How to cleanse Red Jasper? : 4 Best Ways

This bright and vibrant red stone releases powerful healing vibrations that give you the motivation and vital energy to tackle your daily activities. In addition, this stone will support you to overcome emotional challenges with confidence, stabilize your whole being, protect you and give you the energy to make you feel your most whole. We will learn the ways to cleanse Red Jasper in this post.

What is Red Jasper?

What is Red jasper

Red Jasper, a stone commonly associated with root chakra energy, is one of the most effective stones you can use to protect your energy system when you encounter any negative energy. Its manufacturing process contributes to some of its defensive properties.

Red Jasper is a sedimentary stone. Sun, rain, wind, heat, and could contribute to the formation of sedimentary rocks. Minerals are destroyed and transported from one area to another due to these factors, and new rocks are formed over time, sometimes over millions of years. Sedimentary rocks have the power of external factors inside. When external factors such as occupation, family, friends, environment, etc., adversely affect your life and your health, working with crystals such as sedimentary rocks and red Jasper can bring balance and healing to you and your environment.

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Red Jasper Cleaning and Care

We generally recommend not using ultrasonic or steam cleaners when cleaning jasper gems. Instead, careful and straightforward use of a warm, soapy water mixture with a soft cloth or brush is sufficient.

Jasper is relatively rigid and durable as various quartz, so it should be fine if the soap mixture is not too strong and abrasive. Remember not to soak the jasper gemstone as it is also porous and can easily absorb other materials and cause stains.

In the case of general maintenance and care, avoid exposing the Jasper to prolonged exposure to heat as it may cause discoloration. Also, although quartz stones like jasper gems are powerful, they can still be engraved with diamonds, sapphires, topaz, or spinal stones, so it is best not to store them in a single box or purse. For example, if you need to store jasper gems with diamonds, it is recommended to wrap them in at least one cloth first.

Ways to Clean Red Jasper

You clean your red jasper stone to benefit consistently and effectively from these powerful benefits.

Ways to Clean Red Jasper

To cleanse your red Jasper, you can soak it in a bowl of water for 2 hours, soak it overnight in the rays of the full moon, and cleanse it using sage and Amethyst geodes. Methods to purify red are also effective ways—Jasper from negative energy. The earthing red Jasper is also a very effective cleansing medium connecting to the base wheel.

Learn about five practical cleaning methods, including comprehensive information to help you clean your Red Jasper effectively and safely.

Water clean for Red Jasper 

Water is one of the most common crystal cleansers since it physically cleans the crystals of apparent dust or debris while also purifying all of the absorbed negative energy.

You can use the water purification technique by following two different methods.

Red Jasper belongs to the broader jasper family. We must remember that this particular crystal can be safely cleaned in water because water is unsuitable for all crystals.

You can use the water purification technique by following two different methods.

The first technique is quick, and you use it when you feel your stone needs light refining. Rinse the red Jasper in a stream of fresh water for a few minutes (3 to 5 minutes).

The second technique takes longer, so it is best to use it after a while as you will not clean your red Jasper, and when you feel that the saturation of your stone is high with negative energy, it needs to be good immediately. Cleaning may be necessary to regain its powerful vibrations. Soak red Jasper in a bowl of water for a few hours (up to 2 hours).

Dry your red jasper stones with any water residue for both techniques before storing them with your crystal collection.

Keeping a stone moist and separating it from other crystals can hurt them, especially on water-resistant materials such as hematite and pyrite.

Water can clean and charge Red Jasper

Full Moon Day charging for Red Jasper

The full moon’s power is such an essential cleansing agent that it cleanses Red Jasper of the extra negative, unstable, and undesired vibrations.

The full moon gently and effectively evaporates all the negative energy absorbed by the red Jasper and re-balances the overall healing energy of this stone.

Therefore, to clean red Jasper using total moon energy, you can place your crystal on your window the night before (keep the stone in a safe place to prevent any breakage or damage) and place it in natural light. The moon soaks overnight.

Keeping Red Jasper under Full Moon overnight can clean Red Jasper

Sage for Red Jasper

Sage is a powerful cleansing tool that purifies red Jasper from stored negative energies. Water is one of the most common crystal cleansers since it physically cleans the crystals of apparent dust or debris while also purifying all of the absorbed negative energy.

Sage for Red Jasper

You can imagine the smoke emanating from the sage charging your crystal with the energies of purity, positivity, and harmony.

Imagine that the negative energies stored by your red crystals evaporate into smoke and dissolve in the air.

Allow the red Jasper to simmer for about 30 seconds.

Do not forget to open your windows before starting the sage cleaning ritual. The smoke of Sage can clean Red Jasper

Amethyst geode for Red Jasper

Large crystals such as Amethyst geode emit powerful healing and clear energies that can free tiny crystals from accumulated negative and unpleasant vibrations.

You can place tiny red jasper crystals in the Amethyst geode cluster to absorb the purifying energy for 24 hours. If you do not have an amethyst geode, you can use other types of large crystal clusters such as selenite, calcite, or quartz geodes in your place.

These large crystal structures are an alternative cleansing tool with the powerful healing and purifying power of freeing tiny crystals from spiritual vibrations.

Amethyst can clean Red Jasper

Red Jasper charging on Earth

Red Jasper, associated with the Root chakra, resonates with Mother Earth’s anchoring and loving qualities.

So, employing Earth energy to cleanse Red Jasper stones is a harmonic and practical technique to eliminate all of the evil and cloudy vibrations that Red Jasper has stored while also charging the stone with brand new loving and protective feelings.

To purify Red Jasper with Soil energy, place your red crystals directly on the earth, in your garden, or in the container of your plants and leave them there overnight or for 10 to 12 hours, then carefully remove any extra dirt or debris with a dry towel.

Using Earth energy you can clean Red Jasper

Charging Red Jasper

You can change your red Jasper with Reiki. Hold the red Jasper between your hands and let it simmer for 5 minutes. The Reiki energy coming from your hands fills the stone. Repeat this procedure a few times each week to keep the stone’s healing power strong.

Charging Red Jasper

Also, if you often find yourself in a stressful or negative situation, remember to clean your red Jasper every day; otherwise, the stagnation force will increase, and the red Jasper will stop working. Even if you do not feel any extra stress, it is a good idea to clean your red Jasper once a week. Soaking your red Jasper in cold water for 3 to 5 minutes is one of the simplest methods to clean it. To reuse it, dry it with a paper towel.

Wear red Jasper on your body as a bracelet. Place the bracelet near your left wrist. Moreover, the energy from the left hand enters the body. By wearing it here, Red Jasper will prevent negative energy from entering your body. You can wear the red Jasper as a pendant on your heart chakra or carry it with you in a small purse or medicine bag.

There are various ways to charge Red Jasper

How often should I clean Red Jasper?

In most cases, you don’t set your watch for the time to clean Red Jasper. It’s essential to clean the stones you are working on right now. If they sit nicely on the shelf and have no everyday usage, it is good to clean them every few months.

The more times you use the stone, the more energy it collects. It is a good rule of thumb to clean all your stones at least once a month. If your Red Jasper seems heavier than usual, go ahead and clean it. The stone should be firm and physically light when touched.

 If you can, place them near windows or plants to absorb this natural healing power. Otherwise, place stones around your home, office, or another place that fits your intentions.


Consider your crystal as your energy filter. It absorbs all the non-beneficial energy around you and turns it into more positive or valuable energy. Crystal purification is essential because it expels all the negative energy so that the crystal is effective. There are various ways you can clean your Red Jasper and efficiently use them. Apply this method to clean Red Jasper and get the most out of your crystal.