Hypersthene Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Hypersthene is often known as a magical stone since it helps you solve problems fast. It embodies a helpful energy that can aid to enhance psychic abilities. They particularly aid in the development of clairvoyance and clairaudience or psychic visions. 

A powerful life talisman, Hypersthene fosters self-love and satisfaction as well as independence, strength, and endurance. One is forced to prioritise what is most important in their life when their entire chakra column opens up.

Hypersthene Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Hypersthene?

Hypersthene Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Hypersthene is a mineral of the orthopyroxene class that forms greenish rocks and is composed of a magnesium-iron silicate. Usually, it is brown, green, or grey. Hypersthene occasionally has a metallic shine that is coppery or crimson. On the Mohs scale, it ranges from 5 to 6. It is also popular by the name “Orthopyroxene”. 

Magnesium, iron, various levels of silicon, and other minerals make up Hypersthene’s mineral makeup. Every specimen will have a unique composition. Technically speaking, the hypersthene stone is not a jewel. It is a mineral from the pyroxene group instead. Hence, despite its remarkable beauty, this gemstone isn’t very widely recognised.

How to identify a Hypersthene?

Hypersthene often has a vitreous to pearly gloss and is frequently brown, green, or grey in hue. Some Hypersthene has been noted to have a coppery or scarlet metallic lustre. 

Because of how frequently its appearance changes depending on which way you’re looking at it. The crystal’s many colours will be visible when you view the stone from different perspectives, setting it apart from other crystals.

Hypersthene Cuts and Shapes

Cuts and Shapes of Hypersthene

Hypersthene is renowned for its distinctive optical peculiarity and can be easily distinguished. This delicate gemstone also has a beautiful cleavage and an uneven fracture, making it rather brittle.

Where is Hypersthene Found?

Where is Hypersthene Found?

Hypersthene can be discovered in igneous, metamorphic, stony, and iron meteorites. The majority of the world’s hypersthene is located in North American countries including the US. The stone has also been found in several locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Hypersthene has also been discovered in Labrador, Quebec, the Adirondack Mountains in New York and other places. Canada has the finest exquisite jewels available. Additionally, good crystals have been found in Norwegian gabbro and Icelandic basalt. 

Hypersthene Stone Meaning

The meaning of the stone of Hypersthene

Hypersthene is a combination of the Greek words “hyper,” which means above, and “stones,” which means power. It was first used in 1804. The terms mean “over strength” when they are combined. The name is an allusion to the fact that when the stone was first discovered, it was mistaken for an amphibole but was even harder in texture.

The stone was formerly known as “labradorite hornblende.” It was given this name in honour of the area in which it was found and the general term for silicates. Nowadays, “hypersthene” is not a term that is frequently used; “enstatite” or “ferrosilite” are frequently used instead. 

Hypersthene serves as a bridge between the two minerals, though. Magnesium is more abundant in enstatite, iron is more abundant in ferrosilite, and around 50% of the iron in hypersthene is in the middle. The significance of a hypersthene crystal usually focuses on strength and realising one’s potential.

Hypersthene Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Hypersthene Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

Hypersthene is a common name originating from ancient Greek. The International Mineralogical Association (IMA) has invalidated this term since 1988. This stone, along with aegirine, jadeite, spodumene, and diopside, is a member of the pyroxene family. Its position between enstatite and ferrosilite, whose chemical makeup is devoid of these two natural elements, more exactly places it in the orthopyroxene family.

The first samples of this material were mentioned by the mineralogist and crystallographer Abbé René Just Haüy (1743–1822) in his Traité de Minéralogie from 1801. They were from the province of Labrador, which is in Canada’s far northeast. This was the sole known and researched deposit for a very long time. The stone was formerly known as “labradorite hornblende.” It was given this name in honour of the area in which it was found and the general term for silicates.

Hypersthene Crystal properties

Hypersthene is particularly helpful for an overactive mind since it calms, grounds, and has a mild quieting effect. Hypersthene is a strong and extremely useful gem when it comes to developing psychic abilities.

Besides its physical and spiritual advantages, Hypersthene is certain to enhance your sense of self, allowing you to develop a deeper regard for and appreciation for yourself and advance along the course of your life. The vibrations of hypersthene can help you feel less judgmental of other people and more open to exploring options and solutions for your future.

The stone is particularly helpful for pointing someone in the direction of the best solution to a problem, but it is also helpful for assisting someone on their path to success. This occurs when your goals are clear since the stone’s vibrations will only begin to work to turn your ideas and plans into reality when you are clear on what you want to accomplish.

