Is Amazonite a Good Luck Stone?

A frequently asked question in the world of crystals is Amazonite a good luck stone? In this article, you will learn all about Amazonite, its uses, and its benefits.

Generally speaking, crystals are valued both for the beauty of gemstones and for their spiritual and healing properties. Have you ever heard of amazonite? 

Often used as an amulet to attract luck and ward off harmful energies, amazonite can help us in times when we feel mentally or emotionally overwhelmed. And even when we don’t even feel it, we suffer impacts from the energies that surround us.

It is a very useful stone today, as we live amid a mixture of troubled energies, which are usually found in excess. There are electromagnetic charges that we do not see, but we know that they are, at all times, impacting our environments and us.

Stay with us if you are curious to know is Amazonite a good luck stone? You will also learn about the essence, meaning, and use of this greenish-toned stone that offers benefits to our physical and spiritual bodies.

Read here the metaphysical properties of Amazonite.

What is the meaning of Amazonite?

The Amazonite spiritual meaning is to relieve anxiety and bring clarity.

Immerse yourself in the smooth coloring of Amazonite gemstones. Sparkling blue-green in its hues, Amazonite echoes with ancient tales, jungle magic, and the sweeping flow of one of the world’s most mystical rivers. Nicknamed the Stone of Hope, Amazonite isn’t shy about putting a positive outlook on life, but it doesn’t blindly delve into it.

It is a gemstone that invokes the spirit of inner strength, expanded intention, and a commitment to using that positive attitude to get what you want.

Is Amazonite a Good Luck Stone?

Amazonite is a variety of potassium feldspar and is the Microclinic mineral class. It is a beautiful crystal, normally greenish, and has a glassy luster. In addition to the green color, Amazonite comes in shades of purple, grey, green, and blue. It’s a very potent stone when you know when to use it.

Are you feeling anxious in your love life? Are you feeling down about how your career or work life is going? Are there other areas of your life where you feel disappointed, anxious, and discouraged? If you are looking for a ray of hope in the darkness, an Amazonite crystal is the solution to give you a boost of hope! 

What is Amazonite a lucky crystal?

Is Amazonite A Good Luck Stone? Of course, it is, as this touching gemstone has long been used as a talisman of truth and hope. As the soft energetic flow of its color scheme suggests, it comes from the dense green riverbanks of South America’s rainforests, where monkeys fight and parrots bring a glow of exotic color to the trees. 

Amazonite can also be found in the vanilla-scented sands of Madagascar and the icy depths of Russia’s tundra. It is a stone that is mined in the most extraordinary places and perhaps this contributes to its mystical and watery nature.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the queen of green stones and take a closer look at the magic and hidden meanings behind the amazing gem of Amazonite.

What are the Benefits of Amazonite?

Amazonite crystal is a curious and beautiful thing. Awash with that wonderful hue of iridescent blue-green, it’s no wonder this stone is connected with the elements of earth and water. Ruled by Virgo and bringing not only a beautiful splash of color but also radiant healing properties, there are endless benefits to bringing an Amazonite gemstone into your life, your wardrobe, and your home.

  • Physical Healing Properties of Amazonite

While crystal healing is an amazing way to increase your emotional and spiritual well-being, Amazonite also brings a variety of physical healing benefits to the table. Amazonite’s relaxing vibrations can help balance thyroid issues.

For those struggling with calcium deficiency, Amazonite can effectively help the body absorb calcium better, bringing a dose of dreamy vitality back to your bones. In addition to boosting bone health, higher levels of calcium can also help hair stay strong and shiny.

Amazonite is also exceptional at helping cells to regenerate and can provide the perfect stimulus, especially after illness, injury, or a drop in physical health. Rubbing the refreshing touch of Amazonite over a rash can also help keep it clean and soothed and those struggling with skin conditions and even acne may find that Amazonite helps bring back a stream of clear, vibrant health.

  • Mental and Emotional Healing Properties of Amazonite

If you find that your monkey mind sometimes acts like shattered glass with fragmented thoughts going here, there, and everywhere, then Amazonite might be the most amazing gemstone to weave all those frayed emotional threads together. Calming anxious dispositions and self-destructive thoughts is what Amazonite does best. 

Till now you must have understood why is Amazonite a good luck stone. It’s also a brilliant gemstone to have on hand when you need to boost your self-esteem. Connected with the feminine, the Amazonite crystal works directly against habits of self-neglect, inviting you to always put yourself first.

