since they spontaneously cleanse and charge themselves with the earth’s energy.

Why do we need to charge the stone

However, once you harvest the crystals, they lose the ability to regenerate themselves with positive energy. The crystals are sensitive to the forces around them. They can easily absorb environmental vibrations, so the responsibility of charging them is entrusted to the carrier or keeper of the crystal.

If the keeper fails to charge them, the crystals can absorb a lot of energy – causing them to break eventually.

One of the ways to charge your crystals is to expose them to bright indirect sunlight. Like moonlight, it is just as essential to charge your crystal with the sun because of the radiative properties of the sun’s energy.

To get the best out of your Crystal charging and cleaning them would be an essential step.

How do you use Selenite to charge other crystals?

Selenite is famous for charging and clearing other crystals, making it an exceptional stone. We see this when it’s cut into specific shapes or formations, like charging plates or bowls.” Some even believe this crystal never needs to be charged itself.

How do you Charge Selenite?

You may have heard that most vibrating crystals like Selenite and black tourmaline do not need to be cleaned or charged, but that is a myth.

The idea of ​​charging a crystal implies using a natural element such as sunlight or water to increase the strength of the stone. Since all crystals come from nature, you need to use nature to restore their strength.

  • Placing your Selenite in a pre-cleaned and charged selenite bowl
  • Placing Selenite in the full moonlight
  • Keep your stone in the sun for less than 30 minutes
  • Use a smudge stick and pass the crystals through the smoke.
  • Drop Selenite in a bowl of dry salt.
  • Use sound vibrations from a singing bowl or bell.
  • Use your breath to charge them.

The article discusses a few of these methods to charge the Selenite forward.

Charge Selenite using Smoke

Another fun and easy way to clean and recharge your Selenite is to adopt stain art. Smudge allows you to roast dried sacred herbs, filter on smoke stones, and purify vibrations. The use of Fog is to clear negative energy fields, so it makes sense that it works well with crystals.

Cleaning the Selenite with sage is an option. Sage is a superior plant in the spiritual realm and has powerful cleansing properties on spaces, people, and physical objects. Loosely bundled sage works best, but sage incense stick can be a temporary stand if you need some cleaning.

There is a crystal clear path with another form of wood palo santo instead of herbs. Paulo Santo is a wild tree native to Peru and Venezuela. It is used in many healing rituals to remove deep negative energies.

Smoke or the power of other herbs charges Selenite effectively.

Charge Selenite using Dry Salt

Whenever there is damage to your Selenite, you can directly contact salt. It is also a suitable method to clean Selenite found in jewelry.

Charge Your Selenite with Salt

First, fill a glass bowl with half to two-thirds dry sea salt.

Then place in a small glass container or shallow drinking glass and dip this glass halfway in the salt. You can place your Selenite directly in an empty glass under half pressure in dry salt. Salt can still extract the energy stored in rocks, but this method takes longer than direct contact with salt.

You can pour enough water (preferably pure, distilled, or mineral water) into a small glass jar large enough to cover the Selenite. It protects them and prevents direct ‘salt exposure’ or ‘salt air’ from causing any corrosion or adverse effects on any metal or other fittings around the gem.

You can put Selenite in salt for a few minutes in order to charge the crystal.

Charge Selenite using Sound Vibrations

Charing Selenite using A Singing Bowl or Bell

Sound treatment allows a single pitch or tone to wash over an area, bringing about a vibration similar to mold.

Charge Your Selenite with Singing Bowl

You can achieve it by chanting, singing bowls, a tuning fork, or a delicate bell. As long as the vibrations are loud enough to surround the stone, it does not matter what key the sound is on.

This method is ideal for collectors with large amounts of crystals that are not easily detected or moved. Charging Selenite with sound vibration is again an excellent option.

Sound vibrations can not only purify the air but also charges your crystal.

Charge Selenite through Sun

Keep your Selenite in the sun for a maximum of 30 minutes. When the sun is most potent, the summer is the best time to charge your crystal with the sun.

The sun is known for its masculine power and association with the symbol of fire. Charging the Selenite during the day can help you achieve motivation, perseverance, and happiness goals.

Charge Your Selenite with Sunlight

Since the sun is a symbol of growth and harvest, exposing yourself to a sufficient amount of sunlight and your crystal will bring you luck, abundance, and prosperity in all aspects.

Drawing a sun card during a tarot session symbolizes the sun’s ability to rebuild the universe and guide you in a great way. Sunlight helps you to achieve peace and harmony in all your endeavors. Your Selenite absorbs this powerful energy, which helps you keep the sun shining throughout the day.

When you have a luxurious time, one of the best ways to charge your Selenite with the sun is to be with them. Meditating in your garden on a sunny day gives your Selenite and you a chance to absorb and radiate the sun’s energy. Expect to feel joy and happiness after your meditation.

Those who do not have bonfires or sunlight can use gold or yellow candles as an alternative. You can do this by placing your Selenite around the candle and allowing it to absorb the energy released by the candle. You can use this method when it is difficult to reach the sun or even on dark days of winter.

Before placing your Selenite in the sun, it is vital to check that your Selenite has protection from damage and deterioration. Alternatively, you can place your crystal where you can get the least bright-indirect light, such as a patio or south-facing window. For people living in dark apartments, candlelight may be a better option.

You can keep your Selenite under sunlight either direct sunlight or indirect sunlight for a few minutes to charge.

Charge Selenite Through Your Energy

Use your breath to charge them. You can use your breath can to clear the Selenite. To clean a stone using your breath, you must first free your mind from any extra thoughts. Next, hold the Selenite in one hand and inhale forcefully, swinging your other hand over the crystal.

Charge Your Selenite with your Energy

You can associate your Selenite with your soul guide. Whether through prayer or meditation, you can ask your guides to connect with Selenite and your purpose for them.

See if the light surrounds the stone and spreads until it fills your hands. The purpose is to remove and dissolve all the negativity from the stone. You can end the view when you feel natural removing the stone.

Meditate and visualize the stone with positive powers and clean. One of the best ways to charge Selenite.

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Why do we need to charge Selenite?

A charge is required if the crystal’s native frequency shifts. If the Selenite is not in sync with its natural frequency, it will not successfully heal its user. Charging your Selenite will boost the intensity of the energy within the crystal, restoring it to its natural frequency, increasing the strength of the intention placed into the stone, and allowing the Selenite to function for a more extended amount of time between cleanings.


Selenite is a solid and powerful stone with high vibrations, but this does not mean that it sometimes does not require even a slight extra charge. Moonlight does wonders in charging Selenite, so feel free to leave it in full moonlight from time to time. If you do not want to wait for the lunar cycle, another way to quickly charge the Selenite is to light a white candle.

Selenite can charge your other crystals, as it gives a lot of energy. You can place your other crystals and precious stones close to your Selenite, and it will hum its healing vibrations.