Hypersthene Healing Properties

With its relaxing effects, you can let go of your troubles and allow yourself to heal while also surrounding yourself with an aura of tranquillity and peace. The moment you use the stone, whatever tension you may have been holding in your limbs, neck, shoulders, or other areas of your body will be released, and the healing process will begin. The stone will also assist you if you are not ill and are merely looking for an energy boost to take control of your life rather than constantly feeling worn out.

Following an illness or accident, hypersthene speeds up the healing process. Hypersthene will make sure that a person gets the rest they need during recovery from a sickness or disease or when they are trying to stop a bad habit. It can treat difficulties with the stomach, the prostate, the ovaries, and the pituitary gland in addition to helping to fight any infection or worms in the large intestine or gut region. Such is the stone’s healing capacity that a person suffering from Achilles tendon may potentially benefit from.

It seems to make sense that the stone helps with blood-related conditions like leukaemia and anaemia given that it includes essential minerals like iron and magnesium. It can treat difficulties with the stomach, the prostate, the ovaries, and the pituitary gland in addition to helping to fight any infection or worms in the large intestine or gut region.

Hypersthene Metaphysical Properties

Hypersthene Metaphysical Properties

The wearer’s mind can become peaceful and tranquil thanks to hypersthene. Hypersthene is believed to ground us to protect against busy stimuli. Self-esteem and innovative problem-solving may be related to the hypersthene’s metaphysical qualities. It has also been linked to independence, receptivity, and introspection.

It is said that Hypersthene can considerably aid in overcoming depression because its energies have a big positive impact on a person’s mental and emotional capabilities.

Hypersthene Benefits

Using hypersthene, you can spot quick cures for issues as they arise, allowing you to solve a problem before it gets worse. The stone will advise you to act fast to address a problem constructively so that everyone is happy with the outcome rather than letting it fester.

Because this stone aids in problem-solving, you might discover that having faith in the responses you receive is beneficial. You might simultaneously feel more motivated to act on issues that are significant to you.

Hypersthene Benefits Spirituality

Spiritual abilities have long been associated with hypersthene. The development of a person’s innate magical skills is a progression of these energies. This is an ideal stone for holding during meditation. It can lead you on adventures into other planes of consciousness, travelling beyond the confines of body and mind, and is a wonderful help to deep meditation and profound inner thought.

Some believe that the hypersthene spiritual meaning is more strongly related to safety and peace, effectively establishing a person’s sense of stability even in turbulent times. Additionally, their vibration increases one’s capacity for seeing visions or hearing the voice of spirit. The ability of hypersthene crystals to let you hear from spirits and entities in higher realms is well recognised. 

Being wholly at peace with and conscious of who you are is the highest level of success you can have in life. But you won’t be able to concentrate and use all of your potentials to accomplish your goals until you know what role you are destined to play in this life. 

Hypersthene works by assisting you in realising a better sense of self to elevate you to this state of enlightenment. You’ll feel unstoppable once you realise that your guardian angels are looking out for you and making sure that the laws of nature are on your side.

Hypersthene & Feng Shui

Hypersthene & Feng Shui

Due to their extensive metaphysical capacities and healing properties, meditation is the best way to use these crystals. It is recommended that you meditate with one of these stones on your third eye, but it will also work if you have it elsewhere in your auric field. 

It’s vital to keep in mind that even if you pray for the stone to work its magic, it won’t immediately begin doing so. Instead, you must truly speak with it, directing all of your thoughts on the problems that must be resolved in your life. 

After a session of meditation with the stone, the answer will be laid out in front of you if you’re looking for answers to questions you’ve been carrying around in your thoughts. This is the “magic” of these stones, and it’s also the reason that many individuals who are experiencing an existential crisis or who find themselves in a difficult situation in life will turn to this stone for assistance.

To relieve stress and anxiety, place this stone next to your pillow or on your nightstand. You can do this to unwind and get ready for bed. Keep a piece of Hypersthene in your office on your desk so it can serve as a guide and source of inspiration while you strive toward your financial and professional objectives.

Hypersthene Birthstone

The recognised astrological sign for exercising hypersthene powers is Aries. You can utilize velvet labradorite for astral and spiritual adventures if you’re an Aries. It will spark spiritual discussions around you and get your mind going. The strength of the stone will make you feel calm if you were an Arian born between March 20 and April 21, or on either day in between. You’ll gain the self-assurance and positivity you need to attain success in life.

However, all Zodiac signs can benefit from hypersthene, but there are four signs with which it seems to resonate more deeply than others. They are Virgo, Libra, Pisces, and Scorpio. 