For those struggling with past trauma, Amazonite can also bring your healing energy to bear to help you step forward. Helping the mind filter out stress and anxiety and learning to let go of what is no longer serving us helps to heal old wounds and make things feel much more manageable by breaking up big problems into bite-sized, digestible chunks. 

Amazonite is also connected to the heart chakra, the place that flows with a light and opens the way for love to be given and received. When the heart chakra is blocked, it can be a struggle to trust anyone and open up to allow in the goodness the world has to offer, which can have a knock-on effect on your sense of self-worth and cause harm. 

Amazonite is an amazing tool to help disperse all the negative energy accumulated in your world. Whether it’s harsh words you keep to yourself, unfair opinions, physical side effects of bad electromagnetic fields, or other people’s toxic attitudes, this is a gemstone that will soak it all up and disperse in a way that will leave you with clear eyes. and a positive mind.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Amazonite?

As a throat chakra stone, Amazonite also invites you to experiment with crystal clear communication and practice setting beautifully healthy boundaries. It invites you out of the fear of the shadow of judgment and into the light. Whatever expectations others place on you is not as important as the truth of your own heart.

By tapping into intellect and intuition, Amazonite can bring greater clarity and authenticity to the soul. When we feel comfortable in our skin and connected to our truest selves, it invites us to take a spiritual leap and open our minds and hearts to infinite possibilities.

How to use Amazonite?

Bring more of this earth and water element into your life by opening the way for the flow of Amazonite. For those looking for the answer to “is Amazonite a good luck stone” and those seeking a little help in building their gentle nature or a divine nurturer of self-love and communication, there are countless ways to invite the blue-green crystal into your world. 

Whether through beautiful Amazonite jewelry pressed against the skin or a single stone placed in a special space, here are all the ways you can use your healing crystals to do good in your inner world. Read here if you are interested in knowing how to charge Amazonite.

Using Amazonite zodiac

Amazonite is a stone that does not appear on the standard birthstone list. It also does not belong in the present chart.

Amazonite isn’t one of the Zodiac’s most important stones, either. Some authors, however, feel it can benefit persons born under the Zodiac signs of Aries and Leo, as well as Scorpio in some situations. Others say Amazonite is a birthstone for people who were born between August 23 and September 22. (Virgo).

Benefits of Wearing Amazonite on the body

Amazonite jewelry is simply beautiful. Whether it’s the silver and green glow of an Amazonite ring or the simple swirl of an Amazonite bracelet on your wrist, green stones are incredibly versatile and hold notes of Mother Nature’s best traits – from the ocean to organic land. 

Amazonite jewelry is a joy to behold and the color scheme matches almost everything. Amazonite jewelry is not only beautiful and playful with its feminine energies, but when placed directly on the skin (as in a pendant, ring, or bracelet), its power becomes even more potent.

Gemstone bracelets are a great choice for anyone looking for a simple, subtle, and stunning way to make their body shift for everyday emotional well-being. Unlike other forms of crystal healing, you can absorb these healing powers every second when you invite direct skin contact with your gemstones. 

Other gemstones that pair well with Amazonite may include; the mystical allure of lapis lazuli, the high vibrations of labradorite, the illuminating path provided by magical moonstone, and the sea splash of aquamarine. This brilliant marine crystal works great with other glorious green and blue stones that bring consistent good luck without resting on your laurels.

What are the Benefits of Amazonite for Gambling Luck?

Amazonite is the finest form of hope stone. It’s linked to the throat and heart chakras, and it can help you live a happier life by clearing the obstacles that keep your chakras from working properly. Amazonite is a lucky stone that increases your possibility of success at gambling games.

Amazonite can be used to balance the chances in any game involving risk and chance. We advise bettors and gamblers to utilize a variety of stones to reduce risk and increase their probability of winning.

Amazonite is known for being a stone of courage, in addition to enhancing your vitality in risky games. Courage is essential for success because doing business entails taking risks. It’ll work best if you keep it close to your heart.

Where should I put my amazonite in my house and office?

As the sweet energy of running water, Amazonite brings an important weight to Feng Shui, both at home and in the office. When placed in the home, it works its magic to aid essential healing, creating a sanctuary of gentle peace and a place where you can truly practice being yourself. With a partnership, Amazonite can also work to bring harmony between you and your loved one, thanks to its exuberant ability to help open hearts. If you struggle to ask directly for your needs as a couple, having the stone nearby can also encourage you to be more assertive in communication.

Place Amazonite near your bed as well, especially if you tend to toss and turn with endless thoughts running wild all night. As mentioned, Amazonite is a bit like a worrying account as it gathers all your unspent fears and soothes the thought of calamity, inviting you to snuggle up and sleep in pure bliss.