Kiwi Jasper Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses 

Kiwi Jasper is also known as Sesame Jasper. This name describes a black stone that can be combined with translucent crystalline formations. This crystal is a new stone because it entered the market of mineral collection in 2015. Let us explore the benefits, properties, and amazing uses of Kiwi Jasper Stone.

Kiwi Jasper Infographic

What is Kiwi Jasper?

Kiwi Japser is a perfect stone to add to a jewelry collection as well as a mineral collection. This crystal is also often used by people to relieve stress and gain a state of relaxation. This is a great crystal because it helps in healing processes as well as regulating energy through different levels of Chakras. 

This stone is a combination of minerals known as Amazonite as well as Tourmaline. Traces of Rock minerals can also be found in this crystal such as quartz. The name of this crystal is derived from a Latin word called iaspidem. It refers to a stone that has spotted patterns on its surface. This name is perfect for describing the qualities of this stone because it has a light green or white color and a hint of black spots on its surface. 

The hardness of this crystal ranges from 6 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. So this stone would not be broken easily and can put scratches on a surface like normal or ordinary glass. 

How to Identify a Kiwi Jasper?

It is very easy to identify this crystal but it is only possible when a person is aware of its physical properties and special appearance. There are delightful patterns on the surface of this crystal. The shape of this stone resembles an egg. Disc crystal is mostly found in light green color or white as well as sea green color. The surface of this crystal is also filled with black spots all over it. There are some special cases in which this crystal is also found in light colors such as White

Where is Kiwi Jasper found?

This crystal is naturally found in New Zealand. But it is also a possibility that it might also be found in that area near New Zealand. In addition, when it comes to the United States this crystal can only be found in shops as well as online stores as it is not found naturally in the United States. Another good place at which this crystal can be found is a rock collecting or mineral collecting show. 

Kiwi Jasper Stone Meaning

Kiwi Jasper Stone Meaning

This crystal is known to bring tranquility to people. It is highly effective in dealing with stressful life as well as situations of crisis because it offers energy and strength to stay strong and deal with such conditions. It is known to bring peacefulness as well as relaxation in people even in highly unwanted circumstances. There are many people that are very emotional and vulnerable and make wrong decisions that other people take advantage of easily. But this problem is also solved with the help of this crystal. This crystal is highly successful in building emotional strength that helps a person to deal with such situations and also face the reality of life. 

It also helps to let go of the things and memories of past life that might be holding you back from a better future and a better life. It offers strength to a person that is strong enough to let go of things of the past and continue facing reality with high motivation. This stone offers continuous energy, as well as healing powers to those people who have their hearts, opened just like therapists as well as counselors. It is highly effective in aligning the powers of the chakras and regulating the flow of energy through every level of the Chakra. 

Kiwi Jasper Crystal Properties

Kiwi Jasper Crystal Properties

This crystal is an amazing overall healing stone. This is because it is responsible for harmonizing a person’s mind as well as the soul. It has the ability to open up the heart of a person so that he can peacefully receive and give whenever it is necessary without even a second thought. It is responsible for harmonizing all the vibrations reflected from and to a body. This crystal is also responsible for balancing effects with the help of energy levels in the body. 

These balancing effects are responsible to balance electrolytic levels as well as mineral content in a body of a person. This crystal is also very useful for a person if he is hospitalized because it promotes faster recovery as well as healing. This is because it makes sure that energies are flowing as well as released from a person’s body continuously until recovery is achieved. 

Kiwi Jasper Healing Properties

Kiwi Jasper Healing Properties

  • This crystal is considered a nourishing stone because it deals with recovery and healing all over the body. 
  • This crystal is Highly Effective in situations of crisis as well as stress. It is responsible to offer support and strength so that a person can have a relaxed mind and body to deal with different situations and emotions in life.
  • It has high healing powers to assure equality as well as justice in a person’s life. 
  • It also helps in dealing the reality with high energy and powers so that the strength and negative vibrations can be removed. It also offers emotional strength that might be necessary for a person’s life. 
  • This crystal also has healing powers to maintain the levels of mineral content in a person’s body. 

Kiwi Jasper Metaphysical Properties

This is a unique crystal with recovery qualities and metaphysical properties. In today’s busy life people are open, busy, and stressed about many things that they forget to relax and take out some time for themselves. There are also possibilities where a person is not able to concentrate fully at home and at work. They often fail to concentrate on more important parts of life which lead to failure and disappointment in many ways. This problem is also solved with the help of this crystal. It is responsible to relax not only the mind but also the body of a person. 

There are unique capabilities in the stone that also helps to alter the ego of a person. It creates a combination of inner harmony as well as peace in a person. It relaxes the mind of a person where the vibrations that are reflected by their mind and body will correspond with the vibrations that are reflected by Earth. Disc crystal is very important for those people that are suffering from behavioral disorders and emotional problems. It offers them strength as well as motivation to deal with emotional situations so that they can take every decision with the right judgment. 