Hypersthene Chakras

Chakras for Hypersthene

Hypersthene mostly affects the crown, third eye, throat, solar plexus, and base chakras. Hypersthene, which is well known for its impact on psychic abilities, will open your third eye chakra, which is closely related to your intuition and gut instinct. It even has a connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra energetically.

Since the Solar Plexus is also linked to manifestation, this stone’s resonance inside this Chakra can aid in your goal-achieving. It also works with the Base or Root Chakra, which is the cornerstone of healthy relationships since it enables you to forge strong bonds with the people in your life.

The Root Chakra, which sits at the end of your spine, is the first chakra that hypersthene awakens. It is the relationship you establish with Mother Earth. The root chakra in hypersthene aids in achieving life balance. This chakra represents steadiness and serenity. With root chakra by your side, you’ll feel grounded and at peace. Your spiritual journey begins at the soul star chakra. It is known as the chakra of release.

Hypersthenes’ final energy centre is the crown chakra. Your chakra of etheric connection endows you with all of the abilities of the upper planes. The stone’s etymological significance must link you to higher planes of existence.

What are the Uses of Hypersthene?

Hypersthene & Feng Shui
Meditating with Hypersthene will help those who are run down or overly anxious, whether from work or other sources, feel more energised and less anxious. The stone can also be used to decompress.

Your use of its powers may be especially helpful when you’re looking for significant information. Use the stone when you reflect on your goals for the future to help you become more adept at realising them.

Additionally, it is thought that hypersthene might boost self-esteem without encouraging ego. It can be helpful in stressful situations where one needs to remain aware and explain themselves properly, like when giving a presentation, because it soothes without making one drowsy. If you use the stone, it can boost your sense of self-worth, respect for yourself, and confidence in your judgement. The vibrations of these jewels also give you more assurance in your decisions.

There is a decorative range of hypersthene. The term “bronzite” refers to a worn stone with a tint resembling bronze and a submetallic sheen. Hypersthene is occasionally used as a decorative stone. There are a few hypersthene specimens in gemstone shops, but they are not very well known.

Caring for Hypersthene

Caring about Hypersthene

Before participating in sports or other activities where the stone might get direct blows, take off any jewellery made of hypersthene. Additionally, eliminate Hypersthene before using harsh cleaners or detergents. Avoid using chemicals like bleach.

The best technique to clean hypersthene is to wipe off dust and makeup with a soft, wet cloth. Before wearing or storing Hypersthene jewellery, give the stone ample time to dry thoroughly. Keep Hyperstyrene away from metals or tougher gemstone materials that could scratch the surface when storing it.

It is advised to keep the stone away from harder metals or gemstones. Otherwise, the surface of the Hypersthene can be easily scratched by the latter. Also, heat can damage the crystal.

When to Cleanse Hypersthene

Your Hypersthene stones should be cleansed and charged frequently because they are exposed to harmful energy. The stone will be at its most beneficial when it has been properly cleansed and charged. Both before and after using the stone, it must be cleaned. Before keeping or wearing the stone as jewellery also, let it fully wash.

Every month, scrape the stone on both sides using a soft cloth. We do not advise mixing water with hypersthene or using it to make elixirs because it is a stone with iron in it. 

How to Recharge Your Hypersthene

Gemstones should often be charged with moonlight or sunlight. However, heat can damage the crystal.

Place your Hypersthene stone in the moonlight for ten to twelve hours. The moon’s light will charge and cleanse the stone, expelling any negative energy.

Hypersthene Activation process

Make sure your stones are polished and prepared to defend you. The stone will be at its most beneficial when it has been properly cleansed and charged. It is preferable to cleanse your priceless hypersthene under the full moon’s energies to remove any negative energy and activate it.

How much is Hypersthene worth?

Orthopyroxene is the class to which hypersthene belongs. It is uncommon to find individual, fully-grown crystals; instead, stubby foliated masses are typically present in coarse lamellar or fibrous aggregates. Hypersthene of gem quality is also fairly uncommon. The hypersthene stone is therefore unavailable in chain jewellery stores due to a lack of a steady supply.

Due to this, the price range is about 345 USD/carat. However, it changes based on various factors.

What determines Hypersthene’s price and value?

The value of hypersthene is determined by factors that go from transparency to colourless and then size. The colour brown is one of the more fascinating variations of hypersthene. Hypersthene with gem quality is also rather uncommon, as was previously indicated. The hypersthene stone is therefore unavailable in chain jewellery stores due to a lack of a steady supply.

Hypersthene Impact

If your relationship with a spouse has recently been distant, Hypersthene is sure to make it stronger by bringing you closer to them so the flame never goes out. It is a fantastic tool for relationships because of its immediate and powerful impacts.

