How to Clean Kiwi Jasper: Tips and Tricks

Kiwi Jasper is a kind of Stone that came into the crystal collection in 2015. The Stone originally came from New Zealand. Kiwi jasper usually contains quartz.

The name Jasper is derived from Latin, and it usually includes a mottles stone. On the most hardness scale, Kiwi jasper is ranked between 6.5 to 7.Before directly moving to how you can clean kiwi jasper, let’s know in this article how to clean Kiwi Jasper.

What is Kiwi Jasper?

The Stone usually looks very lovely and has a pattern of speckles that looks like Robin’s egg. But sometimes, the kiwi Jasper stone looks as light as white while the Stone originally is green in color. People often can identify Kiwi Jasper by the color and spots it has in it. If you take a closer look with the microscope, you can see the traces of amazonite, rocky crystals, and tourmaline. Now let’s move on to where is Kiwi Jasper found and how to clean kiwi jasper?

How to clean Kiwi jasper ways

Where Can You Find Kiwi Jasper?

As already mentioned, Kiwi Jasper may have only been found in New Zealand and maybe can find it in any other country. But as said by many reports, we can only find it in the United States. If anyone is interested in buying one, you can find it in the crystal shop online. Occasionally one can find it in rock collecting shows as well.

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Ways of How To Clean Kiwi Jasper? 

There are many ways to clean your gemstones, but you are the one who can select the simplest form of cleaning up your gemstones. The easiest and most common way to clean Kiwi Jasper beats and jewelry is to take a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. But after cleaning, the thing to keep in mind is that the Stone should be completely dry before you store or start wearing it. And also, keep your Kiwi jasper away from any hard stones so that it doesn’t get any scratches.

How to Clean Kiwi Jasper with Saltwater?

Kiwi Jasper is very safe to put in water, but it is very risky if you soak it in any rough water or crystal for a long period. Distilled water can also be used but not tap water or salt water since it has many chemicals and can damage the Stone.

How to Clean Kiwi Jasper with Moonwater? 

Yes, it is the simplest way to use the moonlight for cleaning your kiwi jasper. For this, you have to keep your Kiwi Jasper in a space where the moonlight falls directly. Without any settings, the moon’s light will capture the crystal with its vibrations, and it will amplify with each other. Let it rest so that the moonlight will bathe it thoroughly.

how to clean Kiwi Jasper methods

How to Clean Kiwi Jasper with Soapwater? 

Yes, we can clean kiwi Japer with soap water, but sometimes it may cause your crystal to dissolve or break down. My recommendation will be not to try to do it if you don’t want to risk damaging your Stone.

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How To Charge Kiwi Jasper? 

Charging can give your gemstones additional Make sure you clean your stones before allowing your Stone to work with more vibrancy and for a longer period. There are various ways to charge Kiwi Jasper but below mentioned ways are the easiest. 

  • Moonlight: Rather than cleaning your stones with moonlight, use them for energies to charge your stones so that it might give your Stone a soft and boast of feminine power. Moonlight can provide helpful transitions if you move from home to another place. In such cases, moonlight energy is the best to charge your stones. If explained in brief full moon brings winning more power which is an energy of release as the full moon results in the blackness of the new moon.
  • Sunlight: As mentioned above, moonlight can give your Stone of family boost, whereas sunlight is the masculine counterpart. Especially sunlight energy is very strong. Its power gives more feeds and strengthens the Stone. As long as the Kiwi Jasper you have is not sensitive to light, you can use the sunlight to charge your kiwi jasper. Additionally, you can also use direct sunlight to clean your stones. The charging of the Stone depends on how much sunlight is there, what kind of light it is, the kind of Stone you have, and how much you want your Stone to get charged.
  • Eclipse: solar and lunar eclipses deal with the energies of ships of Change, so they can use them to charge stones. And if you want your life to be different and your things to be different, it would be a grand adventure of Change. A solar eclipse brings intense Change to your life. As well as your stones.
  • Burial: This cleaning process may take longer than your lifetime, so you need to prepare yourself to be patient until your Stone gets cleaned. Barring the crystal gives time to be cleaned. Sometimes your Stone becomes so energetically heavy that you need to return it to the mother art for healing. The time of burning the Stone depends on how serious the Stone has become. Before planning to bury your crystal, you should ask them about other art which is the right place to suppress it.

how to clean Kiwi jasper and also charge it

Can We Put Kiwi Jasper in Water?

Yes, Kiwi Jasper is completely safe if you put it in water. But be sure that you filter the water before using it so that you don’t end up drying the surfaces of your crystal or Stone. And if you have crystals Or stones that are very precious to you, please don’t risk damaging them at any cost.

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