How to Cleanse Selenite?

Most Selenite crystals are the crystal style of gypsum, which dissolves in water. This makes Selenite quite challenging to easy. In this article, you’ll study various important methods to cleanse Selenite crystal.

Important methods of cleaning your Selenite crystal.

  • First, determine the material you have. 
  • When you’re new to crystals or minerals, it can be hard to tell what type of stone you sincerely have.
  • While it’d be best to consider all of us you meet, simply due to the fact a person tells you that the crystal you have is Selenite, you couldn’t constantly accept what they have got to mention. To know all the benefits of Selenite, read here 
  • Before you start looking to determine how to clean Selenite, you want first to confirm that what you’ve got is, in truth, Selenite.
  • For instance, as we know it in crystals, Selenite is without doubt gypsum, which contains no selenium by any means in it.
  • In Contrast, sodium Selenite contains selenium; however, it is uncommon to see in a crystal shop because it’s far quite toxic.
  • Some minerals need to be no longer placed in water, even as others need not be wiped clean with products of any type.
  • Still, others must not be touched together with your bare pores and skin.
  • Experienced rockhounds and gem hunters usually begin the care procedure by confirming what it’s far from what you’ve discovered and accumulated.
  • This is partially for the stone so that you don’t smash it by coincidence.
  • This is likewise in part to your protection, so that you don’t accidentally create poisonous fumes or damage yourself.
  • If you aren’t positive about what you’ve got, you may try to self-diagnose by looking at the regarded properties of the stone or taking it to an extra-skilled mineral collector for a 2nd opinion.

Should You Clean Selenite With Water?

In general, the answer to this query is that it would help if you did not clean Selenite with water.

Should You Clean Selenite With Water

Gypsum is an entirely delicate fabric, rating only a two on the Mohs hardness scale, and could be very water-soluble. This way, if you had been submerging the stone in water for any length of time, put it under running water, or maybe rub or scrub it for any period with water and a material/brush, you do danger of dropping some of the exteriors of the material.

Using water could also suggest commencing the cautious finish at the stone, departing the gemstone’s surface, making it dull.  Some people like to clean Selenite with water. But if they do, in well-known they spritzed the stone (rather than dunk it) and rub it fast to ease it and cast off the water.

What Are the Alternatives to Cleaning Selenite With Water?

Rather than cleansing the cloth with water, right here are a few other options:

  • Rub the stone with a delicate fabric. Sometimes simply spending a bit of time buffing the surface can help clean up the stone. 
  • Try using a material gently moistened with acetone or drug keep alcohol (70%). If you operate either of these, rub in short and lightly, then dry off the fabric. Don’t permit the acetone/alcohol to sit down at the stone for a prolonged time.
  • If your cloth is a chain of crystals in a clump, you can use canned air to blow out dust, dirt, and debris.

What Are the Few Methods to Avoid When Cleaning Selenite?

Here are a few cleaning strategies to keep away from:

Few Methods to Avoid When Cleaning Selenite

  • If you’ll use water, try using heat or even warm water to do your cleansing. Selenite is simply more excellent soluble in cold water than in warm water.
  • Do no longer use acids on the stone, together with muriatic acid. This is positive to dissolve your material and pretty speedy
  • Avoid cleaning with salt water. The salt inside the water genuinely makes Selenite dissolve more quickly.
  • Avoid using anything sturdy smells. This will reason your crystal to the scent of the cleaning product, and if you sleep together with your Selenite, you’ll have to smell the fragrance.

What Are Some Ways To Make Selenite More Beautiful With Water?

  • Generally, Selenite pieces look discolored or have sand or other stones that appear on the surface.
  • Sometimes those spots or the sand can be brushed out or cleaned off without difficulty.
  • In other instances, the substances are embedded into the Selenite.
  • One of the approaches to collectors cleaning up the stone is to purposefully submerge it in water to encourage the awful spots to dissolve.
  • They may scrub the place with a toothbrush and water.
  • This can work but may require sharpening to make the surface vivid and brilliant.
  • Folks will test with warm and cold water to determine what end may be created.
  • This technique can make it work; however, it should be used with warning.

How To Keep Selenite Clean?

Selenite can turn yellow over the years or appears to get grimy speedy. As we’ve discussed at length above, you can’t without problems clean it with water.

How To Keep Selenite Clean

Keep the stone in a clean pouch, away from other stones, to avoid scratches or dents. If you can, hold the stone off of your skin, which consists of loads of oil. Wear gloves while you cope with it. Or attempt to preserve it in a case that could maintain dirt and oil from the floor.