It has the ability to start the process of healing so that this process can result in the recovery of a person. This crystal has the ability to recover a person in every manner that is possible. It also helps a person’s spirit. It has the ability to help a person to lead into spiritual life. It promotes positivity because it absorbs all the negative Vibes that a person has in his body and around himself and turns these wives into a positive aura. It is also responsible for aligning as well as balancing all the levels of Chakras. 

Kiwi Jasper Benefits

  • There are many benefits of this crystal. Spiritually, it helps people to gain inner peace and enlightenment. If a person is lost or cleared in a situation of crisis he can get strength spiritually when a person knows how to use this crystal and its power. 
  • It also helps a person mentally to get relaxation. It is ideal for people who are dealing with stressful lives. It offers them calmness even in the situations that are highly emotional. 
  • It is a very beautiful crystal so it is obviously used to manufacture jewelry. The beads as well as crystals of this mineral are used to make parts of bracelets, earrings , rings, and many other such things. They are beautiful because they are naturally found in light green colour. 
  • A person would be able to concentrate and meditate effectively with this crystal’s help. They will be able to see their goals and dreams more clearly and will focus on what is more important in their lives. It help then to move on from bad memory that might have happened in their past so that they do not hold on to bad memories or grief. 
  • It is Highly Effective crystal in regulating the energy through different levels of Chakra. It directly regulates energy as well as powers from the earth and takes it to the heart Chakra. All levels of Chakra are maintained, especially the heart Chakra. 
  • It promotes all over healing of mental as well as physical bodies. The healing and relaxation processes take place faster when a person knows how to use the vibrations of this crystal perfectly. 

Kiwi Jasper Benefits Spirituality

Kiwi Jasper Benefits Spirituality

This crystal is highly beneficial in meditation as well as spiritual activities. It is also made a part of jewelry so that it can be worn by a person for spiritual reasons so that the spiritual and healing powers are always active. A person can deeply understand spirituality’s true meaning with this crystal’s help. It helps them to remove negative as well as unwanted baggage from their bodies and environment so that they can intake positivity and peace. People would be able to inspire others and healthy people to live a life based on the spiritual path. 

Kiwi Jasper Chakras

As it is mentioned above this crystal is highly effective in healing the energy of Chakras. This crystal is beneficial to regulate powers through every level of the Chakra, especially from the heart Chakra. It has the ability to draw powers and energy straight out of the earth to deal with levels of heart Chakra. The energies that are provided to the heart Chakra from the Crystal are responsible to prepare the heart to deal with every situation and possibility that it might have to face. The energies that are offered by this crystal to the heart prosper the natural abilities of the heart to love. 

It is highly effective in continuously regulating and flowing energy through the heart. This is also a balancing stone so it is also responsible for balancing as well as aligning the levels of Chakra because it draws power from the Earth which is regulated from the root Chakra to the heart Chakra. It also offers a protective layer just like an energy shield which is responsible for attracting or absorbing all the negative powers or vibrations from surroundings and turning them into positive energy. 

This Shield is very effective because it prevents all the negative vibrations from entering a person’s body. This means that the cleansing of a person’s body is also done regularly with the help of this crystal while it regulates energy in the Chakras. 

Uses of Kiwi Jasper

  • This crystal is a very vibrant as well as stimulating stone. It is Highly Effective. It is responsible for adjusting the overall mindset of a person by improving their mood as well as relaxing their mind. It regulates the mood of a person and changes the behavior of a person towards their life so that they can concentrate more on positive aspects so they can have a better and more meaningful life. 
  • This stone is also used during the period of transformation in a person’s life. It offers strength and energy to a person so that he can stay strong in a situation of crisis or a situation that is highly emotional. It makes a person move on from his past life and forget all the things that he might be holding back. It prepares them to deal with all situations that are yet to come in a person’s life. It helps them to overcome all the barriers as well as obstacles so that they are not stopped from achieving their goal. 
  • It is also one of the perfect stones or crystals that is worn as a part of jewelry. It can be worn either for an aesthetic look or for spiritual reasons. This crystal is ideal for those people who have an open heart to give and receive anything in their life peacefully.
  • This crystal is also useful for those people who might be lost in any part of their lives. It also allows them to meditate peacefully as well as deeply to gain inner peace. It is responsible for cleansing the environment or Aura of a person and turning negative energy into positive energy. It helps them to balance all the forms of energy and power in their life and make them feel whole again. 
  • This crystal is also very useful for those people who take therapy as well as counseling. It helps them to deal with bad habits and addiction. Recovery and healing take place naturally with the help of this crystal. 