It creates harmony in your thoughts and removes any barriers preventing you from finding inner calm. You will experience harmony within yourself when your connection to the divine beings is strong and clear and Hypersthene can aid you in this.

Does Hypersthene make a good Jewelry stone?

The abrasive stone is still regarded as ideal for creating jewellery designs for both men and women. It is even available in unisex styles. The gemstone is used to create pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and rings for special events.

Hypersthene beads are one of the more well-liked choices. Hypersthene beads are frequently used in strand necklaces and bracelets, but they can also be found in pendulums and earrings.

Despite its uniqueness, you can still find hypersthene jewellery. Independent designers are better able to produce one-of-a-kind items or limited quantities, enabling them to make use of exquisite stones even when they are in short supply.

They can utilise any form of hyperstyrene, not just those that they can facet, as well. Since this is the case, they may more easily produce appealing items for jewellery lovers who value the stone’s aesthetic appeal.

Hypersthene Real vs Fake

Hypersthene Real vs Fake

No known twins of this mineral species exist. Contrarily, orthopyroxenes like hypersthene may exhibit clinopyroxene exsolutions (augite). These directed exsolutions, which are frequently mistaken for twins, are what give this exceptionally lovely ornamental stone its silvery reflections.

However, hornblende is one stone that closely resembles hypersthene. Depending on the artwork, the two may be mistaken for one another because of their similar appearances. But hornblende can have various colours or show traits that Hyperstyrene doesn’t.

Hematite, onyx, or obsidian may function as an alternative for grey or black hypersthene, depending on whether you also need a metallic shine. Green garnet or jadeite might be able to substitute for green hypersthene, but you would need to pick your stones carefully to acquire colours that are similar or opacities that are close enough.

Garnets are typically used to match brown Hyperstyrene’s crystal form. Brown tourmaline, though, can also work. For opaquer versions, you can consider using a conventional tiger eye, which can have a comparable colouring and the desired pleochroism.

So, to be safe from fraudsters, one must consult an expert to be sure. Other than that, the qualities like hardness and lustre must be closely examined. 

Summary of Hypersthene Stone

Name of Crystal Hypersthene
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Ferroan Enstatite
Origin(s) Labrador, Canada
Color(s) Grey, Brown or Black
Formation Silicates
Majorly Found at North America, the US, Australia, and New Zealand.
Zodiac Suited for Virgo, Libra, Pisces, and Scorpio
Chakra Crown, third eye, throat, solar plexus, and base chakras.
Crystal Meaning The stone means power or overstrength. The significance of a hypersthene crystal usually focuses on strength and realising one’s potential.
Types of Crystal None
Healing Properties Hypersthene speeds up the healing process.
Health Benefits Recover from sickness, also helps with blood-related conditions like leukaemia and anaemia
Uses Decorative stone, healing stone.
Goes it in Water? No
Goes it in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 5-6
Real Pearly gloss and black-brown in color.
Fake Hornblende can resemble hypersthene but it differs in many physical traits like the pearly shine.


What is Hypersthene crystal good for?

Hypersthene is regarded as a protective stone that promotes mental peace and tranquilly in its user. It enables us to think more clearly and come up with original answers to problems since there is less outside noise in our heads.

What does Hypersthene mean?

Hypersthene is a typical inosilicate mineral that forms rocks and belongs to the orthorhombic pyroxenes group. The name comes from the Greek words for “above strength,” and alludes to the fact that it is tougher than the amphibole mineral hornblende.

Is Hypersthene a crystal?

Yes, hypersthene is an iron-magnesium silicate crystal. Its orthorhombic crystal structure is present as masses, grains, flakes, and tiny prismatic crystals.

How do you identify Hypersthene?

Hyperstyrene often has a vitreous to pearly sheen and is brown, green, or grey. It occasionally has a metallic shine that is coppery or crimson. This gemstone has a beautiful cleavage and an uneven fracture, making it rather brittle.

What are the benefits of Obsidian?

Obsidian is regarded as a stone of clarity with the power to remove stress and anxiety by releasing emotional, bodily, and spiritual obstacles. Obsidian is also renowned for helping people detoxify, removing old traumas, and promoting personal development.

Is Hypersthene a lucky stone?

Hypersthene is also known as the golden luck stone and is believed to be lucky for its wearers. At the same time, it is thought to improve emotional expression and self-worth. It will release happy vibes, which will then draw in more wonderful things to come your way.

Is Hypersthene a labradorite?

The term “velvet labradorite” is sometimes used to describe hypersthene, although this is inaccurate because it is not at all a labradorite. However, the word “velvet” definitely describes the calibre of its vitality. Hypersthene generally soothes, calms, and quiets the mind.