We would advise covering the stone with a sealant to maintain dust off the surface, defending the surface from oil/dirt, and making cleaning a good deal less complicated.

How to Polish Selenite?

Because it is soft (and water-soluble), Selenite poses a real mission for polishing. In well-known, we wouldn’t suggest tumbling it, though if you do, be sure to handiest tumble it with other stones of comparable hardness and use lots of cushion fabric.

Instead, we advocate that you work on one piece at a time, polishing it through your hand. For example, you can use sandpaper, operating as more refined and finer grits, then pass to shine like this aluminum oxide sharpening paste.

Check this post if you want to know about Spotting a Real Selenite from a Fake one. 

How to Cleanse Selenite Crystals?

However, many practitioners cleanse their stones, submerging them in water or maybe soaking them in saltwater. You won’t be able to wash Selenite in this manner.

Selenite is a crystal that self-cleanses. So in most instances, you need to think about cleansing it in water or not.

But from time to time, it feels right to cleanse a crystal, even supposing it is meant that allows you to do it on its personal.

 So here are some recommendations to do a spiritual cleaning:

  • Let the crystal rest in the world.
  • Allow the crystal to take a seat in herbal light, catching each light from the solar and moon. Just don’t forget, it’s far satisfactory not to let crystals sit down in full sun all through the hottest or maximum direct solar of the day.
  • Use other cleansing stones: location your Selenite on top of a bigger piece of amethyst or quartz, or region your Selenite on a smaller piece of carnelian or hematite.
  • Meditate over the stone.
  • Use smudging technique
  • Work with the stone using breathwork.
  • Place the stone on fresh herbs or sprinkle herbs on top.

You may try numerous strategies until you get the sensation that one among them is right for you and that specific stone.

Activating Selenite

The final step is activating your Selenite. Here are the steps:

  1. Hold your Selenite to your hand, imagining a white light surrounding it.
  2. Inhale and exhale deeply.
  3. Repeat a confirmation loud or approximately what you want to show up 
  4. Then use your Selenite as preferred.

What happens when you wash Selenite?

Like most salts, gypsum is water-soluble; therefore, your Selenite will dissolve while you submerge it in water. However, this procedure does not show up speedy, especially when your Selenite has a sealant; water might take some time to penetrate microscopic cracks in the sealant.

How to cleanse Selenite gypsum

To cleanse your Selenite:

  1. Use a smudge stick and skip the crystal through the smoke.
  2. Place your crystal in a bowl of dry salt.
  3. Use sound vibrations from making a song bowl or bell.
  4. Place your crystal in sunlight for most of the half-hour.
  5. Please place it in the moonlight in a single day.

How to Cleanse Peach Selenite?

Peach Selenite is a transformational stone! It helps deliver in loads of mild for restoration; however, with the delivered coloration of Peach. It assists with grounding, healing feelings, vanity, and self-assurance. 

Peach Selenite is a water-soluble sensitive stone that should be dealt with with much care. Store it in a soft cloth bag to save you scratching and make it easy to use a soft material. Avoid submerging or rinsing it in water. Exposure to extended direct daylight can purpose a lack of luster.

Is Peach Selenite the same as regular Selenite?

Peach Selenite has all of the lively homes of white Selenite; however, a slightly particular energy resonance because it works deeply with the heart chakra. It is a crystal it in no way wants cleaning or recharging because of its distinctly high vibration. Instead, it facilitates sweeping away negative energy from the auric discipline.

What can harm Selenite?

Saltwater will damage Selenite even more, as salt is corrosive and incredibly abrasive on stones like Selenite. Lastly, it is crucial to recognize that you no longer use Selenite broken by water or saltwater because the stone no longer has its beneficial houses.

Final Thoughts 

Cleansing is an essential step when operating with crystal power. All crystals take in terrible energy.

Some trust Selenite doesn’t need to be cleaned. However, cleansing is vital even for Selenite, despite its excessive vibration.

To Cleanse your Selenite:

  • Use a smudge stick and allow the crystal to pass through its smoke
  • Keep your crystal in a bowl of dry salt. 
  • Use sound vibrations from a bell or bowl.
  • Keep your crystal in the sun for half-hour.
  • Place it in the moonlight overnight. After cleaning, you can charge with natural sources like the sun or moon.

Once your crystal is cleansed, charging your crystals will supply the energy to perform at their best.

Clean the Selenite with a gentle brush. Do not use metallic twine brushes; the steel is more complex than the Selenite and could scratch the specimen. Using a toothbrush, warm water, and little cleaning soap may also put off some floor dirt or oils accumulated at the Selenite at some point of handling.