Caring for Kiwi Jasper

Caring for Kiwi Jasper

It is safe to dissolve this crystal in water but not for a long time. Distilled water is recommended to wash this crystal and tap water is not recommended because it contains Chemicals and harmful particles that can destroy the quality of this crystal. The same condition goes for saltwater as it can be harmful to rocks as well as minerals. 

How to Recharge Your Kiwi Jasper

It is very easy to recharge this crystal. It can be done with the help of distilled water as well as soap. Recharging the pieces of jewelry made by this crystal can be done with the help of warm water. Before storing or wearing this crystal it should be kept in mind that all the parts are completely dry. It is better to store this crystal away from harder stones as well as crystals so that it could not get scratched accidentally. 

If you want to know how to activate Kiwi Jasper, read here.

How much is Kiwi Jasper worth?

This crystal is not an expensive stone but that does not mean it is not valuable. This stone is highly valuable when it comes to a mineral collection. These crystals are considered healing stones. They are known to harmonize the energy as well as vibrations in a person’s body and open up the heart. It is responsible for harmonizing the Heartbeat and changing a person’s mindset based on their life. So this is a wonderful stone for a person to deal with times of change as it is highly useful in dealing with obstacles that a person would encounter in his life. 

What determines Kiwi Jasper’s price and value?

There are many factors that help in determining the price as well as the value of this crystal. Color and quality are prime factors that determine its value. Crystals that have a clear light green color and black spots patterns on their surface are highly valuable than crystals with faded patterns or colors. The quality of a crystal also matters because it is important that a crystal has the least cracks in it. 

Does Kiwi Jasper make a good jewelry stone?

Does Kiwi Jasper make a good jewelry stone?

This crystal is one of the best stones that people often prefer to make a good jewelry stone. This is because it is a very attractive and beautiful crystal that has light green and sea green color with black spots on it. They are often made as part of pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, and many others. These crystals also have a hardness of 6 to 7 so they are not easily cracked if they accidentally hit somewhere. 

Kiwi Jasper Real vs Fake

Kiwi Jasper Real vs Fake

A person would be able to differentiate between a real and a fake crystal of this mineral if he is truly aware of the characteristics and properties that are possessed by this crystal. The best way to identify Kiwi Jasper crystal is through Colors as well as spots that are present on its surface. It is important to keep in mind that this crystal has a light green color or a color as light as White. In addition, it has black spots all over it. 

However, if you want to identify this crystal scientifically or more precisely, it is also possible with the help of a microscope. You can look at this crystal under a microscope and deeply observe the components and minerals that are present inside it. When you have a closer look at this crystal it might be possible that you observe a trace of minerals named amazonite, rocky crystals, and tourmaline. 

Summary of Kiwi Jasper 

Name of Crystal Kiwi Jasper
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Sesame Agate
Origin(s) India, Russia, Egypt, Madagascar, Australia, and South and North America
Color(s) light green or sea green color with black spots all around
Formation Actually, the stone is not Jasper, but rather a combination of Amazonite and Tourmaline forms the material
Majorly Found at New Zealand
Zodiac Suited for Aries
Chakra Heart Chakra
Crystal Meaning Kiwi Jasper helps to cleanse and align our chakras, cleanse our aura and can also absorb negative energies. It is a balancing stone that helps to align our physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm
Types of Crystal _ _
Healing Properties Kiwi Jasper helps to cleanse and align our chakras, cleanse our aura and can also absorb negative energies.
Health Benefits Kiwi Jasper nurtures and supports us in times of stress. Kiwi Jasper lifts the spirit, removes negative emotions, and offers us strength and support
Uses It is a balancing stone that helps to align our physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6.5-7
Real real jasper cannot be scratched by a piece of glass or a knife. Real jasper is opaque, so transparent specimens can be considered fakes.
Fake can be scratched with a piece of glass or knife


Is Kiwi Jasper the same as Lotus Jasper?

Yes, they are the same. Kiwi Jasper is also known as lotus Jasper. These crystals are used in aligning physical bodies, emotional bodies, and mental bodies so that they can be in harmony. It can also be the perfect gift for those people who might be grieving. 

What chakra is Kiwi Jasper?

This crystal is associated with heart chakras. It offers relaxation at the time of stress. It also gives strength as well as support to let go of negative vibrations. It helps to deal with obstacles with strength. 

What is a Jasper stone good for?

This crystal is good for promoting healing and relaxation. It calms the mind and offers inner harmony. 

What is a Kiwi stone?

It is a mineral that is also known as Sesame Jasper. It is a crystal that resembles a robin’s egg. It is found in light green or light mint color with black spots all over its surface. It is believed to have relaxation and feeling properties and also used to make Jewellery.  

Is Kiwi Jasper natural?

This rock or mineral is formed naturally. It was first found in New Zealand. 

Is Kiwi Jasper granite?

This crystal is not granite. In addition, it is formed of different mineral components that have micro granite as one of its mineral compositions.